Drabble series started by filling multiple prompts, mostly found on Tumblr. Most will be fluffy and just plain cute, but some may go into semi-sin territory, not sure yet but better say something now XD

Prompt: "Wait a minute. Are you jealous?"

I own nothing canon, however Bumbleebee is my OC and she'll pop in from time to time. (You can find her profile on my deviantart, same name c:)


"Wait a minute. Are you jealous?"

Ladybug sputtered as she crossed her arms and stuck her nose in the air, "No!"

Chat shared a quick, amused grin with their third partner before turning to his lady, "Oh, I think you are, Bugaboo~"

The spotted heroine huffed, "I am not! Why would I be?"

The black cat sauntered over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "Because I've been hanging around with our other bee-witching partner of course!"

Said partner's giggles filled the air from behind her hands. The bee themed brunette buzzed lightly in the air as she joined Chat in with his teasing, "There's no need to feel that way, Bug! I only like Chat as a friend."

"And I feel the same, Bumblebee! My Lady here is the only one for me~"

Ladybug rolled her eyes and moved from under Chat's arm, "I am not jealous. I don't care that you guys are getting closer. It's actually good for our teamwork."

The leather clad hero sighed, "Oh, Ladybug, always looking out for the team. One of the reasons I adore you~"


Chat opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the beep of his miraculous, "Alas, I must go. Don't want to but I shall! Farewell, My Lady~ Till next time! And to you, Bee." And with that he was gone.

Ladybug sighed and rubbed her temples, "That cat..."

Bumblebee buzzed over and patted her shoulder, "There, there, Bug." She then let out a giggle.

"If you say anything about being jealous..."

"I'm not, I'm not..." Ladybug didn't trust her fellow hero's smile though. The bee had been around the cat too long, it would seem, "I'm just gonna say one thing...Denial's just not a river in Egypt~!"

Ladybug blinked as Bumblebee flew off before shouting, "I am not jealous!"


Poor LB XD She now has two excitable partners XD Hope you enjoyed!