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Zootopia Bureau of Investigation (ZBI)

Chapter 29: Jaeger

Afternoon of this day, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Heavenly Waters

Zootopia was an incredibly big city. Millions of animals cramped into a very small space together. Thousands of animals living in big apartment complexes or giant buildings like skyscrapers. But this was only the norm, inside the crowded place someone would call downtown, or in the main districts of the metropolis. Outside of those places, the suburban areas actually provided many animals a place to live in. Depending were you would be, you could call some of those places slums like locations, for example near the industrial complexes of the city. But with poor neighborhoods, there existed rich ones as well. Places close to the downtown or metropolitan areas or provided with a natural beauty, that simply prohibited anyone without enough money, to actually try and live in those places.

Heavenly Waters was a small closed community surrounded by a big park with one very beautiful and incredibly blue and clean lake. A big white wall surrounding the privileged families, that decided to get real estate inside this place. A feeling of security was most importantly for those animals. Celebrities normally deciding for themselves, to live in one of those closed communities, where they and their families would be safe from any paparazzi or unwanted media attention. Over five hundred buildings provided this place with enough, to be a self sufficient community.

Judy knew, that many rich animals preferably chose a place like this one, especially if they would have family. Their car, she and Nick were using the same car that Gordon provided them with, was standing right in front of one of the big entrance gates of the closed community of Heavenly Waters. Nick knew where the professor lived, and guided the bunny with very calm but direct instructions, towards this location. They obviously needed to wait, because their car was not registered to roam inside Heavenly Waters freely. A security guard approaching them slowly, not opening the gate for any strangers. Only privileged animals or guests of those residing inside the community would be allowed access.

The guard, a big wildebeest, took his time to come over to them. Enough so Judy was able to glance at her side towards her partner. But the fox was unreadable, especially with this sunglasses that didn't gave her any chance, to see his eyes and the normally only possibility to read the foxes true and honest emotions. The car seats had simple blankets over them now. The dried blood of their bodies, that unfortunately was smeared and spread all over the seats should not get on their freshly showered and clean bodies now, and neither on their new choice of clothes, that they were wearing. Judy decided to simply throw some used blankets over the seats and spray some citrus scented purifier on them and inside the car. Especially since a bloody interior of any vehicle would be a very disturbing and suspicious picture for anyone.

Before the guard was with them, Judy just wanted some more certainty about the emotional state of the animal on her side. She needed to ask, for probably the sixth time this drive, "Nick. Are you sure that everything is okay?"

A question, that normally would be received as a very harmless and actually caring question of the little bunny towards the bigger fox. But since this was already somehow getting on his nerves, said fox just rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time behind his glasses, while simply answering, like all the other times, "Yes, Carrots."

But even now, there was no actual denial to be heard by Judy. Nick knew, that she was just incredibly worrying for him. It flattered him a little bit, but it was something, he actually did not want to continue at all. It felt to close to pity, and he already had enough experience with animals pitying him for his predicaments. Judy herself wasn't pitying him because of some moral or dumb logical reasons. She sincerely was worried for him, and he knew that. She was this way, because she cared. And he appreciated this very much. But he also despised himself more and more because of it. Because he himself was the reason, she was in this thoughtful, worrying and probably self harming state of mind. And he tried, mostly with his typical mask like behavior of the occasional joke and casual commentary, to get her out of it.

Although, both knew, that he was only trying, but not succeeding. Judy simply needed to remember, when they got inside their home, to confirm it for her, that he was a troubled individual and she should care about him.


She realized it, when they got home earlier this day. She, obviously wanted to get everything done fast. She was already getting all her dirty clothes off herself in the little washroom. Wrapping herself in a towel, no indecency in the apartment, and storming into her room, so she could get herself some new underwear.

It was an unspoken rule for them, that she always was the first to use the shower. Unspoken, because Nick never wanted to be the first, always letting her do the deeds herself earlier than him. If they would not actually shower, they would even share the room, while brushing their teeth side by side, the occasional touch and banter included.

And Judy was by far a more energetic and a faster living animal than Nick. The fox, who liked to take his time with everything, more so to do things more precisely and properly, than just because of some sluggishness, simply took longer for mostly anything. He was a perfectionist. And she was a little, fast bunny, who needed only ten minutes in the bathroom compared to the typical half hour of Nick.

She would finish fast, but running back to the bathroom, she had no other choice, her subconsciousness was incredibly focused on anything Nick was doing, as to glance through the always open door into the room of her fox. Nick was standing there, looking with empty eyes into the reflection of his mirror. Not moving, ears hanging low and his tail being on the floor without any energy whatsoever. A picture, very rare for the fox, since most of his body language was observable by simply watching the movement of his appendage on his backside. It being so lifeless, was nearly heartbreaking for Judy. She felt with him.

Even his sudden jerking of his head and turn towards her, with an obviously forced smirk on his face was cruel for her to look at. She knew the fox. He could not fool her, even with the comment that the suit he was wearing should become one of his favorites, but he did not know, that it would become brown after a while. A chuckle with a slight cringe inside it, and Judy could not move herself anymore, just starring at the fox. A silence that both interpreted as tense, was the result. Probably a solid minute passed, before Judy went slowly out of sight, without loosing her view of the fox till she was in the bathroom. He, who was looking at her with an uneasy and confused look, sighed and punched himself on the shoulder shortly afterwards, cursing silently, that he should get himself together.

Judy's shower was fast. Scrubbing blood from your fur is normally not very easy, especially with a light shade of gray blueish kind of fur, were the contrast of the red and brownish color could be observed more easily. She was furious with getting the filth out, although it was not very much, most coming from hugging or tending to Nick. A look at the shampoos was enough for her mind, to get her thoughts from earlier back. And it was not something silly anymore, to actually use the unlabeled bottle. Using her nose and twitching it over the bottle to register the smell of it and a shrug of her shoulders, while the water was cascading onto the back half of her naked body. The blue shampoo was splashed into her paws and on her head. Vigorously working it into every part of her body.

After she finished that, she went out of of the bathroom, only to find the fox at the same place he was before she went showering. The face of him was just a little bit more disturbing. His face, especially the parts around his maw, were full of dried blood. So, it was easy, to see the two vertical lines under his eyes, that washed some of it out, like mascara would smear, if you would lose one or the other tear. Judy was shocked, to see him this way again. Anything he would have said, anything he would have done, would not get her thoughts away from the fact, that Nick had cried. Her Nick had cried openly. The one individual, who she thought, would never do something like this publicly ... But who was she kidding. She knew the fox, and they were at home. And she knew, that he was much more sensible and emotional, than he wanted to show anybody.

She was standing, watching him. Only to get a little smirk of the fox again. She would have called it crazy or insane, if not so characteristically typical for the fox, to act tough again and comment her starring with a joke, of her taking a photo so she could stare at his savage agent outfit in the future. Without more commentary, Nick was already on his way out into the washroom to get his clothes of, being careful to not touch Judy and get some filth on her. He was filthy enough. Her back to him, she could not stop herself from getting out a very silent whimper, when she got back into her room to get some new clothes on. She was still dressed in her towel.

The long time, the fox was occupied scrubbing himself and getting himself clean again, was enough for Judy to distract herself from the depressing and hurtful thoughts. The thought of the car and how to not get their new garments dirty, was simply solved by blankets and not very sufficient in not getting herself more worried. At least, her outfit was not restricted to a formal suit anymore. Getting all the dirty clothes, Nick did it just like her and let his things on the floor of the washing room, into the washing machine to at least get this chore done. She could not get the thought out of her mind, that Nick was acting and trying to force a better mood into the situation. But at least, it seemed that this was just his way to deal with this. Although it was not working.

Now however, she was waiting for the guard of the gate to finally get over to her. The outfit she choose, was quite simple. It were normal dark jeans, her utility belt to hold them in place firmly, and a simple black top with the words ZBI in white color inscribed on its front. A casual approach to being an agent of the Bureau. Some armor plates were still used by her, like she did with her police uniform. Knee pads or the elastic footwear she used to wear on herself were on her body at this moment as in any other time, she would be on duty. Which somehow was the case. The director of the ZBI stated, that they were on full on duty the whole time. They were not really dismissed to do what ever they wanted. The last gimmick, she reluctantly put on herself, was the small revolver she obtained from Gordon. The little lethal weapon was not her only means of defense, especially due to her extraordinary training record and fighting experience because of that training. Also the stun gun on her utility belt was good for any normal difficult situation.

Nick on the other paw, decided that his choice of clothes should reflect his forced mood, not his emotional turmoil at all. He was making occasional jokes and tried to be funny instead of depressed with Judy. Starting one or the other banter and decided to get as casual as possible. Even with a somehow very halfheartedly protest of Judy, the fox simply smirked and stated, that his outfit was full inside protocol to wear as an ZBI agent, as long as it was clear, he was one. Wearing his typical green aloha shirt and brown trousers, aviator glasses on his nose. His badge attached to his chest pocket for anyone to see. And most importantly, a dark purple tie with the word ZBI written on it in white color vertically on the fabric. He personally ordered dozens of ZBI inscribes ties from the tailors. Technically, he was telling everyone he was an agent of the ZBI, and wearing this outfit seemed formal enough in his opinion.

This outfit only strengthened his attempt to be funny for the sake of distracting himself but most importantly, Judy. The whole drive to uncle Klaus, his constant try of being showing happiness was unnerving for Judy. Just like her constant worrying statements and questions about his well being was unnerving for him.

The wildebeest, the slow guard, was looking skeptical at the black car in front of him. The procedure was quite easily. Just ask the occupants of their intention and decide, if he should let them through or not. Visitors needed permits or he would have to phone the resident that would like to have this guests, so he could confirm their allowance. A totally black car with even black tinted windows was a suspicious and rare sight. Especially when he glanced at the license, that was different than most others. A Black plate with a white font was only used for official vehicles, like those of the secret service, the nobility or diplomats, royalty … or the ZBI.

He gulped, when he reached the window that was slowly descending to show the occupants of the vehicle. The face of Judy, who was wearing her own pairs of shades on her nose, was looking at the stunned face of the guard. She temporarily dispatched her badge from her utility belt and held it for the guard to see. It was enough for the wildebeest to stutter out apologies, with running towards his small shack to open the gate. An amusing image of an animal probably in his sixties, who was so baffled and stunned by two young agents of the ZBI, that he stumbled and embarrassed himself in their presence.

The footage of the small television device inside his little workplace was not really giving the animal time to even breath properly, when he observed the pictures provided by ZNN. He knew, two of the heroes, but most importantly, the fox was here in his community to go through his gate. He could not resist to get out of his place and stand on the side, while saluting like a military animal towards the car. A display, the two never witnessed in this respective and submissive way before.

The drive through the incredibly green and beautiful sight of the closed community was a sight to behold. Judy could not resist to get bigger eyes with seeing some of the buildings inside this place. It reeked of wealth. Nick on the other paw was not as excited as Judy was. But he was glad, that finally, the bunny was not solely concentrating on him anymore. Guiding her with the occasional right or left, they managed to find a big white bricked villa next to a colorful bridge over one of the little rivers, that sprawled out from the blue lake in the middle of the community.

They stopped in front of it, no fences were provided inside this place at all. It was clear for Judy, that everyone in this community trusted their neighbors enough, so the simple mentioning of fences might be considered an insult. They were driving into the big driveway, two garage doors in front of them when Nick mentioned to the bunny, "This is it. We could stand here, Carrots. Klaus wouldn't mind us blocking the driveway."

She would have protested, but her mind was full of excitement and awe about the place. She did not knew, that Zootopia had this kind of places. They were quite close to Savannah square, too. So the climate was something between always warm, but not too hot. And this over the whole year. A truly heavenly place, she had to admit. Before she was able to answer Nick anything, the seat right next to her was already empty. Confused, she looked at the blanket she placed there. A tap on the window on her side alarming her of the presence of Nick, who looked at her through it with a smirk on his face. At least, she radiated some heat through her ears a little bit again. A good sign, for both of them, that she got better.

Nick was opening her door and held it open for the little bunny. She was surprised by his behavior, but welcomed the gesture. She could not get her questions out of her mind though, "I know that your uncle Klaus is a famous professor and probably a very rich animal, but still, this is so much! And we are so central to downtown. Getting Real Estate here must be impossibly expensive for any animals!"

Nick chuckled at that, relaxing slightly and thinking about fond memories of this place. He was not the first time here, of course, but very rarely, maybe accumulated to five times in his life. And he always had good memories about this place. He wasn't in here for quite some time though, considering he only was here in his childhood or while giving the professor and his charming wife a visit two years ago. He knew what Judy was talking about. This was overwhelming. This was not a place for the rich, it was a place for the famous and super rich.

He explained it to her, "Good that uncle Klaus is not a any ordinary animal then.", He saw in her eyes, that she wanted further explanation, so he provided her with that, while both went to the front door to ring the bell of this villa. "Last I checked, he is one of the holders of Hood Inc. Only five percent though, but that still makes him a billionaire."

A shocking revelation for Judy. Hood Inc. was probably the biggest company in the world. Her Smart Phone, everyone's phones, laptops, literally anything computer related somehow was linked with this company. Every device had some of the coding provided by Hood Inc. And with it, a back door installed used by the program PRISM. The corporation being named obviously after House Hood. And he was a close friend of Lord Hood. It was so obvious and intriguing now. She thought, they would go to a famous professor who wanted to help them, now knowing, she would talk to a billionaire and already did talk with another billionaire, who actually was a royal as well! The implications why she never really thought about Lord Hood more were hunting her. She only saw the Lord as just the nice guy / killer of Nick's father, who was on their side and helped as much as possible. His status and the power of him just dawning on her now, of all times.

Another shock was initiated by Nick on purpose. The time she just stared blankly at the door, contemplating the new information, while Nick ringed the bell, was enough for one occupant of the villa to open the door. A very beautiful animal was suddenly standing in front of the bunny. Judy just looked up and gasped loudly, her paws covering her maw. Nick chuckled quietly, while the animal smiled brightly at the two animals on her doorstep.

Her voice was somehow familiar, but not exactly, what Judy expected to hear after seeing her standing in the doorway, "Little Nicholas." She took a step forward, opening her arms for the fox to embrace her, what he did without reluctance, "I am so glad you are okay. I was worried for you, you know."

The very quick little hug and she was holding the fox on his shoulders while looking at his eyes with concern and a smile. Judy watched with interest and in awe. The gazelle was holding the fox, Nick looking confused at her. The gazelle knew exactly, why the fox looked at her this way. "Oh, come in, come in. Klaus is in the basement, working on some experiments of his, like always. Make yourself comfortable in the living room." She turned towards the still stunned bunny, letting a small space for Nick to go through.

Getting down towards the level of Judy, she opened her arms just like she did with Nick. The greeting of a hug was nothing untypical, especially for a bunny. But Judy was still stunned about the appearance of a beautiful gazelle in front of her. A not typically very pregnant gazelle? Judy, letting the bigger animal giving her a hug while exclaiming, "And you must be Judy. Welcome you too.". Judy saw the roundness of her belly. She was obviously in the later months of pregnancy.

The gazelle winked Judy in as well, where she slowly went, with looking at the bigger animal with curiosity and shock. The gazelle gestured towards one of the doors close to them, the big staircase and volume of the entrance hall normally the reason, why someone should be baffled, was nothing compared to the question, the bunny developed with starring at the gazelle, "The living room is in there, I will bring some tea, so we can talk more comfortably. Klaus will get here shortly."

And just like the gazelle was there, she left towards the kitchen, Judy guessed. Still stunned, Nick needed to guide the little bunny with his paw on her back towards the room, the gazelle wanted them to be in.

The moment Nick and Judy stood in front of a big couch, the fox sat down without restraint. He watched the stunned bunny with amusement.

Judy couldn't hold it anymore, when she slowly and with shaky legs, climbed right next to Nick who patted the place right on his side, to show her that the place on his side was quite free, lonely and devoid of Judy. A loud first word, suddenly interrupted by herself, when she realized she yelled her question, "Was that Gazelle? I mean, the Gazelle? Nick, why didn't you tell me that Gazelle is the wife of Professor Jaeger?"

Nick laughed at that. He knew, that she would react this way and held his paw onto his chest, while loudly laughing. The gazelle in the kitchen who was preparing a small tray with some tea and snacks for the guests, was snickering at the obvious inside joke, she more than once witnessed.

Judy was irritated by that and could not stop herself from inflating her checks in anger. Nick tried to get his composure. This was at least, relaxing and distracting. He was taking of their glasses, Nick taking Judy's of her face without her complaining, and placed them inside his own chest pocket. The fox, still with a chuckle, explained it to his partner, "Her name is Janine, not Gazelle, Carrots.", she understood were the mirth came from, "Gazelle is actually her sister. And I am quite sure, the famous Gazelle is not pregnant at the moment."

At that, his eyes were half lidded again. But not in the normal sly and humorous way, he liked to display. Judy knew this look exactly. He was thinking. And if Nick was thinking, he was serious about something. Curiosity immediately overwhelming her and her anger evaporating completely. She even wiggled closer to him, erecting her ears in alarm. Anything he would say or do with this look, was worth analyzing and thinking about.

Nick was in thought, indeed. Because he was not so sure about this little fact, he just told Judy. He was skeptical and confused about something and voiced it to his partner, "If Jay Jay is pregnant, how did they manage to do that?"

This was a confusing question for Judy. "Nick. What are you talking about? Don't you know how pregnancies happen?" Momentarily the thought of Nick not knowing about the actual process of mating made her blush furiously. He was older than her, for goodness' sake. She uttered her question out with embarrassment.

The fox though, took his paw and covered his maw a bit, chuckling again, "No Carrots. I mean, Jay Jay is a gazelle. But Klaus is a German Shepard, last I checked."

Now she got, what the fox was referring to. She did not know, that this was an interspecies household. Something quite rarely and normally secluded, just like gay households. She, being from the country, knew exactly how secluded and strange those kind of things seemed to be for her. But she was in Zootopia now. A big city with open thoughts about those kind of things. And she herself was always an advocate for those kind of things as well. Freedom meant, to not be judged by something like that.

Having her own, very small, share of gay or inter-species focused siblings, (it is theorized, that 10% of all animals are gay or not into their own species), although most seemed to be either hiding it or afraid of admitting anything, especially since they live in the country. But the suspicion, that more than just two of her sisters were gay and one of her brothers having married a squirrel, was logical for her. Statistically, it should be over twenty. Sometimes she wondered, if she herself probably was one of those animals. Her mother and her father at least, were not particular against those kind of things. It just seemed strange. She herself actually was not so adamant on this things at all. The concept was simple for her, everyone can choose whatever appeals to them the most. And who was she to deny someone something like love?

And sitting now on a couch of an interspecies couple, that managed to become the female part of them pregnant, was certainly something strange and incredibly rare, or unheard of, actually. Judy understood, what the fox on her side was thinking about. Nick was thinking and theorizing himself about this fact. The logical approach was started by Judy, "They could have managed to find a donor, I guess?"

Even with this logical approach, something was off about this for the fox, "Klaus is not the type, who would get someone else to impregnate his wife. He would never do that, he loves her too much to ever consider that."

Before Judy could rebuke this argument with her own, that if the couple would have been desperate to get young ones, there would be nothing wrong with trying anything, even getting the sperm from someone else, the gazelle walked into the room with a little tray.

The gazelle called Janine smiled at both of them. The first thing she recognized, was that, despite the couch being in gigantic proportions, enough space for dozens of small animals like bunnies or foxes, the two agents were incredibly close together. Sitting side by side, the arm and with it, the paw of the fox being pressed at the side of Judy, while she did the same. The two obviously wanted to have contact with the other. And the gazelle was not oblivious, especially since she knew, how the Lord talked about those two. She took and poured everyone their cups of tea, while lightly talking, "Klaus needs some time. He will come in a moment, Nicholas," giving him a cup, "Judy." giving her another one. The gazelle went to the other side of the small table and sat down gracefully onto the couch there. This room, with the big fireplace and the couches neatly placed, so anyone residing on them would be able to talk with others, was exactly for this kind of situations: simple conversation between animals. Not even a television was inside this living room.

Nick knew this gazelle on a personal level. He had no restrain to ask anything. Although, he probably never restrained himself in any situation regarding the status of the dialog partner, if Judy was honest with herself. He bluntly asked her, "Jay Jay. How did you get pregnant?".

Jay Jay, her nickname given to her by close friends because of her full name Janine Jaeger, knew this was coming. She took down her own cup and watched silently, when Judy and Nick both absently nipped on their own ones.

The gazelle sighed and tried to explain with a hint of mirth in her voice, "Nicholas, quite the charmer as always, aren't you." she winked at the fox. Judy recognizing her bright green eyes glancing with much more calculative wisdom and knowledge, she did not manage to grasp prior. Only now, when she was able to watch the gazelle more thoroughly, she could make out those details, that distinguished this animal from the one singing entertaining one, that supposedly is the sister of this one. A misplaced stripe on her fur or the color of her eyes. The not accurate location of one horn and the different flicking of the ears of the gazelle was evidence enough for Judy now, to accept the fact, that she was fooled by herself, when she suspected this gazelle to be the real one.

Besides all that, she could feel the smirk the fox was giving beside her. The back of her paw close to his side, actually placed near his trousers and thighs. She just needed to twist her wrist and grasp at the flesh on his thighs, and the fox would feel her, showing him that he should not be this inappropriate with someone like this Jay Jay. So she did just that. The fox jumping up from the sudden squeeze, his face still in a smirk. His own paw at her side, brushing slowly at her shoulder.

Jay Jay saw this with amusement and was totally sure now about those two. But the question was still in the room. So, why not answer it accurately, "Yes. So, normally it is impossible for an interspecies couple, even if married like me an Klaus are, to get a breeding license from the ZOMB."

Nick did not know, what she was talking about. "Pardon me, but what is the ZOMB or a breeding license?"

Judy was shocked to hear, that the fox on her side did not know about the ancient and incredibly important customs that probably were one of the most important decisions and ruling of the long past days. She, as an aspiring police officer, informed herself about all those possible branches in the job of law enforcement. She knew about the ZOMB because she informed herself thoroughly about them. Furthermore, anyone who wanted to have children or was dumb enough, to mate before marriage with resulting in a pregnancy, knew about them.

Although, she could imagine the reasons, why Nick was not informed well about them. Something she did not like, because it implicated, that he was not one bit curious about this kind of things, which somehow felt not good for Judy. She observed him intensely, watching his very little whiskers of him twitch, feeling the pulse of his heart on the pads of her paw, she still placed on his trousers, right over the kneecap.

The bunny tried to educate the fox, "The ZOMB is the Zootopian Office for Mateship and Breeding, Nick."

The fox was still somehow confused. Of course, he heard of them, probably distinctively in school, but he tried to wrap his head around this again, "Carrots, sorry, but could you tell me. What do they do again?"

Concentrating and recognizing, that it was genuine confusion she was seeing, not a joke he was trying to pull, the bunny sighed and explained, "Okay Nick. You do know, that it is illegal by law, to mate for breeding purposes."

This shocked the fox, while the gazelle watched, stifling a chuckle with her hoof. Nick responding, "Wait, it is illegal to mate?"

Jay Jay interrupted there, "It is in the phrasing. It is illegal to mate for breeding purposes, meaning it is not allowed by law, to impregnate anyone on purpose or accident, without the allowance to do so. You can mate with anyone and as often you want, just don't impregnate anyone."

"What the? And how do we get so many cubs and kits running around? Judy, you have over two hundred siblings, why aren't your parents in jail?" the fox asked his partner, while looking wide eyed at her.

Now Judy explained again, "The punishment never would be jail for something like that. As I am aware, depending if you are willing to get a breeding license after you impregnated someone, with the whole marriage package and all, or what gender you are, you would get mostly insanely high fines for first timers. And if you ignore that as well and do it a second time, the ZOMB is allowed to sterilize you forcefully. What they actually do very often, even with first timers, by the way."

The cringe in the face of Nick was worth looking at. It really made him uncomfortable to listen to that. Judy continued to explain more. "That's why there are breeding licenses. Just like with traffic laws. It is illegal to drive a car in Animalia. But if you have a license, you are allowed to drive. Or to breed, in this case."

Jay Jay wanted to explain more as well, "The ZOMB actually gives those only to married couples of the same species, normally."

Nick needed to be sure about this, "So, only married couples should get children? Why would any government approve of such a law?"

Judy knew about the somehow cruel predicament, anyone not married or with accidental pregnancies got with this. What was implied with this law. At least, this provided most animals with a real reason besides simple religious believe or disease, to not risk pregnancy and use protection, or simply abstain till marriage, which was the country animal way of dealing with it. But the reason for all of this, was one of the most important ones, that made a live in a state like Animalia and the Idea of Zootopia possible in the first place.

She explained, "Normally, nature itself would be able to regulate the population of all animals into a natural balance. But this balance actually, entailed that predators would hunt prey. So the prey population would stay stable enough for the predators to survive, and for themselves to survive as well and not overpopulate and create famines. But after our ancestors evolved enough and predators and prey decided to live together, this natural regulation was not active anymore."

Nick got it instantly, why something like an office to regulate and control the population artificially was important for a country like Animalia. He interrupted her, "So. I get it. If there would be no control, there would be chaos. And the ZOMB is there to do exactly that. Control and regulate, since prey animals have an incredible high rate of reproduction, right."

"Right", Judy answered.

But still, the questions were on his mind still, "So, how does this function exactly. I mean, what if hypothetically I want to have a breeding license. What can I do with it?"

Judy answered this with her own experience, "Depending on your species and your family that already exists. With bunnies it is this way: they can prohibit you to have only one litter, or up to three litters, if they are not more than ten cubs after the second litter in existence already. My family though, is a special case. Because my father was the last who hold the name of Hopps. There were some incidents in his childhood that resulted in only he himself and two sisters remained in the family. He himself got permitted an unlimited breeding license, so his name and heritage would not be lost in the future."

Nick: "That explains the unbelievable amount of siblings you have."

Jay Jay however decided to interrupt again. She told them some more, "And it depends, if you are able to care for a family as well. The ZOMB is quite strict with those things and their officials and agents do very important work, although it might not seem fair for many, we can thank them, that not the whole of Animalia descended into the primal ways again."

Judy wanted to elaborate even further into this. After Nick asked more about this, "It seems okay, but I can't really get my head around this. There is so much possible mischief and I don't know if this would be the right approach to this kinds of problems.

The rabbit however knew about most of the implications and doings of the ZOMB. And most importantly, it actual implications concerning offspring in the first place and the point of actual stability in the whole of the country was the main thing, the ZOMB did. She needed to get this across appropriately towards Nick, so he could understand. Jay Jay though had much more experience and knowledge about this. So, the gazelle was much faster than her to elaborate on this.

Janine Jaeger remembered how this discussions about this particular department actually got most of its controversies dealt with. She, as a politician and the actual Secretary for the Interspecies public Relationship of Species of all kinds in Zootopia knew how to handle this.

So, she elaborated: "You have to know, that the species aspect is very much important for ZOMB. All of the regulations are species specific. To give you an example, elephants, who's reproduction rate is very slow, wouldn't have any problems for a breeding license without any restriction, even if they would be unmarried, as long as they provide a stable household. Since there are only few of them, compared to other species, the department actually encourage them to reproduce and get offspring. The species most watched over are mice and rats. Actually rodents are those with a ridiculous reproduction rate, if not properly controlled and regulated. Others who need to be restricted harshly are rabbits, I am sorry Judy. It just happens that the ZOMB have to thoroughly control this species and somehow become kind of spiciest in the progress. I hope you understand that, Judy."

Judy was confused by Janine's assumption of her possibly being offended by this. So, she decided to simply alleviate this assumption, "It is logical and obviously the right approach to a very difficult situation. Sometimes you provide equal rights to everyone if there are this kind of differences. It's nature. I mean, the population of bunny rabbits would be of the charts if you would let them breed without control. mathematically, If every rabbit would be as reproductive as my family, you would start with close to three hundred rabbits in the first generation. Multiply that with those three hundred reproducing in the same rate, or even if only fifty percent would actually do that. It would mean you would have twenty two thousand five hundred (22500) rabbits after only two generations. And only one generation after that, three generations, it would accumulate to over one hundred twenty six million five hundred sixty two thousand five hundred (126562500) bunny rabbits! And only if every second one of them, only fifty percent, would be left to breed how they want, without regulation. Control is absolutely needed with us! It is not specist to think that we need regulations.", wow, why was this suddenly so easy for Judy to calculate this numbers? It was incredibly easy and something to think about.

The rabbit wasn't finished with the alleviation of this somehow specist aspect of the ZOMB, "And look at those species with much lesser reproductive rates. Elephants get much less reproductive as bunnies. I assume they would be in the single digits, probably counted with one paw, if they would breed uncontrollably. Of course, they shouldn't be as restrictively controlled and regulated like we bunny rabbits are. The ZOMB is very specific to any circumstances. It doesn't mean they are mean or specist. And what is with all those species were so few are left in the world!"

Jay Jay continued on that thought: "That's exactly why endangered species are treated like special cases. Those kind of species even get financial and social help to encourage their reproduction. Everything the ZOMB does, is to encourage mammals to be engaged in reproductive activities only if you are personally, financially and socially able to handle it. It does not mean, that you shouldn't mate. You can have recreational mating as you please and as often as you want. It means, that you shouldn't mate with the intention to get offspring, if you did not engage the ZOMB beforehand. It also needs to be either beneficial, concerning the diversity in species or the health of said species, or sustainable, that means to stay reasonable concerning the numbers of to feed or cubs to educate properly, by the whole society of Animalia."

The gazelle wanted to elaborate even more and knew, that she would please the law enforcers with throwing some facts at them, "You need to be able to handle and control all of this. It also has a total logical justifiable reason to do this in this extreme. If you grow up in a stable household, with two parents, enough money and get an education, statistics show, the probability of having a successful happy life without ever breaking the law skyrockets. This is the biggest prevention of crime possible for any Government. To ensure stability in the family is the job of ZOMB. It is the greatest indicator for mammals to not become criminals, if there is stability in the family. Hence the incredibly low criminal statistics concerning violent crime in Animalia is because of the work of this department, who operated for centuries and is the main reason, we can life safely. The ZOMB is all about making this stability inside families possible, while always taking care of the whole social constructs and aspects in Animalia. Offspring should only be made, if you are married and financially stable. Because this is the most important aspect concerning this stability inside families. Thats why they encourage that and outlaw uncontrolled breeding."

Nick did not know about all this implications. He watched the two females curiously, who obviously were very engaged in this kind of subject. Especially Judy's heated reaction and interest in the topic did surprise him.

Jay Jay wanted to elaborate further, being in her element: "If you do get offspring out of wedlock, you actually commit a federal crime, if not acknowledged, observed and approved by ZOMB. It is against the law and will be harshly punished, sometimes very severely. Especially because you show immediately that you are not a responsible member of society who thought about their actions. Yes, accidents happen and ZOMB is there to help you. They only punish those, who act reckless. There always are and will be differences to any individual situation and everything needs to be looked at individually. The ZOMB is one of the biggest government employers, observing and regulating anything related to this topic very thoroughly. Of course, freedom is most important for everyone, but here is a difference, because it is not your freedom that is influenced here. The freedom and life of a child to be raised in a stable household surpasses the freedom of egoistical wanna be parents who could not provide for them and simply wanted to mate without realizing the possible consequences. Parents who decide to get offspring without engaging the ZOMB first, have to face consequences of their actions. The ZOMB does regulations, yes, but with my experience of the department, the mostly are very open to debate and courteous to help. But only with honest mammals. They are even known to give the permits and liveness afterwards and try to create this stability with helping and engaging in all their cases. All not engaging with the ZOMB are punished severely, though. They are punished mostly with forced sterilization because it shows the ZOMB, that they truly are much too egoistical and irresponsible for this kind of responsibility and should never have offspring."

The fox grasped the idea and approved of this, "That is logical, I assume. But in this case, I am not so sure how you obtained a breeding license with not being married to your own species."

Jay Jay wanted or rather, somehow was instructed to plant this little seed of knowledge inside the brains of Nick and Judy. The two were occasionally sipping on their quite delicious tea. Observing everything around them in a concentrated manner. Their brains processing information in no time at all.

The gazelle explained her own situation, "I am in an interspecies relationship, yes. But It is a marriage with all its rights and privileges. Meaning, we can't breed but we are able to adopt. I want you to know, that I love my Klaus very dearly. More than anything in the world. I actually think, that the effort behind actually finding love towards a different species is not much higher than to find love in your own. But maintaining in an interspecies relationship requires so much more love and work, that I can truly say, that it is much more pure and honest, than someone who only would look for their own species because of the sexual aspects in a relationship. Anyone, who would doubt our love, would not know, what they are talking about. And believe it or not, but the officials in the ZOMB know about this very much. They know, that interspecies or same-sex couples happened to statistically be the most stable of households. Hence, all legally married get the chance to adopt. The success rate of adopted children from interspecies couples is the highest in Animalia. Because there is so much more love involved in a family like this."

The happy sigh of her was visible for the two animals on the couch. Judy feeling so warm and grateful, to listen to this little rant of the gazelle. She could not believe, how nice and positive this kind of thing could be described. Nick was baffled at this as well. His own opinion on this matter staying a mystery for even himself. The only thing, he was able to admit, was the paw on Judy's shoulder and the warmth and steady heartbeats of both of them. Judy and he could both feel it. Their heartbeats, although the little animal normally having a much faster progress than the foxes, were so close together. As if his heart decided, to slowly fasten up, so he could match hers, and her heart slowed deliberately down, in an attempt, to be closer to his. Both liked, what they were listening to.

A small silence was in the room, before Jay Jay continued, "But thanks to the work of my husband, my political position as a city council member and mostly, because I am a volunteer for a strangely new and quite secret project of the ZOMB, I was allowed to obtain a breeding license with my husband."

"And zis would never be of importance for me. I would get her pregnant, even without the consent of the ZOMB. No one would be able to stop me!" the accented voice of someone standing on the door was assuring and calmly stating. Klaus Jaeger, a doctors kit in one paw, was strolling into the place with confidence.

He kneed down directly in front of the two animals that sat so close together. An enthusiastic, "Hallo, Nicholas." His greeting consisted of a simply pat of Nicks uncovered knee, the other one had Judy's paw on it. "Hallo, Judy Hopps, I assume." Touching said paw mildly.

The professor was searching inside his little bag, while loudly proclaiming for them, "I would inseminate my wife for a million times If I would have to, so we could finally become parents."

This exclamation brought out a loud chuckle of said wife and an uncomfortable and irritating silence from the two animals he was kneeling in front of. Judy disrupting the chuckle of the doctor with an accusation, "Even with all this" she blushed, "inseminating, this would never be possible!"

Nick was watching his uncle taking one or the other utensil out of his bag. Most likely to get all kinds of samples from the fox. An absurd Idea materialized inside his head. He asked with uncertainty, "Don't you have a doctor in genetics?"

The dog looked up at Nick with a grin plastered on his face, "Yes. So ze claim, zat it is not possible, should not be made with me inside ze room. Especially if I have more knowledge than you have."

Jay Jay watched how the expressions of the two agents went into becoming something between confused and curious. She explained partly, "The project I am part of, is the Interbreeding project of the ZOMB. And my dear Klaus is the chief professor and leader of this project."

The professor was taking out a small syringe, gesturing for the fox to raise one arm, while he calmly explained what this meant, "I tried for years now to create ze possibility for two different species to create offspring together. My motivation is quite obvious." He winked at the bunny, who watched him skeptically and gestured towards his wife. "So, to make it simple: Ze sperm of any male can impregnate any female in general. Ze zing with interspecies relations is, zat ze body of ze female rejects ze zygote, before it can develop. Sometimes, it gets into development far enough, so a fetus could be created, but mostly because of ze mutations and problems of two different species being responsible for its creation, it dies in an early stage. My work evolves around creating a mechanism, mostly zrough constant observation, to prevent mutations and early loss. Furthermore, I make the two animals zat want to become parents, compatible with each other. Changing and manipulating ze animals so that zey become somehow sterile towards any other animal, zey were not compatible with. It is bigger zan marriage, to do something like zat. So mostly, ze wife could only get pregnant by the husband after zat. Truly committing to be with ze one you love for ze rest of your life. Just like I managed with my schatz."

Judy and Nick were both perplexed by the news. Wait, what did the professor say? It was possible for two different species to create offspring. This was bollocks! Simply impossible … and somehow, so awesome. So great. A simple wow would not be enough for them to express their wonder. Nick not even registering the needle that took some of his precious blood to be analyzed by the professor in the future.

The smell of his blood though, only through a needle, was tingling at their noses. Judy feeling inclined to help Nick with disposing the reason it was spilled. She knew of this smell, that obviously was the fox. Not only this smell was quite evident. Judy knew, that he knew about her use of a blueberry scented shampoo. And Judy did not even need to concentrate, to smell the cherry of a cologne on the neck of Nick, although his neck being not close to her.

Jay Jay confirmed this, "The one cub inside my body is a dog cub. It is his. And I could never be more proud and thankful for my husband, for this incredible gift he gave me." She looked at the German Shepard, who was glancing at her as well. "I love you so much."

He could not resist, to stand up and approach his wife, getting his face close to the gazelle and giving her a kiss on the head with passion. They could not start something there, with showing to much affection, but it was clear for everyone, that this was a true sign of love.

A little awkward silence was disrupted by the professor getting back to Nick, taking all his utensils back into his bag. Judy observed the doctor thoroughly for the whole time he was doing things with Nick. She was able to see the blood sample, the fur samples, saliva samples. Even from his claws or very slightly some liquid from his eyes. The doctor would have a field day with getting to play with all this samples.

Jay Jay sighed loudly, "We are not the first.", she wanted to clear out any doubt for them, "A panda and a tiger were actually the first who managed to get a little tiger kitten out of them. Although, just like we, they had many miscarriages and pain involved with the procedures. But just like us, they loved each other so much and decided to do the same, my husband decided to do with me."

Klaus chuckled loudly again, "You mean, inseminate as if zere would be no tomorrow." a statement that brought the blushes back into some faces. The dog went back next to his wife and sat down himself, a little notebook in his paws, watching the fox intensely. Although, Judy could not lose the feeling, that the doctor was as much interested in her, as he was in Nick.

The gazelle finished their explanation, how and why she was pregnant, "His work is world changing. It is very important, don't you two agree?"

Judy's eyes were fixed on Nick's face. Somehow, it was not her own opinion that mattered. She obviously was totally baffled and inspired by the work the professor did. What this meant for so many couples out there. But his opinion was so much more important to her, than anything else. Nick though, was just holding the cup with his delicious, but now empty tea in his paw. He was looking at the empty cup intensely, trying to form his own opinion on this. She herself took the last sip of her tea, looking at him. His nostrils flaring so unrecognizable, but she could see the air move inside him, and coming out of him as well. His suddenly quickened heartbeat, after he turned his face back to her and laid the cup down, was soothing for the bunny. The obvious connection his quickened heartbeat had with the question meant that this question influenced him greatly. It made him nervous to answer. Made him unsure. And Judy already wanted to dread his answer, only to be surprised by it, "Honorable and good work, indeed. Strange, but who am I to judge. This is really some good work you are doing."

Judy on the other paw, smiled at Jay Jay, "I think it is wonderful!"

An outburst, nonetheless. The gazelle needed to just smirk at her husband on her side, who was preparing himself with a pen in his paw. He winked back at her, knowing exactly, what his wife thought about this display.

The dog asked in a friendly way, "So. I might have some questions for you now, Nick. And I would like you to answer zem honestly." the fox nodded, stiffened his sitting position and folding his paws with his elbows on his thighs. Judy wiggling a step away from the fox, for not being a distraction for him. But still feeling the disturbance and weight of him on the couch beside her. And somehow, through it all, his heartbeat was ringing inside her own body, alerting her of his presence.

The first question was not, what they expected, "So, How was the tea?"

Nick looked confused back at the canine, "Good, I think? It was quite delicious."

Klaus, "You think?"

Nick thought about the question and what Klaus wanted from him, getting an idea, "No. I know. It was good."

Klaus, scribbling into his notebook already, was quite eager to get some new information, "Okay, firstly, I want to know if anything changed after ze attack zis morning. I mean, what do you feel. How are your senses right now. Please describe for me, when and how anything changed. Or, like I believe, if actually nothing changed, besides your state of mind."

With surprise, the doctor already made a conclusion he made himself earlier this day. Nick did not know, how Klaus could know or assume something like this. He answered with thinking himself thoroughly, "Actually. If I am honest, there is not much different now, than there was this morning."

Klaus: "So, you are in a state of savagery right now?"

Nick wanted to be honest. A glance at Judy encouraged him to be. The bunny reassuring him with a look on her face that showed her curiosity, but at the same time, her worry for him. The fox answered, "I kinda am constantly in a state of savagery." Judy did not like this confession. Not at all.

Klaus scribbled some more, "Zere was a change zis morning. What changed?"

Nick looked away from everyone, whispering, "Control."

Klaus: "Control. So, I assume, zat something was ze reason for losing it. I would consider a slight Night Howler injection. Something simply would overdose your natural repellent of ze plant, creating zis effect. But zis implies, zat you were partly savage before zat, am I right?"

Nick, sitting still on his place, decided to explain the beginnings, "There was this one incident in the prison with this boar that I killed. Were I fought with Sándor. I think, it all started after that."

"Do you zink, zat ze lion injected or manipulated your metabolism somehow with drugs or other possible remedies?" the dog asked.

Nick stayed honest with his opinion and thoughts, "No."

This surprised Klaus, "No? So you don't zink, ze lion was responsible for zis? Although he possibly was the only one, who even remotely was able to do something to you like that, Nicholas?"

Without much thought, the fox tried to explain, "Sándor made sure, that I would not get manipulated prematurely. He protected me and if I recall, the trigger was nothing I took into my system. It was, just like one moment, I was feeling this prime on my side. And I wanted to do things. And I simply did. Nothing actually happened involuntarily, if I am honest. I mean," the fox looked down, somehow ashamed of himself. Judy trying to reach closer to him again, but restraining herself from reaching a paw out.

Nick looked down, "I wanted to kill every animal that became a victim of me. I wanted those things to happen the way they happened. It never was like I was without control. Never. Even this morning, it probably seemed, that I was not in control, that I was going savage. But I can tell you, it did not feel this way. It felt, like I wanted to be this way. Even now, I would never want to miss the sensations I am able to feel right now."

Klaus was curious, and with a gesture of his paw towards his wife, Jay Jay suddenly decided to leave the room. Probably to get something. The dog ordering the fox, "Elaborate."

Nick was still looking down, only to jerk up and look at the German Shepard. An energy like feeling was overcoming his senses and the senses of everyone around Nick. They felt the prime. He wanted them, to feel, what he meant, while he explained calmly, "I can feel you, being close to me. Just some meters away, but I am aware of anything around you. Your body. Your structure. Smell. Details, so small, normally no one should observe them this way. I can see ways to flee the scene or to start an attack deliberately. My mind going over incredibly amounts of scenarios at the same time. But only if I would feel threatened or am in danger. Not now. Now I feel calm. I feel good. Seeing things I like. Smelling things I love in so much detail, so far away but still, as if I would bury my nose in it. Feeling incredibly small vibrations of the floor or anything else, for that matter."

He looked directly at Judy for his next statement. "I can feel your heartbeat, and this should not be possible for any animal. But this feeling of being able to do that … It is savage, but it is wonderful."

Judy was stunned inside his look. Her mind racing and her heartbeat quickening very fast. Nick looking at her concerned, stopping his aura from creating discomfort around him immediately, but it did not stop the sudden panic inside Judy.

A stuttering voice of her went out with fright inside her. She did not know, why, but she needed to explain something, "I … I feel it, too! Nick!" She was screaming at him, "I smell so much more, I see so much better and my brain is just so much faster suddenly … "she jumped from her seat, "I can feel your Heartbeat, too! I am savage!"

The fox looked at her, as if she was crazy. Judy herself was looking back with wide eyes, a small quiver under on her lips. She was afraid.

Klaus loudly proclaiming, "Everything is okay. Zis is nothing we should not be able to handle. Please calm down."

Nick wanted to reach out with one paw towards the little bunny. But she took a step back. A pain inside his chest was unbearable for the fox. She was afraid of him. He himself probably was the reason, why Judy was feeling this way. She stated it herself, she was probably partly savage now. He was the logical reason. And it hurt him so much, he would have started to cry at any moment now. Her reaction showing, that she was afraid of him. And she was not used to anything remotely like this. He wanted to help her. Get to her, but another step back from the bunny was stopped by the leg of the gazelle, who had another little bag in her hand.

Klaus was asking a question again, for anyone to hear, "You would like some tea?", gesturing towards the bag inside Jay Jay's hand.

This was extremely suspicious sounding in this tense moment. Nick asking the doctor with determination in his voice, "What is in this tea exactly?"

The dog sighed, "If you can't identify a smell, because you never smelled it this intensely before, you shouldn't know what is is ... erm ... It might be Night Howler extract."

The only thing, that prevented Nick from gashing out and attacking the dog, ripping him apart like a wild beast, was the lack of the feeling of danger. His instincts told him, he was safe. The whole time. And he would trust this feelings. At least, it was not his fault to be so close to Judy, that she felt this way. He was occupied stopping his partner, though. Judy was furious, her eyes glassy from this revelation. She would have collapsed onto the floor, if not for the lightning reflexes of the fox, who was holding her tightly. The hoof of gazelle was on her back as well. Judy did not know, what this meant, what this was. Was she poisoned? Was she partly savage? Was she able to ever be normal again? What was normal anyhow? She was shaking in panic.

"Please, Judy. Relax. We are in a controlled environment with two doctors and Nicholas with you. In this bag, are antidotes if anything would become uncontrollable, we would have been able to use zose. But look at the bright side. I actually zought, it was possible for you to become full savage with drinking the tea, but you reacted ze same way Nicholas reacted to zis. Meaning, you two are somehow not truly immune, but able to use ze Howler as something positive instead." Klaus tried to explain.

Nick was angry at the doctor, but could see that this could be used positively. The only thing was, this reminded him very much of the Sturm, "So, you wanted to get our prime out of ourselves?"

Klaus needed to elaborate a little bit, "Zis is Ze exact same way, John Rickman was able to become a prime, without getting drugs from ze Sturm. And you two needed a way, to not be dependent on zeir way of dealing with zis savage zings. I just gave you an alternative. Judy actually being a prime was quite obvious, I would have to say. So, I was quite sure, zat you two would react zis way. Zis tea tastes good and is functional. And in this bag, is enough for a month of you two enjoying it every evening. I made ze math, and a month should be enough for Judy to become a full prime without going full psycho in the process, since her body mass is so little. You, Nicholas, should probably take it for one additional month."

"What are you talking about!", the voice of Judy was yelling at the professor. The shaking stopped and a sudden very suspense feeling was felt by everyone. Her teeth were pressed firmly together and her little paws formed into fists. "Who told you, that we wanted that? Who gave you the right, to just manipulate us and give us this Poison? Are you insane? This is not right, this is crazy!" She was yelling. Nick was hugging her and squeezed very tightly.

Klaus sighed loudly again, "Firstly, it would need at least five of zose dosages to get you to change something in you permanently. If you don't want zis, you could just never drink zis tea again. It would just go out with your digestive system and if you wait long enough, everything would be back to normal. I just wanted to show you, my dear. And I apologize with ze whole of my heart. I should have warned you, but I simply needed to show you ze actual meaning of becoming savage. So you would understand. You don't have to forgive me, Judy, you not as well, Nicholas, but be aware, zat I just wanted to help you."

The two agents were still skeptical. But they both could not really be angry at his reasoning of using them as some kind of experiment, especially if this tea was not as dangerous, as primarily thought. And also, if this method was already proofed to be used successfully, there couldn't be this much harm in it. Judy was silently rocking under the hug of Nick. The fox was holding her not as tight anymore, but looking at the dog. He wanted to know one specific thing he mentioned. So he asked, "Klaus, how do you know the actual meaning of becoming a savage animal."

The dog chuckled and glanced at his wife. Jay Jay only shrugged, while the canine stood up from his place. With a very low growl, the dog went onto all fours. His eyes dilating and showing pure savagery. The moment this happened was quickly over. Resulting in Judy standing on the couch, on the right side of Nick, who was standing with his paws raised and his teeth flashed, while his right paw was intertwined with the bunnies. He would have done, what he already did once. The position was quite clear. She was prepared to be catapulted directly into the threat, that was the dog temporarily, and Nick would have done it, if the professor would have decided, to stay being fully feral a little bit longer.

The professor though, looked a them amused, smirking at the picture of two primes registering a potential threat and working together on instinct. Especially those two seemed to belong together in this regard. They complimented each other in a way, and a wink towards his wife should deliver this message to Jay Jay. Getting up again, Klaus explained some more, "I am just a B animal, capable of either being in a full savage and uncontrollable state of mind, or completely sane. But in my sane state, I am able to remember how my insane state was. I also am able to get out and into it on a whim by my own will, so I might have some experience with zis whole, being feral zing."

The agents calmed down visibly. Judy plopping down with a frustrating "So, that's it then. We get ourselves some tea to become primes the slow way, instead of the Sturm way."

"I would call it, the Jaeger way." Klaus responded, sitting down back to his place, where his wife already went, ignoring the ruckus and getting comfortable.

An awkward silence was in the room after that, while all animals made themselves comfortable again. Judy was sitting close to Nick again, but with restrain. Now that she knew, that everything she was able to feel about him, he was always able to feel about her, she restrained herself from anything showing him the hidden feelings deep inside her. Yes, affection was nice, but not if Nick was able to recognize every little spike of her heart or slight movement of her ear, that would show him, that she was much more fond of him, than he realized, and that everything they did meant so much more to her.

Although her mind and thought process was not very happy with another idea: The whole time, he was able to feel like she was feeling right now. The whole time, he probably recognized every little blush she had. Every emotional outburst she had on the inside. The thought terrified her … because if he knew for so long … why didn't he react himself on it? Or was he as confused as she was herself with this whole feelings? Urgh … this whole thing was confusing and now, it became awkward.

At least, she could try to distract herself … wait, wasn't that, what Nick tried to do the whole time? She buried her face with her ears. She pulled them down with her paws. This was more frustrating.

Nick finding this amusing and disturbing at the same time. He needed to be much more reluctant about some small gestures now. At least, he was thinking clearly and already wanted to say something, "I forgive you, Klaus, but I don't talk in Judy's behalf."

Said bunny heard her name and looked through the little gap between her ears.

The professor: "Zank you, Nicholas. So. Now we will need time to analyze anything properly. But I am satisfied with your reactions and ze data we already have. Alzough, I would have wished to get more information about ze Sturm way to release the inner savage."

At that, the bunny let go of her ears, taking a paw inside a bag on her utility belt, "I have a killer pill from them!" Enthusiastically, she waved with a small container and the rattling of a pill was heard inside it.

"Zat could be useful. Zank you, Judy." he eagerly took the offending pill from her paws.

But not before she could grab the appendage slightly, "But don't do this kind of stupid stunts with potential primes again! If you know remotely what primes are capable of, you can feel lucky to be alive next time. You are even lucky that Nick and I are good animals."

The professor was defensive with his response, "Hey, It was Jay Jay's idea!"

A small glance of the bunny towards the gazelle and two raised hoofs that pointed towards her belly with the proclamation, "Pregnant animal here!" was an amusing sight for everyone to see. They all chuckled. At least they got distracted. And the afternoon with those two animals was quite enjoyable after that. Judy and Nick staying for the small talk and offer of some other tea.

The whole Howler, Sturm and Terrorism topic was not important for anyone in this group. They simply talked about anything else. Children, finances, The ZOMB, work, agent stuff, anything really. Although this stunt of Klaus and his wife was quite frightening for Judy and aggravating for Nick, the four made up quite quickly. Nick remembering, why his strange uncle always was one of his favorites, beside his uncle Johnny … or his, whatever he should call him now, Lord Patrick, who kind of was his most favorite animal ... since someone certain came into his life. But that is another topic entirely.

They stayed with the Jaegers till seven pm. The political work of Jay Jay was one of the main topics, they occupied themselves with. She exclaiming the wish, of one time running for mayor of Zootopia.

Klaus taking time for himself and his guests, postponing anything regarding some analyzes. His plans were quite obvious as well. He wanted to get much more cubs inside his wife's tummy. Having an unlimited breeding license, this was nothing he could not try to do. Even with being in his early fifties, his wife was ten years younger and probably capable of four more little cubs. Especially with a doctor as a husband who was supervising any pregnancy with determination.

They departed with smiles on their faces. Nick already knew, but Judy making the conclusion for herself, that this were good animals. Nice, polite, hardworking, intelligent and obviously simply good animals. And she concluded something more important as well. They became friends. How else, should be the invitation for a cup of tea next week after duty be interpreted. She liked the thought, of having those two as friends.

They needed to go to the Hood Tower. A meeting with Nick's other uncle should be happening there. The drive there, was pretty nice. Some say, that time heals all wounds. But they were not aware of some consequences that savagery had. What if your brain was suddenly capable of processing information in an impossible much faster way than before, so that things that normally would take days to comprehend, would be dealt with in only hours. Nick had this advantage over everyone else. And now, Judy somehow got it too. And she was visibly calmer now.

Yes, she was still worrying about Nick. But still, the question came from him in the end. "Is everything okay?"

He was concerned, mostly because he could remember, what this feelings and new impressions made with him, and how he himself dealt with most of them. Nightmares, doubts and little emotional breakdowns. He would not have liked for her to get the same treatment by her subconsciousness.

But she felt okay and she told him that. As long as Nick was close to her and could probably advise her on everything, she would be okay. Nick knew, that Judy was a positive soul. He himself was not. He was calculative and mostly very pessimistic. He would deal with nightmares. He was not so sure about her, though. She was just something special. For him, at least.

Some syringes with Howler antidote and the tea in a bag was held by Nick. Judy enjoyed the fact, that they might just made two new friends. And for her enjoyment, this were animals of Nick's past. This was a bonus. She really wanted to look forward to the development of this.

One comment though, was incredible. On their way towards the Tower, they stood at one light for a little bit loner. Judy just looking forward, glancing at her partner, who was looking outside with a smirk on his face. Both wearing their glasses again. She had to say it.

She simply had to, "So. We can feel our hearts beating?" She glanced at him. He glanced at her … both were blushing while their heartbeats quickened only for a moment. And they both felt the other one. It was not like a confession, but both felt the same way about this … it somehow, was like a confirmation about something … about something, she was sure she was feeling, but she tried to hide for the sake of their friendship … about something, he had no real idea about, but he cherished and was not able to express into words, because he was not sure, how to express anything like this feeling at all …

This was awkward.

Chapter 29 End

Janine Jaeger (called Jay jay), gazelle, wife of Klaus Jaeger, city council member (sister of the famous "gazelle")

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