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This is from Kyon's POV.

The school bell rings, signaling the end of the day. I see Haruhi get up and probably rush to the somehow-still-active SOS Brigade Club Room. It's the last year, one of the last months in fact, of High School, and miraculously, Haruhi ended up in my class yet again. Only difference is, she sits in front of me rather than behind me. I don't even mind it. I'll admit that sometimes I like staring at the small of her back and her now mid-back length brown hair. She grew it out and sometimes wears it in a ponytail. Yes, they still turn me on for some reason.

I walk up to the club room, expecting to see the usual habitants - Haruhi, Koizumi, Nagato and the lovely Miss Asahina.

Well, excluding the last one.

Asahina-San got accepted to a nearby college, although I don't really know if she actually went to college or was asked to travel some place else. Nagato looks up as I enter, and says, "I have something to inform everyone."

We all glance at her, and she continues.

"I have gotten a scholarship from a foreign college. Starting next week, I have to attend an Honour's Programme. I will be relocating in three days." She says in her neutral voice.

"WHAT?" Haruhi exclaims. It figures - Asahina-san has left, and now Nagato leaves too.

"I have no choice. I am sorry. This will be my last meeting.I won't be coming from tomorrow."

"But Yuki-San! How can you suddenly do this!We have so much to do…" Haruhi argues.

I have to admit, this was one heck of a shock. I don't blame Haruhi for her reaction. We have only me,Haruhi and Itsuki in the Brigade now. It already seems like the Brigade has come to an end. It definitely won't be the same…first Asahina-San and now Nagato-Chan.

"I am sorry,but like I said, I have no choice. It has been worthwhile to spend time in everyone's company. Thank you."
"Damn, we can't even throw a farewell party…" Haruhi kicks a nearby table.
"Nope, I'm sorry." Yuki replies.

All this is happening too fast.I don't even know how Haruhi's going to continue with her antics now. Nowadays, all we do is…enjoy…each other's silent presence. And what about her alternative realities….who will assist me now?This is too messed up.

"Alright, club activities dismissed for today!" Haruhi says, and storms out of the room. Nagato also prepares to leave, and I tap her shoulder.

"So essentially speaking, this is the last time I'm seeing you?" I ask her.
"Yes and no. I will appear every now and then to analyze situations."
I thank her, tell her goodbye and prepare to exit.

As I turn to leave, Itsuki lays his hand on my shoulder, stopping me and says, "Wait, there's something you need to know."

What a wonderful day. "It can't be worse than today's news, right?" I ask.

"Well….".He scratches the back of his head.

God,just tell it already.

"I'm leaving", He says. The heck?

"Is this some sort of joke?"

"Nope. I need to go back to the Organization. They're reassigning Espers, and I need to be reassigned since Haruhi's no longer much of threat a here. Haruhi barely creates closed spaces now. I'll be prepared to tell her a reason, but I just wanted to tell you in advance."He sounds serious. Unusual for him.


"Listen," he cuts me off."Keep her happy. Anyhow. That girl can destroy the world with her reality. You know that."

Wow,so amazing.

"Is there no other way?" I don't want this future ahead of me.

"Nope." He says sadly. "I'll keep in touch, but that's about all I can do. I'll leave in a month or so. Catch you tomorrow." He runs off.

I stay in this room, sorting all my thoughts out. By the time I leave, it's sunset. I don't know what'll happen. Worst of all, I don't what'll happen to Haruhi, and how she'll take all of this. The world could be at stake - it's not like I know how to keep her at bay.

Yes, it's a little weird. Sorry bout that (nervously smiles).