I finally started writing a Prince of Tennis fanfic! I've been wanting to do that for a while now! So I'll post the first chapter and see how people react to it. If anyone likes it, then I'll keep writing :D

Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

"Aren't you excited, Ryoma?"

"Why would I be excited…"

"We're finally going back home to Japan, silly!"

"What's exciting about that?"

"Hehe, Akia-nee, you're always so energetic."

Akia sighs at her younger brother's lack of excitement. Akiko giggles as she watches her siblings' contrasting personalities. Ryoma has always been the most cool, indifferent, and unenthusiastic of the three siblings. Akia, who's a year older, is, on the other hand, is the cheerful, positive, and even annoying one. People usually think she's much younger, even though she's taller than him. Akiko, Akia's younger twin sister, is the sweet fragile and caring one of the three. She does her best to take care of her brother and sister in any way she can. Even though the three of them are so different, they always get along pretty well.

"But man, this plane ride is taking forever!" Akia says with a loud sigh.

"Nee-chan, you're really noisy…"

"Eh! Akiko, say something to that kid!"

"Well… I kind of agree with Ryoma on that part."

"Aaah! Not you too!"

The friendly bickering between the three of them continues. When the plane finally lands, Akia jumps up from her seat and dashes to the exit. Ryoma take his sweet time, while Akiko tries to keep an eye on both of them.

The siblings have some similar physical features. All three have dark black hair. Akiko's hair is cut short, while Akia's is very long. Their eyes are the same shade of brown. That's about all their share in terms of appearance. Akia is very voluptuous compared to her twin, Akiko, who has a more delicate figure. She is voluptuous in the sense that she has a chest and a butt that are more developed than most girls her age. In no way is she fat, on the contrary, she's a very healthy girl. Akia, just like Ryoma, enjoys playing tennis and is very good at it. Akiko would play too, but she's always been bad at sports and activities that use too much of her energy. She often gets sick due to her health being weaker than most. Even then, she always tries her best to take care of the people around her.

"Dear, wake up already. We've arrived."

Rinko, the three siblings' mother, tries to wake her husband, Nanjirou, up.

On their way home, Akia couldn't stop gasping in awe at her surroundings. Japan is so different from America.

The family finally arrives at their home, which is located right next to the temple where Echizen Nanjirou will be working.

They all unpack, and, exhausted from the long trip, they go to sleep.

The next day, Akiko is the first one to wake up.

"I can't believe this… Ryoma is supposed to go to a tennis tournament today."

Akiko then goes into Akia's room first.

"Akia-nee, wake up. You have to help me wake Ryoma."

No response.

"Come on, Akia-nee… You know I'm not as good as you when it comes to waking him up… I can't use the cruel tricks that you use…"

"Who's cruel?" Akia retorts.

"Ah! You're awake!"

"My methods are not cruel… You know it's the only way to get that kid to wake up."

"Well… Spraying perfume into his nostrils or putting ice cubes in his shirt are pretty cruel methods, don't you think?"

"It's not like he ever learns his lesson anyway."

"You're also hard to wake up…"

Akia ignores her sister's statement and heads to Ryoma's room.

"Akia-nee…! Wait, don't be too harsh this time!" Akiko says, knowing that her twin will still do whatever she likes.

Akia abruptly opens the door leading to Ryoma's room.

"Ryoma! Wake up!" Akia shouts.

The longer Ryoma stays asleep, the worst Akia's methods get. Akiko just stand in the door frame, a little concerned about what Akia has in mind this time. Seeing that Ryoma didn't wake up from her shouting, she goes back to her room.

"You're giving up, Akia-nee…?" Akiko asks, a little surprised, "or are you going to…"

Akiko then realizes what her sister is up to when the latter comes back into Ryoma's room with her music player.

"The method is not as creative as my other ones, but it's just as effective."

Akia grins creepily as she carefully puts her headphones on Ryoma.

"Now for some good morning rock…"

She puts the volume on maximum and presses the play button. Not even a second later, Ryoma wakes up screaming. On reflex, he takes off the headphones. When he comes to, he realizes what his sister just did.


"Hahaha, it works every time!"

"Akia-nee… You're too harsh…"

Ryoma gets up while glaring at Akia.

"Hey, you should thank me, Ryoma. At least now you won't be late for your tournament."


After he gets ready, Ryoma eats breakfast and leaves for the tournament.

"Hey, Akiko, you want to go around the neighbourhood?"

"Yeah, I think that'd be good for us to familiarize ourselves with this place. We won't have as much time when we start school tomorrow."

"Second year of Junior High… We're going to be transfer students too."

"I hope I'll be able to adapt to it."

"Don't worry about it. It'd be nice if we're in the same class, though."

"Now that I think about it, we haven't been in the same class since Kindergarten."

"Haha, true. Hey, how about we follow the road to Seigaku? Like that we can find all the cool spots between our home and school."

"Sounds like a plan."

After agreeing to the plan, the girls get ready and head out after notifying their parents.

"Akia-nee, you didn't take your racket with you?"

"Yeah, I just feel like exploring today. Besides, I'm still kind of jet-lagged."

"Same here. It's amazing that Ryoma can participate in a tournament the day after we arrive."

"That kid is just crazy… But his skills are worth mentioning. I still remember when I used to beat him easily before. Now, he puts up more of a fight that I don't have any guarantee that I'll win anymore."

"Hehe, it's fun watching you two have a match."

While chatting, the two pass by a few shops along the way to Seigaku, their new school.

"Man, I'm glad today is a Sunday or we would've had to start school the day right after we arrive…" Akia sighs while looking at some accessories.

"You said it. Should we keep going?"


Akia puts the accessories back and the twins head out of the store. After a short walk, they find a park with a few tennis courts.

"That's convenient. Now I regret not bringing my racket…"

"I had a feeling you'd feel that way if you saw anything that relates to tennis."

"It doesn't seem like anyone's playing there today anyway."

The girls keep walking and they finally spot Seigaku in the distance.

"That must be it. Now we know exactly how to get there," Akiko says enthusiastically.

"There's a nice cafe over there. Wana go?"

"Eh? But I didn't bring any money…"

"What?! Why didn't you?"

"Well, you didn't either."


"Let's go somewhere that doesn't require us to spend money."

Akia starts looking around for a while and then she spots something. She then grins widely.

"Found it."

"Found what?"

"Our destination! A place that doesn't require us to spend money, while still being extremely entertaining!"

"And that is…?"

"A pet shop!"

"Haha, that's so like you."

"Let's go!"

Akia then drags Akiko towards the pet shop. They enter it and start looking at the various pets that the store contains.

"It's much bigger than I thought! Now I'm pumped! Let's go look at the cats!"

"You always spend all of your time looking at the cats…"

"Because they're adorable."

"But we already have Karupin. Wouldn't you want to look at other pets?"


"Then I'm going to look at the bunnies."

"Sure, I'll come see you when I'm done."

Akia heads to where the cats are. There aren't many people in the store, which gives her enough space to fully observe the various cats the store carries. Akia then spots a completely white cat that stares at her.

"Aw, aren't you the cutest? So fluffy!"

Akia crouches to have a better look at the cat.

"I want to take you with meeee!"

The cat meows at Akia.

"You like cats?" A cheerful male voice comes from Akia's right side.

She then turns her head abruptly towards the source of the voice. What she sees in front of her is a boy who looks around her age, or maybe a bit older. His hair is a reddish brown and curls at the sides. He's also crouching and has a smile on his face. When Akia looks at his eyes, she thinks of how he kind of resembles a cat.

"What's not to like? They're so cute and fluffy and adorable!"

"Haha! I know how you feel. I wish I had a cat."

"Do you have any other pets?"

"I do have a dog and parrot. What about you?"

"I have a himalayan cat. But for some reason he really clings to my little brother. I feel left out."

"Eh, you have a little brother?"

"Yeah, a little brother and a twin sister who doesn't look anything like me. Do you have siblings too?"

Judging by his outgoing character, Akia figured that he probably has a few siblings.

"Yeah, I have two older brothers and two older sisters."

"Eeeeh! That's a big family! You're the youngest?"

"Yup, it's tough sometimes when I get teased."

"So that's how Ryoma must feel, huh."


"My younger brother. I'm the one who teases him all the time since I'm the oldest."

"Aah, you should be more considerate! But it is fun to tease people."

"By the way, what's your name?"

"Oh, I never introduced myself. I'm Kikumaru Eiji, 3rd year at Seigaku."

"Seigaku?! That's where I'm going starting tomorrow. My name is Echizen Akia, by the way."

"Really?! What year?"

"2nd year."

"So I'm going to be your senpai, huh. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask me."

"Hehe, that's one lucky encounter. Thank you, Kikumaru-senpai."

Akiko, who was wondering why Akia was taking so long, starts looking for her twin. She then finds her crouching in front of the cats, right next to a guy. They seemed to be having a pleasant conversation. Akiko felt bad about interrupting, but it was getting late.


When Akia hears her sister's voice, she stands up. Kikumaru Eiji also stands up.

"She's your sister, Echizen-kun?"

"Yeah. I guess I'll be going then, Kikumaru-senpai. I'll see you at school?"

"Sure thing."

She waves at Kikumaru and leaves with her sister.

"Akia-nee, who was that?"

"Oh, that was Kikumaru Eiji-senpai. He also goes to Seigaku."

"Senpai? So he's a 3rd year?"


"You two seemed to really get along."

"Well, he is very friendly."

"Just like you."

"Hehe, yup, just like me."

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