Credit Note: The use of the world and Megaville, Bell, and X are credited to Bleedman. The use of Barasia/Lynn is credited to Griddles. The use of Mekel is credited to Eclipse 02. The use of the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, and most other cartoon characters are credited to Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon's writers, animators, and staff members.

The Chronometal Wars
Prologue: Twin Worlds

(===Somewhere in Nevada...===)

The barren land around them is beaten and destroyed... but not by war or drought, instead by constant training and harsh drills. They have been training for so long... they themselves are beginning to question why.

They have never been sent out on a mission. They have never achieved the goal they hoped to accomplish when attaining this position. Instead all they do is train... and wait... and train... and wait.

Until one day...

"Men, listen up. Today we are forgoing the usual drills." The leader- Brisbaine lets out to the group of people in the room. They rise to attention. There are dozens of young people here, but three stand out as exemplary students.

"We have our first real assignment. We are moving out to Megaville and establishing recon for a few weeks." Everyone nods in agreement and prepares for the journey... except one of them.

"RECON?! We haven't been training for over seven God damned years to do RECON!" – "Butch, really... calm down." – "NO! I'm going crazy over here!" He yells with a mouth full of teeth that all look like fangs- "I've been cooped up for too long- AND NOW you're telling us to go LOOK at stuff?!"

Brisbaine excuses everyone in the room except Butch and two other individuals.

"NOW WHAT?! Are you going to try to console me?!" – "Butch. Calm down." – "AGAIN WITH THIS CRAP-" He tries to say before the young man to his right taps him on the shoulder. Butch looks back to see he's pointing at something. Butch looks over to where he's pointing and his eyes go wide. It seems to be a hologram of three girls.

"No way..." – "Yes way, now please... calm down, Butch." – "F-Fine, okay... but... that hologram... does it mean what we think it means?" – "Perhaps. Now just be quiet about this for a few hours and let me inform the rest of the men of their jobs. Your jobs, as you may imagine; are slightly different from theirs. Don't spread word of this to anyone, you three."

They all nod and head to their quarters.

(===Meanwhile in Megaville several hours after what has come to be called 'The crash'===)

A young man sits on a nearby bench. He is very out of place, his large suit of golden armor sticking out like a sore thumb. A girl comes walking by... this is the third time this hour she has done so.

"Dexter... please talk to me..."

She waits for an answer for over a full minute before sighing and trying again.

"Dexter, come on... what's the matter? Did something happen when we walked away?"

Silence, yet again...

The girl sighs and walks away again, the futility of her efforts apparent.

'Why aren't you talking to her, Dexter...?' – "Didn't you hear Mandark?" – 'Yes... but... I don't know...' – "Neither do I. Until I can come up with a better idea, I think it's better for everyone if Blossom and I simply don't talk to each other anymore..." – 'You believe what Mandark said? About the end of the world and how Blossom is involved?'

Dexter still sits on the bench in the ruined city, making no real eye contact with anyone passing by.

"I don't know. Part of me still hates and distrusts Mandark... but another part of me feels like... what he was saying was the truth. The real truth." – 'So what if he's right? What does that mean for Blossom- or you even? Are you simply going to cut the relationship off?' – "If only it were that simple... Mandark said I have to make her hate me... I have to get her away from these wars..."

He looks into the sky, Bubbles and Buttercup flying off somewhere pretty fast. It looks like they left the city...

He still sits on the bench, but this time someone calls out to him. It's a woman, an unfamiliar one.

"Excuse me... are you Dexter?" He raises his head up to meet her. She seems to be in a hurry. "Yeah, I'm Dexter." – "Oh, good... can you help me?" Dexter rises from the bench and approaches her. "With what?" – "We are trying to get names right now... last names of children from all around the city." Dexter realizes without further explanation what this is for... it's to see how many children were orphaned...

(===Meanwhile, Back at the Nevada Base...===)

Butch throws a rubber ball at the wall and it bounces back at him. He does this over and over again. He looks over to his brother. Blonde hair and blue accents on his otherwise black uniform.

"Boomer... you know what this means? I think you will get to see your little 'girlfriend' pretty soon, haha..." – "Real funny..." – "But seriously. If push comes to shove, I want you on our side- okay? No fratricide." – "Don't worry about it... I think I got all that mushy stuff out of my system a couple of years ago." – "Bah... 'Don't worry about it' he says..." The ball still being juggled off the wall.

The door to their quarters open and the other brother walks in with a file in hand, tossing it near Butch- Butch quickly grabbing the ball and placing it on the bed before breaking into it. Boomer looks over his shoulder as the two read. The other brother, Red hair with Red highlights sits on his bed and tilts his hat down over his eyes.

"Wait... are you telling me this is STILL a recon mission?!" – "Unless we can come up with information supporting this theory... yes..." – "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! The ONE chance we get to take those bitches down within the confines of the law- and we might not even get a chance to do it! Unbelievable!" The red one looks over, his hat still covering one of his eyes.

"I have a feeling they did what Brisbaine suspects..." He says before turning back to relax on the bed. "How, Brick... HOW?! These goody two shoes, directly causing massive genocide?! Nope. We're done. We're never doing it. It's over. It's fucking over." Butch spits, flipping the file onto his bed before leaving the room in a huff, leaving Boomer and Brick.

Boomer opens the file again to read it in quiet as Brick gets in a well needed nap. Boomer constantly flips back and forth, absorbing whatever information is here.

"Do you really think they did this, Brick?" Brick turns over and raises his hat to show both of his eyes. "They've never so much as stolen candy... well, directly anyway. They are model heroes. Yet here is a giant city-wide genocide and they seem to be the prime suspects. It seems too crazy to be a fake." He says before turning back around.

"Besides... that's why it's recon first. If it turns out that they did do this- we have full authorization to do what we see fit..." – "What we see fit..."

(===Back at Megaville, several more hours have passed- the sun is going down...===)

Blossom sips quietly from a cup in the dining room. She is all alone. "Bubbles and Buttercup are going to be gone for a while... I guess... I have the whole house to myself. The Professor is off doing some 'government' thing..." She says to herself, sipping from the cup again.

It occurs to her that she has never had time to herself in years... and here it is. Nothing but time. But she can't find anything to do with it...

She sips from the cup again, before realizing it's been empty for several minutes.

"Forget this, I have to be out there and help however I can!" She yells, flying out of the house. She flies up to people cleaning up rubble. "Need any help?" She asks as she scoops up as much as she can and dumping it in the correct zones. She does this several times and gets a good 'thank you' before flying off again.

She looks over the city from the sky... it's completely ruined. The molten mountains that sprang up from the sheer force of Megaville being dropped from the sky have cooled off and now seem to be a permanent part of the city.

She sees Dexter walking around with a bunch of kids and a woman from overhead. She lands down near them. The woman speaks up once she notices Blossom:

"Oh, Blossom! We could use your help." Blossom looks over to Dexter, who doesn't make eye contact. "How can I help?" – "We are trying to find out the names of kids and trying to... um... match up with the... survivor's list for parents..." – "Oh... well I know Lynn is holed up with a bunch of survivors near the center of Megaville. Let me go check them out. I'll come back with them- and some names." – "Thank you..."

Blossom flies off, Dexter still not making eye contact. "Why is he acting so weird...?" She scouts out for the building she remembers Lynn being in before. They all went back there after they visited the Tomb of the Chronometal War until they made SURE it was safe.

She lands near the building and a little girl is outside it. She has red hair and big eyes. "Are yew Blossom...?" – "Huh? Oh, Blossom... yes, I'm Blossom." – "Lynn told me to give yew this." She says as she hands over a dark letter.

Blossom opens and reads it.

"Dear Blossom, Bubbles and/or Buttercup. I realized with the end of this entire chaotic episode, that it's time for me to take my leave. I'm sorry for leaving on such short notice, but them's the breaks. Sorry.

Your friend for a few days;

"What kind of Goodbye letter is this?" Blossom says, almost laughing.

(===Outside the Nevada Base...===)

All of the men are gathered outside, the moon now sufficiently high in the sky.

"You have your orders..." Brisbaine states as everyone marches off, except the three brothers. The men all head in the same direction: Megaville's direction.

"Yes, boys?" – "There was something I wanted to ask..." Brick says; file in hand. "Yes?" – "The rogue agent, Micheal- and how he got involved in this event... do we know anything?"

Brisbaine puts his finger to his chin, not so much thinking about the answer... but thinking about the way to say it.

"We had a small group of three members scouting out Micheal- and to a lesser extend the three individuals he was working with for a couple of days. In those few days, we learned everything we needed. He was deranged and it eluded us all."

He looks up to the stars. "He rushed the construction of a space satellite... 'The Hangar.' However, even to this day we don't know exactly why he did that." Brisbaine looks back down and takes the file from Brick.

"It's highly classified... but what we suspect the Powerpuff Girls of doing is directly linked with Micheal... and that girl... The Black Mother..." He looks away.

"You have your orders... enjoy..." They all fly off at the same time.

In mid-air, Boomer speaks up-

"What was all that about? How is Micheal important to this?" – "If we are going to learn how it's even Possible for the Powerpuff Girls to be involved in this, we need to learn about Micheal and the rest of the Knights. Elly, Drax and Olga. To our knowledge, Olga was the only one left alive. Before we confront the Powerpuff Girls- we need to confront her. Perhaps she can give us the information we need."

Butch growls. "Why can't we just kill them?" – "Because they are HEROES, Butch. The only way we can get jurisdiction to unleash on them is if we can get evidence Brisbaine approves is proof that they knowingly put thousands of lives in jeopardy- and had them killed."

Brick looks forward, flying fast towards Megaville.

"Taking them out 'and' being praised for it...? It's like having our cake and eating it too..."

(=== Back at the building Lynn left the survivors in... ===)

"Okay, that's the last name. Come on, guys. We have to go somewhere." Blossom says, herding the kids out of the building and walking down the road to meet up with Dexter and the woman from the orphanage.

"Thank you, Blossom. This will really help." – "No problem, here's the list of names." She hands the paper over and walks away. She tries to make eye contact with Dexter again, to no avail. She flies off, noticing that even though it's nearly midnight, the people here are working tirelessly to repair this city.

She flies home, tired and bored.

Dexter meanwhile is just about done here himself. "Where is the orphanage?" – "The south side of the city. We had it repaired with fresh water and a backup generator really fast. We would love for you to come visit sometimes... if you have the time." – "Hah, thanks. Maybe I will. Take care."

Dexter walks off into the star lit night, still unsure about how to handle everything.

"I have to make her hate me... but how do I do that?" – 'Do you really have to make her hate you? Maybe you can be more subtle about it... Dexter. You are a good person. You don't have to do this.' – "Don't I?" He says sadly, aware of the decisions he is going to have to make.

"I need to get my mind off of this. I'm going to see the professor. I think he's still in my lab."

(===Outside Megaville...===)

The Rowdyruffs float outside the city, high tech goggles in hand and ready. They look around the city while covert members commune with the citizens. Before long they receive a status update... Brick checks it.

-The group consisted of four members... The Powerpuff Girls and someone called Dexter.-
-The Black Mother, under the guise of 'Lynn' has apparently left the city.-

"So we need to find this Dexter person and keep an eye on him." Brick tells everyone. The status update came with a picture of him- the armor sticks out like a sore thumb...

After a short while of searching, Boomer spots him- "There, is that him?" They all look to where he is pointing and wear their goggles. It is indeed Dexter... he's walking towards Megaville Elementary.

"Isn't he a little old for elementary school?" – "Let's follow him. Go in quiet." They fly down and maintain a low profile. They change out of their uniforms and into something a little more casual. Brick wearing a red jacket and jeans- paired with his usual hat, Boomer wearing a light blue tee and shorts and Butch sporting a blazer. Yeah... a blazer.

They walk into the school and try their best to avoid suspicion, so they walk away from each other and try not to look like a group. Dexter walks into the library and down an open hole in the wall into a kind of metropolis.

They walk in quietly...

When down, they notice him talking with a Professor of some kind and they take hidden positions and keep an ear on him.

"Professor, have you thought about that thing we talked about?" – "Yes... and I'm not so sure." – "Well, Model M grows off of the negative emotions of the people of Earth... what if it gets out of hand? If it spirals out of control and destroys everything?" – "But... to do what you suggested-" He tries to say before his phone rings. "Hold on a second..."

He answers his phone. "Hello? ... ... Oh, hello Buttercup, is something wrong? ... .. Put you on speaker? I'm talking with Dexter..." A short pause is heard. "I see. Alright." He says as he presses a button. "Hey Dexter..." A female voice is heard and Butch's eyes go wide. Boomer holds his shoulder and shakes his head. Butch squats back down and maintains stealth.

"Hey Buttercup. Why do you want to talk with us, if you don't mind me asking?" – "Are you guys talking about what might happen if we fail to contain this shit?" Dexter looks surprised to see Buttercup talking about the same thing they were. "Y-Yes... you are too?" – "Yeah, I can't get any sleep. I mean, Bubbles is passed out on the bed next to me, she ate like a pig... but... I can't get any shuteye."

The professor speaks up: "We were... talking about alternatives to fighting this head on, yes." – "Yeah? Like what? Cutting the power off at the source?" – "How did you..." – "I was thinking about that too. If this gets completely out of control, we need to find some semblance of power over Model M... or whatever the hell that thing is." Dexter looks over to the phone. "We were... talking about the same thing..." – "You mean... killing everyone if it comes to that?"

The professor and Dexter look at each other, wearing different expressions. "We haven't agreed on anything yet, but the Professor's research yielded a kind of chemical that might be just what we need." – "Chemical, huh? Found out a way to harness it, yet?" – "Not yet, I'll keep you posted." – "Alright... oh, and Dexter? One last thing." – "What?"

"Be good to Blossom..." *CLICK...*

Dexter walks off and the Professor is left to his own thoughts. He walks by the Rowdyruffs without them being detected. Soon after, they leave the school and fly back into the security of the night-time sky.

"Is that proof enough, Brisbaine?" – "So far... all we have evidence on is Buttercup... not Blossom or Bubbles. You have our authorization to move in on her, but not the others." – "What if they come to her... 'Defense?' What then?" – "It would count as a direct and premeditated obstruction of justice and interference with government agents. Therefore..." – "Therefore we would have jurisdiction... Thank you Brisbaine. RR Out."

Author's Notes: And that begins the Second War. The Second War reads a BIT like the Chronometal Panic, except the three "tangents" (Called angles here) all occur at the same time and are all canon instead of just 1 being canon. It gives insights into character actions and motivations. This is NOT The Chronometal Renaissance, where Barasia, Otto, Dexter, and Blossom travel through time. This is the ruined timeline. SPOILER ALERT! Everyone dies.

... Maybe not TOO much of a spoiler, I mean, you've read the first story, right?