The Chronometal Wars
Epilogue Part 3 of 3

The worst has happened.

The world is burning in malignant fire... Blossom is dead; the rest of humanity is next. How did this all happen...? Not even World's End itself was spared from the impact. Not a single shard of it remains.

Buttercup coughs up dust and rises to her feet. She's still alive, to no surprise of herself. She looks around and into the air. There is a giant storm she is standing right in the middle of, like it's the eye of the storm that ends the world.

She looks back down to Earth and sees a giant silhouette standing far away.

"Dexter..." She says to herself, clenching her fists. "Buttercup... we don't have to do this..." – "What do you mean?" – "Do you feel his power...? He has transcended mortality." – "So have I." She says, beckoning laughs from Him.

"HAHA! Girl, you never cease to amaze me." He says happily. Buttercup marches towards the being near the storm's edge.

She prepares for a sneak attack... but... someone COMPLETELY unexpected is there too...

"LYNN?!" She blurts out.

Lynn, the young black haired girl from the First War is standing in the middle of this carnage, walking around in it as if it were a meadow. She prances around and Buttercup notices that the being in the storm is actually looking at her.

"Lynn... get out of here... get out of here!" She mumbles to herself, not wanting to call attention to herself.

Dexter slowly stomps over to Lynn, who doesn't even falter in his eyes. In fact she looks up with a huge smile on her face, confusing Buttercup to no end. "What the fuck is she DOING?!"

Lynn walks up and is picked up by the Chrono-Titan. He allows her to stand on his hand as he brings her up to eye level. Lynn extends her hand out and caresses Dexter's face and begins to tear up.

Lynn speaks. "I've... never seen something more beautiful than this moment, Dexter... this is truly... w-wonderful..." She mumbles. "What is she saying?" Buttercup says. Awaiting a response from Him, who seems to be speechless? "HIM! What is she saying?!" Him continues to be silent.

"Black Mother..." Dexter rumbles. "Your actions created me... your actions damned this world and all who live within it." – "Yes! Yes it did! I did this! I've never wanted anything else in my entire life and you made it possible you beautiful creation!"

Buttercup still can't hear what they are saying; Him is still stunned and refuses to tell Buttercup what they are saying. The brown storm rages on, twisting this world into one of lifelessness.

"Black Mother... your role is over." – "Huh? What do you mean? Of course it's over! The world is over and everyone is dead! I am finally free!" – "Yet I still remain... and you..." He says. The hand she is standing on whips out and grabs her by the chest. His gigantic hands encircle her entire body!

"Wait, what are you doing! Let me go!" – "You are a threat to my coming Genesis, my true calling." – "What are you talking about; I only created you to destroy the world!" – "Yet here I stand, among the ruins of all that ever was with a new goal. Your role is over, but mine is just beginning." His eyes maintain lifelessness as he squeezes down on Lynn!

Buttercup sees her cough up blood and becomes enraged! She knows she has to attack, now!

"S-Stop... this... Dexter... I... I...!" Lynn tries to say, the life being squeezed from her! He holds out his other arm and grabs Lynn's left arm. Buttercup's eyes go wide. He certainly can't think about-

Before she can finish that thought, Dexter rips her arm clean off followed by a blood curdling scream from Lynn that eclipses the noise from the perpetual storm! He tosses the arm aside as if it were nothing.

"God damn it, ENOUGH OF THIS!" Buttercup roars, charging him down! Dexter attempts to encircle Lynn with his other hand, but Buttercup intervenes! She holds his hands off and manages to loosen his grip on her! Buttercup looks back and notices that Lynn is still alive despite all of this. She is a lot stronger than she thought!

"You've still got an arm, use it to help me help you!" Buttercup yells, trying with all her might to help loosen the death-hold. Lynn's eyes go wide, but they both muster all their strength and Lynn slips out of his grasp and crawls over to her discarded arm.

The Chrono-Titan takes this time to rip Buttercup to pieces! Lynn looks back in absolute horror as she is torn asunder! Dexter tosses her body parts aside and looks down on Lynn, his armor and face covered in blood.

Lynn feels guilt as she sees Buttercup's corpse on the ground with blood pooling around... she scrambles to reclaim her arm, but her nearly compact crushed upper-body makes it hard to move... As she picks up her arm she hears an almost impossible noise! As she turns around, she notices the strange girl has re-grown her legs and some of her clothing and is standing, still mutilated and mauled!

She then re-grows her arms and her clothing is fully repaired, she snaps her own neck back into place and enters a defiant stance. "It will take a hell of a lot more than that to take me down, Dexter!" – "The blood of demons run through you, Buttercup- You are not human, you are not a Hero- you are worthless!" Meanwhile, Lynn is kneeling in the dirt, mouth agape for one reason or another.

Buttercup speaks up. "Listen, I'm not sure how you survived, Lynn- or what you are doing here at all... or what to make of your... robot parts, but you should get out of here- I will hold him off!" ... "GO NOW LYNN!" Lynn stumbles to her feet and then lifts off the ground and flies off at a slow speed. Buttercup looks at her as if she is viewing a complete stranger. "Wh-wha? You can fly?!" The black girl does not know how to handle this situation and merely tries to fly off as fast as she can. Buttercup tears her eyes from who she called Lynn and looks toward Dexter.

She speaks under her own breath. "Blossom showed up right before this all happened, that is proof that she lives through this somehow... I have to fight, if for nothing else, I can buy whatever saves her some time..." – "Let's do this Buttercup, this is what everything your sacrificed was for." A strange voice seemingly from nowhere lets out.

"It's been an odd day, but now we can finally finish this, Dexter... You ready, Him?" A form rises from Buttercup's shadow. "As I ever was my Buttercup, let's end this!" – "Him... Buttercup... It is of no difference to me-" Dexter bellows out. "You will all be crushed before the power of the ultimate life form birthed by the humans you fought for and failed to protect, now feel their anguish and despair- and DIE AS THEY HAVE!"

Buttercup extends her hand outward. A red flash of lightning causes a blade to materialize in her hand. It's a Japanese looking blade...! Buttercup's eyes hold a righteous indignation in them, as if she is fighting for everyone's souls!

This is going to be a fight to the death.

"By my honor, by Jack's ancestors, you will be defeated!" Buttercup and the Chrono-Titan take off at each other at light speed! The holy blade clashing with his divine carapace causes explosions of light and darkness to cascade across the entire planet!

Dexter extends his hand out and launches tendrils of corrupted iron from his body, impaling Buttercup! She slices the invaders and instantly regenerates before going back on the offensive! She jumps up his arm and swings down on his face, but he quickly teleports a short distance away.

"Wow... he's fast." Buttercup makes a note to herself. He launches himself at Buttercup who uses Jack's blade for defense, blocking the entirety of his attack with the indestructible divine blade! "Jack... I won't fail you..." She says. She whips the sword forward cutting through the Titan's own energy! "BACKLASH WAVE!" She roars as a tempest of holy energy engulfs the Chrono-Titan!

She jumps into the tornado of pure energy and sees that the storm engulfed ruined buildings into it; the Titan is at the top of the storm charging some kind of attack! She jumps up the floating buildings and slices through ones in the way! She runs up a derelict skyscraper and jumps off of the top to reach the Titan and jam the blade in its charged attack, diffusing it and causing an explosion that splits the storm to pieces!

She lands on her back so hard she coughs up blood, but she gets up quickly to notice the Titan is barreling down on her! Way too fast to dodge, she has to attack as well! She jumps up and meets him in battle! His attacks hit with such force that Buttercup's very body parts are blown off! They instantly regenerate thanks to Him, but the pain is excruciating!

Buttercup is knocked back and takes a defensive stance. The Titan gingerly floats down to the ground before its iron soles crash into the crust, breaking it on impact.

"Give up..." He whispers as blood sprays from Buttercup's chest! She recoils but Him regenerates her. "What the hell was that...?!" She says with low breath. The Chrono-Titan's eyes go wide and Buttercup is flung into the air! She is tossed around like a toy before smashed down, breaking her bones on impact.

Yet the Chrono-Titan simply stands still. He isn't doing "Anything." Buttercup rises from her crater, sore all over. "Damn... this is a different kind of power... but I can't lose here!" – "You have already lost!" He yells as Buttercup's left arm is blasted off from no-where! She fumbles to the ground as he begins to float over.

She growls and charges him down! "Enough of this crap! Eat sword!" She yells, slashing at him, but he dodges with the reflexes of a cat even though he is a towering behemoth! He grabs her and tears her arm off, blood spraying all around! He throws her to the ground and she gets right back up...

But... her arm isn't back...! Her arm slowly fizzles back into place, but Buttercup is very worried. "Him, is everything okay?!" – "No, no it's not, Buttercup! He is too strong, I can't keep this up!" – "Are you serious?!" She growls and backs up, causing Dexter to smile.

"Are you retreating? If so I may just spare your life. Run away pathetic weakling." – "What did you say?!" – "You failed to protect Blossom; you failed to protect this world! You are weak, pathetic- USELESS! If you wish to live your life out in pathetic mediocrity, I will let you." He says with a malevolent smile.

She spits and spins the sword around. "Not on your life, murderer. Him, is there anything you can give me that isn't immortality?" – "Well... I can give you strength and speed, but a single wrong move could kill you?" – "Well I'm not accomplishing anything here. Give me what you got." She says like a warrior, still looking Dexter in the eye.

Red energy spins around Buttercup as a new kind of armor appears around her! It makes her feel... strong! "What is... this?" – "A kind of spiritual Chronometal, my own special brand. Model Buttercup!" He says proudly as the red steel becomes accented with green coloration.

Her entire body is covered in this metal, unlike Dexter and Blossom's which didn't cover the face. She wears a helmet that allows her to see even while under this new kind of protection! She feels stronger and faster than ever, this must be what Blossom felt like when she got her own Chronometal! She spins the blade around and points it at Dexter who surprisingly falters a small bit.

"That power... demonic... divine..." He mutters to himself before breaking into the largest most devious smile she's ever seen in her life.

"It's just like I imagined..." He says, rushing at Buttercup quickly! She holds him off with the blade and pushes him back! She goes on the offensive and cuts at him. He blocks with his arms, but they are actually smacked back by the massive power of the armor and the divinity of the blade! His giant feet grind against the dying ground and he slides backwards, breaking all he comes in contact with!

He launches a barrage of dark energy that blocks out the sun! Buttercup slices each and every one with Jack's sword, deflecting the darkness and causing light to once again shine through! Dexter jumps up and strikes Buttercup from below, causing her to cough up blood and fly away. She pants and gasps, knowing she's not immortal anymore. She merely growls and goes back into a battle stance even though that attack already took so much out of her!

"No, my Buttercup, you must fight... I am giving you all I have!" He says, pouring the last fragments of energy into her, giving her the stamina to continue! She throws the blade like a boomerang at Dexter, but he nimbly dodges it! He then takes that time to explode to Buttercup while she's disarmed!

They get into hand to hand combat and Buttercup barely dodges attacks that could easily kill her in a single blow! But from behind, the blade flies back and impales Dexter in the spine!

"GAHHHHRRGHH!" He roars out in pain! Buttercup takes her chance and jumps over him, her sleek green and red body-armor serving its purpose well! She grabs the blade and slashes it upwards, blasting the back of his armor off!

He fumbles and extends his arms out.

"Enough of this...!" He says as a single wing explodes out of the hole in his armor. It begins to glow red, extending out of his left shoulder! He instantly teleports behind Buttercup, but she somehow musters the speed to turn around and block a dark attack that blows the entire ruin of Megaville to pieces with only the sword!

She duels with him for some time, dodging and attacking as best she can! He forms a fist and lunges it at her! She punches back with her own hand, causing an explosion of polarized dark and light energies to shine out, enveloping the battlefield!

Both Buttercup and Dexter slide back from the force of the attack.

"How is this possible...?" He growls, but continues to smile, enjoying the battle. "I must say, Buttercup, I never imagined you would last this long. But even my patience has a limit." He says as another wing explodes out from behind him! This one is blue and extends out of his right shoulder!

He launches a gigantic beam that she can barely dodge! She jumps over him as he unleashes a flurry of tentacles! She slices all of them as best she can, but one breaks through and impales her arm! She quickly slices it off and begins to fall to the ground, her left arm completely paralyzed! "THIS IS IT!" The Titan yells as he unleashes a ball of pure darkness at Buttercup, but she doesn't relent!

"So long as I can breathe- I CAN FIGHT!" She yells, blasting the darkness away with her sword, causing it to cascade back to Dexter and explode! Even within the explosion, the red and blue wings burn brightly!

He quickly lunges out with one hand extended and grabs her by the head! He squeezes as hard as she can! "DAAAA! D-DAMN IT!" She yelps, grabbing his hand and writhing around, suspended in the air! He squeezes so tightly that the helmet explodes in his hands and Buttercup falls to the ground, now without a helmet.

Her short black hair banks as she quickly jumps backwards to avoid Dexter's slam! She takes rapid shallow breathes, quickly growing weak. Her left arm is still completely out of commission and her eye is bleeding, blinded. She grits her teeth and bares her fangs, but all she can do is breathe, no energy left to even spit insults at Dexter.

"A fighter to the very end..." He whispers as another wing explodes out. From under the red wing of his left shoulder, a green wing splays out! He now has three wings! He flies into the air and launches a cascade of multi-colored missiles at Buttercup! She tiredly dodges over each and every attack before coming to the realization that he is just trying to tire her out! This is exactly what Malignancy did before he killed Blossom...!

She stops and looks up, a flurry of missiles coming down on her. She stabs the sword into the ground and puts her one working hand behind her. "Buttercup, what are you doing?!" Him asks, unsure as to why she put her guard down!

She charges an attack in her one hand, but surprisingly it is glowing blue- not green! The missiles are almost at her and she extends her one arm out and yells as loudly as she can!

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The ground around her explodes as the sheer force of the blue laser completely obliterates the missiles and forces Dexter to defend! The catastrophic laser blows off the front of his armor!

With eye forced shut, face bleeding and arm broken, she continues to take weak breaths, but she cannot stop fighting. She takes the sword out of the ground weakly and looks back up to the recovering Chrono-Titan!

He puts his arms down and begins to chuckle. Then he laughs, bellowing out!

"GAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Echoes across the world as he holds his chest. "You really are the real deal, aren't you, Buttercup?! I had no idea you had such power!" He lands beside her nearly instantly causing her to break into a cold sweat.

But he doesn't show hostility. Instead, he holds out a hand.

"I will allow you to live if you join me, Buttercup..." – "J... Join you?" – "In my quest to dethrone the ultimate power, to become ruler." – "Power? What power? What the hell are you talking about?"

"God." He says simply.

"What...?! GOD?! You can't be serious?!" – "Oh, but I am and your power, utilizing the divine powers of the blade and the infernal powers of hell as well as your own natural energy to hold off MY attacks! It truly is something to behold. Join me, Buttercup. Together we can dethrone God and rule over all creation!"

"You are fucking insane!" She says, bouncing backwards! "I don't even believe in the guy, but if he's real what even makes you think you can take him on?!" – "Because I have seen the truth!" He says, touching his core. "The Ark speaks to me. I have the power to dethrone the heavens, Buttercup! Join me, or perish!"

"Get real, I would never-"

"I can bring your sister back. I can bring this world back."

"You... can... HOW DARE YOU?! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO KILLED THEM!" She says with a new kind of hatred burning in her!

"Humph. So be it!" He roars, the entire world spinning in darkness as the last wing explodes outward underneath the right shoulder's blue wing. This one is purple!

All four of the wings splay out and burn the sky with divine energy!

"Him... do you have anything else to give me?" – "Only a little..." – "I'll take what I can get." She says, shaking from fear and anger. She jumps into the sky as the Chrono-Titan flies upwards into the clouds!

They meet each other above the sky and Buttercup musters all her strength into her sword arm, flying around and cutting everything she can! She lands decisive strikes, but Dexter is so fast now that he can counter everything she has!

She is beaten around and flung around by Dexter almost as if for fun. He is so strong and fast that there isn't anything she can do about it anymore. He eventually grows bored and grabs her by the throat, her armor now starting to crack and break.

"You were a fool to turn down my offer, Buttercup. You could have been a god!"

"ENOUGH OF THIS TALK OF GODS!" A voice from nowhere yells, exploding out of Dexter! Buttercup backs off and coughs, the life nearly squeezed from her. She shakes her head and regains her vision.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" She blurts out, noticing two individuals floating in front of her. One is a Girl with blonde hair and a white dress, the other is... MANDARK?!

They both look back at Buttercup. "You still strong enough to fight?" Mandark says. "Y-Yeah..." Buttercup timidly responds. Mandark nods and looks over to the other girl.

"Buttercup- meet Deedee." – "Hello, there." She says, nodding before they both look back at Dexter.

"Gah... you two... how did you... break out?!" – "This has gone on long enough, Chrono-Titan!" Mandark yells. "The Knights have failed their duty, so we will right this wrong!" Mandark yells, flying away and armor from nowhere flashes onto him. It's a golden suit of armor with divine accents!

Deedee also flies out and has armor equipped! It's a silver suit of armor with divine accents!

From an unknown source, Buttercup suddenly feels like she has had a second wind! Her arm feels better and she can see from her left eye again! She takes her sword out and prepares for this final battle!

The Chrono-Titan bellows out, blowing all three of them away as the four wings absorb energy from the very planet and empower him! Mandark summons a golden lance from no-where and lunges at the Titan, sending him flying with a single hit!

The titan recovers and knocks Mandark back with strength enough to cause a sonic boom! Deedee launches a barrage of golden lasers at the Titan which explode on contact so he flies around, nimbly avoiding them! But Buttercup exploits Deedee's shooting patters and intercepts where the Titan will dodge to next! She lands a heavy blow with the divine blade, smacking him back down to Earth! All three of them take off, Mandark leaving a red trail of energy, Deedee leaving a blue trail and Buttercup leaving a green trail!

All three of them land on the ground and arm their weapons. Buttercup has the Divine Blade, Mandark has the Heaven Spear and Deedee has the Holy Bow. All three of them fight side by side to put this Titan down!

The Titan roars from the crater he was launched into and explodes for the three heroes! Buttercup takes point and holds him off with the blade, grinding him to a halt! Mandark and Deedee take off from the sides and attack him from his weak-spots!

"YOU WILL NOT MAKE A FOOL OF ME!" Dexter roars, summoning four beings from his own energy! It's the four knights, Micheal, Elly, Drax and Olga!

"Olga..." Mandark says, choking up. "How could this have happened..." He says as the four phantoms attack them! Deedee is assaulted by Micheal and Drax while Mandark fights Elly and Olga!

Buttercup is left with the Titan who seems to be putting a lot of energy into those Phantoms! She can actually overpower him and counterattack with the sword! His arm spews energy from the slash she made! His arms morph into blades and he goes into equal combat with her! Her hair banks with every single attack made, she can't afford to mess up here! THIS IS IT!

Deedee jumps back and launches a holy arrow that pins Drax's spirit to the ground! She splits her bow into two daggers and goes into combat with Micheal who has a large scythe! She dodges attacks and rolls under him, upper cutting him and splitting his spirit down the middle!

Mandark cleaves down on the Elly spirit with his spear, but she has a lance of her own! Olga's spirit breaks from the shadows and stabs Mandark in the back! He winces but whips his spear back and blasts her in half. He turns around and goes back into battle with Elly!

"HYAAAH!" Buttercup yells, bearing down on Dexter! He summons a shield of pure energy that knocks her back. He funnels all of his energy into the phantoms! Buttercup growls and looks around. Mandark is getting beaten so she goes to join him. She slices Elly in half and slides over to Mandark and puts her back to his and he's more than happy to have the help.

"Glad you could make it." He says. "Never leave an ally behind." She says.

Olga and Elly re-materialize and attack them! Mandark and Buttercup utilize team attacks to take them down! Mandark throws his spear through Olga and Buttercup catches it in mid-air, slicing it down on Elly! They turn their attention to Deedee and run over to her. The Titan is still in his orb, but the ground is starting to quake! He's doing something...!

Mandark and Buttercup reach Deedee who nimbly avoids being decapitated by Micheal's scythe! Drax erupts from the ground with a giant flaming hammer and blows them away! They regain their footing and work together to take these phantoms down!

Buttercup jumps into the air and Deedee enchants her blade with a radiant light! She slices down on Micheal who defends himself with his scythe, but the enchanted blade completely burns through the weapon and explodes with a brilliant light! Drax is about to throw his hammer at Mandark, so Buttercup throws her sword at him and it impales his chest! Mandark then takes that time to jump over and finish Drax off with a decisive spear strike!

They all turn around to view the Titan who is now starting to absorb the rest of the life-force from the world!

"We have to stop him!" Deedee says, but Mandark responds, worried. "I don't think any of us have the power to break through that shell...! They all look on in horror, unable to do anything about this.

"The shell is made out of a spirit tether. If we were to go in there, our immortal souls would be shattered... there won't be any coming back from that." Mandark says, looking away, seemingly giving up. Buttercup growls before coming up with an idea.

"You two, give me all the power you got." – "What?" – "ALL OF IT! There's no time, we need to end this- NOW!" – "I hope you know what you're doing!" Deedee says as she fades into energy and flows into Buttercup, as does Mandark.

Buttercup hoists her sword up with pride in her heart and looks into Dexter's burning eyes through this solid black orb of power.

"Dexter... THIS IS IT!" – "IT WILL NEVER BE OVER!" Dexter's demonic voice burns out, rumbling the dying world around them. Buttercup jumps up as high as she can and lunges down as hard as she can! Mandark's spirit accelerates her movement and Deedee helps the blade become even longer than before, extending out with a white glow the size of a small building!

"HAAAAH!" Buttercup roars as she cleaves down, shattering the orb completely and impaling the sword in Dexter's neck! Energy explodes out from Dexter's armor and he musters unholy strength and punches a hole clean through Buttercup!

"B... Buttercup...?"

Him tries to speak to Buttercup, but her mouth is filling up with blood. But... she has the weirdest expression right now. She is...

Smiling? She is looking into Dexter's eyes and smiling... why?

Dexter looks back as if he's finally looking through his own eyes again. What is going on...? Why does he feel this way? WHY DID HE DO THIS?!

"BUTTERCUP!" Dexter yells, taking his tendril out of her core and laying her on the ground. He looks worried and paralyzed by fear.

"No, Buttercup, don't die!" He says, caressing her face. She continues to smile and looks back at Dexter. The sword is still in his neck. She opens her mouth as it continues to pool with blood, so her words gurgle. Dexter helps her sit up so she can spit the blood out and talk.

"Dex... ter... it's... okay... you were being controlled... but... you're free... now..." She says, coughing up a mortal amount of blood. "Buttercup... no!" He says, tears coming to his eyes. "You can't die! I WON'T LET ANYONE ELSE DIE!" She hushes him with her finger. "It's okay... I'm done for... but now... you can right this wrong..." She says, color beginning to leave her face.

"Right this wrong...?! But, Buttercup... every time I try to make things better, I make them worse... I mean... look around us!" He says, looking around the world. The storm is still raging and people are still dying. This world is still doomed...

"You're smart... you'll think of... something... genius... boy..." She says as her eyes close. "Buttercup? BUTTERCUP!" He yells, but it's over. Her eyes are closed, blood pours from her wound and her mouth... but she still smiles. He lays her body down gently and stands up.

He looks around these sands of sadness before something happens. The sword in him slowly drags itself out and floats off somewhere. The sword seemingly has a mind and a heart of its own... and it seems as though its job is done.

Dexter can still feel an inescapable taint in him, but he has control for now. He looks as the peaceful body of Buttercup. She gave her very life to give him this freedom.

Spirits begin to pour out of the armor and float around Dexter. The first one that catches his eye is Mandark.

"Mandark...?" – "Dexter." He says formally. "I'm sorry it had to end this way, I had no idea it could have gotten this bad. We have an obligation to this world to right this wrong, like Buttercup said." – "But... how?! Everything is dead! Everyone is gone!" Deedee looks over to Dexter as well.

"Just do what your heart says to." – "But my heart led us to this moment!" – "And here you are, standing at a crossroad. Do you abandon your heart or do you follow it to its conclusion? Dexter... your soul burns brightly. You have a duty to save her." – "Her...?" He says as the spirits fade.

He thinks a small bit before realizing who they may have been talking about.

"Blossom...!" He mutters before running off to the crash site! The gigantic Chrono-Titan body is cumbersome and it is hard to move! But he runs as fast as he can! He finds the rubble and scrapes everything out of the way! He digs around until he finds...


Her body is still there, entombed in the stones around her. He picks her body up and realizes that she hasn't been dead for a long time at all...

"She's... been alive this whole time?! She fought to stay alive for this long?! It's not too late!" He says, flying off to his lab. The world is ruined and his lab is no exception. There isn't anything here to help her with... it's... hopeless.

However, he hears someone behind him. It's Mandark- and he's carrying a huge device. He places it down and doesn't say another word. He merely nods. Mandark walks over and absorbs back into the Chrono-Titan, knowing that when the time comes, Dexter will need his help.

Dexter scavenges materials from the machine itself and ruined machinery nearby to make an artificial body for Blossom. He does this quickly, utilizing the ungodly powers of the Chrono-Titan to move faster than once thought possible.

The shell is perfect... it looks just like her! He carries out the complicated procedure to transplant her consciousness to the machine. Major organs and even her brain. She places her in the machine Mandark brought and it begins to fill with a thick green fluid. He creates robots from scrap and orders them to watch this area forever.

Will this be enough...? He thinks, looking into the device at Blossom. Her clean body floats in the machine; it's as if she was never dead in the first place.

"It's not." A voice from behind him speaks up. It's Him!

"But why?! Her body is in perfect condition now! We have brain function and a heart beat!" – "But her soul is shattered, Dexter... she put her entire being into fighting Malignancy and staying alive." – "IT CAN'T END LIKE THIS, I WON'T LET IT!" – "I'm sorry, Dexter... I think we were too late..."

"No." Another voice from nowhere says.

They both look over to a young man standing outside of a blue portal. He wears a cloak and has a scar down his face. He wears glasses and walks over to them. His body is hidden by the cloak, but he hands a device to Him.

"What? Why are you giving me such a mortal device? I have no use for it." – "When the time comes... give it to Blossom." The strange lad says. "Who are you?" – "My name is Otto." – "O-OTTO?!" Dexter blurts. "But..." – "There's no time to explain. Listen, Dexter... do you remember what Mekel told you a long time ago?" Otto says, trying to force memories from Dexter.

"Mekel...? The Elementary School nurse? I remember... some things..." – "You know he was a master of spiritual medicine. And he told you something important. The power to heal souls. The power of selfless sacrifice." – "Wait... I... DO remember...!" Otto nods but Him is still confused, holding the strange device in his hands.

"Who are you, how do you know all of this? Why did you give us this?" – "The Chronometal Wars haven't ended. Not by a long-shot. This is merely the beginning." He says, turning around and walking away. He looks into the dust of the desert.

"I have walked this irradiated desert for so many years... it's hard to believe it's all about to end." – "Otto..." Dexter says. "That time squad device can get Blossom to where she needs to be when the world needs her most." He looks back and smiles, his innocent yet scarred face still shining through the horrible darkness.

"This is where my journey ends. Good-Bye, Dexter. I wish you the best of luck in the future." He says before walking off into the death storm.

"I understand now..." Dexter says. "But I can't give my soul to her yet." – "What? Why?" Him asks. "I can feel the taint of the Titan creeping back... I will lose control again..." He looks out to the storm and begins to walk away.

"Where are you going?" – "To wander... this world is broken and so am I. But once I find a way to leave this Titan, I will return and give Blossom everything I have. I hope you will be there, Him." He says before he too disappears into the storm.

Him looks at the item in his claws. It's a wrist device used by time squad. It has time travel abilities. He smiles a small bit and looks back at the storm down the halls of Dexter's ruined lab and the giant hole in the wall.

"I will stay by Blossom's side, Dexter. Come back soon..."

(Several years pass...)

"The time has come." Dexter says in this spirit world, trapped within the Titan with everyone else. Mandark, Deedee, Micheal, Elly, Drax... Olga's spirit is here, but paralyzed by Phantom. There is another spirit here. An evil, malevolent spirit that keeps them all trapped here. But now, the Titan has once again reached full power and the time for Dexter to break out has come.

At once, all of the people in here unleash their energy at the same time and rush through this spirit world!

The Titan's eyes go wide! Dexter's body explodes out of the roost of the Titan and falls to the sand. However, something is still there. The being looks down at Dexter. He looks just like Dexter...! Except, his skin and hair are deep black and his eyes are red.

"Congratulations, Dexter. You broke out. But I won't kill you, no... You will die here in this world you helped create. Consider it my final act of charity." The Titan purrs. Dexter doesn't understand who this being is!

"Who are you?!" – "My name? I suppose you deserve to know." He says, carrying an orb of white light.

"Wh... What is that?" Dexter says. "My name is Beelzebub. The spirit of the true Ark. The true Titan, successor to God! And this? This is everyone's spirit." – "WHAT?!" – "I saw what they did for you, but they didn't escape. No, only you did." He says, squeezing the orb, causing it to crack.

"No, PLEASE!" Dexter's pleas fall on deaf ears and the orb completely shatters. Beelzebub smirks and begins to fly away, his four wings spread out as he begins to fly into the sky.

"This world has no meaning to me, neither do their lives or souls. I have everything I need now. Goodbye, Dexter. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart." He says, disappearing from sight.

Everyone is dead... Dexter falls to his knees. Mandark, Deedee... everyone... their souls are completely shattered.

The only one left is himself. With newfound determination, Dexter rises to his feet and begins the long journey back to his lab.

(Several Hours Later...)

After reaching his lab and fiddling with several consoles, Dexter heads deeper in.

He enters the core of his lab to be met by Him, standing next to Blossom's Pod. Dexter looks like he's only a few inches from death. This world is incapable of supporting life anymore... Him doesn't offer to help Dexter, he knows why he's here.

Dexter activates the device and the water drains. Dexter looks over to him and Him nods, giving Dexter a hand. Him takes Blossom's bare body out of the water and places her on a device. Dexter also lies on the device. He is so weak, almost unable to talk anymore.

Dexter says one last thing, regardless of how weak his body is.

"Blossom... will not have... her memory... she will need you, Him..." – "I know, Dexter..." He says somberly. Dexter nods as he flips a switch.

Dexter built this years ago after being counseled by the Nurse, Mekel. It is a soul transfusion machine. He was going to use this for his sister... but it was far too late to be of use. But here and now, Dexter finally has a purpose. Using his own soul as a binding agent... he will give Blossom new life.

A red light pierces Dexter and his eyes go wide as he groans in pain. The red light spreads through his body and he cannot handle the pain... but it will all be over soon.

Dexter's eyes lose life and then they close. The device fires a red laser at Blossom's bare body.

Dexter opens his eyes... but he's not in his body anymore. He's floating in darkness. Looking around a vast nothingness. He sees what looks like a broken glass shard. He picks it up and sees another. He slowly puts the pieces together.

He looks down. What looks like a gigantic stained glass window of Blossom is below him. It's thousands of miles long... and most of it is shattered to pieces. Dexter smiles, knowing what he must do.

He floats around taking individual glass shards and floating slowly up to the window and puts the pieces in their slots. This will take a very long time... but in the end... perhaps Blossom can finally wake up.

Dexter is happy. This world finally has a new hope now. He picks up more glass shards floating in the vast nothingness and puts them into the divine window.

"Soon, Blossom..." He says to himself.

Blossom is once again in the machine courtesy of Him. The water is back and she continues to float. Tiny machines roll around, cleaning this area, as they will for many more years to come.

Him stands outside the lab next to a shallow grave. On the headstone reads:


-Passer of the Torch-

Author's Note: Which brings us back to the first story. The prequels are over, and the story bleeds into the Chronometal Wars. The next story to be pasted to Fanfiction is going to be the Red Story, taking place after The Panic from someone special's perspective.