The friendliness pellets were drawing nearer and nearer and Sophie knew that there was no one around, that she was done for, no one was coming to save her. The girl squeezed her eyes shut and she could hear Flowey laughing evilly, taunting the child on how no one was coming to save her, that she would die all alone and no one would ever see her again. Suddenly, Sophie heard the sound of someone else approaching but she was too scared to look and see who it was but felt relieved when she heard who it was.

"You leave my bestie alone you weed" Undyne snarled, knocking the pellets away from Sophie before they struck and Flowey let out a growl of annoyance.

"Fine you mutant sardine" he growled before turning his attention to the small girl who was still curled up on the floor "don't you worry kid, your best friend Flowey will return very soon." With that, he burrowed under the ground and Undyne walked over to Sophie who was still curled up in a ball and picked her up from the ground.

"You all right squirt?" she asked the girl who nodded silently "good job I showed up huh, I knew there was something suspicious about that Flower so I came to investigate" she put Sophie back on the ground and as her feet touched the ground, she winced in pain and Undyne noticed this so she asked the girl what was wrong.

"I fell over when I was running" Sophie replied "I think I sprained my ankle."

"Well I have a friend in hotland that might be able to take a look at your ankle, will you be able to make it there?" Undyne asked and Sophie nodded, implying that she'll be able to manage "okay if you're sure and hey, if you ever want to hang out again, I'll be in snowdin at Sans and papyrus's house."

"Okay I'll be sure to remember that" Sophie replied "and thanks again for helping me out."

"Hey what are friends for eh?" Undyne stated, putting her arm around the small girl's shoulders "you did the same for me back at the bridge in hotland." After Undyne let go of Sophie's shoulder, the girl limped over in the opposite direction, heading towards hotland and as she crossed the bridge again, she saw what appeared to be a lab of some sorts right in front of her and there were two guards standing off to the side and the girl felt intimidated by them so she decided not to bother them in case they tried to attack or something so she decided to take her chances in the lab. As she reached the doors, they opened automaticly and Sophie stepped inside and the first thing she noticed was that it was pitch black inside and the only source of light was coming from a huge monitor screen on the wall.

"What?" the girl questioned as she limped over to the monitor screen, noticing that her face was on the screen "is someone there?" there was no response so Sophie continued to limp further through the darkness, the eight year old stretching her hands out to feel her way around. As she limped further, the whole place was suddenly engulfed in brightness and Sophie had to shield her eyes from the brightness as she heard a new voice speak out.

"Oh, I, I was wondering when you were going to show up" the person spoke and Sophie slowly removed her arm away from her eyes to find what appeared some kind of yellow dinosaur in a white lab coat standing in front of her "when I heard that a human fell down here some days ago, I became kind of interested, I haven't seen a human in a long time so ever since you left the ruins, I've been watching your journey on the big monitor screen over there" Sophie looked back at the huge monitor screen and she now knew why her face was showing up on it "anyway, I noticed that you're limping, are you hurt?"

"Well I was running kinda and I tripped" Sophie replied, still a little surprised that this weird little dinosaur person had been watching her throughout her journey on the big monitor screen on the wall "I think I may have sprained my ankle."

"Oh dear, well take a seat and I'll have a look" the Dinosaur lady said, taking Sophie over to a chair and told the child to take a seat so that she could have a look.

"So, what do they call you round here?" Sophie asked curiously.

"Oh how terribly rude of me I almost forgot to introduce myself, I am Doctor Alphys, the royal scientist of the underground" she replied as she checked over Sophie's ankle "well, this ankle of yours does seem to be strained,wait here a moment" she got up and went up some escalator that were at the other end of the room and came back a couple of minutes later holding a spray can and a bandage.

"What are those for?" Sophie question.

"They're to fix your ankle" Alphys replied "the spray is for pain relief and the bandage is to put around your ankle to heal it. You're not in a hurry to go anywhere are you?"

"Well I am trying to get to the barrier in the capital so I can go home" Sophie replied.

"Ah I see, well, I don't think it'll be a good idea to go walking around for a little while" Alphys explained as she sprayed the pain relief spray on Sophie's ankle which caused the little girl to flinch "when I saw you come in here you looked like you could barely walk so I suggest you stay here until your ankle heals." After she finished putting the pain relief on Sophie's ankle, she began to put the bandage on.

"Thank you" Sophie replied "So, you must be the person that Undyne told me about, she told me that she had a friend here in hotland"

"Uh yeah that's me" Alphys replied, blushing a little "you know a lot of people find her to be a little intimidating but actually she's not that bad. So anyway, do you happen to like Anime by any chance?"

"Japanese cartoons?" Sophie asked "they're okay I guess."

"Well I have box sets of this particular Anime called Mew Mew kissie cutie, ever heard of it?" Sophie shook her head "well, maybe we can watch some episodes together while you're here recovering your ankle, how does that sound?"

"Sounds pretty cool to me, I like watching cartoons in general" Sophie replied.

"Great, you'll like it I reckon" Alphys said "also if you're going to be staying here for a little while I should probably warn you about Mettaton."

"Who's that?" Sophie asked.

"Well basically, Mettaton was a Robot I built, originally designed to be an entertainer robot however something went wrong and how he's a killing machine" she hesitated to finish her sentence, she didn't want to scare the eight year old "and basically, he has a lust for human blood."

"You're kidding me" Sophie gasped and Alphys shook her head. Suddenly, the whole room began to shake and the pair could hear a loud clanking sound could be heard coming from inside the walls.

"Oh no" Alphys groaned "guess I spoke too soon."

"Why, what's happening?" Sophie asked but before Alphys got a chance to reply, there came a huge crashing sound and something came bursting through the wall, something that was huge, square shaped with two arms and it moved around on one single wheel on it's base.

"Oh yeah!" the newcomer said in a deep booming voice as it slowly turned around to face Alphys and Sophie "well what do we have here, a human" it rolled over and Sophie leaned back in her seat, a look of fear in her face "greetings darling, I am Mettaton and today is your lucky day?" Sophie's expression changed from fear to slight confusion "ah I'm guessing by that expression that you have no idea what I'm talking about, well you see" balloons and confetti suddenly fell down from the ceiling which was then followed a disco ball "you have the great honour of being my very first quest on my very first quiz show, Okay folks, let's give this little lady a round of applause" Mettaton clapped his hands as Sophie looked at Alphys with a confused expression before looking back at Mettaton "never played before gorgeous, well it's simple, all you have to do is answer each question correctly."

"Excuse me" Sophie said timidly "but what happens if I get any of them wrong?"

"Now now, I'll ask the questions around here" Mettaton replied "but if you really want to know what happens if you get a question wrong" he rolled up closer to Sophie "you die. Okay, shall we begin?"