"We are all gathered here today to see the justice occur to the demon boy, Naruto Uzumaki. He's crime is almost killing our precious and loyal Sasuke Uchiha after having left the village due to Orochimaru's control over him. He's executioner will be Sasuke himself!"

'How in the world did it come to this.' thinks an awaiting Naruto.


'I finally did it! I beat Sasuke and now I'll be able to keep my promise to Sakura!'

"Kit you sure did. Great job!"

'Thanks Kyuu'

"But what do you think the council would do to you for hurting their precious Uchiha?"

'I guess your right. But it was a mission. Surely baa-chan can do something. Oh look Kakashi os on he's way.' Cutting the connection he sees Kakashi heading towards him.

"Hey sensei! Look I-" then he fell unconcious.

Waking up he looks around and sees that he's inside a hospital. Remembering what happens he wants to get out of bed but is stopped by the newcomer.

"Whoa there Naruto. Take it easy. I see your awake."

"Yeah Shikamaru. Is everyone else alright. Is Sasuke back?"

"Yea. We finished the mission Naruto and its all thanks to you. You did well." he said as he smiled at his friend. The blond had surprised him alot and he was grateful for what he had done.

"Say where is everyone. How long was I out?"

"Everyone's doing fine now. Before not so much. Kiba is getting discharaged today though. The others are asleep though. Get some rest." Then he left.

The next day, as he was walking around the hospital, he was meet with the rest of the Konoha 12 and their senseis except without hos own team members and sensei. They greeted him and asked if he was well.

"Naruto when you were first brought in there was a hole through your jumper where your heart was. What happened?" Kurenai asked. Everyone their had also wondered the same thing.

"A well, ya see it was Sasuke who put a chidori right through it. It was healed though." he said as he scratched the back of his head embarrased.

"WHAT!? That jerk! I cant beleieve that I actually liked him. Eww I feel so grossed out." Ino exclaimed as she jumped up and down, much to the amusement to others.

"But how the hell did it heal! That-thats impossible" Kiba yelled.

"I have to agree with the mutt here. You dont just heal." Neji said. Naruto just looked down and shuffled his feet not knowing what to say.

"Theres something that your not telling us isnt there?" Shikamaru said.

"Its not that I dont want to tell you. Its that you might hate me like my own team once you do."

"We wont hate you Naruto. But why would your team not like you? Chouji asked. Taking a deep breath he said

"12 years ago, well almost 13, when the Kyu-"

"Naruto! Thats forbidden! You-"

"If its so forbidden then why does everyone know! If it so forbidden then I would have had a normal childhood! If its so-" he was cut of as he held his wound and collapsed on the ground.

"Naruto!" they all yelled. Just then Tsunade and Jiaraiya came into the hospital and saw the blond collapsing on the ground. They ran over and asked what happened as Tsunade placed him back in his room and began fixing him.

Outside they all just pondered on what happened.

"Jiraya-san could you please tell as what really happened 12 years ago when the Kyuubi attached. Thats what he was going to tell us until someone *glares at Asuma* told him it was forbidden." Shikamaru said.

"Well if he was going to tell you then he might trust you enough" so je told them everything aboyt how it attacked and the fourth sealed it in Naruto and all. When he was finished, some of the girls were crying and the guys felt so guilty. They all regretted what they had done towards the blond over the years. But they all had one thing in mind and that they were going to change.

"But why would the fourth put into Naruto of all people? Did they have a connection?" Shino asked. This had the three jounin senseis listning as well.

"This is also a secret that you cant tell. The fourth Hokage is Naruto's father. His full name is Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. No one knows this though and I dont think he does either." Jiariya said.

"Whoa...he's the son of the fourth! Thats awosome!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Yeah it s. The flames of youth shine brightly in Naruto!" Lee said.

"I cant believe that they see him as a demon. I mean cant they tell the difference between a kunai and the scroll used to seal it in!" Tenten said.

"I feel really bad for the little one. Where is Kakashi anyways?" Asuma said as he looked around.

"Dont bother. Its troublesone but he's been here for a week and didnt even bother going to Naruto. He and Sakura just went Sasuke's room. Everyday if I may add."

"Thats unacceptable! He's playing favourites!" Kurenai exclaimed.

"Thats is most unyouthful indeed! I am disappointed in my rival"

"Man we were all horrible to him huh. I dont know about you guys but I'm gonna change! I'll be the greatest friend he ever had!" Ino exclaimed. The others smiled saying their me too's. Just then Tsunade came out.

"I-i Naruto g-going to be a-alright?" Hinata asked, finally coming out of her shock.

"Wel he's stable. He'll be alright. Just needs some rest." looking around she asked, "where is Kakashi and he's other teammates? Sasuke was released earlier yesterday."

"None of them came here hime. I cant beleive that Kakashi would do that to his own sensei's son!" Jiraya said.

"Anbu, bring me Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno." she addressed the Anbu. "I cant believe this!" she yelled, frightening everyone there. There was a scary dark aura surrounding her. Naruto opened the door and looked outside, meeting the others who asked him immediately how he was. Tsunade dragged him back into his room, which was then flooded by everyone else there. When he found out that they were told about the Kyuubi and didnt hate him for it, let a few tears down and thanked them with a genuine smile, not like the fake ones before.

When they arrived, they were greeted with a huge amount of killing intent from the jounin senseis and the two sanins.

"Lady Tsunade. You called?" Kakashi said. Behind him was Sakura, fanning over Sasuke and Sasuke who was brooding due to he's defeat by the blond. When she saw Naruto, she ran up and wanted to beat him, but was blocked by everyone there.

"What do you think your doing Sakura?"

"I'm going to beat him up! Did you know that he beat Sasuke up and almost killed him!" she screeched.

"Shut up little girl!" Tsunade said." Kakashi, I called you here to asked why you or your team havent came to meet Naruto during he's stay?"

"I'm an Uchiha, an elite! Why would I want to visit a peasant clanless loser like him!" he said.

"Well guess what you stuck up Uchiha, this clanless loser as you said, kicked your ass and dragged it back to the village." Shikamaru shot back.

"He just got lucky that's all."

"ENOUGH! I asked you a question Kakashi. Why didn't you come visit your student?"

"Let me be honest with you Hokage-sama. Naruto had almost killed Sasuke and I didn't teach him to kill a fellow shinobi. I am really disappointed in him. I don't think that he deserved to be visited."

"Ohh is that so *has a dark aura* so are you trying to tell me that the fact that Naruto had a fist sized hole in his chest didn't matter! Is that what your trying to tell me, Hatake."

"Lady Tsunade, he only did that to defend himself and nothing more! But Naruto used IT chakra and that was dangerous."

"So sensei, are you trying to say that I have no talent what so ever. That I was a waste of your time, considering that you taught me absolutely nothing? Let me ask you this, and answer honestly, did you even want me on your team? Do you see me as a good for nothing dead weight on your team." Naruto said as he looked at Kakashi in the eye, not giving away anything.

"Well since you want me to answer you honestly, then yes. I never wanted you on my team. You were the dead last, a prankster and I bet that your parents were talentless basters and whores!" Everyone wide eyed at what he said, but Naruto just smiled, confusing many.

"Kakashi that was very unyouthful of you! How could you say such things!" Gai exclaimed. Kurenai just walked up to him and slapped him across the face,


"I can't believe you Kakashi, that's the most disgusting thing you could have ever said!" Asuma said.

"WELL ITS TRUE! NARUTO-BAKA JUST ALMOST KILLED SASUKE-KUN! HE SHOULD HAVE JUST DIED THAT LITTLE DEMON. HE'S JUST A MONSTER THAT NO ONE CARES ABO-" Sakura was cut of with a punch in the stomach. Everyone looked at who it was and noticed three dark figure emitting a dark and scary killing intent. The one who punch her was none other than Hinata and behind her was the two sanins.

"Listen here you pink haired slut, if you ever call Naruto a demon or a monster one more time, then I'll beat you so bad to the point that no one would recognize you." she said in a dark and sadistic tone. From that day on no one wanted to get her that angry again.

"I can't believe that you dare say such things towards my apprentice! Why I out-" Jiraiya started as he struggled to grab and beat down Kakashi, who was visibly shaken.

"You people don't know anything! He's an orphan that no one likes and should just die. he should have been grateful that he would be killed by an Uchiha!"

"An orphan" Ino starts, "then what exactly are you?" they all just look at him, wondering the same thing, while Sasuke and Sakura shocked at what Ino said, thinking that she was still a fangirl, "you talk about how great your clan is when your nothing but a stuck up spoiled little brat who only knows how to ride and use his family name."

"Ino! How could yo-"

"She's right," they all turn to Neji, "if the Uchiha clan was so great, then why were they completely killed off, excluding you, and by a person our own age."

"I know right. You pathetic! If they were all this bad then, thank god there all gone." Kiba added.

"It would be troublesome dealing with such a pain everyday." As they continued to belittle the Uchihas, Kakashi had enough, since Obito was apart of it,

"That's enough! How could you say such things? Don't you know that it would effect others?" he exclaimed. They were stopped by an insane evil laugh, turning around, they see Naruto hold his sides and laughing so hard.

"I see, so my father was a bastered and my mother a whore, is that what you said? Well let me begin by telling you that I apologize for being such a burden towards you and that you won't have to worry any longer. I won't be apart of your team anymore. Sorry for being such an in convince. But let me tell you this Hatake, as I told everyone before, I will always have the last laugh. *turns to Sasuke* and you, I can't believe that your related to Weasel. Such a shame really. Now leave, you people don't want to stay here, right." and with that they left. Turning to everyone else he said,

"You all heard what he said about my parents, right? *they nod* Good, cuz I'm going to make him regret it so bad."

"Wait you know who your parents are?" Jiraiya asked. he nodded a yes

"Wait, they know who my parents are?" he asked looking at his friends. They nodded.

An Anbu comes in and tells the Hokage that the council called a meeting, and that Naruto was needed.

Council Room

As everyone sat down in the room, there was the civilian council and the shinobi council. Sasuke and Kakashi were also there. Just then Tsunade, with the Konoha 10 now walked in with the jounin sensei's.

"I didn't call this meeting, what is it about?" Tsunade yelled.

"Its about the mission to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. From what we understand, the demon brat almost killed him." a civilian said. Suddenly treats and wanting him dead were being said.

"SILENCE! Now start what ever it is that you are saying."

"We have decided to cast a vote to see to the execution of the demon." Danzo said cooly.

"WHAT!?" was heard from the group. Even the shinobi council was shocked.

"You can't execute him! We completed the mission!" Shikamaru started.

"You are out of line boy."Humora said

"No you people are the ones out of line! You cant punish someone for completing a mission" Kiba yelled. The whole group started shouting at the council, which brought pride to the clan heads presents.

"ENOUGH! You will seize this or else be thrown out."

"If there is anyone to blame, then its me." Shikamaru said as he stepped up, "I was team leader, meaning it was my responsibility for whatever happened."

"No" they look and see Naruto standing there with his eyes closed, he opens them and continues, "just cast the vote and we'll see."

"But Naruto-"Lee starts.

"No, we don't even know if it would be effective, so there's still a chance, right?" they nodded and the vote is cast. Unfortunately luck wasnt on their side, as his execution was in place. Sasuke just smirked, happy that the bland annoyance was finally going to leave.

"Whose going to be my executioner?" Narito asked camly.

"I am dope. Finally you'll be gone!" he grinned while others just glared at him. Turning to the Anbu he said

"Here cuff me. I assume I'm going to be in prison." They all just stare at him.

"Your taking this quite well demon brat."

"Because you filthy amaetures, I always have the last laugh. Besides, my sister wint take it so lightly when she hears her brother is going to die." He said as he walked off laughing.
End of flashback

Sasuke walked up to Narito and looked at him with a smugged look.

"Do you have any last words dope."

"Yeah, that your a complete idiot for trusting the council and couldnt even tell the pain they brought to your brother. I cant believe that you took their side after all they did to him."
Sasuke just looked at him with a questioning.

"What are you talking about?" The elders involved wide eyed and told him to hurry up the execution.

"Oh you mean little Sasuke doesnt know the truth behind the massacred? How sad."

"T-The truth?"

"Yes, the truth. Anyways get on with the execution. Arent you suppose to kill me?"

"First tell me what really happened. How do you even know?"

"Sasuke he's just messing with your head!"

"Really now? Then do you know who the Anbu code name Weasal is? Sad you dont know your own brothers mask."

"Just tell me already!"

"We will tell you about it Sasuke. Just kill him." Getting his chidori ready as the crowd waits in anticipation. He got his hand and drove it right through his heart.

Or so he thought.

Right at the last minute, a sword stopped his chidori right by Naruto's heart.

"Took you long enough...Nee-chan."

Everyone looked at where the sword came from and then paled. A girl wearing a black coat that was going all the way down, buttoned at her waist. Black tight pants with boots that were over it up to her knees. She wore a black mask and a hood covering her forehead. Only her eyes are seen. Eyes filled with hate and anger. This girl was feared all over the elemental nations to the point that its said in the bingo book that if you would in counter her, then its better to kill yourself in order to ease the death, and her father was no better, if so worse. There in all her glory stood Miley al Ghul, heiress to the world's ruthless oraganization and yet he had called her Nee-chan.

"Sorry, had to take care of business."

"Suuure, you just wanted to make your dramatic entry." he said as he smiled at his older sister. Although there was a five year gap between them, they were the best of friends and related by everything but blood.

"Alright Naru, get rid of the cuffs. Its time to get serious.*turns to Sasuke* Oh hello there, your Weasel's little brother aren't you? Why are you still in the village?" Sasuke just looked at her as if she was crazy.

"What do you mean? Forget about that, move aside, I need to kill the dope and get my eyes."

"So you want to kill him for power?*he nods* So the only reason that there is this execution is because you want power?" she started to release some of her power, and it was intense! The ground started to shake as cracks started to form. It threw him off his feet to the ground.

'This power! I must have it!' The Uchiha thought.

"Nee-chan stop! Forget, their not worth it. Remember, we came here for a reason" Naruto said to calm her down, which luckily worked. She turned to the crowd, who were scared of the girl.

"Listen you stupid, idiotic people! I have a message from the fourth Hokage himself. I was told to release it when Naruto turned 18, but in case something happened, I'm allowed to release the message before hand. What you people did was the most pathetic thing any human being could have done in history! I bet you right know that Minato and his wife are rolling in their graves in hatred for what you did to their son!" gasps were heard every where as so many people started to wide eyed at the revelation.

"There is no way that the demon is the Yondaime's son!" a pathetic villager yelled.

"Oh please, I don't know if your blind, but if a person from Iwa was to look at him, they would have recognized it in a heart beat." there was murmurs as they finally realized the truth. I don't have time for you people so just listen to his message." Then she pulled out a box and undid the seal. Soon enough everyone was listening to his message, as they saw a project image of what happened 13 years ago.

"Hello villagers of Konoha! I believe if your seeing this message, then my surrogated daughter Miley had delivered it to you. Before anything I want to introduce to you my pride and joy, Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki." A newborn child being held by a five year old girl was shown. What gave it away immediately was the whisker-like makers on the child's face.

"Come Naru, say hi to the villagers." The little girl said. The baby giggled and then was taken away by his father.

"This is my son, Naruto. A son that I have to place a heavy burden on in order for everyone of you to survive,*Kyuubi is shown battle shinobi in the background* and in order for you to survive, I must seal the Kyuubi inside my own child. I can't not tell another parent to give up their child for the sealing, if it means that I can't do it to my own." he was interrupted by the little girl.

"No you can't do that! Don't you know that the villagers would hate him? It happens everywhere, even though they aren't the demon inside! Why don't you put it in me? I don't mind going through a hard life if it means that my brother gets a normal childhood!" the girl said as she sobbed in tears. Minato hugged her and wiped away her tears,

"The villagers of Konoha won't do that. Their smart and strong and can tell the difference between an innocent boy and a demon. I can't put in you since you already unlocked your chakra. But thank you. It means so much to me for you to go through such lengths. I've always seen you as my daughter, so don't cry. Besides, there's Kakashi, who would look out for him for me, he is my student."

"Ok but if anyone hurts my brother I'm going to kill them!"

"Miley you can't kill people from Konoha. Its the home I love so promise me that you wont kill any konoha shinibi, ok?"

"Ok tou-san I wont kill them. But they better not harm him." she said pouting.

"*turns back to screen* I must leave now to seal the Kyuubi inside my son. Naruto if your listening, then please forgive me. I'm sorry that you have such a burden, but you'll live in a great village, where they will see you as a hero and not as a demon, because if it wasn't for you, then there won't be a village"

The villagers were all on the floor weeping. They have failed their Hokage, their hero by tormenting and torturing his son.

"*clapping* congratulations pathetic villagers, I was right about you all along. I only wish I could have told him I told you so. *turns to Kakashi* and you. You're the most digusting person here you know that?" Everyone was now listening. Kakashi just looked at her after he kept staring at Naruto the entire time, ghostly paled. He was his sensei's son!

"Do you people know what this man said!? He called the Fourth a bastered and his a wife a whore! Haha I wish Kushina was here. Man she would have been a one man army." Milry said as she wiped away her tears of laughter.

"No I didnt say that! I-" Kakashi began to defend himself.

"Dont try to defend yourself Hatake. You called my father a bastered and my mother a whore. So since they're the Fourth and princess of the whirlpool country, you technically did*turns to Konoha 10* didnt he call his sensei and wife that?" They nodded.

"You might have been trying to respect Obito by trying Sasuke, Kakashi, but lets not forget that he was a deadlast, just like Naruto here. Although it was all a mask."

"Ohhh he dissed the Fourth!" Kiba exclaimed.

"I guess he's not a clanless loser, right Sasuke? Since he is the heir to two clans, the Namikaze and Uzumaki." Neji said smuggling.

The elders of the council were paled. They tried to execute the son of the Fourth Hokage. The shinobi council had a feeling that was the case but they still felt guilty for not providing shelter and care for him.

"Well then. Let your embarrasement be known all throughout the world Konoha. This was broadcasted every where infront of the daimayo's of every nation. Congratulation on teying to kill the Fourth Hokage's son!" as they were about to leave they were stopped by Sasuke.

"Wait! Please tell me the truth about my clan!" Finally having enough, Naruto threw a kunai at the boy, who dodged last minute, but unfortunately he used a jutsu that many havent seen in a while. The Hiashra jutsu, the one that made his father famous.

"Now listen you annoying little brat. If you want information then you make an effort in doing so. Dont think were buddy buddy all of a sudden got it?!" He said using Kuruma's voice, which alerted the others. Yes he had managwd to befriend the fox at a young who also helped him in his training. Sasuke, terrembling with fear, just nodded and then he was thrown on to the ground. Sakura started to charge up to him with a kunai screaming about hurting her Sasuke untill she was caught by the troat and held in mid air.

"And you. You're the most annoying creature I've ever seen. Seriously why did I choose you for a cover, especially since theres only one girl I like." Then he threw here right next to Sasuke. Looking at Sasuke he said

"If you want me to tell you the truth about your clan, then first find out which clan the Uchihas feared the most. And a little bit of advice* crouches down and whispers* dont trust the council, especially Danzo."

He stood up and eyed the crowd that were all begging for forgiveness. He saw Iruka and the ramen family and hasharin there. They were startled but he gave them each a hug and said he's good byes. Then he teleported the the Konoha 10 and said goodbye to them but he went to Hinata, grabbed her and teleported next to Miley. He then went to Tsunade and Jiraya and gave them each a hug, while he bowed in respect towards the clan heads, while showing the finger yo the civilan council. He went back to the two ladies and said before he went away for good,

"Remember Konoha, I will always have the last laugh!" And then left in a yellow flash.

Next couple of years werent so kind towards Konoha. After what had happened, the guests and travellers that came for the festival a week earlier had spread the news like wild fire. Immediately the Wave country and Spring country pulled out their alliances since they saw Konoha a place where completing a mossion meant exexution. They werent the only ones as every village and contry saw the village as such. Gaara, once finding out what the hidden leaf did to his first friend, charged up there with the intent of killing everyone there with a sand tsunami but was luckily stopped. But he did end the peace treaty with the warning that any leaf shinobi found at their boarder would be killed, no questions asked.

Hiashi Hyuuga banished his daughter from the clan after Naruto took here, but when confronted by Neji, he told the truth saying whatever had happened during that day he knew it was going to happen. The reason because Naruto told him about the elders wanting to place the bird seal on Hinata and asked if he would take her away, in which he agreed after hearing his plan.

The rest of the Konoha now 8, went on training every day in order to see their blonde friend again. They completely isolated Sakura and Sasuke, going as far as Ino kicking her out of her flower shop. Sakura, was quite happy that the blond idiot was gone, but after a stern talking from Tsunade and realizing her faults, she wanted to bring him back as well.

Sasuke not caring before, felt some what bad after he came across Naruto's hospital records while he was looking for the truth. He was shocked at what he saw and finally understood that although the blond didnt understand what it meant to not have a family, Sasuke himself didnt understand on how it felt to be alone and abused every day. He made a vow to bring back the only peron who ever cared for him as Sasuke and not as an Uchiha.

The situation with Kakashi was no better. Every shinobi would sneer at him, make rude comments or just plan out ignore him. They all hated him for what he did and said to the blond because no matter what happened no orphan should be told that about their parents. He felt terrible himself. He tried on one occassion to kill himself but was found before it could happen by Tsunade, who gave a good beat down later on.

Speaking of Tsunade, she was mostly drunk crying about not being able to safe her grandson, but was snapped out of it when Shizune told her that Naruto wouldnt want to see her like this.

Jiraya hardly came to the village. Iruka would get himself drunk and never came out of his room for two months but then did after secretly geting a letter from Naruto, telling him he was alright. Ichiraku's were always full due to the Yondaime son often coming here but they were both still sad that the blond was not there.

Konohamaru and his friends began pranking everyone in the village, all the while training to get their boss back. The pranks were in order to keep up his legacy.

Everyone wanted him back, but havent heard from him in about seven years.

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