Last Time

"Hokage-sama!" all the shinobi yelled as they desperatly tried to stop the sword but to no avail, some not even being to move or breath,with Jiraiya the most desperate. All was lost until


Looking up, she heard the words that she would never be so relieved to hear. Others tried to hold their tears back.

"You really are old, arent you baa-chan."

'Naruto' she whispered in tears.


With Naruto, there were nine other major figures, all who looked extremely pissed, especially a woman with bloodred hair and a man with blond hair, who looked just like Naruto, but just like the red haired woman, he was suppose to be dead. Jiraiya, being the first person out of the shock stuttered.

"M-Minato?! K-K-Kushina?!" which snapped all shinobi, either enemy or Konoha shinobi out of it. They looked and indeed it was Konoha's Yellow Flash and Red Death, and they looked lividly pissed.

"Y-Yondaime-sama?!" some of the shinobi yelled and felt ezcited that he was here to help. Sucks to be them.

"Dont you dare call me that! I am NOT, WILL NOT be associated to Konoha after what you people did to my son!" he yelled as he glared at them.

"Shinobi of Iwa and Kumo!" Naruto began,as he added chakra to his vocals so they could all here, "I come with a message from your respective Daimyos. The Kages that you are following are mere puppetheads for Oroochimaru. All shinobi from these two villages are to pull back and you will not suffer. All those who continue to fight,will be dealt with accordingly. Any Konoha shinobi that ia seen attacking a surrendered shinobi from these two villages will be killed, no questions asked. Do I make myself clear?" he finished. For the first ten seconds, no one moved, but then there were some shinobi who put their wepons down and began leaving.

"Tsunade-sama, we cant let them leave!" a shinobi yelled.

"You heard pretty well as I did that the Uzukage will kill all those who attack them." Shikamaru said.

"And on top of that, he brought well known fighters, althought I dont know how the Yondaime is alive along with the Uchihas or- actually I have no idea whats going on." Shino exclaimed shocking others with his out burst.

"Well it is Naruto we're talking about." Kiba said.

"I see you changed your mind gaki." Jiraiya began.

"Oh no we're not here to help Konoha." Kushina began, "by the way, where were you when our son was suppose to be raised properly by you, huh?" she smiled sweetly, a bit too sweetly.

"N-Now n-now K-K-Kushina we dont need to get violent." he began to sweat immediately.

"I too would like to know sensei." Minato glared at him.

"No, Konoha is a battlefield. Its been destroyed, so we're using it to end certain people. Do you really think that I'll mess up my country? Nope, not at all." They all just looked at him wide eyed. The Naruto they knew would never want to deliberatley destroy Konoha, so who was this.

"Alright everyone,you each have someone you want dead so go kill them. Hinata, you take the Tsuchikage, Miley the Raikage and I'll take the snake."

"The boys and I are going after Danzo. He'll pay for what he did to my people." Mikoto said as Shisui and Itachi were behind her.

"Fine, you take the cripple,I'll take out his goons and anyone else in my way." Arashi said.

"Minato and I are going after the civilian council." Kushina exclaimed and Minato nodded.

"Well I guess I'll go with the Uchihas and take out his ROOT." Kuruma said.

"Alright. Everyone knows what their doing, so go! We meet back here right after your done." they nodded and scattered, leaving Naruto and the two ladies.

"Their not really going to..." Tsunade began.

"As I said, I couldnt careless to what happens to Konoha. All their doing is getting pay back." Naruto said.

"Then why did you save her, you brat?" Oroochimaru yelled, angry that he was stopped. This was something they all anticipated.

"Simple really. She didn't want to be Hokage and only is because of a bet she lost to me. Besides, she has Uzumaki blood within her, making her family." he smiled as he went into a fighting stance. "Now then, shall we?" he smirked and then all hell went loose. The shinobi could just stare as the three of them completely demolished their opponents and the surrounding area. In about ten minutes, the fight was officially over, with each one of them successfully killing their opponent. When they were done, the others had all return from their 'side jobs'.

"I see we all did what we came here for?" Naruto said and they nodded.

"Those old bags of bones kept yelling, 'for the good of Konoha'. Pfft please! The 'good for Konoha' my ass! They only wanted power!" Arashi ranted.

"Ah, its nice to have my other eye back." Shisui exclaimed.

"You know he had a bunch of them on his arm. It was really disgusting." Mikoto exclaimed.

"That's Danzo for you." Miley said and they all laughed.

"How-How are you alive?" Inoichi said, being the first to snapped out of it.

"You wanna do the honors?" Hinata said looking at Miley

"I think little Sasu-chan should go for it." Miley said as she turned to the scowling Sasuke.

"Its a long story." he smirked.

"But it begins with Kushina-sensei and Minato-san beating the crap out of Kakashi first." Shisui smirked.

"Hn" Itachi said, crossing his arms in amusement. They all waited for this, especially since they heard of what the said man said about them both.

"Oh yea! Where is that cyclopes anyways!? I'm a whore huh?! The nerve!" Kushina yelled as she scanned her surrounding and then saw a blob of gray defying hair trying to escape. Unfortunately, there was a bright yellow flash right beside him.

"Hello there dear Kakashi. I see your doing well. I heard something very interesting. Apparently I'm a bastered now am I Kakashi?" Minato smiled as Kushina's chains wrapped around the poor boy.

"Yes. We heard everything. Now its time for your punishment!" Poor Kakashi's screams were heard everywhere.


The Konoha council-or what was left of it, the shinobi council-were gathered in the meeting room along with the entire Konoha 11, their senseis and those who came from Uzushio. So yes, there was alot of people in one room.

"Okay, now that the war is over, someone please give me a status report. Actually before that, Uzukage do you mind telling us why you cane?" Tsunade asked.

"Well Hinata and I came to take out the puppets and the snake, while everyone else came for a different reason and they completed it."

"You do know that we could press charges? You intentionally demolished half of Konoha." Shikaku said.

"Yes. A pity it wasnt all." Arashi said, earning him a jab in the rib from his sister.

"You could, but you wont."

"What makes you so sure?" Hiashi asked.

"Everyone knows that if it wasnt for me then Konoha would have burned. All it'll get you is more humiliation just like seven years ago." they winced at that since the other nations still didnt like them, "oh and I have a very pissed off buju right here who could sink this village into the ground in a matter of seconds." and on cue, Kuruma began waving all nine of his tails with a sadistic smirk.

"Pick your poison human scum."

"You'll just get caught in it as well." Choza said.

"Nope. We have the creator of a very famous jutsu and his son. I beleieve we'll be able to make it out safe, right dad?" Minato just smirked as he nodded. Ooh he wanted them to squirm alright.

"Which brings another question, and don't get me wrong but how the hell are you people alive and please dont tell me 'its a long story'" Inoichi exclaimed.

"Its just one of the main reasons as to why the three nations combined forces to take the Uzumakis out. With just a bit of blood and the correct sealing formula then poof! The dead come back. As for Minato, well Naruto made a deal with the Shinigami saying that in exchange for his father's soul, he'll kill Oroochimaru, which he did." Miley said.

"Well thank you for your help, although you really didnt want to."

"Actually, we stayed behind for another reason." Mikoto began.

"Which is?"

"I want my son back with me. In Uzushio."

"I'm sorry but he's a Konoha shinobi I and-"

"Actually Hoakge-sama I resigned the day before and you approved." Sasuke said as he took out the paper documentation.

"When did I sign this? Ugh!"

"You also signed a paper that with the Uzukage saying he's allowed to take a civilian instead of killing Danzo and we choose Sasuke." Mikoto exclaimed.

"Fine. Sasuke you may leave."

"His chakra has to be sealed up and other things has to be done as well Tsuande-sama. We cant just let him go!" Inoichi yelled.

"He's staying at a place where Uzumakis live. Do I really need to explain myseld?" she huffed and they understood what she meant. Even if they sealed everything, it would look like child's play to an Uzumaki.

"I guess you should also know that the Akatski are no more." Hinata said, which came to a shock to everyone in the room.

"What happened?" Tsunade asked.

"Well, remember when Hinata and I went to Suna? They thought it was a great time to attack and get Shakaku."

"You know that Nara Head has a similar name to the Ichibi."Shisui said.

"I was thinking the same thing! Up top bro." Miley said as they high five one another, gaining everyone's attention

"Are the two of you done?" Itachi raised an eyebrow and they nodded.

"Anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted *glares at them* we attacked by the entire Akatski-"

"Or what was left of it." Miley added. Naruto just turned around and looked at her.

"Do YOU want to tell the story?"

"Hey I was just adding the important part. You may continue oh great Uzukage-sama." she mockingly bowed.

"You know what, the Akatski was destroyed by Naruto, his wife and the Suna shinobi. There cant you just say that!" Arashi yelled as he threw his arms up.

"But I wanted to tell the story." Naruto whinned as he sat in a depressing corner and Hinata tried to cheer him up. The Uzushio group just laughed as the Konoha shinobi were just giving them looks of amusement.

"Can we leave now? I want to go back to my minions." Shisui whined.

"How much times did I tell you to stop calling my children that!" Itachi exclaimed.

"What! But its true. They're perfect into going to small places and they hardly get caught!" he exclaimed.

"That reminds me of the pranks I use to pull here." Kushina said, as Minato put his arms around her.

"You were the prank master alright."

"Ooo, I remember too. I use to help with a couple!" Mikoto said as the two friends giggled.

"Naruto here was quite the prankster too." Hinata said.

"HAHA! The kid was indeed a pranking legend! His pranking was far better than yours Kushina." Kuruma said.

"You guys are making it seem like all Uzumakis like to prank." Arashi sighed and then grinned, "well we do." and they all laughed again.

"Yeah, guys I think we're creeping the rest of the Konohites here." Miley said. They all just looked at her as if she had gone crazy. "What!?"

"Why are you calling them Konohites?"

"Aren't you suppose to call rocks like that, you know meteorites?" Shisui said.

"Well we all know that rocks are stubborn right?" the nod, "and are stupid?"

"They don't even have a brain Miley!" Itachi exclaimed, wondering what crazy thing his wife thought of now, although he liked her crazy side.

"Do I look like an idiot?!" she yelled.

"Well, there was that one time-" Shisui began but shut up as he saw here glare, "no, you aren't dumb, your really smart, genius really." he said quickly and she smiled and patted his back as the others just sweatdropped.

"Anyways, they're like rocks. They're stubborn, cause they actually thought they had a winning chance and keep boasting about it, and they're actually pretty stupid too." there was a collective murmur of agreement ad nodding. The people of Konoha just looked at the Uzushio group and had absolutely nothing to say. They were talking as if there was nothing wrong.

"I guess we should leave know. I'm worried about Haku." Hinata said.

"Alright you guys, were leaving. Everyone get ready." they all held hands and were gone in a flash.


"Well, that was just werid." Jiraiya spoke up.

"Talking to the suppose dead isnt always an everyday thing. Getting insulted by powerful people abd seeing them act like little children also isnt an everyday thing. This meeting is ajourned. I'll call those who'll go with me later." she stood up and walked to her office.

When she opened it, she saw a scroll that said, 'Please Open' which she relunctedly did. Opening unsealing it, she saw a pile of cash,enough to at least rebuild almost all of Konoha. She was surprised but then saw a note attached to it. When she read it she just began to cry.

'If anyone asks, you dont know anything alright baa-chan?'

'You brat! Thank you. Thank you so much.' and so she decided to stop being a figure head and turn the rotten village into something her grandfather would be proud of.

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