So...this fanfic is somewhat of a crossover with dragon ball z but I made my own version. Of course the original idea belongs to the creator. Hope you enjoy!

Somewhere Distant in Space

"Finally, I can't believe I actually found someone." a little girl, no less than seven cried, "Now I'll have family again!" she cheered.

Konoha-Day of Nine Tail Attack

"Saidaime-sama! The nine tails is going ramapage on the village!" a ninja said to an elderly man.

"I can see that! We have to protect the village!" he shouted. Just then they saw a giant toad appear in front of the fox.

"That's got to be Minato." the Sandaime said.

"We're saved!"

"Yondaime has arrived."

Now with Minato, he was barely winning against the fox.

"I'm going to teleport the fox outside the village." Minato said.

"OK, just do it fast, I'm running out of time!" the giant toad said. The fox, toad and Yondaime then disappeared from the village, much to everyone's relief, and appeared at its outskirts.

Near Outskirts of Konoha

"Man that was a horrible landing." the little brown haired girl said, as she came out of a space pod, "Hmm...whoa, what the hell is going on there! A sayian is in that direction, I need to go help." and then she started flying in that direction.

Back with Minato

Minato did everything he could. Now that there was no one there watching, he started throwing energy blasts at the fox, as he flew mid air. Unfortunately, he came to the conclusion that there was only one way to stop the fox, which was sealing it inside his new born son. Seeing at what he was going to do, Kushina tried to stop him,

"Minato, please! You know very well the burden he'll carry if he becomes a Jinchuriki. He's already half sayian, they'll know for sure somethings up when they see his tail. I love you no matter what, but these people..."

"I know, Kushina, I know. But its the only way to save the village. I can remove his tail, I did the same, but if I say that he'll be treated as a hero, then they've got to." Eventually she gave in and he began the sealing process. At the end, Kushina told him and Naruto that she loved them both, along with a long speech for Naruto to follow in his life, then she passed away. Minato was barely holding on when he heard,

"I found you, I finally found you!" Turning around, he saw a little girl with brown hair, wearing plain black pants, sneakers and a blue shirt. The girl looked no younger than seven, but the most distinctive part of her was her tail.

"You're a sayian." he smiled weakly.

"Yes, you're one too! OMG let me heal you, your in bad shape, Here take this senzu bean." she plead, but he shock his head no.

"No my soul is being taken already, it won't help...a senzu bean, its been a while since I saw one. Can you come closer, I want to cut off your tail."

"WHAT!? No way! A sayian's tail is their pride, why would I won't to cut it?"

"I want you to do a favour for me, sayian to sayian. Please look after my son. He's half sayian, from my side. If he goes back to the village with the tail, they'll see him as a monster, since he already has that damn fox inside him."

"Wait, I can cut his tail for you. You just cut mine. I'll give you a bit of my energy to stay alive for a bit. I need you tell me everything. What's your name anyways?"

"Ok *begins to cut of tail* my name is Minato Namikaze-"

"WHAT!? Your the lost son of the Noble Namikaze family! Everyone though you died!"

"Yes, but how do you know?"

"It was still talked about back on Planet Vegeta." she frowned at the thought, and he noticed. He asked her what happened, and she told her, who it was destroyed by a monster named Frieza and how no one but her survived and she was looking for others, until she found him, also dying, "but you know, I'm from the Sheen family, Miley Sheen, making you my uncle!"

"Its great to meet you, but I need to hurry and tell you about the village." so begins telling her everything, while she cuts Naruto's tail off. Afte completing everything and telling her everything she needed to know, he told her his last words, before the ninja started to arrive,

"Thank you for taking care of my son. Trust only the people I told. Please let my son grow up surrounded with at least some love and comfort." It was then, Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage and strongest Hokage, Hero of the Leaf, died with a smile on his face, happy that his son had family still with him.

Picking up the baby, the little girl now known as Miley smiled,

"At least I have you. Don't worry, we both won't be alone for ever." She felt people coming and faced then, while being guarded. They looked at her and then the child in her arms. The elderly man apart of the group of four stepped forward,

"Who are you? And why do you have that boy? Hand him over."

"I won't hand over Minato's child to you. Isn't it common curtesy for you to say your name first?" she questioned as she held Naruto closer and glared at them. The men were shocked! That was the Yondaime's son! That and the girl was so young and yet spoke with manners of a noble person.

"I apologize, its because you had his son that I felt alert. My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of Konoha. Now would you tell me your name?"

" were apart of the names he told me to trust." 'I'll use Namikaze at the moment' "my name is Miley Namikaze and Minato was my uncle." This shocked then even more.

"I wasn't aware that he had family? Minato was an orphan."

"Well, he's a lost son of a noble family. If I want to discuss more though, I'd like to do so with you alone. He told me everything that I need to know and entrust his son to my care. I don't think taking him away from the village is what my uncle would like, so he said that we could live at his house. I hope that isn't a problem."

"Its better if we discuss everything back in the village." Hiruzen said as he thought that there was something else, bigger that was here. He wasn't called 'the Professor' for no reason. As they made their way, Naruto was peacefully asleep in his new sister's arms. Just then, a man wearing a mask, somewhat similar to the other three from before, came,

"Sandaime-sama. the council has called for a meeting immediately."

"Alright lets go then" then he turned to Miley and said, "I would like the fact that both yours and Naruto's heritage is to be kept a secret."

"I understand. Minato planted some of his memories in me and from what I can tell, he had a lot of enemies. Ninja, huh? I would have never thought I would come to such a place." she mumbled the last part, but Sarutobi heard. They finally reached the council room, and instantly she saw that everyone that was suppose to be there was there.

"I suppose that this meeting is about what has happened?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama what has happened to the nine tails and where is the Yondaime?" a civilian councilman asked.

"Unfortunately, the Yondaime has died in battle," murmurs of sorrow were heard, "but he sealed the fox in a new born child. He's last wish was for the child to he seen as a hero for stopping the nine tails attack" he pointed to the baby as they finally noticed Naruto and Miley holding him. Once he said that, the civilian side started to call for his death,

"Kill the baby!"

"Its the monster!"

"He killed innocents!"

They were silenced by a loud voice,

"SHUT UP!" they turn and see Miley with a face shown of twisted rage,

"How dare you people say such things after he just told you what your Yondaime's last words were?!"

"Why do you care!? He's the demon!" a stupid civilian councilman said.

"NO! He's not the demon! He has it sealed within him! Minato just sacrificed his life for you disgusting integrates, and you couldn't even honour his last wish!? Are you so dishonorable that you would discard's your hero's wish!? Do you not have any pride!?" Hiruzen was shocked at the skill and speech the little girl was talking in. Every word she said was true, it would truly be dishonorable. The shinobi clan heads also looked at the girl with pride, but the civilian side, some were ashamed while others were angry,

"Who are you anyways? Your not suppose to be here. This is a council meeting!" Danzo said.

"Actually I allowed her here seeing that the boy is her brother." Hiruzen said.

"Whatever, he's stil a demon! Do you not see the destruction that he caused?" another civilian said, causing Miley to laugh uncontrollably

"Whats so funny?" Choza asked.

"Did you not hear what he said? He said that a new born child, no less than an hour old managed to destroy the strongest village! Man, what a loud of crap!" this cause Tsune, who was already holding back her laughter, to also start laughing,

"I like you kid. Your right, these people are too blind to tell the difference between a kunai and its scroll."

"Anyways, the child will not be killed, nor will he be harmed. He's status of being a Jinchuriki will be labelled an SS-rank secret, punishable by death. No one is to harm the child, if you do so, they will be sent to Ibiki. The meeting is adjourned." they started to walk out as the Hokage turned to Miley, "lets go to my office and discuss things, shall we?" and then they were off.

Finally reaching the office, after detouring to get baby Naruto new clothes, it was now only the three of them inside a silencing barrier.

"OK, could you please now tell me everything."

"Well, first of all, I'm not human. I'm from a race called sayians, just like the Yondaime."

"But Minato never told me, or anyone I believe. Why is it that you look human?"

"To answer your first question, Minato believed that people won't accept him here if he did, so he kept it a secret. He was a lost child from a noble family, the Namikazes, who were cousins to my family, the Sheens. We sayians can be differentiated by our tails, but Minato cut his and mine off, and I cut of Naruto's tail. He said that him being a Jinchuriki was already too much, but being known to be half sayian, that would be annoying." he nodded in understanding, since it was true, "I came to this planet in order to look for anyone of my people who were alive. See my home planet was destroyed and I'm, so far, the only known survivor. So I guess you can understand my disappoint when I found someone, no less my uncle and he died right in front of me."

"I'm really sorry for your loss. It must have weighted heavy for you."

"Its alright, t happened about a year ago and I've been travelling since."

"I believe that you understand that your welcome here." Hokage said. At such a young age she had went through so much, he only wished he could make her life better.

"Yes, thank you. Minato said that I could live in his house."

"People will start to get suspicious, but its alright, I can think of a cover story."

"If I may be so Hiruzen-san, but why do you let them get away with things. They have too much power. If this continues, then all you'll become is a figure head."

"Your right. But Minato had a plan to get rid of the civilian side of the council. They're the corrupt ones."

"Oh, I think I can help you there. From his memories, although I didn't get all of them, I think there's something at his house that might prove to be useful."

"I understand. I have the keys to his house, lets go" Before they left, a white haired man came throught the window

"Hey there sensei! I came as fast as I could."

"Ah Jiraiya, you've arrived. I'm afraid I have bad news for you. Minato and Kushina have fallen in battle but they have left their son." the man now identified as Jiraiya had a face of sorrow when he heard.

"Your Jiraiya, correct?" Miley spoke up.

"Is he also one of the people Minato told you about?" Hokage asked.

"Sensei, whose the girl?" Hokage turns to Miley for her permission, which she nods.

"She is a relative of Minato's. There are many things about him that he kept secret but for now let us all rest. Shall we get going now?"

When they reached Minato's house, Jiraiya was told everything on the way, and to say he was shocked was an understatement.

"I believe you'll be helping me raise him, you are his godfather. He also has a godmother, Tsunade I believe."

"Whoa you really do remember every detail Minato told you huh? Well I can't really stay all the time, I'm in charge of the village's spy network so I hope you understand."

"No problem, Tsnade will still be here so its alright." Sandaime and Jiraiya just looked at on another as they entered the house and one of them spoke up

"Umm well theres a problem with that." Jiraiya said, as he scratched the back of his head ackwardly.

"And what is that?" Miley said as she place sleeping Naruto on his bed that was already prepared for him. That and the decorations. It looked perfect for a new born child.

"See Tsunade lost people that she loved and cared about in the village so she left and said that she would never return." Sandaime finished.

"Thats a pathetic reason" seeing as they were going to protest she continued, "dont get me wrong, I understand how she feels, but there are other people who still care for her here. Besides, once she finds oit there is someone for her here then i believe that she would come back. Anyways, were all tired so why not sleep here the night and then you, Jiraiya-san, start looking for her using your spy network."

"Good plan. But I'll be sleeping at my compound. I'll be here early in the morning, would you want me to get anything for the baby?"

"No, I checked out the room and man Minato went all out! Everything a child needs is here. I think I'll be fine."

"Dont worry sensei, I'll be staying here as well." With that the Hokage left.

"Naruto sleeps alot and for a long time." Miley exclaimed.

"He must have cried alot earlier. But hey I'm no expert when it comes to kids, you?"

"Well back home I use to help out with the children born and stuff like that. I might have been a noble but I liked helping people." she said with a small smile.

"Sorry about your loss, but hey you found a new home, right?" he said as he ruffled her hair and she nods, "alright then why dont we get some sleep. Its been a long day."

And they did, with Miley sleeping with Naruto right by her side, curled up, and Jiraiya sleeping in the other room.

The next day, Miley woke up early due to Naruto's cries, so got up, feed him milk, burped him and then changed his diapers. At the end there was one happy little Naruto that fell asleep. Jiraiya, who saw all of this was impressed by the girls actions and how well she took care of the child.

"I hopeI passed your little initiation test Jiraiya-san." Miley said as she placed Naruto back in his crib, without looking at the man, who was clearly shocked.

"You knew I was here the whole time!" he exclaimed.

"Of course...unless I wasnt suppose to know."

"No you werent. Anyways you really are good with kids. Gunny from a noble."

"I was also an only child trained since birth. I told you my race are warriors." They heard a knock on the door and opened it, revealing it to be the Sandaime.

"Hello, Miley and Jiraiya. I hope everything is alright?"

"Yes it is. I was just going to finish making breakfast, please come and join us." she said and they made themselves intot eh dining room, "they stocked up pretty well. I guess what happened yesterday was unexpected."

"Yes it was. Minato and his wife Kushina were both happy and overjoyed when they found out they were going to have a child. I still wonder how this happened." Sandaime said. Miley came back in and gave them each their breakfast.

"Kushina? Is that the woman with red hair beside him? She was already deaded when I went there. Oh and for who did it it was this masked man." she said as she sat down and began to eat her food.

"How do you know that?" Jiraiya asked suspiciously.

"Minato planted some of the important rhings inside her memory. Was this masked man someone that he knew or idnetified?"

"Yes. From what I can tell he recognized the person'd Ki energy and was somehow shocked. I think the person was suppose to be dead but wasnt. He called himself a Madara Uchiha? I think thats bow you say it."

"Wait did you say Madara Uchiha? Omg what-" Jiraiya began but was cut off bt Miley

"Its not him thought."

"How come? And what is this Ki energy that you said earlier?" Sandaime said

"I'll explain Ki energy later. But it isnt this Madara guy because Minato knew him from before. He felt hurt and betrayed when he recognized the person. Is this Madara someone he knew before?"

"On a personal level, no. But from history yes."

"Speaking on the matter, I wanted to ask if I could have every book that dealt with this planet's history, along qith the basic understanding of the village's system and the village's law. Seeing how they were yesterday, I have a feeling that they'll try everything they could to get my brother executed and I wont stand for it." Both men smiled

"Of course. But I think we need to get you some clothes. I doubt you have any besides that of what yor wearing?" Sandaime asked and she nodded. She started to clean up the plates that they ate in and went upstairs to go check on Naruto.

"She's quite smart for her age isnt she?" Sandaime said.

"Yeah and she makes a killer meal. Man that was the best grub I tested in a long while!"

"Your going to go find Tsunade?"

"Yup. I better start going now thought."

"If she doesnt want to come, then in three days time make sure that your with her, I'll teleport to your place and then bring her back here." Miley said as she came down the stairs.

"You can teleport?! What kind of powers do you have anyways?!" Jiraiya exclaimed.

"Alot. I told you my people were warriors, trained to battle from birth. Anyways the teleporting I learned during my one year travel. Its called instant transmission. Just get the woman already." she yelled as she shooed him out.

Three Days Later

Its been three days since Jiraiya left to go look for Tsunade, and Miley was getting ready to teleport to his location. She just needed to find someone to look after Naruto while she was away, someone that she could trust. The Hokage was busy doing who knows what and Jiraiya not here. That left her with a woman named Mikoto Uchiha, a dear friend of Kushina. So that's why she was now standing in front of the Uchiha compound.

"Alright Naru, we're going to find this woman and hopefully she's nice enough to see the actually you and not that fox."

Upon entering, she asked the guards where she could find this woman and they pointed her to a house. When she reached the house, she was greeted by a young raven boy around her age. She looked him straight in the eye and was about to say something, but he beat her too it,

"Look, if your a fan girl, I honestly don't want your presents. Why are you following me everywhere, it can get really annoying." the boy said in an annoyed tone. 'Why the hell did the guards let this girl go through?'

"Umm excuse me? I don't know what your talking about nor do I really care, but I came here looking for a woman by the name Mikoto Uchiha. I was told she lived here, so does she?"

" your not a fan girl?"

"No, is that suppose to be some type of species on this planet?" she asked innocently as she questioned him. But the look of relief that went over his face, didn't go unnoticed. 'What a strange human. It is my first time interacting with one closer to my age.'

"Your really funny. You make it sound as if your not from this planet. Anyways yes she does live here. She's actually my mother. I presume that your new to the village?" he asked as he brought her and Naruto into his home.

"Yes, I came here a couple days ago. My name's Miley by the way, what's yours?"

"My name is Itachi. Itachi Uchiha. Its nice to meet you. I'll go get my mom so just sit down on the couch there for a bit." she nodded and sat down as he went upstairs. After a little while, he came back down with a woman that looked similar to him. She assumed that this was Mikoto Uchiha.

"Hello. I was told that you wanted to see me? My name is Mikoto, although you already know." the woman said as she smiled at the girl.

"Yes, thank you for meeting with me even though I came unannounced. My name is Miley and I just arrived a couple days ago. When I arrived, I was entrusted to take care of the young child in my arms by my uncle. I was also told that you were the few people I could trust with this child. I believe you know who his parents are?" she said. Mikoto looked at the child and knew exactly who they were. She let a couple tears fall as she nodded

"Can I hold him?" Miley nodded and gave her the child, "she was so happy when she found out that she was going to have a child. I can't believe her disappointment. I suppose he carries the same burden as she did?" earning another nod from Miley. "Are you related to her?"

"No to her husband. He's my uncle and I arrived just when he was dying. Although I couldn't do anything for him, the least I could do was raise his son." she then turns to Itachi and says, "I hope you don't go around telling people about what I'm saying. Because your her son I trust you as well, to some degree, so don't make me rethink it."

"Don't worry, I won't tell." he didn't know why, but he felt happy when this new girl told him that she trusted him. 'I wonder why?'

"But how do you expect to raise him? I think they're already calling for his death?"

"Yes, they actually started calling for it the minute the battle was over. Such disgusting bastered." Mikoto giggled at this

"So your the little girl my husband told me about. That was quite bold of you."

"Why thank you. But for the raising him part, I sent a man named Jiraiya to get his godmother, a woman named Tsunade. He said that she my refuse, which is why I said that after three days I would got to his place and bring her back by force. Now for the reason as to why I'm here, I wanted to ask if you could look after Naruto for awhile. An hour at most. I was told that you were someone I could trust, I there is no one else available. So please, will you look after him while I'm away?" she pleaded as she slightly bowed to the stunned woman.

'She really does care for the boy' she thought. "Of course I will! I actually have a younger son his age. Ohh they could grow up as friends!" she said excitedly.

"That would be nice *gives Naruto to Mikoto* It would be nice for him to gain a friend. Now to locate that man" she closed her eyes and Mikoto and Itachi were wondering what she was doing when they were snapped out of it, "There he is, what is he, a pervert?!" she mumbled and the disappeared.

"Mom, how did she do that? It didn't look like a shushined and she didn't use hand signs!"

"I don't know" she whispered, equally shocked.

Jiraiya had finally found Tsunade and her niece/assistant Shizune. But convincing her to comeback wasn't.

"You want me to go back after everything that happened to me back in Konoha? Jiraiya your insane! Even Kushina, who I saw as my own daughter, was killed just a couple of days ago. What exactly is there for me?!" she yelled.

"Tsunade nobody but a few know this, but...they have a son. A son with a burden that they all know of."

"What! I wasn't told that."

"That's because you weren't around and she had to go into hiding. You know the seal weakens at child birth. Someone came and released the it and you know very well as I do that the chakra beast can't be slain."

"So you want me to come and take care of him?"

"You are is godmother. Besides he needs people that would care for him-" he was cut off when they saw a girl appear out of know where right in front of him.

"Ohh, so that's how your teleporting thing works. That's really handy!" Jiraiya said.

"Are you some kind of pervert? Why do you keep staring at this woman in shameful areas and drool?"

"Hey I'm not a pervert! I'm a super pervert!"

"I don't think that's something you should be proud of. Anyways, did you find Tsunade? I can't leave Naruto alone for a long time."

"She's actually right here." he said as he pointed to her.

"Oh. Well its nice to met you Tsunade-san. I believe we'll all be leaving now?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said that I'll be going back to Konoha? Don't just start making things up little girl, and who are you anyways?"

"Oh, my apologizes. My name is Miley. Why wouldn't you want to go back to your home? I do believe that Jiraiya here told you about your godson."

"You don't know the suffering I went through back there. All it reminds me of id the death of the ones I care." Tsunade said bitterly.

"I don't quite think I understand what your saying. Do you mind telling me?"

"And why should I tell you?" she asked suspiciously.

"Hime, she's a relative of Minato. At his dying breath, he entrusted her to his son's safety and I think you should really hear what she has to say." Jiraiya said. Tsunade looked at the two and sat back down. Then she began to tell her reasons as to why she didn't want to go back and the bad memories. When she finished, she looked at Miley, waiting for her to say something.

"If I may be so bold, Tsunade-san, but I believe that your being foolish and unreasonable."

"How dare you! You don't know how I felt! You don't know anything about pain or the people you care-" she was cut off with a slap! Looking at who did this, she saw it was none other than Miley herself, but what shocked her more were the tears coming down her eyes and what she said next,

"Pain, PAIN! Don't you dare tell me I don't know what pain is! I saw my entire planet destroyed right in front of me and everyone I cared about, all my people were gone! I looked for someone, anyone that survived and do you know what happens when I actually found someone, do you ?!" she questioned the now shocked and sacred sanin, who didn't know what to say, "he died that's what" her voice became a bit more soft, "he died right in front of my eyes and I was helpless to do anything again. But know I have a chance. He asked me to look after his son, and although he might be half of my race, he stills has sayian blood. So I'm going to do everything I can to ensure he has a better life. A life where he would be loved and have people to depend on." she smiled sadly, but then was engulfed in a hug by Tsunade, who cried and kept saying she was sorry.

"I'm sorry, your right. I didn't know the pain you went through. I didn't mean to make you relive something so horrible." letting the girl go, she looked her straight in the eye and said, "but you have some explaining to do about plants and races." she said sternly, making them all sweatdrop.

"Its alright, do you want to go to your hotel room and we speak on the way?"

"No, why don't we go home? I think little Naruto is waiting for you. Besides I cant wait to see my little godson!" she squealed happily.

"Lady Tsunade, your actually going to go back to Konoha?" Shizune asked.

"Yup, lets go Shizune we have to pack our things." she said as she took charge heading to the hotel.

"You, kid, are a miracle worker." Jiraiya said as they followed her.

Mikoto was in her room feeding Naruto a bottle of milk. Her own son, Sasuke was being play with by Itachi, who was right beside her. She loved children, and loved Naruto to bits.

"Kaa-san, how long do you think it'll take Miley to comeback?" Itachi asked.

"I'm not sure son. Maybe tomorrow or-" As she was going to complete her statement, she was stopped by the sudden appearance of Miley, Shizune and the two sanins. "maybe even now."

"Sorry about that Mikoto-san, but the three of you are the only Ki I could pinpoint and actually know. I hope you don't mind the company here, we'll be leaving now though."

"I-Its alright, you just surprised us by teleporting, that's all." Mikoto answered.

"Dang, that felt weird. How did you learn this?" Tsunade asked.

"I'll tell you when we get back home. Come on Naru-chan, time to say goodbye." she said as she went to pick him up and handed him to Tsunade, where both her and Shizune were going all over him. Seeing Sasuke, she asked, "is he your youngest son? He looks so adorable!" she squealed.

"Yes, he's six months, names Sasuke. He was the when I was talking about, that they could be friends."

"That would be nice. I hope you come visit us a lot. I think you know where Minato's house is?"

"Yes, and thank you for the invitation. I'd like to get to know you better as well. Your such a well mannered girl. If you need any help at all, my eldest son here would be glad to show you around, right Itachi?" she said smiling sweetly, and Itachi knew at that minute that his mother was up to something so he nodded.

"Alright everyone, hold hands. Jiraiya don't go anywhere near the two women and when we gi home, there will be some rules that you must follow, is that understood?"

"Why only me?" he whined.

"Because I don't want my baby bro to grow up and become a pervert, is that understood?"

"Oh I'll pummel him six feet under if he even thinks of letting such things go into my godson's mind." Tsunade exclaimed while holding Naruto closer. All holding onto the girl, they left again, leaving a stunned mother and child.

"Mom, I think Konoha will become a lot more fun now, don't you think?" Itachi said smiling.

"I'm with you on that my dear son." she replied as she smiled at him and then turned their attention to Sasuke.