"Alright everyone pack your bags. We're going to Suna!" Miley exclaimed


"Not you Shisui."


"Why can't Shisui-nii come?" six year old Naruto asked

"Yeah! Why cant I come?" Shisui whined.

"Because I already told old man Hokage the amount of people coming and your not one of them."

"But how come Itachi is allowed to go!?"

"Who he hell said Itachi is going. The only ones going are me, Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata. No one else."

"I'm going." Itachi said.

"Then go ask the Hokage! Stop telling me people!"

"Why are we going to Suna?" Naruto asked.

"Remember what I told you on your six birthday a couple months ago?"

"About the fox? Yeah I remember."

"Well, there's another person like you who holds a similar beast, the One Tails, and he doesn't have any friends, so your going to b friends with him." she huffed.

"Why the hell did you tell him!?" Shisui whispered.

"He needs to know, besides he stills gets glared at sometimes. Stupid villagers." she muttered.

"Ne, ne, nee-chan? When are we leaving?" Naruto asked, jumping onto his sister's back.

"Tomorrow, so go get packed. Tsunade doesn't want to go, Kakashi wants to act perverted on his day-off and Shizune has a shift. Jiraiya isn't here right now." she said. After hearing the life of most Jinchuriki as they call them, Miley decided it was a good thing that the one in Suna to befriend Naruto, since unlike Naruto, he didn't have any friends. Just then, an ANBU came

"Miley, the council has summoned you."

"I'll be there in a moment." she said and the ANBU left.

"What do you think that's all about?" Shisui asked.

"I don't know. Do you mind looking after Naruto until I come back. I hate it when he comes. They all just sneer and look disgusted." she scowled.

"Sure, no prob. Come here Naruto. Miley has to leave." he said, getting the said boy off her.

"Nee-chan, are you going to come back soon?"

"Yes. Don't worry. It won't take long." she smiled and then teleported away.

"So little guy, what do you wanna do?" Shisui asked and shivered when he saw Naruto's grin.

'This isn't going to be good.'

At the council room, the shinobi and civilian sides, as well as the elder council was in session, until Miley teleported inside.

"So what can I do for you people?" she asked.

"We heard that you're going to Suna with the de- the boy." a civilian said, correcting themself whe they saw Miley's glare.

"Yeah so? I dont quite know how this is your problem. What next your going to ask why I breathe?" she rolled her eyes.

"You cant take him outside the village!" a pink haired woman screeched as Miley held her ears.

"Oh come on! What the hell is up with your voice! Is it one of those genetic things...what was it called?" she got into a thinking pose.

"Kekkei genkai?" Tsume snickered and Miley snapped her fingers in recognition.

"Yes that! What do you call it? The Haruno screeched?" and the entire meeting room was folded with laughter and a fuming pink haired woman.

"Why you..!"

"Well since this meeting is useless and this half are you are useless I'm leaving." and without a word, she left.


"How exactly did you convice him to let you come?" Miley sighed.

"Hey! Your making it sound like you dont want me here!" Shisui whinned and all she did was look at him and turn away.

"I dont see why your all making such a big deal about it." Itachi said with a pocky stick in his mouth.

"Urghh! Why are you here too?! You know what? Forget it!" she said aaving her hands. The three childen were running ahead of them and having a serious conversation.

"Wow! Your dad is the Fourth Hokage!" Sasuke said.

"Yup! And thats why he sealed the fox in me. You dont hate me do you?"

"I feel like your mocking my intelligence." he said with a mocking tone.

"Your not a monster Naruto and who ever sees you as one is completely idiotic." Hinata said confidently. Suddenly they were both engulfed in a hug by the blond.

"Oh thank you! I just had to tell you guys since your my best friends! Ah but you cant tell anyone. Ji-chan made a law and stuff." he said and they nodded.

"So why are we going to Suna?" Sasuke asked.

"You see there's someone like me there and he has no friends so nee-chan thought it was a good idea for us to be friends!"

"You guys we're here." Miley said and the three children then notices the large gate in front of them. They checked in at the front gate and was escorted to the Kazekage tower. They heard a 'Enter'.

"Hello. You must be the group from Konoha. My son will be brought here shortly." he said, greeting them. "So, who's the Jinchuriki?"

"I am!" Naruto said

"I thought he wasn't suppose to know, along with the younger generation?" the surprised Kazekage said.

"Well, I was allowed to tell him and he could tell anyone he trusted. Cleary he trusts these two. They are great friends." Miley smiled, as she ruffled their hair.

"I want to thank you again for helping my son with his seal and giving us a better relationship with our Daimyo. It has helped our village a lot and also helped me become a better father, which I admit, I wasn't."

"Kazekage-sama, I've brought Gaara." a guard said entering the room.

"Bring him in." and in came a little red headed boy with black circles around his eyes, clutching a teady bear. He looked around the room fearfully of the new people.

"Hey there! The names Naruto Uzumaki! What's yours?" Naruto asked cheerfully.

"Gaara." he whispered, somewhat shocked a person his age wanted to speak to him.

"My name is Sasuke." he said, taking out his hand

"Hello, my name is Hinata. Its nice to met you." she smiled and Gaara looked at them.

"No, no. Your suppose to shake a person's hand, like this." and without a word, Naruto grabbed his hand and placed in Sasuke's, who shook it. The fact that Gaara's sand didn't react when Naruto touched him, shocked the Suna residents.

"Gaara, why don't you show them around the village. They'll be staying for a bit." and the red head just nodded and they went out.

"He isn't much of a talker now is he?" Shisui asked.

"He looks more shy to me." Itachi commented.

"Yes, I wanted to ask, I thought only four people were going to come. Why are there two Uchihas here?" the Kazekage asked.

"I asked the same thing, but the somehow convinced old man Hokage to let them come." she sighed. "Is there a place we could stay. Hope you don't mind us staying for about a week or two?"

"I don't mind at all. Baki, take them to their hotel rooms." he signaled and they followed him.

The four children walked around the village, more like Naruto acting like his bubbly self an running around, while Hinata giggled and Sasuke scowled him, but Gaara just looked in fascination in these three.

"Say Gaara, do you guys have a park? Wanna play a game?" Naruto asked. The onlookers were watching in shock at how Gaara wouldn't hurt those three children, some already believing them to be the next targets.

"Your not afraid of me?" he asked suddenly as they neared the park.

"Why should we?" Sasuke asked.

"Because I'm a monster." he whispered and he and Hinata wide eyed, but Naruto seemed unfazed.

"No your not. Your like me, ya know. We're the same." he gave him a small smile.


"Yea, I've got a beast sealed inside of me too!" he said. Gaara just stared at him and then the others.

"If you think we think the two of you as monsters then your wrong." Sasuke huffed.

"Your not a monster Gaara, your our friend." Hinata smiled

"Yup! Our new friend!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Friend?" that was something he wasn't familiar with. He never had friends. Everyone always ran away from him even after the weird white haired man made the voice go away. But here are three kids his age telling him that he's not a monster, but their friend. One who was like him. He allowed himself a small smile, "Thank you."

"Now come on! We're going to go play!" Naruto said and dragged them all over to the park. The other children, seeing that it was Gaara began running away, but stopped when they saw some children playing with Gaara and were having fun.

"Hey, can we play with you?" one of them asked.

"Sure! Just pass the ball!" Naruto exclaimed and all the children were happily playing together. Gaara had never had so much fun in his life and when the Konoha trio found out about his sand, which made him and the other wary, Naruto actually found a way to integrate it with their game, which made it even more fun. Needless to say, the parents of all the children there were surprised that their children actually had fun with Gaara of all people.

"Nee-chan, can Gaara stay with us tonight?" Naruto asked as the four children made their way to the hotel.

"Sure I don't mind. So did you guys have fun?" she asked.

"Gaara can control the sand! Isn't that great!?" he exclaimed and the three older children laughed.

"Yes, its pretty amazing. I never got to introduce myself before. My name is Miley Uzumaki, I'm Naruto's older sister. The idiotically crazy one is Shisui Uchiha and the one with no emotions and looks al scary like id Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's older brother." getting a 'hey!' and 'Hn' from them respectively. Gaara just looked at her and smiled. Naruto seemed to like her a lot, from what he could tell, since he kept talking about her on their way here.

"I have a sister too, as well as a brother." he said.

"Really? Where are they?" Shisui asked.

"I don't live with them I live with my uncle Yamashiro. (sp?) They're afraid of me." he said sadly.

"Well that's rough." Shisui said and then walked away.

"Don't worry, they-" she was cut off by a knock on the door. "Let me get that." Opening the door, she saw two children and a man.

"What are you doing to our brother!? You had better not hurt him!" the blonde girl yelled.

"Umm...who are you?" Miley asked.

"Temari? Kankuro? Uncle?" she heard Gaara say and looked at them.

"Are you his siblings?" she asked and they nodded.

"Hey! You guys are his brother and sister and you don't even wanna play with him! You guys are so mean!" Naruto pointed an accusing finger at them.

"Why dont we all try to get to know one another. I suppose you're staying for a while?" Gaara's uncle said and the rest of the evening was spent with his siblings trying to reconnect with their brother. Two weeks had gone by very quickly and by the time it was time for them to leave, Gaara didn't want to let go of his new friends.

"I don't really want you to leave." he said sadly.

"Don't worry Gaara. Its always, see you soon and never goodbye." Miley said, ruffling his hair.

"Hope we see each other soon." Hinata said to Temari, who they became great friends during their stay.

"Try to stay out of your sister's make up set." Sasuke joked as they all laughed at Kankuro.

"See ya Gaara!" Naruto said, and the Konoha group had disappeared.

"Come on Gaara! We're going to go play!" one of the Suna children said and dragged him along. He smiled and ran after them with his siblings right behind them.

"Its nice isn't it?" his uncle said to the Kazekage.

"It is indeed. Now if you excuse me, I have to go battle my sworn enemy!" he said laughing manically, making the guards step away.

"Yamashiro-san, who is he talking about?" Baki asked.

"Nothing to trouble yourself with. I'm just surprised that there was no Kage that ever defeated it." he hummed and walked away, making them all confused.