In the darkness of the early morning Narcissa Malfoy stood thirty metres from the door of the Weasley home. Inside the house Arthur, Molly, Ron and Ginny Weasley were fast asleep, as most people were at three am. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger also slept inside the odd house.

Narcissa turned to the House Elf which stood next to her, holding a box nearly as large as she was.

"Do you with to stay Linna?" Narcissa asked, "If you prefer to return to the Manor you have my permission."

"I would like to stay Mistress," Linna responded immediately. She had served Narcissa exclusively for nearly a decade and had been spared the horrible treatment of the Elves under the care of Lucius.

"Thank-you Linna; I appreciate your loyalty."

A simple stretcher hovered in the air in front of Narcissa, supporting the unconscious weight of her only child Draco. She kept her eyes averted from the horrible wounds on his back and moved forward with purpose.

It was time for the truth to be revealed.