Draco had never allowed a bed partner to blindfold him before. After hearing her whispered suggestion, he had agreed too quickly.

When his wrists were bound and pulled back toward the corners of the bed he felt a tremor of apprehension slide through him.

"I've never let a girl do this before," Draco said quickly.

"What about a guy?" Hermione chuckled.

"No! I don't swing that way."

"Just checking."

Hermione wasn't sure where to start. The blankets covered him from the waist up so she decided to begin with his face.

"Your hair is so much better without all that hair gel," she mused aloud.

Draco enjoyed feeling her hand slide across his head. The tiny gap at the bottom of the blindfold allowed him to see her breasts sway as she moved. She was utterly glorious.

Hermione allowed her hand to trail down his arm and admired the smug smile he was wearing. She ran one finger along his nose, which he crinkled at her.

"You'll make me sneeze," Draco warned.

"Why didn't you ever smile like that at Hogwarts?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I did; whenever I had a sexy female in my bed."

"No wonder I never saw it," she replied; "Should your new title be 'The Whore of Hogwarts'?"

"That's just cruel. Are you going to feel me up or should I be giving instructions?" Draco wondered.

"I don't know how you managed to get any girl to sleep with you," Hermione retorted.

"I didn't have to convince any of them," he revealed, "They wanted my attention for whatever reason and were out to seduce me. One just wanted to be admitted to the snobby social circle my mother has so much influence in."

"So a girl had sex with you to get to your mother? That's just sick."

Draco shrugged, "Welcome to the convoluted world of pureblood politics. This conversation is not a turn on at all. Why don't you slip your hand lower and see what pops up?"

Hermione shoved the blanked down and grabbed his penis in her fist. Draco yelped and nearly pulled out his shoulder joints. He dropped a few curse words which made her smile.

"Isn't this what you wanted, mate?" she asked sweetly. She expected him to demand she release him or complain that her grip was strangling him. She did not expect him to arch his hips into her hand and moan.

"You need more practise, but it's a start," Draco told her.

"I should have known you'd like it rough," she snorted.

"Be kind to the Dragon, and the Dragon will be nice to you," Draco chuckled.

"Have you seriously named your penis?" Hermione demanded, "Just when I thought you couldn't be any weirder."

"Lots of guys do," Draco replied easily, "It has a separate brain so he deserves a name."

"It does not have a brain."

"Sure he does. I spent years telling myself that you were gross and I hated you but he wouldn't listen. I'd dream of you coming into my dorm wearing -"

"If you don't shut up I'll gag you and leave you here," Hermione threatened.

"You wouldn't; I'm you're sexy Veela and you crave by body."

"Wait a second," Hermione mused aloud, "If you named your penis a Dragon, and your name is Draco which means Dragon you must be saying you're a dick? That totally makes sense now."

"You know, even while you try to mock me I'm still turned on," Draco replied, "If you've finished admiring my sexy body, I'd like to do something about getting you to relax."

"I'm not sure if you're up to the task," Hermione teased.

"Oh! A challenge!" Within seconds his wand was in his hand and his arms were free.

"No fair!" Hermione complained.

Draco shrugged, "Wandless and wordless magic was hard to master but who wants to be without their wand?"

He threw off the blankets and stood up without hesitating. Hermione blushed at the sight of his erection pointing the way forward.

"Watch out, you'll give yourself brain damage waving that around," she muttered.

"Not a chance."

She watched him drag over a chair which appeared out of nowhere, while trying to keep her eyes off the various interesting parts of his body. She still felt odd about ogling him openly.

"Where do you get the confidence to wander around naked?" she asked.

He shrugged, "I've been through worse, and survived. I trust you and I don't plan to strip for anyone else, so there's nothing to worry about."

"It will take me a bit longer to wander around naked."

Draco sat down on the chair and patted his thighs encouragingly, "Come sit down."

Hermione gaped at him, "Right."

Draco rolled his eyes, "You challenged me to make you relax and I am going to follow through. This is the best position to get you off, so come over here."

"That's the worst attempt at seduction I have ever heard," Hermione decided.

She expected him to reply with a cutting remark as he always had in school. She was very surprised by the way his shoulders slumped and he sighed.

"Please?" Draco implored.

Hermione blinked at him and pressed her bottom lip between her teeth, "Are you seriously begging me to -" she waved a hand at him to indicate what she meant.

"I am begging you to come over here and ride my cock so you can experience an explosive orgasm," Draco clarified, "Will you please stop being so stubborn?"

The rush of excitement she experienced at his crass words bolstered her courage. She let the blanket slip from her body and uncoiled her legs gracefully. She enjoyed the way his eyes slipped along her body appreciatively.

"You are gorgeous," Draco pointed out, "How did you manage to hide that body under school robes for so long?"

Hermione stood in front of him with her hands on her hips, "The secret is rather simple; I kept my clothes on."

Draco smiled and ran his hands along her hips, "Not anymore. I much prefer you without clothes."

Hermione gulped at the waving appendage he was so easily able to ignore, "Your 'Dragon' is waving at me."

"Come say hello," he suggested.

"I thought Veela were supposed to be charming?"

"I am being charming. Have I told you how gorgeous your tits are today?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "This is so awkward," she muttered.

"Straddle me," Draco encouraged, "sit on my thighs first."

That wasn't too bad. She sat as far back from his torso as she could without falling off. She was slightly higher than him and he was perfectly placed to ogle her breasts.

"Hug me so you can get used to the position," Draco encouraged. He pressed his erection against his stomach to limit her anxiety.

Hermione shifted forward hesitantly until her breasts were pressed against his chest. He tucked his head under her chin.

"Doesn't this feel rather intimate?" Draco asked.

It sounded like a rhetorical question so she didn't bother answering.

"You have no idea how many times I have imagined this," Draco sighed.

"With me in particular or in general with any woman?"

Draco tilted his head back to meet her eyes, "With you. Any time I was with someone else I had to resort to imagining you beneath me, or riding me to finish the job."

"Why me?"

He nuzzled her breasts while his hands squeezed her bottom, "You are the pinnacle of intelligence, warmth, loyalty and compassion. I always knew you were far too good for me and I couldn't stop wanting you."

"I would like to believe you," Hermione admitted, "But there is a tiny part of me which is sure you are full of shit."

Draco grinned up at her, "I admired you well before puberty, so we can't blame the Veela gene."

Hermione recognised the sneaky expression he wore as she had seen it often.

"What are you doing now?"

"Nothing," he replied. He leaned back just enough to slip his hand between their bodies. Seconds later she could feel a delicious pressure between her legs.

"I would be incompetent if I didn't make sure you were very familiar with what I can do for your clitoris," Draco explained smugly.

Hermione moaned softly as he pressed her hips into his body firmly. How had she never known what her body was capable of? She barely noticed that his tongue was playing with one of her nipples while the other breast was firmly cradled in his hand.

She wanted more. She wanted to experience what her body was hinting at.

"What's next?" She asked softly.

"Whatever you want," he replied.

"I don't know what to do," she admitted.

Draco groaned into her chest, "Are you asking for some hints?"

"Do you want me to ride your cock or not?" Hermione demanded irritably.

"Always so bossy," Draco sighed, "It was always to difficult pretending to be angry when you screamed insults at me. It made me want to bend you over something."

His hips pushed up into hers while his hands pulled her closer.

"Are you teasing me?" Hermione demanded.

"I'm just making sure you're aroused enough; the penetration is deeper in this position."

Hermione knew what she wanted, and was still reluctant to tell him. She planted her feet on the floor and lifted her body enough to release the erection which had been sandwiched between them.

"You're ready to try this?" Draco surmised. She nodded, her teeth holding her bottom lip again.

"I'll cum too early again if you keep biting your lip like that!" Draco warned.

"It's just a lip," Hermione whispered. She could feel his hand slip between them again. His fingers brushed along her fold and then lined the tip of his penis against her entrance.

"Your mouth fascinates me," Draco groaned, "I keep imagining my cock sliding past those lips and – "

Hermione let gravity drawn her body downwards and allowed him to slip into her. She liked the way he lost the ability to think; it was quite flattering.

"Fuck," Draco gasped.

"That is the verb of the day," Hermione replied, rather euphoric in her power over him. When his invasion began to feel uncomfortable she pushed with her legs to lift herself away from him. He attempted to thrust his hips up to remain within her and pleaded into her breasts.

"What happened to that cold, sneering façade you've worn for so many years?" Hermione wondered.

"It doesn't exist during sex," Draco managed.

"Too bad I didn't know that earlier," she mused aloud, "Sixth Year could have been very different."

Draco clutched at her back and desperately recalled Quidditch statistics to stave off the orgasm brewing within him. He felt her body slide back down and his cock sank into heaven.

Hermione watched the pure pleasure on his face and enjoyed the thrill of control she was experiencing. She had never imagined that riding a man would be so damn satisfying.

She experimented with different movements and found the best one. She was glad she had taken horse-riding lessons a few years earlier.

Draco was pleading, groaning and praising her in disjointed sentences. She teased him back and wondered who was going to lose control first.

Draco knew drastic action needed to be put into effect. He pressed her tightly against his torso and tensed his stomach muscles to heighten the friction between them. He held up his hands palm-out so they were lightly grazing her nipples.

"You're gorgeous when you're riding my cock," he whispered, "I could stare at your tits bouncing in my face for years. Fuck me Hermione, I belong to you."

She was making the right noises; he could feel the tension increasing around his erection.

Hermione listened to the disjointed sentences he was moaning into her chest. She smiled above his head and let any remaining shyness slip away.

Draco felt her body convulse around him. Her nails dug into his shoulders and a shrill cry escaped her lips. She had never looked more beautiful.

Hermione sagged against him as her orgasm washed over her. Any tension which had built up fled through her toes. A lazy smile graced her face.

"And that, my dear, is an orgasm," Draco said smugly.

"Arrogant git," she sighed, "At least you're good in bed."

His chuckle sent tingles through her body. The spasms which continued to rack her body were quite enjoyable.

"Now we're going to try a new position," Draco said decisively, "Kneel on all fours on the bed."

Usually such a directive would have annoyed her enough to argue. Under the influence of the post-coital haze she was lost in, she simply cooperated. Her legs were wobbly as she dismounted his still-erect penis so she leaned on him to remain upright.

Draco guided her to the bed and puller her hips up to where he wanted them.

"Lean on the pillow," he instructed. When she had her face nestled comfortable on a silky pillowcase he guided their bodies back together.

"Slowly," Hermione instructed sharply.

The penetration was deeper from this angle so he kept the thrusts gentle until he spotted the smile on her face.

The pace increased gradually and he watched her hands grip the edges of the pillow. Her moans matched his thrusts perfectly.

"You are hitting the perfect place," she moaned.

Draco grinned as her words shot straight to his ego. Knowing he was the only man to enjoy her body pleased him on a deep, possessive level he hadn't been aware of previously.

Her muscles were still convulsing gently from her orgasm. As she tightened around him he felt his own release approaching.

Hermione felt him shift and a strong hand gripped her shoulder. Her mouth opened in astonishment as he used the leverage to pound into her hard. The first second was uncomfortable before the lovely tingling sensation took over.

She could hear the short gasps which preceded his orgasms and experienced a thrill of anticipation. She tightened her Kegel muscles and listened to the string of curse words he shouted in her mind.

He came hard, gasping with each final thrust. He gasped for air, a noise she was sure he didn't realize he was making. The hand on her shoulder released and trailed up her spine.

"Damn you're good at that," Draco groaned as he fell into the bed beside her.

"You're pretty talented yourself," Hermione mused.

His arm was still slung over her. He trailed his fingers to run across her shoulders and caress her cheek. Somehow the gesture seemed more intimate than the activities they had been indulging in.

"I'm glad you're here," Draco admitted, his expression oddly vulnerable, "I know the whole Veela thing came out of nowhere, and you could have just told me to stick it."

Was this the shy side he had always hidden with arrogance and insults? It was hard to reconcile the childhood bully with the man who touched her so gently.

"Did I say something wrong?" Draco wondered. There was a trace of panic in his face.

Hermione leaned forward to kiss him gently, "Not at all."

"You Gryffindor's are weird," Draco decided when she pulled back, "You were looking at me like that hippogriff did before it tried to kill me."

"I was not. I was wondering how you could be such an arse at school, and a sweet guy now. Are you bipolar? And, for the record, that hippogriff had every right to try to kill you for insulting him."

Draco was smiling at her again, "You think I'm sweet?"

"And an arse."

"Well that makes sense," Draco mused, "You think I'm a 'Sweet Arse' and I can assure that you have a very sweet arse."

"Is that a pathetic attempt to be charming?" Hermione snorted.

"Not really. I wanted to compliment your backside without sounding sleazy and the opportunity was too good to pass up."

"I need to have a shower," Hermione announced.

Draco was admiring her body again, "Want some company?"