Ok so while yes I know I have many ongoing projects and stories; once again the primordial plot bunny reared its ugly head. This is actually a kind-of example of one such story…

A bit of background: Many of you who have 'known' me for quite some time might remember a story called 'Enigma' that I wrote back in 2012/13. Do not fret though, those that are still with me and liked the story I am keeping it up. It is just that I have chosen to do a twist on it for a number reasons. Primarily as the show progressed a lot of events happened, especially with character developments and everything I feel that I can make a better story from when I originally wrote Enigma. I can also say that Neal (Emma's Neal just making that clear) will not be the main story focus as he was in Enigma, but he will probably be mentioned and make small appearances. I will also do better in sticking to the characters' traits and personalities to the best of my ability too. While this story will be slightly A/U, it will take place after the drama of season 5, but will keep it in the same premise that Enigma was written for.

So that being said here is the summary: After the events of the Underworld and Hades failing to take over Storybrooke, everything became peaceful; however that cannot last forever. One phone call changes everything and the past rears its ugly head as Emma leaves Storybrooke for one final bail-jumper; but when she returns will she be the same Emma that left or will she have gotten too far over her head this time? Read and Find out dearies.



One month. It was exactly one month to the date and time that Storybrooke was saved from eternal damnation. Everyone gathered at Granny's to celebrate. In fact no one truly stopped celebrating since Hades was banished back into the Underworld from where he had come from. Gold even saw to it that the gateway to Hell was completely locked and was to be never opened again…at least until it was the person's time who actually deserved to enter such a place, only then would it open up once more, however it was a one way ticket.

"Can't we just stop with the celebrating?" Emma asked as she looked around to see the dwarves tossing back a few tankards of beer, others were clinking glasses and laughing, the music was blasting, and conversations were loud. Like really loud.

"They have a reason to celebrate. It is a time of peace, and we are all lucky." Snow said as she smiled and looked around. Baby Neal was with the few fairies that stayed at the church as was Roland and baby Rachel (Regina and Robin finally had decided on a name, although Emma secretly kept her nickname…Pistachio), "Besides do you know how long it has been since the last incident?"

"Yea, thirty days." Emma stated as she found her son talking to Violet in the crowd. She internally winced as she recalled what she had done to the girl, however once the situation was explained (multiple times over) the young girl was surprisingly understanding…as was the whole town.

David chuckled, "Well it is a record."

"What's a record?" Heads turned to see that it was Regina who had spoken as she took a seat next to Emma in the larger booth near the back with her drink in hand followed by Robin and Killian.

"The record for how many days this town has gone without incidents." Snow explained as she took a sip of her soda.

"Well that is certainly quiet the achievement." Killian said as he raised his glass, "To thirty days!"

"Thirty days!" They cheered as they clinked their glasses.

But before they took a sip, Emma added, "To us just jinxing it!"

"Wait what?" Robin asked as he was about to re-clink his glass. Everyone else halted as well to give Emma a strange look.

"Well think about it, something going this good never lasts for very long in this place." Emma said as she took a sip of rum and coke.

"I think you are looking at the glass half empty." David said knowingly over the rim of his soda.

Killian nodded, "Aye love. Sure we had a rough beginning after everything, but can't we enjoy the peace just this once?"

"We could and we are, but I just think we should really tone down the partying a bit." Emma said as he had reached across to hold her hand on the table.

He smiled at her, as he then looked around, "I suppose the celebrating has overstayed its welcome." Snow, David, Robin, and Regina looked around them and saw what Emma was starting to see a bit. It was getting rather redundant having a party almost every weekend and this one was starting to get a bit out of hand; however they would allow this one more night of fun before imploring the town's people to return to a sense of normalcy.

Henry and Violet wove their way through multiple crowds of people towards the back after having to regal the tales of Camelot, and the Underworld a few more times. The family finally able to enjoy some time together after a hectic month of going through a new census for the people of Camelot and making sure that no one else was lost due to the Underworld fiasco. It was getting closer to the end of the party when Emma's phone rang just as Violet was explaining the types of celebrating Camelot held compared to the one they had experienced, "Emma really?" Snow asked as she looked at her daughter.

"Sorry, but I am the sheriff right?" Emma asked, however even over the noise it was not the ringtone she used for the calls that were forward to her phone. Pulling her phone out she saw it was a blocked number. Sighing she motioned for Regina to move to let her out, "I'll be right back." They watched as Emma headed towards the bathroom to take the call.

"Well she is the sheriff." David said as they returned to the conversation at hand when Snow looked at him.

"But everyone is here," Snow motioned to the residents in the diner, "I doubt there is much going on out there."

"That wasn't even the ringtone for the station." Henry stated thoughtfully. Now eyes on him he said, "I did share the loft with her remember. I think I know what ringtone she has for everyone."

"Oh really?" Killian asked having 'ringtones' explained to him, "Do tell…"

Henry smirked as he looked at Regina, "Well your tone is Darth Vader's Imperial March."

"Excuse me?"

"What is ringtones exactly?" Violet asked before Henry could answer his adoptive mother.

Henry started explaining as he took his phone out and showed Violet the different tone settings for the people in the phone. He demonstrated each one that he uses for the people in his contacts. Then looking at Regina again he showed her the type of tone Emma uses in her phone and everyone laughed…minus Regina who was not at all finding it funny and as she looked at Robin, who was laughing along with everyone, she smacked his arm, "You are on the couch tonight." She said in a low and dangerous tone.

Robin turned a beat red and Killian laughed, "Well mate you are what Emma says 'in the dog house'." Killian then looked at the boy and asked, "What is mine?"

However before Henry could show him, Emma came back to the table looking slightly pale, "I have to go." She said with a large swallow to rid herself of the lump that formed in her throat.

"Do you want me to come with you?" David asked not registering his daughter's facial expression, Henry and Killian though caught on as they looked at her more closely.

"Not unless you want to lose your memories, lose your way back to town, or turn into a tree…but I do not think that will happen…to me at least." At this remark heads snapped towards her in disbelief.

"What?" Snow asked as everyone filed out of the booth to surround Emma urgently.

The music suddenly cut off now as the people in the diner picked up the new unpleasant vibe, "I mean I have to leave as in leave town…tonight." Emma responded as she looked at her mother and then met the eyes of everyone else around her.

"Who called you?" Henry asked as he took in his mother's pale complexion. It was like she was afraid of the person that had called.

"I cannot say." Emma said as she took a deep breath.

"The hell you can;" Snow stated her eyes flashing, "you are not leaving until you give us some information."

Shaking herself from the news of the phone call she steeled herself to look at her mother, "I really cannot tell you anything, because I do not know anything. I just know that I have to leave and go to Philadelphia…tonight." She dove into the booth and grabbed her jacket and made sure she had everything. Looking at Killian she said, "I am sorry, but I have to leave."

He looked at her sadly, but knew better than to stop her, "I understand. Just be safe and come back?"

"We are survivors. I will be back." She kissed him deeply and then looking at Snow and David she said, "I will call you as soon as I know what is happening."

"You know more than you are tell us." David said sternly as he looked at her, "Do not tell us we are wrong."

"You have to trust me. Please." Emma said just as sternly.

Snow and David looked at each other and sighed, "Two days. Call us when you get there, but then call us to let us know what is happening. Otherwise we will find a way to find you and drag you home." Snow threatened.

"Just do not go to Gold." In fact no one had seen Gold since he had closed the gateway, but as Emma looked around she stopped Belle by Grumpy who was watching them with concern, "I love you." She hugged them closely, "Tell squirt I said bye."

"We will and we love you too."

Emma then looked at Regina and Robin, "I'll be back. Think you can handle the savior job again…Madam Mayor?" Emma asked with a raised brow.

"I think I can Ms. Swan." Regina stated back in the same tone. However they did not need to speak any other words on the subject.

When Emma looked at Henry as he took a step forward, but he spoke before she could, "Take me with you."

"No!" Emma said forcefully that caught everyone off guard, "I can't and I wouldn't even if I could. You have to stay here."

"Mom you promised you would not try to leave."

"I have no choice. I have to." Emma stated as she placed her one hand on his shoulder and the other on his head, "Please I promise to let you know what I can when I find out more information."


"I love you, good bye Henry." Emma said as she quickly turned her back on him knowing she would risk staying if she stayed any longer with him.

"Mom!" Henry called out as he tried to run after her, but Robin and David held him back. He tried to fight against their grip, but the bug's headlights came on and he heard it pulling away.

The party was clearing out now, seeing that no one was in the mood for celebrating anymore. Henry numbly said good bye to Violet as her dad led her away from them. Killian opted to go to his ship for the night, not wanting to stay in the house that had become home since he and Emma had gotten back together. As Snow, David, Regina, Robin, and Henry walked to the church to pick up their respective kids, they looked to Henry to find out where he wanted to be for the night. Seeing that the loft would only remind him of Emma, he chose to go with Regina and Robin.

Once they had gotten home and said their good nights, Henry stared up at the ceiling lost in his thoughts. He did not like the feeling he was getting. It was like he knew something bad was going to happen. Becoming the author a few months ago, it was like he had a sense about this type of thing. That something was about to change in his mother's story and he had to capture it without having any control of changing it. Which meant that when Emma did come home, there was a strong possibility of her never being the same again.