Hey, everyone, here's the long awaited update for Hotel Siblings. Last time, Kaz ended up under the catacombs in some sort of hidden tunnel, leaving Johnny behind with Mavis and has met up with Tom's group of friends. Also, Klay pulled a dirty trick on Tom's chaotic self and now he's somewhere in the real Perim.

Let's see what happens!

(Unknown Location)

Tom wasn't sure how much time had passed since he had ported into Chaotic or since he came to this strange plain, all he knew was that he was even more scared then before and this time, he was all alone. He had no clue where he was once again and there was no human to help him out, heck, as far as he knew, this wasn't even earth, which scared him even further and to top it off, he couldn't use his powers. Whether he was still vulnerable to the sun or not, he didn't know, but he wasn't about to risk finding out, the memories of Mavis' own encounters with the celestial rays still hot in his mind.

Having literally, no experience with the outside world whatsoever, Tom had virtually no clue what to do aside from sitting at the base of the tree he was hiding under and more or less curl into a ball, trying to mentally will himself back home or bring his sister to him. He was also wishing it would become night sooner and that he at least had Batty with him, but whenever he opened his eyes, he had no such luck.

"This cannot be happening..." Tom said getting close to hyperventilating as he got up and began to pace the tree's shade, seeing wishing wasn't getting him anywhere, "I'm so going to turn that flea-bitten, dishonorable, blood-sucking Wailliams into a freaking pile of ash!" He then paused in thought and blinked, before groaning and face-palming, "I've been hanging around Casey too much..."

Without warning, something slammed into him from behind, eliciting a mix of a startled shriek and a pained grunt as he landed with a roll onto his front. The semi-lightweight that had collided with him remained on his back for only a few seconds before just as suddenly rolling off. Why did he suddenly get the feeling he was going to have to get used to things that didn't hurt before being able to hurt him now?

"La naiba(Damn it)!" Tom grunted rubbing his chin where he was sure he scraped himself on a rock, "What is yo-?" But he was cut off by someone, or something, grabbing him by the legs and pulling him backwards into the tall grass, much to his alarm as he tried to shout, "He-!" But was cut off yet again, this time by a hand slamming over his mouth, a distinctly human-like hand, he noted, hand.

"Zip it, emo-weirdo!" A female voice hissed, the owner seemingly unaware or uncaring of his panicked state, "I've been out here tracking Mezmar all night, I've had zero sleep and I've got NO patience for a scan-hog!"

He stayed quiet and, more or less, frozen, hoping she'd go away if he seemed less threatening, but at the same time, he took the moment to study the new face. Thankfully (ironically), it was another human, like Kaz and Peyton, she was fair-skinned and appeared to be well-in shape with long blonde hair and teal eyes. The difference between her and Kaz though, was this girl's facial features were all sharp angles, while Kaz's were softer and more roundish, and she was giving him a look he usually sees Mavis give a particularly rowdy guest that didn't show much respect to others in general or the rare vampire that actually decided to show up.

A rustle from a different patch of tall grass immediately caught her attention and, much like a werecat, she jumped off him and crouched much like an actual animal on the hunt. For a second it made Tom rub his eyes to make sure they weren't deceiving him. Nope, normal, sleep-deprived human girl acting like a wild cat, scanning the area outside their hiding place with a sharp, calculating gaze. Now Tom really wanted to go home, where everything made sense and had a semblance of order and, more importantly, was safe.

"But-" He tried to tell her, but she gave him a sharp shush.

Tom was close to losing it right there, unable to take the craziness and the suddenness of everything, topped with the potential danger of being somewhere he wasn't familiar and stripped of his hard-earned powers. A sob managed to escape him and the future count-to-be was unable to bring himself to feel any shame about it, not even when she looked at him with an arched eyebrow.

"Look, I don't even know what a Mezmar is or how I'd scan it, whatever that even is!" Tom said close to hysterics and/or hyperventilating again, tears prickling his eyes, "I just want to go home and get ready for my birthday with my sister smothering me like she always does and with my friends and family, and listen to Batty and Uncle Wayne complain, where everything is safe and makes sense!" He was aware he was babbling and rambling at this point, but he could care less at the moment, "If it weren't for that damn Klay Wa-"

He was saved from making a potential slip-up by the girl suddenly snorting, "Klaybourne doesn't help anyone but himself!" Tom face-palmed at yet another glaringly obvious sign he should've saw, "He's always causing trouble wherever he goes, even here."

Tom couldn't help muttering in agreement, "Don't I know it..."

Standing up properly, she dusted herself off and Tom took in her outfit properly; a long-sleeved white shirt under a black cropped top and red jean-caprice with a pair of simple tawny-brown slip-ons. Cleo would've probably blown a fit if she ever saw someone look so plain and Rosa probably compliment her for looking so comfortable. The thought of home gave his chest a dull ache, so he refocused on her as she offered a hand to him.

She gave him a half-smile, half-smirk, "I'm Sarah, Sarah Laurence."

Tom, for a moment, was blown by the amount of trust and literally no hesitance on her part to offer him such an easy way to kill her or/and drink her blood. But he then reminded himself he technically wasn't a vampire anymore, or so it seemed anyway, nor did he exactly look like one anymore; his skin was remarkably tanned now. He momentarily wondered how Chaotic would react to the truth to just what he and Klay really were, who he was, and how many other monsters were also here.

Shaking himself out of it, Tom offered a half-smile of his own as he took the offered hand, "Tom, Thomas Lucien Dr-" He paused as his brain caught up with him and he was once again on his feet, well aware a majority of the humans were well aware of his father's name, so he quickly thought up a false family name, "Majors. Thomas Lucien Majors."

"Well, Thomas Lucien Majors," Sarah gave him a little smile, finding his pause a little odd, but it was overshadowed by her amusement for his rather proper-ish introduction, she made a little dramatic motion to the plain around them, "Welcome to the wild, wide plains of Perim," She motioned for him to crouch with her and he did so, calming down to finally be getting answers, "Where everything, believe me, is very real, and if you want to get back to your sister, your uncle and your...Batty," He bit back a snicker at her hesitance at the end of the sentence, "I suggest staying quiet and staying down, unless you want to get blasted!"

Sarah then stared at him and it took Tom a moment to realize she was waiting for a response and he quickly nodded, offering a sheepish grin as she rolled her eyes. She took out a brownish-colored scanner, symbolizing her to be a Danian-supporter, and stated, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some scanning to do!" With that, she began to army-crawl away, most likely to resume whatever she had been doing before his unexpected arrival.

Shrugging to himself and realizing he had nothing better to do, he began to follow her, arm-crawl and all, only to pause with a slight hesitance as he reached the end of the safety of the grasses shade. He glanced up at the semi-cloudy sky before sighing and muttered a quick, Romanian prayer before slowly crawling out into the sunlight and paused. He glanced at his hands and quickly felt the back of his head and neck, but he wasn't burning up, at all.

He hefted another sigh before hurrying after Sarah, figuring his only real answers as to why everything that defined a vampire, what he was basically wasn't working anymore, was from another monster-player, most likely Wailliams, but first, he was going to need Sarah's help. He really hoped Kaz and Peyton found some help for him soon.


It had taken Kaz's new guides less than five minutes to find a set of stairs that brought them out of the garbage tunnels and back up into the catacombs. To say Kaz was worried for her brother was a fierce understatement; while she was somewhat around sixty to seventy percent sure the countess wasn't going to kill him, that didn't stop that underlying doubts from rearing their ugly heads and the fact she was in a castle she had never been in before didn't make her feel any better.

Chaor's castle? Practically, and literally, a second home to her. The castle in Kiru City? Knew the ins and outs and the secret passageways like the back of her hand. The Mipedian Palace? A child's maze. The Danian royal chambers? She had the path to the Queen's room memorized since she was six and could even walk it blindfolded (and she did do that once). Heck, even the castles she and Johnny had toured in Ireland and Scotland were cakewalks.

But this? This was trending on thin ice with hungry, man-eating sharks underneath. Not only had she never been here before and there were potentially dangerous monsters that wouldn't hesitate to rip her and Johnny to shreds at a moment's notice, but there were potential traps like the literal trapdoor she had fallen down just moments ago; so there was no telling if Johnny was alright.

What kept her from outright freaking out? This new, but pleasantly different, group of monsters that were helping her find her big brother before he got himself into yet another sticky (hopefully not literal) situation. Kaz found it a little odd that Frankie was the one leading the group rather than one of the werewolves, what with the whole Alpha-thing, but then again, what did she really know about werewolves? Or any monster really.

As they walked along the tunnels, Billy, who was still for some reason, was still being carried by Kwan, said to the concerned redhead, "I don't think anyone's been properly introduced yet, I'm Billy Joe Cobra, apprent-"

All worry for her brother immediately disappeared as the name registered in her head and Kaz looked up at him with surprised eyes, "Wait, as in the Billy Joe Cobra? The youngest singer to ever make, like, ten gold record hits in a row, ever?"

Billy and the others looked rather surprised that she was aware of who he was in life, seeing how it had been around forty years ago, but Billy wasn't about to complain as he answered with a smile, "Yep, that's me and apprentice to the one and only Invisible Man to boot!" He then motioned to the dragon carrying him, "And this hunk of muscle and scales is Kwan, one of the last Chinese Flying Serpents."

Unable to help himself, Kwan paused in his walk and set Billy down to give a traditional bow of greeting and allowing his native tongue to slip freely, "Hen gaoxing jian dao ni(A pleasure to meet you)."

It left his friends a little confused, until Kaz smiled and returned the bow, the language just as easily falling from her tongue as she replied in kind, "Dui ni yeshi ruci(And to you as well)."

Billy shook the interaction off with a shrug before motioning to the leader of their group, adding, "And up ahead is Frankie, she's Frankenstein's daughter."

Now that caused Kaz to stop, blinking in surprise, causing everyone else to stop and look at her. "Frankenstein's daughter?" Kaz asked and at everyone's nod, she looked Frankie up and down and let out a low, apprieative whistle, just cause she didn't swing that way didn't mean she didn't know beauty when she saw it, "Wow," She then smirked, "They certainly pulled out all the stops."

Frankie's face turned several shades darker at the compliment, freezing up, mostly from shock, before giving a shy smile, "Thanks, mom and dad had to go through a lot of girls before they found the symmetrics that were just perfect for me."

"And the guy with the antlers is Draco Malfoy," Billy continued motioning to the platinum blonde and stage-whispered, "He's a wizard."

"Wizard?" Kaz was now confused, she was pretty sure witches and wizards were just normal humans with powers, "How did..." She motioned to her head, fingers ghosting over her fake ears as she tried to politely indicate the blonde's antlers.

"Oh, these?" Draco asked gently trailing a finger up the base of his horns, "Rosa and I were tampering with the wrong spell and, well, things went haywire and we were turned into spirits as a result, as you can see." Kaz hummed in response, did that mean, technically she was masquerading as a spirit and not a witch? After all, Mavis stuck these ears and tail on her.

But then a thought made her blink, but she wisely kept her mouth shut, knowing it would rise suspicions out of her new found allies. Instead she focused back on Billy, who was now able to float again and floated over to Casey to tap the gargoyle on the head, much to her amusement, "And this walking, talking piece of Yankie stone is Casey Jones."

"Billy! What did I say 'bout clonking me on dah noggin'?" Casey demanded batting the cackling ghost away, before muttering, "Impotes mentis imago(Demented phantom)."

He had apparently forgotten her familiarity with Latin already, cause Kaz smirked as she said in a mock-scolding fashion, "Nunc neque tincidunt ipsum(now that's not very nice)." Which earned her a very poisonous look from the girl.

"And this is Zak Bagans-Wolfman, son of the Wolfman, in case you didn't guess," Billy continued the introduction without missing a beat, "And his cousin Howleen Wolf."

"Howdy!" Zak greeted tipping his hat politely, making the redhead giggle. "It's nice to meet you, killer dress, by the way," Howleen added with a playful wink. "Thanks and nice hat," Kaz complimented in kind.

"And last but not least-" Billy started sounding a bit stressed, but was cut off. "Name's Cleo," Cleo stated as if it were obvious with a flip of her hair, "Cleo de Nile."

Everyone looked at Kaz, who had a thoughtful look on her face. "De Nile. De Nile...the Nile!" The redhead exclaimed realization dawning on her face, "I get it!" Cleo face-palmed but otherwise said nothing as everyone else chuckled.

"Well, I'm Kazlyn, but its just Kaz to my friends," The redhead smiled as she felt more and more at ease.

"Kazlyn, Kaz, Kazzie~!" Billy tested it with a silly voice, which made everyone laugh, whilst Cleo only smirked, "Okay, Kazzie, humor me this; what was a pretty girl like you doing in the garbage?"

Now Kaz was embarrassed, "Well, um...my brother and I were looking for our rooms and...I kinda...sorta...stumbled on one of the trap doors..." She blushed harder as they all snickered at her misfortune.

"No need to be embarrassed," Cleo surprisingly comforted, "We've all got less than favorable stories of our first nights here, even perfect royals like myself," She then gave a mirthful half-smile, "I remember my second night, I wanted to watch the sunrise from the roof, but no one told me it was under repairs, so when I stepped on the wrong board, I fell right threw the roof right into the men's sauna..." As the group chuckled and snickered, Cleo sighed, "Mavis still won't let that pass..."

Kaz tried to stifle her chuckle as she commented, "Sorry to hear that." Cleo hummed with a shrug, it hadn't been that bad, the only mansters there had fallen asleep from the heat and were well covered, so it couldn't been worse.

Frankie then stopped and signaled the rest to do so, she then asked, "Does this look like the right one?"

Kaz blinked and then looked around the tunnel for something, anything familiar that could point to this torch/lever being the right one, but unfortunately, couldn't see anything to point in an absolute certainty. This, she voiced with a helpless shrug, "To be perfectly honest...I have no freaking clue, these corridors are all perfectly identical."

The teens all nodded, though be it in sympathy or actual agreement to her state, Kaz had no clue. Frankie then reached up and pulled the lever, causing the wall to opened up much like the other levers had done for Mavis, but what they saw inside had cause most of them to rub their eyes to make sure they weren't seeing things.

The room was a laboratory-styled dance club and bar complete with a stage for whatever act would be performing, but that wasn't what had them staring. Frank, Wayne and Murray were brawling with three male zombies who were all dressed as Victorian Era court composers. Even Zak's little brothers and sisters were running a-muck adding to the randomness and chaos of the situation as Wayne gnawed on one of the zombies, Murray was sitting on another and Frank had just brought down a chair on the last one. Needless to say, it made little sense, even to the undead teens.

However, things got a little more explainable, at least to Kaz, when she spotted Johnny, who was wrestling with...a floating pair of red glass...both trying to subdue a large white lizard with gold horns and claws...with not all that much success as it thrashed about. It flung its tail, which Johnny was clinging to, sending the redhead tumbling across the floor, unharmed into a chair next to Frank, who he then advised, "The gong! Give him the gong!"

Frank took the advice before picking up a large gong that seemed to come out of nowhere and slammed it down on the zombie composer's head with a loud resounding crash that left the zombie shaking. Johnny laughed loudly at this, clearly enjoying himself.

Kaz rolled her eyes at this, slapping herself as she said, "Oy vey Johnny...and he says I'm bad!"

"Wait, that's your brother?" Howleen asked pointing at Johnny as he pounced on the lizard's back, locking his arms around its neck in effort not to get throw off again, but she looked at Kaz for an answer. "He's adopted," Kaz half-joked.

Howleen just smirked as Johnny somehow managed to flip the lizard onto its back without hurting himself, complimenting, "Talk about a wild animal." Kaz just shook her head with a shrug.

Their group just stood there until Mavis appeared changing from bat form to human form and yelled, "Enough, enough, ENOUGH!" Which caused them all to freeze, even the lizard looked at her, completely still, eyes wide at apparently being 'caught' doing what they were doing. Seeing she had their attention, Mavis calmed down with a smile and a clap of her hands, "Now, with that out of our systems, how about having a little decorum and..."

But she was cut off by Johnny, who had climbed onto a counter without anyone noticing and used the new height to jump onto the lizard's back, locking his arms around its neck, while screaming, "DOG-PILE!" Prompting his sister to face-palm.

And the older males took that as their cue to resume fighting, Frank even taking Johnny's own move and jumped on top of the zombie he had slammed the gong on before, very well near crushing the poor thing. Wayne started wrestling with the one he was gnawing on, as the lizard tried to roll Johnny and Griffon off, causing both groups to collide into each other and Frank, causing a bit of a dust cloud to rise up as everyone else watched. Somehow, the zombie Murray was sitting on got free, prompting the mummy to chase it into the fray.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!" Mavis shouted frantically as she waved her arms, trying to get them to stop, cringing when the head of one zombie went flying by, "Stop! Can't we all just get along?" She then groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose in disbelief before commenting, "You plan a big family get together and this is what you get!" But she shrieked when one of the zombies grabbed her by the cape and dragged her in, causing her to join in the fight.

All the teens could do was stare at the dust cloud in disbelief, before Casey looked at Billy, Frankie and Cleo, who were also shaking their heads, asking them, "Are they always like this?"

"Unfortunately," Cleo commented in reply as the other two nodded.

But then a black bat with a reddish-pink-tinge streak in the curls on its head screeched as it flew at them, prompting them to turn to see it, then duck. The bat had less than a few seconds to observe the cloud before transforming into Draculaura, who had both hands on her hips, looking less than surprised or pleased at what she was seeing. She looked back at the group of teenagers with a look that said 'really?' and they shrugged at her, making her roll her eyes before simply walking into the cloud with literally no problem.

A second later, the cloud dissipated, revealing Draculaura walking away from the crumpled pile of zombies whilst holding Frank, Wayne, Johnny, Murray, somehow Griffon and even Mavis and the lizard by the ears. Kaz had to cover her mouth, both stifle her snort of laughter at her brother's new predicament, as well as hide her grin for the same reason as they all whimpered in pain of having the petite vampire's well-manicured and sharp claw-like nails digging into their ears.

Once free, Mavis rubbed her slightly sore ear and glared at her adopted-sister, "I had everything perfectly under control, Lala."

"Uh-huh, yeah, sure, then care to explain why you were trying to strangle a headless Mozart?" Draculaura asked not convinced as she crossed her arms. Mavis shrugged, "Eh, heat of the moment."

"And as for you, Eris, honestly," Draculaura rounded on the lizard, clearly not getting into any better a mood as it grinned at her, its moss yellowish-green eyes alight with mischief, "Must you sneak in, in a new form every time? This is honestly getting really annoying."

In response, the lizard glowed a deep, emerald green before its body shrunk in on itself, re-shaping into a human form, which flung itself head back while crouched as long curls grew from its head, before standing at full height as the light died down, revealing a breathe-takingly beautiful, petite woman. Her skin was pale and her hair was golden, ending in voluptuous curls, which were pulled back in a ponytail with a black hair-tie. She wore a dark maroon, Greek Goddess-styled dress that had one strap on her left shoulder and a loose fabric sewn to the waist on one end and attached to her right gold bracelet. Down her entire arms were black monster tattoo and her jewelry, while simple, were all white gold with emeralds, complementing her yellowish-green eyes.

The goddess, Eris, just smirked as she crossed her arms as well, asking playfully, "Now where would the fun in that be?" Draculaura and Mavis growled a little in response, while Johnny gawked.

"You're a girl!" He blurted shocked. "Where are my manners?" Eris smiled at his flirtatiously as she sauntered over to the stunned redhead, "I'm Eris, Goddess of Chaos and Strife, and you are?"

"None of your business, Eris," Mavis stepped between them clearly not happy with the woman, "Don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Hey, we both live by the rule 'look but don't touch'," Eris shrugged before calling over to the group of teens, "Right, Kwan?"

Casey, Billy, Draco and Zak all jaw-dropped, the wizard/spirit being the one to speak up, "You're dating a Greek Goddess?"

"Surprise," Kwan smiled weakly as he walked over and wrapped an arm around the misfit immortal's waist, kissing her cheek lovingly, making her giggle and return his embrace, "Honestly though, Eris, you really need to stop doing that, you're going to get yourself seriously hurt one day." Eris didn't answer, instead she focused on giving him affection in the form of kisses on the cheek and nose.

Kaz discreetly slipped back to hide behind the wall next to the doorway. "Anyways..." Mavis tried to calm down as she glared a little longer at Eris, before looking at her uncles, "What the heck was that all about?"

"Yeah, you all looked like you were about to give them a final burial," Casey commented as the group walked in, never noticing Kaz hiding and not following them anymore. "We were trying to practice for Tom's party, but these bozos wouldn't stop hogging the stage," Wayne answered glaring at the zombies who were miserably trying (and failing) to put themselves back together.

"Okay, put my composers back together, please, thank you," Mavis instructed leaving no room for argument, making the grown monsters groan before doing as she asked, putting the zombies back together easily, Mavis then asked on, "Did you or the others get a chance to rehearse at all, Beethoven?" The zombie replied in the typical zombie language only drawing out the noises in the tone of an opera song.

"Look, Mave, we thought we could play something, like in the good old days," Frank explained before rubbing his arm, suddenly a bit saddened, "Sure, it won't exactly be the same without...without Drac...but..." He the smiled hopefully, "But we thought maybe you wouldn't mind singing instead."

"Oh..." Mavis said with wide eyes as it dawned on her and she became a little uncomfortable and a tad sheepish, "No, no...that...I-I couldn't...besides...I haven't sung since...since Tom was like...twenty-two..."

"Yeah, well," Frankie spoke up, "We all know that Mave, but, the girls and I were talking and...we were thinking of preforming too, bring the band back, since Tom would really love it and-"

But she was cut off when Mavis gave her a slightly annoyed look as she snapped impatiently, "I said NO!" Mavis then went demonic and screeched at them, making everyone stare at her silently, bug-eyed, and she quickly calmed down and smiled with her hands clasped, "Now then, how about we get things moving, huh?" She motioned the zombies, "Why don't you fellas can go back to work and-"

This time, she was cut off by Johnny, who had finally gotten over his shock revolving Eris and had apparently gotten over his prior fear of the monsters and Mavis to step rather close to the countess, whilst waving his arms, saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa there, Mavis!" Instantly getting everyone's attention as he looked at the vampire in disbelief, "You're not actually going to let these guys play at Tom's party, are you? Are you trying to bore him to death before he hits 118?" He then looked at the zombies and smiled apologetically, "Sorry, guys, you're great and all, I mean, I've listened to every song you guys ever made, even got it on CD somewhere," The three puffed up with pride, "But this is a teenager's party; he's not going to want to listen to classic, he's going to want something more modern like techno or rock or even country!"

All three zombies groaned sadly and shuffled away, feeling no longer needed. Johnny then looked at the male teenagers and asked in a slightly desperate voice, "Please tell me you guys are going to perform at least once?"

"Duh!" Casey grinned, "Like we'd miss da chance tah play at our bro's biggest birthday party of his afta-life."

Zak nodded in agreement, "Why else would we have brought our instruments?"

Both then gained odd looks on their faces along with the others, while they knew they were helping someone find this guy, they were confused to just who he was. "Who are you anyway?" Frank asked making both redheads and Mavis panic, but Kaz had yet to emerge from hiding, trying to figure out how to get herself and Johnny out of this mess alive.

"Ugh...you're...cousin!" Mavis informed/lied with a grin pulling Johnny into a tight one-armed hug, "Six times removed!" She was oblivious to how it made him blush a bit as his arm accidentally rubbed against her chest, but she didn't notice. Instead, Johnny immediately jumped to expand the lie to make it more believable, unfortunately once again blurting the first thing that popped into his mind as he leaned away from the countess, "On your right arm's side!"

Once again, Kaz face-palmed, muttering to herself, "Dig your own grave why don't you, he's dead!"

Frank looked at his right arm confused, "You have a cousin?"

"Uncle Frank if your arm could talk it would tell you its original owner had a cousin," Mavis explained as she left go of Johnny. The redheaded male quickly added in without thinking, "Who married a woman..."

Forcing Mavis to quickly think up something to add on, "Who was..." Unable to come with something, Mavis made a neck-slicing motion, indicating the made-up woman had been executed.

But then Billy shot forward with a grin as he added excitedly, "For strangling a pig!"

Both Mavis and Johnny looked at his oddly, both asking, "What?"

"I have pig-strangling blood in my arm?" Frank asked looking a bit freaked out, but then grinned, "That's actually a little cool!" He then grabbed Johnny's hand for a shake, "Nice to meetcha cousin!" However, he misjudged his strength, once again, and shook his hard enough to lift the poor boy up and down.

When he let go, Johnny wobbled a bit as he stammered a reply, "N-Ni-Niwe m-m-meetwa wu t-t-too, hi!" He then fell onto his butt, much to everyone else's amusement as they all chuckled, much to Kaz's relief as she peeked in. "This is absolutely static!" Frankie grinned as she helped him up, bolts sparking harmlessly, "This means we're cousins too!"

But then, Tom, upside-down from standing on the ceiling, popped up next to her, Batty hanging on his shoulder, smiling as he greeted, "Hey!" Kaz jumped with a yelp, but calmed down with a rosy blush at seeing it was him.

Tom couldn't help smirking, which only served to fluster her more as he flipped off the ceiling, Batty taking flight mid flip, landing on his feet before asking, "Aren't you suppose to be attending your duties and helping your brother plan?"

"Oh, well, your sister wanted to show us where we'd be staying first," Kaz said bending the truth as best she could, whilst beginning to play with her hair again, "But we...kinda got...lost along the way." She decided to leave her little detour out.

"Ah, so, did you really come all the way to Transylvania just to get a job?" Tom asked curiously, "All of your texts before said you and your brother were travelling to see the world." Kaz could detect a small hint of envy at the last part and mild panic as she remembered she had been keeping him up to date with her and Johnny's travels.

"Oh, well, we kinda...blew all our money," Kaz quickly came up with a cover story, "We heard of an opening here and jumped for it."

Batty quirked a brow, but changed to topic anyways as he asked, "So, what coven do you come from?"

"Coven?" Kaz momentarily questioned slight panic setting in. "Yeah, all of the witches Mavis hires came from some big coven at one point or another," Tom explained, "Which one are you from?"

"Err...I'm from..." Kaz began trying to come up with something convincing, eyes darting a little for an idea, when she spied a spiderweb, "The Web..." She then noticed a random piece of chain that happened to be laying not far from them, "Chain..." She then smiled more confidently at them, "The Web Chain Coven out west!"

"Web Chain?" The two repeated, Batty being more doubtful compared to Tom, who seemed a little perplex but not suspicious.

"Yeah...I didn't name it," Kaz shrugged sheepishly. "So...you really traveled openly in the human world, huh?" Batty asked, "How'd that work out?"

Kaz shrugged in response, "About as well as it can be, I mean, no one started chasing us with pitchforks or anything." She meant it as a joke, but the flinches and fright in the twos eyes made the laugh in her throat die where it was, forcing her to swallow.

"So..." Kaz tried to think of a less touchy subject as the seconds ticked awkwardly. "So...where is Mavis stationing you?" Tom asked taking the chance to talk about something else, already mentally planning how to spend as much time as he could with her, "Or are you on rotation?"

Kaz just stared at him, confused and lost on what he was talking about, "Huh?"

But then, a spider came down from the ceiling next to her, startling her when it suddenly spoke cheerily, "Hey, Tom!" With a startled shriek, Kaz backed into the room, bumping into a chair, knocking herself off her feet, immediately getting everyone's attention and the festive, friendly atmosphere was instantly gone. Johnny's eyes dilated at the sight of his sister, the reality of their situation finally reforming in his head and his fear rose its ugly head, or more accurately, his fear for his sister's life.

He quickly rushed to her as Frank began stomping over, each step made everything vibrate as panic began to seep into both redheads, until Mavis quickly moved in front of them, using her cape to shield the siblings, all three cringing a little as Murray walked over and asked, "Who is that?"

"Hey!" Johnny hissed at Mavis, who glanced back at him, "These guys aren't going to hurt me or my sister, are they?"

"I do-" Kaz started to whisper, but Mavis cut her off. "Not so long as they continue to believe the two of you are monsters," Mavis hissed back in answer to Johnny's question.

"Oh, okay," Johnny replied still whispering, only to then become shocked a bit disgusted by her answer as it registered in his head and he added, "That's kinda racist!"

Kaz then shot her brother a weird look as she hissed at him, "That's what you're concerned about in thissituation?"

"Look," Mavis cut in before the two could argue, "Just play along!"

"Oh, Kaz, there you are, dear, are you alright?" Draco, thankfully, interrupted the tense moment as he walked around Frank, Murray and Mavis to help the girl up, surprising the adults, "That was a nasty tumble."

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine," Kaz assured allowing him to help her up, "Just...startled that's all."

"We were wonderin' what happened tah ya dere, Red Bunny," Zak added a mild concern in his eyes. "Not my name," She muttered in response. "You okay, Kaz?" Johnny asked in concern as she dusted herself off, checking her for scrapes. "I'm fine, Johnny!" She assured him, a little annoyed.

"Who is she anyways, Mave?" Wayne asked eyes narrowing at the maid, who he remembered tried to pick a fight with him.

At this moment, Tom broke in, sitting calmly on a nearby table, Batty still on his shoulder, as he supplied, "She's Mavis' new intern from the Web Chain coven."

"Web Chain?" Everyone was immediately confused as Johnny and Mavis shot the girl arched eyebrows and she gave the tiniest, subtle shrug. "I've never heard of it," Draco commented eyes narrowing in confusion. "Neither have I," Eris added as well.

"That's because its new!" Kaz said with a smile she could only pray didn't look too forced or nervous, "Over in Siberia, that's probably why you've never heard of it!" She wrapped an arm around her brother's shoulder easily despite the obvious height difference, "Its actually where this lug-head was made, if you can believe it!" She then, subtly, pinched one of the sensitive spots near his shoulder, making him wince a little.

"Yeah!" He quickly agreed with a laid-back grin, masking his brief pain with a tiny bit of relief when she let go, "They had this big set up in some old ruins, kinda big on secrecy!"

Tom had to smile, eyes trained on Kaz, he couldn't help it, there was just something about her smile that just felt infectious. He couldn't put his finger on it, but she just pulled him in somehow. His distraction didn't go unnoticed though, Casey and Frankie saw how he seemed to be transfixed on the female redhead and it made them both smirk. Frankie was honestly happy her cousin finally found someone, same with Casey, while he did find the girl irritating at times, she was a major improvement from the pure-blood bimbos Mavis had tried to set him up with before and he was happy that his best friend was happy.

But then, the moment was interrupted by a male voice calling out in a vague tone of amusement, "Well, isn't this a surprise..."

Everyone blinked as they looked for the source before looking up to see a winged figure sitting with one leg bent, up on a rafter, smirking down at them with amusement. A young man easily Johnny's age with pale skin wearing a black tank under a dark purple, cropped jacket that was lined with red along the hem and collar and a pair of slightly baggy dark jeans with a red double-belt, and a pair of red and gray sneakers. His hair was gravity-defying and slate gray in the front, and smooth and dark blue in the back, a pair of dark blue triangles were tattooed to each cheek, matching flame tattoos ran down his neck and torso, and his arms, disappearing into a pair of red leather, finger-less gloves. He looked, all around, surprisingly human, he didn't even have pointed ears or fangs or even claws. What made him obviously different were his blood red eyes, sharp and calculating, and the fact he had a large pair of sapphire-blue wings made of fire, a matching tail made of the same blue flame flickered behind him calmly, neither catching the rater on fire, simply flickering calmly as if on a candle.

With a push off one foot, the man glided easily to the ground, wings folding against his back neatly with his landing. Kaz's eyes were blown wide from shock and Johnny was speechless as his sister whispered in awe, "A phoenix."

However, everyone else was tense, even Eris and Kwan were tense, as if excepting to lash and defend. It left both disguised humans confused, especially as the normally upbeat and hyper suddenly spoke, tone terse and collected, almost sounding strained, "Kai...I didn't know Mavis invited you."

"If a dragon was to be invited, it would only be polite to invite a phoenix," The newly identified Kai replied coolly, a rather fake sincere smile quirking his lips just long enough to make the redheads cringe slightly, before it turned into a more heart-felt, teasing smirk as his eyes settled on only other Ancient in the room, "Qin, long time no see, how was the flight?"

"Hiwateri," The dragon bit out tiny billows of smoke escaped from between his clenched teeth, his grip around Eris' waist tightening, "The flight was smooth as always, how about yours?" Eris glanced up at him in silent inquiry, but he avoided her eyes.

"Nothing I can complain about," Kai replied seeming to admire his nails dismissively, lips still relaxed in a smirk, "Apologies for not sending my congratulations sooner, by the way, never trust a raven to do an owl's job," He then glanced at Eris for a moment and gave a respectful bow to her, adding, "Lady Eris." Eris nodded in response.

"Lord Hiwateri," Mavis finally spoke up, arms crossed a small suspicious light in her eyes, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe my invitation was addressed to your sister."

Kai didn't looked the least bit offended by her unsaid question to his presence, instead he offered a cold smile as he answered, "Afraid sweet Lexi isn't feeling the best at the moment, I didn't want to risk offence the House of Dracula, so I came in her stead." The words rolled so easily, like like a wave on the shore, Kaz and Johnny could very easily believe him, but judging from the unamused, dry looks on the adults' faces and the distained one on the other guys and the mildly frightened ones on the other girls' faces, they had a feeling there was more to it then Kai's words.

"Besides," Kai continued breaking the siblings from their thoughts as the phoenix aimed a somewhat smug and highly amused half-smirk, half-smile at Tom, who looked close to snapping, "It's Tommy's sweet 116, highly inappropriate to miss such a big day in a future count's afterlife."

"Anymore inappropriate then calling him Tommy?" Griffon muttered quietly as he, Wayne, Frank and Murray shared uneasy looks.

But Kai's expression became one of a genuine interest as his eyes landed on Kaz, taking her semi-soft, semi-sharp features, exotic red hair and lavender 'skin-tone', and tilted his head a little. Kaz, however, shivered a little at having such intense and cold blood red eyes on her and shifted back a little. She was used to unbridled glares of anger, sneers of distrust, even rants and glances of pure hate, and she could take it all with a grain of salt. But this, this made her nervous. A clearly important figure with unknown abilities concerning fire, was not someone she wanted to cross given her situation, especially when Johnny was involved.

Kai approached her without hesitation, reaching out to touch a loose red lock of hair, making Kaz flinch a little, "Interesting..."

Tom immediately intervened by stepping between them, a deep frown on his face as he commented, "You know Kai, I believe there was a pretty good couple of reasons why the invitation was addressed to Alexis and not you," He ignored the pointed look his sister was sending him or the startled ones from the other adults or the warning one from Draculaura and Kwan, instead, he held up a finger as he continued talking, "The red curtains in the minotaur suite."

"Had nothing to do with that," Kai replied glancing over Tom's shoulder at the little redheaded maid, who tried to avoid eye-contact and hide behind the vampire, his tone neutral and un-offended by Tom's forwardness. "The bright neon pink paint in the showers of the entire west wing's bathrooms," Tom rebutted. "If that were me I would've went with something more masculine, like..." Kai said coolly, examining his nails as Billy whistled innocently in the background, "A nice deep green or red."

"Our bed drapes on FIRE!" Frankie butted in glaring at the phoenix, her father joining in at the reminder. "Need I remind you Francine," Kai turned to her a cold, yet sweet smile on his face that made everyone flinch, "That you got me first when you flooded my room with iced water while I was sleeping." The underlying threat and anger in his otherwise honey-sweet voice made Johnny nervous as he grasped Kaz's shoulder and pushed his sister behind him, concerned about what the mystical fire bird was capable of.

"Okay, dere, fyre bird, first off," Zak intercepted whilst holding up a finger, "Her name's Frankie, second, she ain't had anythin' tah do with dat dumb prank."

"Yeah," Griffon agreed, "As I recall it was Billy who started that stupid prank war and you already for him back for that."

"Turnabout's all fair in love and war, Mr. Griffon," Kai replied tone unchanging, "Besides, you already left with Billy at that point."

Kai then returned his attention to the siblings, arching a brow at how the 'golem' wasn't wavering in the slight at the potential danger of fire he posed and remained protectively in front of the 'witch'. "And you two are..." Kai pressed more to Kaz then to Johnny.

"New maid..." Kaz spoke up just loud enough to be heard from behind her brother, who momentarily floundered for a reason. "Ugh...I'm...the...party planner...?" Johnny finally said falling back to the excuse Mavis had given Tom and Batty earlier.

Mavis took that moment to intervene before her brother could, "Yes!" She quickly got between the easily bruised humans and the phoenix, "I was just talking to Draculaura," She quickly pulled the now surprised vampire over, "And I said, Lala, what would be the best to make Tom's sweet 116 birthday the best birthday he's ever going to remember," Draculaura opened her mouth to protest, but Mavis cut her off by sharply pinching her side secretly, and continued as if nothing was wrong, "And we got talking and I managed to recruit Johnny here to help me plan the party!"

Now, every monster in the room, save Tom was staring at her, Batty climbed out of Tom's jacket, having hid in it when Kai made his presence known, as if she had sprouted a second head. Confused, Mavis looked around the room, "What? Why are you looking at me like that? What I say?"

"You?" Wayne asked in disbelief, "Ask for help?" He quickly ran to the window. "Uncle, what are you doing?" Howleen asked skeptically. "Checking if the sky's falling," Wayne replied making both her and Zak roll their eyes.

"Miss Captain Control Freak?" Murray added also in disbelief. "Murray!" Cleo scolded.

"It's Countess Control Freak, to you!" Mavis huffed caring more for the title then the actual jab, "And I just thought bringing in an unbiased, fresh perspective would be a good idea." As she crossed her arms defensively, she was a little surprised by how much she wanted to make it seem true so the two could stay longer, confusing her at the same time; why would she want two humans to stay longer in her hotel? Even if one was really cute...she shook her head.

Kaz finally peeked out from behind her brother to look at the Countess with an arched brow, having a similar opinion. It almost did sound like Mavis genuinely wanted them, well, Johnny more pacifically, to be here.

No one noticed Frank, Griffon, Murray and Wayne exchange scheming smiles. "Mavis Cosmina Dracula, need help?" Draco repeated after ringing out his ears. "That's what I said," Batty commented flying over to hang from the blonde's antlers. "Since when do you even want help?" Casey asked suspiciously. "Yeah, you never ask me for any tips to make Tom's parties better, in fact, you never came to me at all, I would've been all for helping plan," Billy added looking a little hurt and offended.

"So, party planner," Frank said innocently to Johnny, pulling him away from Kaz, who was immediately pulled over by Tom before Kai had the chance to approach her, "Any ideas for the party?"

"Well, I just got here," Johnny said rubbing his head nervously, "I don't really know what I'm working with...do any of you have any suggestions?" For a moment, everyone was silent, even Kai had nothing to say, "Didn't you mention something to Mavis about a band?" Mavis glared at him and the other teens paled a little, while Tom, Eris and Kaz looked curious.

"Well, it's like this," Wayne said despite his niece and son's protesting motions, motioning himself to a scowling Mavis, "Miss High and Mighty over there was going to let those para-lameos perform for Tom's party." He motioned to the three composers, who moaned upset at being unappreciated.

"So I've already heard," Johnny commented. "Wait, you're not serious?" Kaz asked in disbelief. "What?" Mavis asked the female redhead. "A teenage guy doesn't want Victorian composer's for his party, he wants something today," Kaz explained shaking her head, "No offense you three, but its simple truth."

Casey shouted in relief, "Finally, someone gets it!"

"Dad, don't you dare-" Frankie started at seeing the looks on her father and uncles' faces. "Murray, don't-!" Cleo added.

"Well, then we volunteered to play with the party along with Tom's friends' band," Frank continued making the two ghouls groan and face-palm, "You know, liven' things up a bit."

Cleo groaned, "Oh my ghoul!"

Johnny, however, was excited, so was Kaz, the older sibling being the one to say, "Well, let's see what you guys got!"

(Chaotic Port Court)

"Okay," Kaz said as she walked back to where she and Peyton had left Tom, "It took a lot of arm-twisting a brief language barrier, but we've managed to-" She stopped as she and Peyton arrived at the table with a few players from Transylvania to find Tom missing.

"Where'd he go?" Peyton asked confused.

"Tom?" Kaz called, "Tom? MajorTom?" She looked at them helplessly with a shrug.

"Wow, for a guy who's been basically been following the rule of 'stay here' all his life he sure doesn't know how to stay put, huh?" Peyton joked at the irony earning a poisonous look from the 'Underworld Princess'.

"Va dura asta mult?(Is this going to take long?)" One of the Romanian students asked Kaz, "Unii dintre noi au meciuri pentru a ne pregati(Some of us have matches to get ready for)."

"Doar cateva minute, va rog(Just a few minutes, please)," Kaz replied in fluent Romanian and then said to Peyton in English, "I don't get it, I-we told him we'd get help, maybe he tried again and it worked."

Peyton shrugged in response before suggesting, "Try him on your scanner." In response, she fished out her scanner and quickly texted him:

From KidChaor VIA Chaotic: Where are you? We found someone who might help you get back home.

(Hotel, random hall)

A maid was pushing the trash cart along when several of Zak little brothers came running in out of nowhere, making her shriek as they clambered all over her and her cart, toppling it over and making everything tumble out, including Tom's scanner. Zak's sole sister and the current baby of the family, Winnie toddled after her brothers, but paused when she heard a ding-type of sound, almost like the bell at the front desk. She crawled over to find Tom's scanner laying innocently on the floor, a notification on it.

Not knowing what it was other than it belonged to her vampire 'cousin', Winnie picked it up and started carrying it away as the maid cursed at her brothers in Siberian. No one noticed her with it.

(Chaotic, Port Court)

At not receiving an answer, Kaz gave her fellow players a helpless shrug.

(Perim, Unknown Location)

Sarah and Tom, who was still humanized, were standing on a sandbank by the lake, looking around. Despite being in a human body, Tom still had remarkable eyesight and was mostly watching for anything that could be a threat as he asked, "So just where are we exactly?" When he spotted her shooting him a very annoyed look, he quickly added, "I got the whole Perim-is-real-and-we-can-travel-there thing, just where in Perim, exactly?" This seemed to placate her, thankfully.

She answered with a short, brisk, "Lake Ken-I-Po."

"Ah," He answered and resumed look-out, only to then realize he couldn't remember what Mezmar looked like. However, he didn't get to ask when Sarah started talking, "Klay is every newbie's worst nightmare, cheating and always scheming, if he pulled something like this after your first match, then you haveto be serious competition."

He smiled tightly in response to the compliment, muttering quietly to himself, "You don't know the half of it..."

It was true, whether or not Wailliams had recognized him as a Dracula or not, just the fact he was another vampire was all the reason to pull a stunt like this. It made him curse himself for spending so much time around different more trust-worthy monsters. It made him lower his guard to the point things like this tended to happen whenever he met up with Mavis at the all vampire parties she'd host. Didn't meant he never got any of them back though.

But whatever conversation was about to follow was interrupted by a gurgling sound and somehow, Tom doubted it was a Devil's Eye Piranha coming up to say hi. He was proven right when Sarah grabbed him and pulled him back into the tall grass, just as a giant, frog-like, anthropomorphic creature with bluish-green skin burst out from the water, landing easily on the shoreline. Tom was sure his eyes were shrinking from fright at the sight of the thing, knowing it was nothing like the sea and fresh water monsters back on Earth.

Sarah, thankfully, recognized him, "Nauthilax! I bet he's on a spying mission from the Underworld!" Unfortunately, she started to army crawl closer to the creature as she continued to talk, "C'mon!" Tom was sure he was wearing a disbelieved 'are you kidding me?' type of look, before groaning quietly under his breathe and crawled after her, whilst thinking, 'How do I keep getting myself into these situations? That one time with scorpion nest I can write off as confidence and the catacombs was pure accident but THIS?'

He stopped his inner ranting when he saw Sarah stop and say in an excited-whisper, "Perfect, I can see what Mezmar's up to without him seeing me!" Tom just stared as she carefully lifted up her amber-brown scanner and watched a pale blue ray of white code shot out of it, running over the creature's body for a few seconds.

Pulling it back down, she showed him the screen as a picture of the creature formed, along with stats at the bottom like a card. "See?" She grinned, "Now Fish Face's code is saved on my scanner and it has all his disciplinary stats and attacks."

Tom was in awe, "Just like the cards."

Sarah grinned in response, winking playfully, "Now you're catching on." But the moment was ruined by a fireball hitting the dirt right in front of them, barely missing them by a hair. The two gulped, Tom thinking in panic, 'Mavy!'

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