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Epilogue: Always and Forever

Five Years Later

Her hands clench into tight fists on either side of her as she tries to control herself. The feel of the fingers parting her pussy lips make it impossible though. A soft moan escapes her when she feels his lips wrap around her clit, sucking, nibbling and flicking greedily, playing her like his piano.

"Oh!" she cries out softly, and he sucks on her pussy harder. Then he comes back up from underneath her, his perpetually messy bronze-colored hair a chaos thanks to her tugging on them.

"Shh ..." he shushes her, licking his lips and grinning, letting her know that he loves her taste on his lips. "Don't make a noise if you want to stay hidden, beautiful," he tells her.

Unable to utter a word, she nods vigorously, mouth the word please over and over.

He smiles before diving for her again, eating her like a hungry man devouring a feast. He takes her up to that cliff, but doesn't make her fall. When he feels her walls starting to clamp around his fingers, he withdraws, making her cry out in frustration.

Placing the finger that had just been inside her on her lips, he whispers, "I won't let you fall, baby. I'll take you flying with me."

His words ignite a fire inside her, and grabbing his hand, she licks his finger, tasting herself on him.

The sight makes him groan. "Jesus Christ, woman! You're killing me."

She smiles around his finger, mumbling, "What are you gonna do about it?"

As soon as the words are out of her mouth, she finds herself pushed against the wall with his hard body pressing down on her.

His hands go to her thighs, and he makes her wrap them around his hips. "It's not gonna be slow, beautiful," he says as a warning.

She looks right into his eyes with her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and says, "fuck me, Edward."

Three words.

Three words is all it takes for him to lose his control and slam right into her. The friction his hard body makes inside her soft one is delicious. The way he keeps his eyes trained on her face as he drives inside her hard and fast, makes her feel like she's the only one in his world.

When they're both at the precipice, he says in a low voice he reserves just for her, "Say it, Bella. Who do you belong to?" It's a demand and a plea all rolled into one, and she loves it.

"You. You. You, forever," she chants with each of his thrusts.

"As I'm yours, baby," he responds before driving hard into her, making them fly off the cliff just like he promised.

They help each other dress, talking about how good his clinic is doing, and how excited she is about her first book coming out soon all the while giggling like two teenagers in love. Once they're presentable enough, Edward throws the closet door open and checks the area before stepping out and leading her out by her hand.

Just as they're letting out a sigh of relief that they haven't been caught sneaking off, a small voice calls from behind them, "Mommy, were you and Daddy playing hide and seek?"

Bella feels her eyes widen at being caught by their four year old spitfire, Annabelle. She tries to come up with an explanation, but thankfully, her mother-in-law, Esme, steps in to save them. "There you are, darling," she says, coming to stand next to the brown-haired green-eyed little girl. "What are you doing here? Aunt Rosie and Uncle Emmett are here. We have to cut the cake, honey."

Little Ana claps her hands in joy and pulls Esme out of the room all the while calling out to her parents to hurry up and finish their game.

"Until tonight then, Mr. Cullen?" Bella asks once they're alone.

"Minx," Edward says, kissing her neck. "You can hide all you want, baby, but I'll always seek you out."


"Promise," he answers before leaning his head down to place a kiss on her lips.

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