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~*Chapter 15: Hugs, kisses, and tears~*

Tea woke up to a bright, sunny, cloudless day. She stretched and yawned before crawling out her bed and taking a quick shower. As she went downstairs to make herself a cup of coffee and a toast, she opened the front door and walked outside to check the mailbox. There were a bunch of new mails and without really looking at them, she placed them on the kitchen table before making breakfast.

Once she sat down on a chair, Tea took a look at the pile. "I wonder if there's anything interesting in here," she said out loud as she went through each envelope.

"Bills, bills, magazine, free sample stuff, coupons, letter for me, bills-" Tea stopped abruptly. Letter? For her? She quickly went back one envelope to see a fancy-looking envelope and sure enough, her name and address were written on the recipient's place. She glanced at who it was from.

She could swear her heart had skipped a beat. Could it be? She rubbed her eyes and looked again. Yes. A letter to her, Tea Gardner, from the Dancing Academy of New York City! She couldn't believe it. "This is WAY too good to be true!" Tea rejoiced.

But wait, what if it was bad news? With trembling fingers, Tea slit open the envelope and took out a sheet of paper. She skimmed through and read:

"...The NYC Dancing Academy is pleased to inform you that you have passed our auditions to participate in our school for four years with full scholarship...."

"Full scholarship?!" Tea's eyes widened. "OMIGOSH! I'M GOING TO NYC DANCING ACADEMY~!" For about five minutes, she jumped around the house in pure joy (kind of like me when I'm sugar-high ^0^).


Mai and Serenity entered the mall together. "I wonder what Tea's 'good news' is," Mai mused as both girls went to a water fountain near the food court-the place Tea had told them to meet in.

"It must be something really spectacular. Tea sounded so happy!" Serenity said happily. She was happy whenever her friends and family were happy so she couldn't help but already be glad for Tea, whatever her news was.

"Well, we'll found out some enough, it looks like," Mai said as she indicated Tea walking towards them.

"Hey you guys!" Tea waved, still a little ways off. "Hi Tea!" Serenity and Mai met her halfway.

"So, what's your good news?" Mai asked eagerly.

"I got accepted to the NYC Dancing Academy with full scholarship!" Tea announced, her eyes shining. Mai and Serenity were astounded.

"Are you serious? That's great!" Both of the friends were so happy and the three exchanged hugs.

"We should tell the rest of the gang," Mai said as the girls sobered up a little. "That's a good idea, let's go now! They should all be in Yugi's grandfather's game shop," Serenity said as the girls headed outside and to the mentioned place.

The boys were certainly in the shop. Joey, Tristan, Bakura, and Yugi were all helping Mr. Moto unpack and arrange the newest card shipments that had just arrived that morning. Just before the girls were about the come in, the boys had stopped to take a short break.

Suddenly, the three girls burst in the shop. "Hi Yugi, Tristan and Bakura~!" Tea smiled at all her friends.

"Wassup?" Joey asked from his place on the floor, next to yet another box of unopened cards. He took a sip from his can of soda. Something had to be up to make all three girls look so cheerful.

"I got accepted in the NYC Dancing Academy with full scholarship for four years!" Tea announced for the second time that day.

"Great job, Tea! I'm so proud of you!" Bakura congratulated his friend.

"That's terrific!" Tristan looked impressed.

"Wow!" Was all Yugi and Joey could say.

"Say, Tea. When are you going to start your classes?" Yugi asked once everyone had again exchanged hugs and congrats and all that.

"All classes start at September 8th, but they want me at the dormitory at least two weeks before, so I could get familiar with all the rooms and where everything is, so I'll be leaving next week." Tea answered.

There was a silence in her group. "I'm....leaving you guys again," Tea said sadly.

Serenity went next to her and hugged her. "Don't be sad, Tea. We're all happy for you. It's just that you just came back and soon you'll have to leave us again. But can't you visit in the holidays?"

Tea shook her head. "They don't want us to slack off even for a week so unless your family lives in the country, you can't go out of it, meaning anyone who want to see me will have to go over there."

Yugi was disappointed to see Tea going so soon, but he knew it was all for the best. Besides, he had to do or say something to cheer Tea up; he hated to see anyone look sad. "Well, you know, we could all write letters, email, and call each other. And who knows? Maybe we'll somehow get the money to visit you. Or you can send us pictures," Yugi suggested.

Serenity smiled at him. She decided to help in his efforts. "Yeah, and since I have a camcorder, I could record any events or just send you a tape of us. It'll work out fine, Tea," Serenity reassured.

Tea's face brightened, "thanks you guys."

Once everyone started talking again, Mai pulled Tea over. "Tea...what about Kaiba?"

Tea's eyes opened wide. "Oh no! What do I tell him?"

"That you have to go away for four years," Mai tried to put the facts in front of her as gently as possible. She knew it would be tough to tell someone you loved to you couldn't see each other for such a long interval of time.

"The earlier you tell him, the earlier you get it off you mind," Mai advised before leaving Tea to think over how to tell her new boyfriend.


On her walk to KaibaCorp, Tea remembered a week ago, when she and Kaiba had gone out on their date at the beautiful restaurant (a.k.a. last chapter) Once she reached the entrance, she couldn't go in. 'What do I say?' Tea's steps halted as she stared up at the massive building.

"If you came, don't you think you should go in?" She jumped and turned around sharply.

"S-seto! You scared me!" She gasped. Then she gulped. This meeting with him come way too soon for her comfort.

He smirked and shrugged, "what exactly are you doing anyway, gawking at the building?"

"I need to talk to you," Tea said quietly. She bit her lower lip and crossed her fingers, hoping she would say the right words.

"Well then, come inside," Seto gestured before going ahead of her into the building, up the elevator and to his office on the top floor overlooking the city of Domino.

"Make yourself comfortable," he said and Tea sat down on one of the couches. "Would you like something to drink?" She shook her head. She didn't think anything would settle in her stomach right now.

Seto seated himself across from her. "Ok then, talk." He was curious as to what was so important for Tea to walk all the way here.

After clearing her throat, Tea started, "when I was living in America, I auditioned to get into the NYC Dancing Academy. I practiced for hours but I didn't really expect to get in or anything. It was just for experience, just to see how auditions felt like and to get used to judges grading you." Tea paused. With a nod from Seto, she continued, "this morning, I received a letter from there and they said...I got in. With full scholarships for four years."

Seto was going through states of shock. First, it took him a while to register the news, which was a surprise for someone as bright as him. Second, he realized that he couldn't see Tea for four years and along with that thought came a flooding of pain. Then, he realized that know matter how much it hurt, this was for the best.

Tea had started crying. "I want to go,'ll so miserable without seeing you for four years and now I have doubts-" Seto reached over and took hold of her hand.

"No, Tea," he said firmly. "Even if it's painful, you know getting accepted to the academy was your goal and dream for so long. It's unfair for me to hold you back." Tea burst into tears.

"But I'll miss you so much! And four years seems so far away, too!" Seto walked over next to Tea and held her tightly.

"I know," he whispered hoarsely. "It's going to be hard, but we can do it. Both of us are strong, and we'll keep in touch. We'll make it. You'll see."

After more sniffling and wiping of tears, Tea managed a trembling smile. "Everyone's so supportive of my going. Thank you."

Seto smiled back. "How long do you have until you have to go?" He asked.

"A week," Tea answered. That didn't seem like enough time to spend with her friends.


Her friends had known that too. That's why they spent every possible minute with her for one whole week. They even invited Seto to join them and he agreed. The friends went to beaches, parks, amusement parks, movies, arcades, and basically anywhere to spend to have fun. Tea was truly grateful to have such caring friends and made sure to take tons of pictures to preserve the memory.

But when you're having a good time, it tends to fly by, and soon the week was coming to an end.


"There. That should take care of everything, I think. Can you think of anything we missed?" Mrs. Gardner asked her daughter as she checked off her mental list of things that she had packed into Tea's suitcases.

"No, I don't think so." Tea sighed as she sat on her bed. "Thanks for helping me pack, mom." Tea thanked her mom. Her parents had arrived two days ago and were so pleased that their only daughter had finally succeeded in achieving her life-long dream.

"I'm just so happy that your dream is coming true." Her mother smiled, her face full of pride. Tea hugged her mom.

"Me too, even if it's going to hard at first, because I'll miss all of you here," Tea said.

"You know that if you need someone to talk to, your dad and I will always be here for you, as well as your friends." Mrs. Gardner assured her daughter.

"Yeah, I know. I'm so lucky to have all of you," Tea replied.

"Well, good-night Tea. Get some rest for tomorrow-it's going to be a big day," her mother gave her a kiss on the cheek and went out of the room.


"Ok, so I have fifteen more minutes before I can get in the plane," Tea checked her watch, then turned to her friends.

"Write to us as soon as you get there, ok?" Serenity asked as she hugged Tea.

"You know I will, Serenity. And you better write back." Tea smiled at her friend.

"We'll miss ya, Tea." Joey said as he gave her a hug. Tea hugged everyone in her group.

"And this is from all of us to you," Yugi said as he handed Tea a small box with a pink bow.

Tea opened it and found a silver charm bracelet with tiny ballet slippers. "Thanks you guys! Oh, it's so pretty," Tea breathed out in amazement as she carefully slipped it on.

"You can always remember us that way," Tristan grinned. Tea nodded happily.

She went over to Seto, who had basically stayed quiet. Suddenly, she felt awkward around him. Then, she threw her arms around him. "I'll miss you...a lot," she whispered. Seto pulled away so he could see her face.

"Me too," he said. Then he dug on a black velvet box from his pocket. "This is for you," he said as he opened the box to reveal a diamond heart necklace. Tea gasped, "it's beautiful, Seto." He put it on her neck and kissed her lightly.

"Promise me you'll come back." He said. Tears gathered at the corners of her eyes.

"I promise. I'll come back to you in four years. Keep in touch, ok?" Tea sniffled and hugged him one last time.

"Those boarding the plane to the U.S., please stand at the gate now, thank you." The announcement could be heard.

"Bye, everyone. I'll miss you," Tea waved a final wave before turning toward the plane that would take her halfway across the world.


Once on the plane, Tea watched Domino city get smaller and smaller as she flew up higher and higher. To distract herself, she put took out her CD player and put on her headphones.

Baby I will soon be leaving

and I know that you are feeling down

But every week I'll send a letter

To let you know my love will never change

I promise you I always feel the same

So remember in your heart

Baby when we are apart

There's no need for crying

Cuz even if I am

Halfway around the world

That won't stop me from loving you

Halfway around the world

Still be feeling the way I do

Now I wanna hold you baby

Cuz I'm gonna miss you like crazy

Even if I'm halfway around the world

Baby when the miles are growing

You and I will still be growing strong

No matter what your friends are saying

Don't give up on what you're waiting for

Cuz one day I'll be knocking on your door

So remember in your heart

Baby when we are apart

There's no need for crying

Cuz even if I am

Halfway around the world

That won't stop me from loving you

Halfway around the world

Still be feeling the way I do

Now I wanna hold you baby

Cuz I'm gonna miss you like crazy

Even if I'm halfway around the world

If I could you know that I would find a way

To stay for good but I must go now

I wanna hold you baby

I'm gonna miss you like crazy even if I'm...

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