A/N - Hey guys it's me HououinKyoumaX. This is my first DBZ Fanfic so please go a little easy on me. Anyways, I had recently watched Deadpool and I don't know why but I thought that a Fourth Wall breaking Gohan would be cool. Hence this story.

These are the voices which will be used in whole story.

Normal talking - " Hi!" Thoughts - 'Hmmmm' Telepathy - "Stop! Gohan breaking the Fourth Wall - (G- I knew that)

"Well honey, the truth is... I didn't defeat Cell" Hercule said.

Videl felt like a 1000 ton weight had fallen on her head."

"But why dad? Why did you lie to all those people? Why did you lie to me ?"

"Well , I myself felt a little guilty for doing so but... "

"But what dad? How could you deceive so many people who housed so much trust in you ? Why the hell did you do this to everyone?"

"Well sweet pea ..."

"Don't call me that! Do you even have a conscience "

"Videl," He said "It happened very strangely. Just a few moments after the Delivery Boy killed Cell , a green colored monster reminiscent of The Evil Demon King Piccolo came and told me that the boy had experienced a very big loss that day and none of them wanted the publicity. So he told me to fabricate some story in which I had finally defeated Cell so that those guys could live in peace."

"This at least sounds truthful. Even after months of Cell's defeat some classmates of mine were wondering that how could you defeat Cell with one karate chop since Cell had blasted whole armies into oblivion without even breaking a sweat. I ,though had a unwavering belief in you like any kid who looks up to their parent."

(G -Yeah, I had almost died of laughter after hearing Hercule's version. Just imagine how gullible the masses are.

Me-Shut up Gohan. Don't interrupt.


Me- Because this isn't your part.

G- Then when does it come ?

Me- Later...Later...

G-I'm tired of waiting. At least tell me who will you pair me with? Please don't say Angela.

Me- Why?

G- I hate her.

Me- Shut up or I'll do the same

Gohan *pales* and runs away.

Me- Finally ! Finally gained a temporary blackmail against this fourth wall breaker Gohan. I don't know why I wrote him as such. He is such a pain in the ass.

Anyways onwards with the chapter. )

"I am not talking to you anymore, Dad."

"But Vi..."

"I am not talking to you. Just go away."

"I understand if you need some alone time."

"I am going to Erasa's house and don't try to call come with me."

"Swee...Videl whatever you do please don't tell anyone, even Erasa, about this. It would disgrace the whole family name."

"You should have thought about this before stealing the Gold Fighter's Credit."

And with this Videl stormed off.

A/N - So that is a wrap. Gohan's background and other things will be given in the next chapter which will be uploaded soon.