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At The Lookout

"Hey Picco... wha?" Gohan saw that Dende was lying in a pool of purple Namekian blood. On hearing Gohan's voice, Dende turned and said ,"Ssav ne gogan ... aggsghd." and puked.

"What happened! Is there another villain on Earth? Did you try to fight him with your super, ultra-strong guardian powers?"

"Piggol- cough cough- beet me oop."

"Hey kid."

"Oh. Hi Mr. Piccolo. How are you? And why did you beat up Dende."

Piccolo, with a twinkle in his eyes replied ,"Do you remember that the Dragon Balls' powers are tied to the power of their creator?"

"Yeah, so what?"

"I figured that if I train Dende, the Dragon Balls might get stronger. Maybe even strong enough that we can wish for.."


"What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing. Please continue."

"As I was saying, we might be able to revive a person more than once. And I say that we are almost there. It would take like three beating.. er fighting sessions to get him there."

"Mind if I help you?"

"Not at all. This might get the job done even faster."


Gohan and Piccolo advanced towards Dende.

"Please guys! No! Nooo! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Videl Satan, Police Station, Satan City

"I am inclined to agree. The officers love to have some fun while they are on job. Making files is boring stuff."

"Oh, good evening Chief."

"Good evening to you too Videl. So, what is Satan City's best crime fighter looking for?"

'Chief as usual. Trying to please me and indirectly, my father.'

"Nothing. Just saw the profile of a person I had met and... we're just going now. Aren't we, Erasa?"

"Oh yeah, yeah. Of course. We wanted to grab dinner coffee before going home."

"Oh well. By the way Videl, do you know that the Gold Fighter made another appearance today? He just flew in, scared the shit out of two drunk driving assholes and just flew away."

'Oye, that Gold Fighter is stealing my work! I'll handle him later.'

"Oh really? Guess we shall be going Chief."

Videl put one of her hands in her stomach and ran, pulling Erasa with her other hand.

When they were quite some distance away from the station, Videl stopped.

"Huff. Why ... pant... did you need to run like that?"

"Just look at what I got." Said Videl as she put her hand inside her shirt, "All the files which concern Gohan and his family."

Back At The Lookout

Dende was lying unconscious in a corner while Gohan and Piccolo were chatting.

"So, how is it going kid?"

"Pretty well. Today was my first day of school. Pretty strange people out there. Definitely abnormal."

"Or maybe they are normal and you are the one who is abnormal."


"So... wanna drive cars?"

"Umm.. actually first I am too young and second, today only I saw the humans driving and boy, the way they drive is just too strange. They were like half-unconscious and I had to reimprimand them. Geez, driving so rashly."

"Then let's play... NFcS(Need For car*S*x) on Lookout's PeeAss 4™. Is that right with you?"

"I dunno why you and... dad have got such a obsession with Cars, but anyways, let's go."

After Three Hours Of Playing NFcS On PeeAss 4™

"Hey Piccolo. Driving is fun, but can we play another game? I am starting to get bored."

"Uhhh... 'kay kid. Just go and pick a game you like."

Gohan went over to his CD catalogue and found the CD of...


As I was saying, Gohan found a CD of Dragon Ball XenoVerse.

"First, no namekian worth his salt is gay."

"Yeah. We are bisexual." Shouted Dende.

"I am straight Dende. It's you who is attracted to both boys and girls!"


"Guys, I haven't gone yet. And you haven't answered my question. Why do you have this CD?"

"Damn kid. It is a game the humans made after seeing our fights. If you'll look, you'll find that the cover photo is from the time when your father fought Frieza in Namek. It's a okay game. You should play it as well. But the events in this game might not be the same as you experienced. The name is Dragon Ball XenoVerse."

"Well... I can't play it at home."


"Goten broke the PeeAss 3™ Trunks gave us when he bought the PeeAss 4™. And I am pretty sure that it will not work on my Kidtendo 64."

"Kid. Tell you what? Take Lookout's PeeAss 4™. I am thinking about buying the Slim and Pro versions for a better experience. Aaaaaaaagh... NFcS IN VR MODE."

"Yeah. That's like his sexual fantasy Gohan."

"So, Piccolo and Dende, will you help me sneak this PeeAss 4™, the games and the TV into my room?"

"Just capsulize them kid."

"Oh yeah!"

Gohan packed all the stuff into capsules and put the capsules in this pocket. As he was leaving, he turned to Piccolo and said, "Hey Piccolo. I dunno, when I talked to you, it felt like you have... changed."

"Everyone changes with time kid."

"Yeah. Piccolo sneaks from the Lookout at random times of the

day. I think he is seeing a girl. That's why he has become so soft."

"You have a Girlfriend already? Damn Piccolo, you stud!"

'Shit! Both of them know now. Well, now I'll have to get rid of them... Actually, I can't kill Gohan with his Super Saiyan 2. I know, I'll swear them to silence.

"Well yeah."

"What Piccolo, YOU OF ALL THE PEOPLE ? Atleast tell me her name!"

"Well, her name is ..."


(Me- And now we take a short commercial break.

G- Dammit, not now!

Me- We'll be right back in teri minutes.


Random Advertising- Are you handsome, young and strong but can't train to maintain your power?

G- Yes.

Random Advertising- Do you wish that you could get access to a training area with personalized robots?

G- Yes! Yes! Yes!

Random Advertising- Then buy the custom Capsule Corp AR . With this, you can convert any area without a population into a personal training area. Hear our customers telling us about their experience -

Vegeta- The AR is useful. It helped me add many challenges to my Gravity Room. It also has an inbuilt gravity simulator which goes up to 1000 times. It can even download my favourite soaps so that I can watch them in a theatre-like experience.

Gohan - Huh? Vegeta uses it?

Piccolo- I err.. used to hang out in wastelands and train there alone. Now I can train with more effectiveness and also talk to my girl Angela at the same time.

Gohan- Oh. Piccolo as wel... WAIT HE SAID THAT ANGELA WAS HIS GIRL? Oh. Oh wow. Never would've expected that.

Goku - It is soooo good! It even has a Muffin-Button! Yaaay!


Bulma- It even has a special P_ mode with I personally use when my husband training. Omygosh the games are life-like!

[P.S. -P_ mode refers to play mode. We can stream PeeAss 4™ games in AR. Don't use your imagination too much.]

Random Advertising- So order this amazing product and get it while you remain in your home! Call 06969696969 or order from our own website b0/0b/xxx/phu/come. Order now!

Me- And now, back to the show! Err... FanFiction!)


"Wow, Gohan! What the hell! How did you know this?"

"You said it in the CC AR advertisement which I heard just now!"

"Where did you hear it? I made Bulma swear on Krillin's life... Oh. BUT WHERE DID YOU HEAR IT?"

"Ehhh.. Your TV is still on. They were showing the advert on it. Okay bye."

As Gohan left, Piccolo decided to double check, "Dende, where is the TV?"

"Don't you remember? Gohan capsulized it and took it with him."


"Hum... dunno. But Piccolo..."


"Mind getting me a girl?"

"No. Not at all. Except no one is gonna hook up with you."


" 'Coz, you're puny. Which reminds me, let's get back to your training."


Meanwhile, Gohan was going to pick up Goten from Capsule Corp. since dinner time was approaching.

On his way he found a few robbers, quickly kicked thier ass (And no, I don't mean donkey this time) and started to go, but many journalists started to ask him questions.

"Hey, who the hell are you?"

"Don't you know vigilantism is illegal?"

"Are you one of the Gold Fighters from Cell Games? You know the ones who fought Cell before Mr. Satan defeated him?"

The last question hit Gohan hard as he realized that the average human IQ level was now enough to realize that he looked like well... himself.

He realized that from now on he would need a superhero costu... I mean... a... a... DISGUISE! Yes, a disguise as he needs to protect his identity and he might need to help people when he is in school.

Not that it would look strange if he went to washroom every three periods or so and would remain there for about twenty minutes each time.

At Capsule Corp.

"Hey Bulma! Where is Goten ?"

"He must be with Trunks. That's what he came for right?"

"Right. Hey Bulma, I wanted to ask if you can... "

Gohan told Bulma everything about his problem. Bulma realized that he just needed a nanotechnology clothing watch.

Just like the one Spider-Man made by 'borrowing' things from Reed Richards.

She agreed to make it and told him to wait for an hour or so.

One Hour Later

"Here you go. Your very own Smartcostume, powered by CC AR. It fits into a smartwatch which performs all the functions of a normal one but also receives police radio signals do that you are informed about everything. The AR also has -

1) A Learning Mode- The mode in which you can see the execution of all the attacks you want, so that you can learn them. It includes attacks from everyone, ranging from your dad to Vegeta.

2) Practice Mode- Just as advertised on TV. This is the one where I record everyones moves.

3) Normal Mode- In this mode you can use your regular AR features, like the HoløLens, which include steaming games from your PeeAss 4™ without a physical DoAssShack 4™. You get a AR version which only you can see. It even has a multiplayer mode.

4) Fight Mode- Which suggests the best moves during a fight in the moment. Comes with a inbuilt power level reader.

And all this was done in one hour half because I already had invented everything. I just needed to combine them."

"And half because of plot convenience. Right?"

"What? No, half because I am Bulma Briefs, the biggest genius alive!"

"Oh right."

"Here, take it. Also, take this E-Sim card activation code and enter it when you start to use it. Your new phone number is 9818525488."

"Thanks a lot Bulma. I'll ki scan for Goten and go home."

After a moment Gohan's face changed into one of panic.

"They're not here!"

"They might have gone to the park."

"They are nowhere on the Earth, Bulma! NOWHERE!"

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