Transfer Student Inuyasha!

Chapter 1: One side of the well.

"Come on Inuyasha! I've got to go home! I have a major math test and I haven't studied!"

"So what? You belong here! Why do you take these tests anyway? Do you enjoy them?"

"Baka! Of course not! If I want to get into a good college, then I have to keep my grades up by getting good marks on the tests."

"Keh! You still can't go if I won't allow you!"

Kagome sighed; she knew Inuyasha was going to give her a big argument if she let him. She better sit him, and get away before things got worse.

"Sit!" Kagome fled to the safety of the well, before the enraged hanyou caught up with her.


Inuyasha stared up at the night sky as he waited for Kagome to come back. She'd been gone a day now, and he was starting to miss the girl.

"Inuyasha! Why don't you go after her if you're that worried?"

Sango was coming up the hill with Kirara in tow.

"Hey Sango, why don't you just stick to your own business! I'm not worried!"

All the same, he was starting to think he should go get her. He folded his arms across his chest and sighed, he'd wait until Sango left; the others were probably still at Kaede-baba's hut.

"Fine, Inuyasha, but she won't come home until you get her, and none of us can go through the well except you.


An hour later, Inuyasha appeared in Kagome's era. The sky thundered and rumbled. A storm must be coming. Something about the storm made him feel tense.


It was Kagome's little brother, Souta. It seemed that he was attached to the hanyou.

"Souta! Have you seen Kagome?"

"Hai, she's in her room studying."

So at least she wasn't making that up. Inuyasha quickly walked the path from the shrine to Kagome's house. He didn't understand why humans needed such big homes. Probably for all the weird stuff they kept inside.

Kagome lay flat on her bed. She was hopelessly confused. She didn't understand anything! Maybe she should just ask her friends to help explain it. She wondered if Inuyasha knew anything about math. The mental picture of Inuyasha explaining Geometry made her laugh. No way could that stubborn, jealous, thickheaded hanyou understand math.

The door burst open. A crack of lightning lit the sky outside her window.

"Kagome, we're going back!"

Of course it was Inuyasha.

"But my test is tomorrow! The whole reason I came back was to take the test!"

Suddenly, all the power went out. She heard Souta cry out in alarm from downstairs. She better get down and calm the little scaredy cat. She knew he would want her around for storms, seeing as he was hopelessly frightened of them.

"Inuyasha, just let us stay for this storm, then I promise I'll go back."

"Fine. But I won't make any exceptions!"

Inuyasha could feel something strange in this storm. Kagome would probably want him to stay inside though, and anyway, he wanted to be with her incase anything went wrong. He didn't trust this strange time, and without those magic lights, it was even less trusted.

"Inuyasha, do you feel it?"

"Hai. We'll check on it after this storm."


A few hours later, any trace of the storm had completely diminished. Inuyasha and Kagome wandered around the grounds, inspecting to see if the storm had caused any damage.

"Well, I don't see anything strange or damaged."

"Ok Kagome, the storms passed, now we're going back."

They made their way to the shrine, but were shocked when they got there. The whole shrine was completely covered by two giant trees. There was no sign that any building had ever been built on that spot.

"Inuyasha, what will we do?"

"Don't worry, I'll have those trees off soon."

He pulled and pulled, and finally managed to uncover the unseen shrine. It was crushed, but after a careful search through the debris, the well was found to be in great shape. Only a few stones had crumbled under the colossal weight.

"Let's go Kagome. We have shards to collect!"

They both jumped into the mouth of the well. Kagome found herself on the other side of the well, but where was Inuyasha? She looked around confusedly, and decided to go back; maybe he somehow couldn't pass through.

She jumped through the well again, back to her own time, and saw Inuyasha in the spot she'd left him. He looked as confused as she had been only moments ago.

"The strange feeling I felt from the storm; it's here, surrounding the bottom of the well."

"Inuyasha, why couldn't you go through? The well magic isn't broken from those trees is it?"

"Keh! I won't be stuck in this world. I'm going to try again, it must have been a fluke."

He jumped again, and he landed on his knees. Inuyasha looked up at Kagome; his aura was flaring with confusion. Why didn't it work, he thought to himself. Then Kagome piped in with a most encouraging statement.

"Inuyasha, I think you're stuck!"


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