Transfer Student Inuyasha!

Chapter 37: Under the Sky So Blue

Perched in his tree, Shippo watched the expression on Inuyasha's face carefully. First the hanyou seemed sad, then undecided, and lastly determined. A sigh escaped Shippo; he never found out what was going on until the adults told him! If only he could find out what was wrong with Inuyasha. He shook his head to clear that thought; Inuyasha would most likely get mad at him and chase him around like he normally did.


A loud clamor behind him, followed by an "OUCH!" interrupted Inuyasha's thoughts. Turning, he found a small fox demon looking up at him with fear. Apparently, Shippo had fallen out of a tree while spying on Inuyasha.

"You little brat, what did you think you were doing?" he growled.

Shippo hopped to his feet and glared at the hanyou, prepared for a fight. "Inuyasha baka! You made Kagome leave, and now all you can do is sit there and think!"

Inuyasha froze at these words. For a moment, all he was aware of was the wind blowing fiercely against his face, causing his hair to flow behind him like a small cloud. Then his surprised turned to anger at what the kitsune had just said.

"Baka! What makes you think I made her leave?" He flexed his clawed hands, trying to keep a reign on his temper.

"You're always the reason she leaves." Shippo crossed his arms in front of him in a very Inuyasha manner.

Unable to control himself any longer, Inuyasha lurched forward and brought his clawed fist to where Shippo had been standing. However, the kitsune had foreseen this and had jumped away into the forest.


Kagome didn't know what she was expecting to happen. At first when she arrived home, a small part of her had expected Inuyasha to pop up right behind her and tell her that she couldn't get rid of him that easily. After a few minutes, it became clear that this wasn't going to happen.

Instead of worrying about her hanyou's choice, she tried to keep busy. Cleaning up the house, fetching the mail, playing with Buyo and even Souta at times. The trouble was Kagome had been so used to being taken to the feudal era all the time, so she couldn't remember what it was about her house that used to entertain her! After cleaning the kitchen one too many times, her mother ushered her outside and told her to go have fun with the day while there was still sunlight.

Kagome refused to leave the yard, since Inuyasha might appear at any moment. Thinking of this brought back the now familiar heartache, so she resolved to find something else to do. Maybe she could clean something outside?

'I'm such a baka,' she thought to herself. 'Why do I have such an obsession with cleaning today?' Nevertheless she headed towards the one area that could be cleaned, the well house.


By this time, Shippo had run out of breath. In the distance, he saw the familiar shape of the well on its hill. 'Oh no!' he thought. 'I'll be caught right away if I'm in the open!'

Before Shippo could steer to the left, Inuyasha had grabbed him in both hands. With a triumphant grin, the hanyou leaned against a tree to catch his own breath.

"Inuyasha let me go!"

But Inuyasha wasn't paying attention. His gaze had fallen on the well that was only a few yards away. Thinking back to what Kagome would say if she saw him beating up Shippo, he let the kitsune go.

Shippo was now thoroughly confused. Never before had Inuyasha set him free like this. Trying his luck, Shippo kicked Inuyasha's foot.

"Go away brat." There was no resentment in Inuyasha's voice, nor was there anger. He simply sounded confused.

Shippo didn't know why, but he left without any question.


Miroku spied Sango lying down on her back beneath a solitary tree. The sun was threatening to set but the sky was still a magnificent shade of blue. Lying down beside her, he heard her sigh.

"What are you thinking of Sango?" he asked.

She took a moment before she answered, "I was just looking at the sky and thinking about us."

"Yes, much has happened since we met up." Sensing that she had more to say, he let her continue.

Sango was glad that the monk was being serious for once. "The world is a strange place. No matter what kind of pain we're in, the grass remains green and the sky stays so blue. It's as if the gods are laughing at us for causing ourselves this pain."

"I disagree," was his quiet reply.

She turned to him expectantly. "Then what do you think?"

"I do not think the gods are laughing." He paused as if trying to figure out how to phrase what he meant to say. "I believe that the gods are making us a promise. A promise of love and of the future. It's hard to explain what I mean."

For a moment the sound of birds and crickets filled their ears, and Sango thought about this. The grass tickled her neck and danced in the wind. After a moment, she broke the silence.

"I think I know exactly what you mean, and I believe you. All around us are the promises of the gods that no matter what is wrong, we can live through it. And at the end of it all is true happiness."

She held out a hand as if trying to reach the sky. The breeze whistled around her and she closed her eyes. Miroku sighed at the perfection of the moment and brought his hand up to clasp hers, bringing their hands back down to their sides. A slight smile remained on both of their faces as they watched the clouds blow by.

'So here we are' the monk thought with a smile. 'Under the sky so blue.'


Kagome was scrubbing the floor of the well house as she thought back to all her memories with Inuyasha. Her most recent ones were the strangest. Inuyasha had changed, although he was still Inuyasha. She smiled; She had changed Inuyasha hadn't she?

Suddenly two arms wrapped around her and hugged her tightly. She gasped and her eyes became watery as she recognized the owner of those arms. Turning to face the hanyou, she exclaimed, "Inuyasha!"

He chuckled and kissed her passionately over and over. Her face felt beat red, and her heart was nearly jumping out of her chest. She noticed something out of the corner of her eye and she broke the kiss hastily.

"Inuyasha the sun!" He turned in the direction she was staring to see the orange glow of the sun set beyond the horizon. The sky had changed to a beautiful pink hue and was fading away with the light of the sun.

He merely turned back to her and smiled. "What about it Kagome? It's just a sunset like any other."

Her uncertainty was washed away and she couldn't help but smile back. Staring into his eyes, she saw herself reflecting in the ebbing light.

He swept her into his arms and carried her towards the house. "Come on Kagome, let's go to bed. We can't be late for school tomorrow can we?"

Completely forgetting that it was Saturday tomorrow, she flushed and nodded. "Yes Inuyasha, let's go."

~The End~


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