Kira's Pov

She watched in horror as her ''new home'' was being burned down to the ground. She would've careless about her ''home'' but her friends, all was inside during the fire.

''NO!'' She saw Withered Candy's head sticking out of the window, smiling sadly before the entire factory crash down onto the ground, crushing Withered Candy.

''CANDY! EVERYONE!'' She cried, breaking down into tears, whimpering and recalling how this happened.

It started with the teenager girl coming in from some crazy dare from her ''friend''. They weren't really happy about this teen just messing around but they thought her a lesson, not killing her but scaring her nearly to death.

They sure had a good time since Mike, remembering him but still didn't forgave him for not coming back for them ever since that day.

But it ended at the sixth night the teen spend, learning that the anime-tronics were sex slaves and being abused by none other than Rat and her friend, Cat, it was a weird name for them but that's how they wanted to be called at.

It lead to a deadly fight with the teen escaping for her life and she (not the teen), her friends snapped and rebelled against their tormentors.

A fire started and blazed the entire factory and she was the only one who made it out and no one else.

-Time Pass-

She hid behind the trees, watching these humans put out the fire, really in terror. She waited an entire week, hiding from the humans until they left. Apparently she heard they might be back in a few days to schedule something involving this.

As soon as they were gone, she dashed towards the rubble ruins of the factory. She dig through the entire place.

She found nothing, everyone was gone and she was alone.

She fell and cry, praying for her friends to come back, how could this happened?


She felt a note of paper hit her face all the sudden, she didn't exactly had hands but used the points of her arm to throw the paper to the ground.

She noticed the headline.

''New Fazbear and Friends Anime Diner recently reopened after some incident happen at the old location.''

Her face went sour at the thought of this but remembered.

''I don't want to be alone...would they accept me?'' She read more of the paper, eyes widening.

''Rumors spreading around that this diner had to do something with a recent murder of a young security guard, Mike Schmidt, only 17, too young a age for such a fellow with a bright future ahead of him, but this hasn't been proved yet, more investigation going on with the death of Mike Schmidt, who's buried at the -.''


She limped her way back into the forest, to find this diner and get answers.