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This story is focus on family with a little romance here and there. This is a Drarry pairing, with other side pairing. Time travel fic. Lots of original characters. Out of characters. So different from the canon. And most of all UNBETAED. so yeah, forgive my many mistakes. I know there's a lot in there. That's all guys. Hope you enjoy my new story.

Summary: After barely surviving another nasty and vicious beating from his relatives, Harry returned to Hogwarts so weak and almost on the verge of breaking point. So when his name came out from the Goblet of fire he just couldn't take it anymore and decided to just end all his pain and suffering once and for all.

CHapter one-GIVING UP

The great hall was buzzing with anticipation as almost every students from the three participating school, Hogwarts, Drumstrung and Beaxbouton waited impatiently and excitedly for the three chosen triwizard champion.

Almost everyone except Harry , who was so engrossed in the glamoured journal he was currently reading. Sirius sent it to him at the beggining of the term saying that it belonged to his dad, James but for some unknown reason he wasn't able to open it.

But Harry was surprise when the moment he touch the journal the lock automatically clicked open. Since then Harry wasn't able to stop reading it which lead to some startling revelation and realization. The most shocking of all was finding out that Lily was not really his mum.

He really didn't want to believed the very first time he had read it, but as he continued to read further he began to accept, realized, and finally understand some of the unexplainable things that at first he couldn't fully comprehend. If only he found out sooner.

His reading and musing was rudely interupted when the journal was suddenly taken from his grasp.

"Hermione, give that-" he wasn't able to finished what he was about to say when he finally noticed that the entire hall was very silent and everyone was looking at him . Some in disbelief, others was in awe, but most of them were angry.

"Harry Potter," the raven haired gryffindor's gaze snapped towards the head table upon hearing his name, especifically to the headmaster who was still standing beside the goblet of fire, piece of parchment held loosely in his hand.

Realization quickly dawned on him and he felt as though someone had poured a bucket of very cold water on his head. He felt cold, numb, weak. His face was so pale, and his body was shaking badly.

"Harry, please step forward and join the other champions," instructed the headmaster who was oblivious to the young gryffindor's turmoil.

Instead of coming forward Harry slowly back away from everyone intending to get away as far as he could from there. But as though the headmaster realized what he was planning, the great hall door slammed shut just before he could reached it.

Harry spun around wand already in hand as he glared menancingly at the headmaster. " Let. Me. Out," he hissed borthering to parsletongue that sent shivers to everyone in the great hall.

"Stop this at once . You should have anticipitated the consequence of your thoughtless action," the head of the gryffindor house demanded sternly.

Harry stared at the head of his house in disbelief, betrayal visible in his now dull emerald eyes. He had expected that reaction coming from his, from professor Snape, not from their own head of the house. He forced himself not to looked to where their potion professor was seated. He didn't want to see the contempt or disappointment in those onyx eyes very similar to- He shook his head inwardly to clear his mind with those thoughts, he instead turned to look for his two best friends and was relieved that they too was looking at their head of the house in disbelief.

He returned his gaze back to their head of the house "I did not put my name on that blasted cup, you can't force me to participate in that damn tournament," he stated loudly and firmly.

"Either way, Potter. You're already magically binded when you were chosen, you must participate or you'll lose your magic," Madeye Moody interjected hoping that the young gryffindor would change his mind at the mentioned of losing his magic.

But to their surprise Harry let out a sardonic laugh instead that very much disturbed some of his friends. It was very much unlike for Harry to act like that.

Harry couldn't help but laugh when he heard what their new defence professor had said. Whether he participate or not, the ending would still be the same. He will die. he thought bitterly.

"Do you really think I still care at this point if I lose my magic? I don't give a damn!" he spat. "maybe it will be for the better. maybe if I lose my magic, you lot will finally grow a backbone and learn to stand and fight for yourselves and not just depend your life and survival to me. Do all of you really believe that I can defeat Voldemort?" he ignored the loud gasp, scream and flinched at the mention of the dark lords name as he continued. "or any other dark lord? Me? I can't even defend myself from my-" the green eyed gryffindor immediately stop horrified when he realized what he was about to say.

Severus Snape watched everything that was happening in front of him thoughtfully. He had noticed the change in the young gryffindor since the beggining of the term. First his magic had weaken which greatly disturbed him as he knew from the start that Harry was a very powerful young wizard. Second was the glamour that the young gryffindor was using. He was not certain if Harry was aware of the said glamour or not. And if yes, what could be the young gryffindor had been hiding?

Another change that he had noticed was his study habits. He had to admit he was really surprised when during their weekly staff meeting, his co- professors commented on how the young raven haired gryffindor's marks suddenly rise enormously. The potion master then reluctantly admited that the same could also be said to Harry's potion marks. The sudden change was a bit suspicious, but there's a part of Severus that felt ridiculously proud to the raven haired gryffindor but he quickly squashed those feelings away, because it's just doesn't made any sense. Harry was not his.

One more thing that had change was Harry's behavior towards him. He never once talked back to him since the start of the term. No amount of scolding and humiliating can flare up the temper of the young gryffindor whenever the potion master was around, which confused him even more. Not even Draco's insult could break his self control which was irritating but impressive at the same time.

This would be the first time he had witness the raven haired famous temper since he had noticed the changes. But really, he couldn't blame him for reacting like this. Anyone with eyes could clearly see that Harry hate being the center of attention. He hate his fame, and he's an heir to a noble and ancient line so he doesn't need the money from the triwizard tournament anymore. So he was also surprise when Minerva bluntly accused his own lion, specially Harry Potter of cheating to get in the tournament.

He could clearly see the hurt on the young gryffindor's now dull emerald orb that made his heart clenched painfully. Another unexplainable emotion he felt for the young wizard. He was glad that Harry wasn't looking on his direction as he wasn't able to see the worry that flashed on the potion master's onyx orbs.

But Harry's next words had him stood abruptly from his seat and quickly strode towards the unstable teen. No. This couldn't be happening. Why hadn't he noticed before. Why hadn't he realized that something was very wrong.

'do you really think this at this point that I still care if I lose my magic? Well, let me tell all of you this. I don't fucking care!' 'I can't even defend myself from my-' those words keep ringing on his head as he strode towards Harry.

When He was close enough to the young gryffindor that he could talk to him without the others over hearing. He found Harry looking at him. The same look he caught the young gryffindor was giving him most of the time this past two months. The look of longing that unnerve and confused him at times. He mentally shook his head to cast that thought away for now.

"Ha- Potter," he said softly trying not to scare or intimidate the young wizard. But before he could continue his body stiffened when he felt a snap of magic just behind him. Before he could to try and protect Harry, a blinding light burst from where Harry was standing then after a while he found himself inside of what look like a dome of raw magic. Harry's magic.

He looked behind him and found Madeye Moody and one of his snakes Marcus Flint unconscious on the ground. The two idiot, there curse surely rebounded by Harry's impressive shield.

He turned his attention back to the young gryffindor only two found him leaning againt's the door panting heavily. Realising such huge amount of raw power would really exhaust his already weakening magic and body. Then his heart skip a bit when he noticed the teen was holding a silver pocket knife. 'where the hell did that knife came from?' Suddenly Harry started talking

"He loved you so much, you know. He never stopped loving you. You're the only one he had ever loved.," the young gryffindor started softly but the potion master clearly heard everything he said. For a while he was a bit confused of what the young gryffindor was talking about. But Harry's next words froze Severus from his place.

"He got so worried when you didn't come back the next day after you had been summoned. He wanted to write to you but he was afraid that it might get intercepted. So he waited anxiously believing that you would return eventually. But days, weeks. and months had passed and he still hadn't heard anything from you. He was hurt at first. He thought that you just left him. Until one day, he heard the news from one of his friends that you were killed,"

No. .no one should know about them. especially not Harry. The potion master thought frantically. But the young gryffindor just resume his story.

"He really thought you're already dead. He mourned for you secretly. Until one day he had fallen ill. That's when he found out he's. . . he's pregnant,"

Severus suddenly fell on his knees as he stared at the young gryffindor in shocked. He didn't know what to say. All he could think of was 'he was pregnant, his James was pregnant,' then realization hit him like a lightning bolt. 'he was pregnant. he married Lily and announced that she was pregnant, oh merlin. Harry was his. And it was confirmed with the raven haired gryffindor's next words

"He was so happy when he found out that he was pregnant. Even you're already gone he said that you have left a part of you in him that he will forever love and cherish. But he was also terrified that if his parents found out who the other father is, they will take away the baby from him. So he ask for her help. They decided to pretend that she was pregnant. then announce that they are getting married, they chose to get married in the muggle way so that they could fake all the documents that was impossible to do in the wizarding bonding,"

Harry was about to continue when he suddenly felt light headed, he tried to force himself to stay still but he couldn't. He knew that he was about to fall on the ground, but he couldn't control his body anymore.

Severus noticed that something was wrong with Harry when he saw him swayed from where he was standing, he had just gotten in time and quickly ran towards the young wizard to catched him before his head hit the ground.

Harry opened his eyed when he felt someone was holding him and was meet with the worried onyx eyes of his father.

"Papa. I'm sorry but I couldn't take it anymore. I'm already tired. I love you, papa," he whispered softly as his eyes slowly slid close and his body went limp in his father's arms.