The two slytherin led the two emotional gryffindor into one of the unused classroom near the infirmary.

"Let me see your arm," Pansy instructed as soon as they settled inside the room.

Hermione held her arm and Pansy gently pulled her sleeve up and sure enough a huge bruise was there due to Sirius firm hold that made the two slytherin to hissed and for Ron to snarled angrily. How could Sirius do this to Hermione?

The Slytherin witch press her wand against Hermione's arm and uttered a series of charm and they watch as her arm began to glow then the bruise started to fade slowly until it was totally gone.

" Thank you," Hermione said softly

Unexpectedly the room was filled with comfortable silence after that. The two slytherin giving the two gryffindor some time to calm down after finding out that their best friend is dying.

After a while when the two slytherin were certain that Ron and Hermione are somewhat calm down now Pansy asked the question that had been bugging them ever since they were in the infirmary.

"You said earlier that Potter don't hate Draco. How did you know? And are you certain?" Inquired Pansy lowly not wanting to intimidate the two gryffindor.

Hermione and Ron shared a look. They don't want to reveal Harry's secret but the two slytherin also said earlier that Malfoy doesn't hate Harry. And now they found out that they are soulmates maybe there's still a chance for them to be together, to be happy before-

Their train of thoughts were interrupted when Pansy spoke again

" We realized Draco is in love with Potter during our third year. He wouldn't admit it at first but we noticed that Potter keep avoiding having even a small interaction with Draco but we caught him several times staring at Draco longingly. So we persuade Draco to approach Potter and he did. But Dravo just returned more sullen than even before Potter was avoiding him," The slytherin girl ranted exasperated

"I think it's our fault," said Hermione sadly

"Explain!" hissed Zabini irritably speaking for the first time since they entered the room

" I mean. It's not really our fault but we think it's because of us that Harry reject Malfoy. We also noticed last year of Harry's hidden feelings for Malfoy but he had no idea that we knew. We were planning on talking to him but it's not just Malfoy that his been avoiding even us. We think he's afraid of what would be our reaction if he accept Malfoy. He certainly assumed that we would get mad at him," explains the gryffindor girl sullenly.

" We were about to talk to him after the announcement of the chosen champion but then this happened," added Hermione as he suddenly burst into crying. Ron was immediately by her side trying to comfort her. Unexpectedly Parkinson as well.

" Mione, you heard Madam Pomfrey. Malfoy and Harry are soulmates. Malfoy is helping Harry heal now. Harry won't di...die anymore right?"

" We don't know that Ron. This is a very rare case," argued Hermione "

" If what we heard at the infirmary earlier is true that Professor Snape is Potter's Sire. Which still a bit unclear to me how that happened. But if it's true , we are certain that Professor Snape would do everything he can to cure his son. He would invent a cure himself if needed," Parkinson butt in silencing the two gryffindor.

" You're right," Hermione nodded in agreement " Professor Snape won't let anything happen to Harry. All we need to think now is how to convince Harry to accept Malfoy,"

" Why won't he accept Draco now? Surely, when he found out that you're both not against them being together that he will finally accept Draco. You're both not against Draco right?" Inquired Blaise a but puzzled

Surprisingly, it was Ron who answered " you don't know Harry. Now that he is sick he would be more determined to stay away and reject Draco. He wouldn't want to burden Draco and to put him in danger especially now that he is not strong enough to Protect Draco,"

"Draco can protect himself just fine," huffed Parkinson in disbelief

" Maybe, but Harry still wouldn't want to risk him,"

"Well, let Draco handle him. If Potter think that Draco would just gave him up specially when he found out that he also felt the same then he would be sorely disappointed. Draco is a Malfoy. And what a Malfoy want, Malfoy get,"
Pansy proclaim in certainty

" Fine. But what about Draco's father? Would he accept Harry for his son and only heir?" Hermione inquired anxiously as Ron nodded in agreement beside her.

But Pansy just wave their worry off. " Lord Malfoy may appear cold and uncaring but he love his son unconditionally. And besides, finding someone's soulmate is considered a blessing and sacred to us. Lord Malfoy wouldn't do anything to jeopardise that," she stated seriously

Hermione and Ron breath a sigh of relief from hearing that. "Do you think Mr. Malfoy would allow us to-"

Hermione wasn't able to finished what she was about when a loud explosion coming from the infirmary rock the entire castle. The four of them sprint out of the room towards the infirmary worried in what might have had happened again.

When they arrived they found a destroyed infirmary. The two healer from St. Mungo's were on the other side of the room unconscious. Madam Pomfrey and Healer Tonks checking the both of them. Sirius Black was also at the corner not unconscious but his eyes are dazed and blood are dripping down his face from a very large wound on his forehead. Remus was trying very hard to stop the bleeding. While headmaster Dumbledore and their Potion Professor were trying to calm a very furious Draco who was clutching Harry tightly and screeching at them angrily.

Yes, screeching. As the Draco that they were seeing now was far from the Draco that they had left just a while a ago. They all knew that the Malfoy's has a veela blood but since Lucius never received his creature inheritance they all assumed that Draco would be the same. But they were all wrong as Draco is now clearly a veela, a very furious vella. And the way he was clutching Harry it is safe to say that he was his mate.

"Professor, what happened?" Hermione asked softly trying not to anger the seething vella more as she glance at Harry worriedly who was now cocooned by Draco's wings not conscious to everything that was happening around him.

"Mr. Malfoy woke up earlier just as you left the infirmary. And as soon as he saw Harry he suddenly transformed and took Harry," explained the headmaster tiredly. He felt as though he was about to fall over any minute now as his magic was starting to drain. When he cast the shield earlier to protect them from the young Malfoy's outburst he wasn't expecting it to be so powerful. For someone as young as Draco he was amazed by the strength of his magic. Much more when they bind with Harry's completely. The two of them would be the most powerful couple in the entire wizarding world.

"That does not explain why the infirmary is in carnage. And why the two healers are unconscious, and Black was injured," Pansy pointed out.

" Alas, that is Sirius own fault. When he saw Draco pick Harry up he tried to attacked Draco and well young Draco's magic reacted his magic lashed violently," the headmaster said as look at Sirius disappointedly

"Mr. Zabini. Go to your dorm and floo Lucius tell him to come here immediately," Severus ordered when he was certain that he couldn't really persuade Draco to change back and let Harry down again.

" Wait!" Hermione exclaimed as she clutched Zabini's robe stopping the dark skinned slytherin from rushing towards their dormitory.

" Dobby!" She called immediately and with a pop the hyper house elf appeared in front of them. Hermione didn't give the house elf a chance to speak "Dobby, Go and find Lucius Malfoy and bring him here right away. Harry needed his help," she added when the elf was about to complain. Dobby wide eyed nodded and with a pop he was gone. And not even a minute later he was back with an angry Lucius Malfoy

" Unhand me this instant, Dobby," Lucius ordered thunderously. The elf squeak in fright and immediately let go of the angry Lord and quickly pop away knowing that he wasn't needed anymore.

"Severus, what is the meaning of this?" He hissed angrily as soon as he saw the potion master not noticing his vella son at his back.

"Look at your back , Lucius,"

Lucius did and froze when he saw his son sitting on the floor. " what happened?" He demanded furiously " he's only fifteen. He wasn't supposed to come into his inheritance until he reached seventeen," he added a bit puzzled.

" We will explain everything later. Would you just calmed Draco for now and persuade him to let go of Harry already," the potion master snapped irritably.

But Licius was now looking at him in confusion and disbelief. Then he turn to look back at his son and indeed there was someone inside his wings. Harry Potter of all people. And then he recall what Severus had called him. Harry. And he was now looking at the boy worriedly. What in Salazar's name had happened?

He mentally shook his head to clear his thoughts. He would demand an answer later, for now he has a vella son to talk to.

" Draco, stop this nonsense this instant," Lucius ordered sternly as he approached them slowly "this is unbecoming of a Malfoy heir. I didn't raised you to be like this," he added stiffly

Hermione opened her mouth surely to snapped at the Malfoy Lord but Pansy quickly covered her mouth with her hand. The gryffindor witch glared at her" Calm down, Hermione. Look, Draco is starting to change back," Pansy whispered not in the least intimidated by Hermione's anger.

Hermione huffed irritably as she turn to look at Draco and indeed the young vella let out a small whine then he started changing back.

But before anyone could do anything Hermione stomp towards Lucius. The Malfoy Lord looked at her in confusion " Don't talk to Draco like that ever again," she hissed angrily then turned her back to the Shocked Malfoy Lord walking away before Lucius could utter anything.

Severus and Andromeda immediately rushed towards Draco and Harry when they're all certain it was finally safe. As Madam Pomfrey check on Sirius Black. While the two other healer from St. Mungo opted to fixed the damages done in the hospital wing.

" Uncle Sev?" Draco questioned a bit disoriented as he was helped settle on one of the beds that was not destroyed by his outburst.

"Everything's alright, Dragon. Just rest now," said Severus he laid Draco on the bed

"But I'm not tired. What happened? Why am I in here?" Draco inquired bewildered

" I wanted to hear some explanation as well," Lucius commented as he stride towards Draco his two best friend following behind.

Draco look at his father in surprise.

"What do you last remember, Draco?" Severus inquired seriously

Draco's brow furrowed in contemplation then all of a sudden he bolted upright on his bed "Harry!" He gasped in fear and worry. The last thing remember was seeing Harry collapse in the great hall then after that everything's a bit fuzzy

"Harry? Since when do you call Potter, Harry?" Lucius questioned tightly

Draco flushed in embarrassment when he realized what he had said but he ignored his father's query as he turn to his Godfather. " Uncle Sev, what happened to him? Where is he?" He pleaded clutching at his godfather's hand. He knew something wrong had happened. He didn't understand why or how but he felt it earlier.

" He's fine, Dragon. Can't you feel it?"

"Why would I- " he gasped when he felt a surge of magic deep inside. Then an emotion he knew wasn't his. Pain, so much pain and despair. Loneliness and regret. His Harry was hurting.

" Uncle Sev, What's going on? Where is he? He is hurting. You have to help him," the young vella pleaded clutching his chest tightly.

" Calm down, Draco. We will do everything we could. But for now, you're the only one who could really help him," explained the potion master seriously

" What do you mean by that , Severus? And what happened to Potter? And What happened to you?" asked the Malfoy Lord looking at the potion master pointedly starting to get annoyed with all the unanswered questions.

" I'll explain everything later," Severus promised. " we found out that aside from being his vella's mate. Harry and Draco are also soulmates,"

Lucius looked at him sharply "are you certain?"

"There's only one way to find out," the headmaster suggests " It's better if you do it Lucius,"

Lucius stared at the headmaster curiously but slowly pulled his wand out and pointed at the bed behind Draco. The young vella abruptly turn around and almost fell on his bed when he caught sight of Harry. Before he could say anything Lucius cast

"plenum - Apocalypsis sanguinem hæreditatem"

A long parchment pop out of thin air and the Malfoy Lord pluck it up swiftly

Harrison Severus Potter-Snape

Sibling: Aurora Lilian Potter-Snape

Bearer: James Harold Potter

Sire: Severus Tobias Snape

Godmother: Lily Evans

Godfather: Lucius Malfoy

Soulmate : Draconis Lucius Malfoy

( Vella mate)

Soul siblings : Hermione Granger

Ronald Weasley

Magical level : Merlin

Magical Ability : Parseltongue