Bel hadn't been expecting anything other than a fight when he entered the gymnasium in order to give Mammon the antidote. It would be simple; the brats would come in, fight them and die, and the Varia would be up by a few rings. Simple, simple; it required next to no thought.

However, the problem with that was, as soon as Bel looked at the Vongola Mist and realised that her skirt had been raised and he could see her underwear, he couldn't look away; never before had he wanted to see a girl in this position – okay, he loved seeing anyone weak and dying on the ground like the Vongola Mist – but looking beneath their skirts? He hadn't felt those kinds of urges before, probably because he didn't spend enough time around – living – females to care about their undergarments.

Mammon didn't count as she was a floating infant who would charge him ridiculous prices and as a prince, Bel wasn't going to pay her anything.

Bel swallowed a thick lump in his throat. He saw Mammon getting up from the corner of his eye, but he didn't care about that; he was captivated, and the panting and small groans the girl made were enough for the boy's pants to become tighter than they already were. He licked his lips; he knew about nocturnal emission as he tended to experience it often, and he also understood random arousals, both of which Lussuria had told him was normal for teenagers, but he had never been told about becoming aroused because of someone else – and that was exactly what Vongola's Mist Guardian was doing to him.

Bel wanted to approach, to reach out to take the girl's skirt away completely so that the other was wearing only her shirt and panties. He made a soft sound in the back of his throat that sounded almost suspiciously like a whine.

"Has your mind gone to the gutter already, Bel?" Mammon was fine, and even though she had just been injected with a deadly poison, she hadn't lost any IQ points; she could put two and two together, and there was no other reason for her partner to be acting like a horny teenager in this moment, after all. "Get out of there; we have work to do. You tie her up."

The blond could have choked on his saliva; tie her up…? That was like… Four of his birthdays and one Christmas coming early! He was only too eager to rush around the gym in order to find something to bind the girl with, and when he was successful, he could have danced; he wasn't sure if it were normal, but the idea of tying the Vongola Mist up in rope only made him feel harder than he already was.

"Are you going to be a good little peasant and let the prince tie you up~?" Bel's grin stretched across his face as he didn't wait for a reply; he went ahead and bound the other's hands. He purred in appreciation as his obscured eyes wandered over the thin frame before him, and he considered what she would look like if he were to take her jacket away. Would she be wearing a shirt underneath? Or would she be bare? It wasn't normal for him to want to see breasts, but here he was, toying with the idea of cutting her clothing off so he could see her in the nude.

"What's gotten into you today? Usually you don't give anyone a second look." Mammon hovered by the Varia Storm as she observed the boy's handiwork. She was almost confused, but she had to remind herself that just like his title, Bel was wild and unpredictable – and honestly, it was about time he snapped out of his seemingly-asexual state in her opinion; maybe if he got a bit of sex into his daily routine, he'd calm down and stop being such a brat.

Bel licked his lips again as he tightened the last restraint. His grin never faltered as he looked up to face his friend. "Ushishishi~ The prince thinks she looks good in rope, but she would look even better without her skirt~"

Mammon hummed, but she didn't reply. She waited until Bel was finished with what he was doing, and once the girl was hoisted up and hanging by her wrists, she cocked her eyebrow; Bel really was being a horny teenager tonight as he rarely went near another person, let alone stood behind them so he could rub his body against someone's back like he was doing now. "Do you mind, Bel? We're here for the rings; not for you to lose it to trash like her. Keep it in your pants; those kids will be here any minute."

Bel didn't have time to reply, because their opponents had already burst into the gym. His grin became impossibly wide as they shouted their comrade's name, and even though he had heard it before but never bothered to remember it, he made sure it was engraved into his mind this time.

Chrome Dokuro, you will be mine.