trilo x dr hotti

trilo quist was sick of being attatched to the fool bens hand so he jumped out and ran away.

"trilo come back" said ben but it was to late because trilo was already a million miles away from the circus.

"its because of him" said trilo "that i could never have a chance with reginaberry."

trilo walked across the mud hopeless until he walked into a foot.

"ouch" he said. he looked up and saw the man that would change his life forever.

"hmm yes" said director hotti "heh heh. and what is this sexy little thing"

trilos cloth heart started beating hard.

"i am trilo"

"i am hmm yes director hotti. heh heh. you can trust me... im a police officer. hoh. hoh."

hotti started searching inside his surgeon coat.

"ah here it is" said hotti pulling out a paper badge. "heh."

"okay." said trilo and they went to hottis home to have sex. but then someone came in.

"mr hickfield what is that"

"uh oh. the nurse." said hotti.

hotti got up and tried to convince the nurse to let him keep it but the bitch grabbed trilo and threw him in the trash can. trilo tried to get out but it was too dirty to see anything.

eventually someone picked it up and trilo tried to call for help but the person couldnt hear him because they didnt speak puppet unlike ben and hotti. trilo instead jumped out and punched the person in the face and it turned out to be the nurse so trilo felt good about it. he rushed back to hottis room where hotti was asleep. suddenly the heart rate monitor stopped!

but it was okay it was for another patient named maya fey so nobody was sad.

hotti woke up and saw his puppet staring up to him. he picked it up.



they spent the rest of the week in the hospital bed and when hotti got out of the hospital he brought trilo home and did dirty things to him and then trilo did dirty things to him and they both did dirty things to each other. after 5 months of sex they looked at the tv and saw pheonix write getting disbarred and reminded trilo of his days at the circus so he went back home promising to wright hotti a letter every hour.