Author's Note: I'm simultaneously in love with this show, and mildly irritated. I love Chloe and Lucifer, especially as friends (yeah, yeah, I know they're probably heading towards romance, but I'm really hoping that's a distant future), but I feel like they shove the story along almost too quickly. Like him losing his immortality so soon after meeting Chloe. Honestly, since the source material takes place in the DC Constantine Universe, I'm hoping Chloe is like the character of Zed in the Constantine series, or Angela Dodson in the movie version. Not supernatural, but able to see it.

Anyway, this was written because I hadn't tackled anything in a different genre since last year, and I wanted to explore how Chloe must rationalize the weirdness that is Lucifer Morningstar, assuming she doesn't believe he is the Devil. Read and review!

Finding Chloe in the middle of a pile of papers strew around was nothing out of the ordinary to Dan. When she had a particularly difficult case, she liked to 'map it out' as she called it, spreading all of the data she had across the floor, the table, whatever surface she happened to be working on so she could see all of it, and then toss pieces out as they became no longer relevant.

It was messy, but effective, and he tended to leave her alone while she puzzled things out, occasionally muttering to herself about a piece of particularly difficult evidence.

Except this time when he caught a glimpse at the papers strewn around her in a halo across the living room floor, he saw nothing to do with cases. Instead, it was pages and pages of pictures and archaic Christian lore – pages from the Bible highlighted in several different versions, pictures of demons and devils and winged angels and their righteous wrath. More concerning then the content, however (because hey, with their jobs, it was hard not to question the existence of the hereafter and an Almighty), was that interspersed with the pictures of heavenly creatures were pictures and reports of his least favorite civilian consultant – Lucifer Morningstar.

He sighed, dropping Trixie's forgotten backpack onto the table as he plopped down onto the sofa.

"Chloe, you can't be serious," he said exasperatedly. He knew that guy was bad news. There was something just so…off about the guy. Way too above board for the type of company he kept most of the time. Both him and his creepy bartender with the Spanish word for corn as a first name.

"Hmm?" she said, hardly looking up as she brushed away a paper about a creature made from fire. She pushed together a surveillance picture of Morningstar with the rules of Satanism as written by LaVey.

"You're not really buying into his crap about being the Devil, are you? Because if you are, you really might want to talk to a professional therapist," he said, gesturing to the massive spread.

Chloe shot him a look that clearly said I'm not stupid or crazy, thankyouverymuch. "Seriously, Dan?"

He gestured back at the papers. "Well, what the hell am I supposed to think when this is what I come home to?"

He was very glad looks couldn't kill. He would be dead a hundred times over.

"How about that I'm trying to figure out why he's claiming to be the Devil?" Chloe said.

Dan stared at her blankly, and she rolled her eyes, huffing irritably.

"Of course he's not the Devil, Dan. There's no such thing. Well, maybe, but he's not it. So I'm trying to figure out what would make a person want to be the embodiment of evil," she explained.

"So, why would he?" Dan asked, trying to follow her logic.

Chloe shook her head absently, thoughtfully chewing on her lip. "I don't think that's the version of Lucifer he's attached to. Lucifer doesn't think of himself as evil, he leans more towards…apathetic, but he's got a real Old Testament view of right and wrong. If you did wrong, then you must be punished, and punished according to the crime. When he was talking to Lindsay and her brother, he wasn't so much angry that they wanted to kill Carver, it was like he was angry that they wanted him dead over something that he thought was insignificant."

"Real winner, that guy," Dan said. "I'm still not sure that I follow your logic."

Chloe pointed out various papers from her circle. "I started working backwards from what I knew about Lucifer. He's got daddy issues, that's for sure, and he seems to think he's not at fault for them. He's an amoral vigilante when it comes to most people, and everything he does seems to be more out of curiosity than anything else. People on a whole seem to confuse him, at least where emotions run high." She paused, then shook her head. "No, that's not quite right. He can understand, but not comprehend, like…like he understands killing out of revenge, but he doesn't comprehend the level of emotional reaction people seem to have. Killing over money seems to irritate him more than anything, like it's just too far out of his realm of understanding."

Dan nodded slowly. "For a rich guy, he does seem to be really unconcerned with money…most with money would understand the rationale of killing over it."

Chloe nodded. "But he doesn't. He gets mad over people lying – frauds, fakes…those get to him. And he purposely distances himself from people by never actually referring to himself as a person. It's always 'you people'. And unlike most crazies who do that…I've never heard him slip up. And because he's so convinced, he convinces other people too."

"So you think he's like what, a mentalist? Like the people in Vegas who can make you think you're a chicken for a day?" Dan asked.

Chloe shrugged. "Maybe? But it's people he has never met before, and it's not like he has a whole little speech or charade that he goes through every time he talks to someone. The closest he gets is 'tell me what do you most desire?' except he doesn't use the same exact phrase every time."

"I've heard of 'I just have one of those faces' but yeah, that's a bit of a stretch. So then what's your theory?"

Chloe didn't answer for a moment, and Dan didn't think she was going to answer.

"I think he's a victim," she said finally.

Dan scoffed, thinking she was joking, but frowned when it became obvious she was not. "Really, Chloe? A victim? A victim of what? Narcissism? Sociopathy? He's arrogance incarnate."

"He's obviously delusional, and the delusion he chooses to associate with is arrogant. And he chose a delusion where he can choose not to feel at all, but punishes the wicked. He picked the Devil to portray himself as, but the vigilante half of him – the one that doesn't make people do bad things, but punishes them for their own choices. I think…I think it plays back into his issues with his father."

Dan's frown deepened. "How so?"

She gestured vaguely to her back with one hand, indicating the space between her shoulder blades. "He's got these…these scars, Dan. Huge – right here. Like where there would be wings if he was a fallen angel. He says they're a 'gift from his father', and freaked when I…asked about them."

Dan raised an eyebrow when Chloe's cheeks turned a light pink. "Asked about them? How did you even see them?"

Chloe huffed angrily. "We know Lucifer's personal boundaries are pretty much non-existent and the man has zero shame. He was trying to show me all that I was missing by turning him down. Repeatedly." She glared at him, daring him to challenge her.

Dan wasn't that stupid. He held his hands up in mock surrender. "Hey, just askin', okay?"

"When he turned around, I could see them, and they're these almost diamond shaped sections of skin missing. The first time I ever saw him really lose his composure was when I almost touched them, and then suddenly, instead of flirting and joking, he looked absolutely horrified, and disappeared to change, pretending like nothing happened."

Dan sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. "So your theory is that those really were from his father, just not the Heavenly Father? I guess it would make sense, but why not just claim to be any angel? Why claim to be the fallen angel?"

Chloe shrugged. "Maybe that's how he sees it? That's how he sees himself? As a rebellious son, thrown out by his father to suffer?"

"Yeah, but isn't the Devil a bad guy?" Dan asked. "Why would be run around helping solve crimes? Even the novelty of it doesn't make sense. Unless you think he gets his kicks from violence?"

Chloe shook her head. "No, I don't think he's violent, I think he's vengeful. Because he isn't cruel to Trixie, he just doesn't know what to do with her, and she really likes him…for whatever reason. And you know Trix, she's usually a pretty good judge of character."

Dan considered it. "Maybe the reason he keeps the association of the Devil's vindictive justice side…his father was never punished for what he did? Assuming that he wasn't lying about his dad being the reason for his scars?"

"Or that because he feels he was wrongly punished by his father, he now makes sure that others are punished according to their crimes?" Chloe said.

Dan shrugged. "Maybe. It is a bit of a stretch though, you gotta admit."

Chloe gave him the same look of no shit, Sherlock she did before. "And him actually being the Lucifer from Christian lore is so much more likely."

Dan tried not to smile. "Well, you hear those soap box doomsday prophets – The Devil walks amongst us!"

"Get real, Dan." She paused for a moment. "Maybe the reason why this current identity only shows up five years ago is because he had a different identity?"

"Maybe. But it's probably still not going to be his real one. Not at his age, and assuming that his damage happened when he was younger. You're probably looking at more than one fake identity, and maybe even someone who was in an institution. But before you go digging, Chloe – just stop and think about whether or not you really want to know."

"I need to know," Chloe protested.

Dan shook his head, and he couldn't believe he was actually defending Morningstar. "No, you want to know. Big difference. If we're right, this guy went through some serious shit, and he's obviously trying to separate himself from it. You can't just go picking at that kind of delusion without creating more problems. Right now, yeah, calling yourself Lucifer Morningstar and being the dark angel of vengeance is weird. Really weird. But if that's how he copes, and he's not actively doing anything wrong, what is you knowing about his past really going to do?"

"Maybe I could help him?" Chloe said. "He keeps throwing himself into situations that could get him killed. And there's that rather unfortunate habit of trying to punish people."

"You're already helping, aren't you? You agreed to work with him. You can't keep any closer an eye on him than that. And…he's already getting psychiatric help." Dan winced at the murderous scowl Chloe sent him.

"You looked him up?"

"Well, yeah. One, he was going to be working for the department, so he had a background check anyway, and two, he's going to be around Trixie at least a little because it's unavoidable. I wanted to make sure he wasn't a violent offender. Weird make believe I can let slide around a kid. Violent weird make believe wasn't going to happen, no matter what the Captain or you said. He started seeing a licensed therapist about six weeks ago."

Chloe sighed in resignation. "Sorry. That was kind of unfair. I would've expected you to run a check on him."

Dan waved off her apology. "Don't worry about it. Anyway, enough of Morningstar, or whoever the hell he is. Tonight is Taco Tuesday, and I'm starving."

"I'll clean this up if you want to get it started. Trixie can help you, I think she's in her room." Chloe gestured to the papers around her. "I'll find somewhere to put all of this. Maybe it'll help me understand Lucifer's references a little better." She smiled briefly. "Never thought I would wish I'd gone to Catholic school."

"Sad, dark day in history," Dan agreed, standing and stretching. "Hey, Monkey! Come help with dinner while mom cleans up her homework!"


As Dan made his way to the kitchen, Chloe bent over and picked up a note, one she didn't remember writing. It was her penmanship though, but on it was only one word. A name, actually.


She stuffed it in her pocket to look up later as she shuffled the rest of her papers into order to be filed away. She obviously thought it was worth reading at some point, even if she couldn't remember writing it in the first place.

Distracted by the clanging of pans and Trixie's giggling from the kitchen, she paid no attention to the sudden feeling like she was being watched.

This may, MAY have a second chapter with Lucifer wondering why the hell Dan and Chloe are looking at him like he's some sort of broken toy suddenly. But it depends on whether or not you guys want it. Like it, love it, hate it? What do you think Chloe's rationalization of Lucifer's claim to be the Devil is? I love feedback, especially about my favorite show.