Chapter 9

Frodo sat numbly at the kitchen table, his hands clasping a cup of tea that was quickly becoming cold. He shifted uncomfortably. *After tea. * He kept hearing Sam's words in his head over and over again. Frodo gritted his teeth. The lust in Sam's voice was unmistakable. It made Frodo ache terribly in more places than one.

He had taken a bath and washed his hair with a lavender scent, and now had changed into a freshly pressed pair of breeches and a clean weskit. Frodo had lit fragrant candles in his bedroom, and arranged a vase of newly picked flowers on the dressing table. A freshly baked apple pie sat on the table, made from crisp green apples from the orchard. Frodo had baked it with loving care; the smell of the cooked apples filled the kitchen with an earthy scent.

Frodo sighed and absentmindedly stirred his tea, watching the swirls dance inside the cup. The liquid was a caramel-brown, a little lighter than Sam's eyes. Sam's eyes! Frodo reckoned he could stare into the clear depths for the rest of his life.

He thought of Sam's cute button mouth, soft and inviting, and his pink cheeks, sun-kissed and warm. His sandy curls were like silk in his fingers, and smelled of rain and kisses. Sam's chest was strong and tanned, unlike Frodo's slim and pale. His belly was stout, like any healthy hobbit, and wonderfully warm. And lower than that - Frodo gulped and closed his eyes for a moment, sighing.

Frodo raised the cup to his lips, preparing to take a sip, when a noise in the door startled him. His hand moved in alarm and tea sloshed over his shirt and breeches. Frodo quickly done up the buttons of his weskit to cover the stain, hoping Sam wouldn't notice his sodden breeches. He found a flustered Sam standing at the doorstep, patting his arms to warm up. Sam looked up at Frodo and blushed shyly.

"Hullo, Sam", said Frodo cheerfully, hoping he didn't sound as nervous as his felt.

"Sir," said Sam, smiling, a little awkwardly.

A moment of silence passed, and Frodo led Sam inside to the kitchen. "I've baked some apple pie, if you would like some," said Frodo.

"Oh! Yes please," said Sam, relieved.

Sam followed Frodo to the kitchen, and Frodo busied himself making some tea and cutting a slice of pie. He felt Sam's eyes watching his back, and tiny prickles formed on his neck.

"Cream?" asked Frodo.

"Uh, yes, thanks sir,"

Frodo handed Sam a slice of apple pie, with a great dollop of cream, and placed his own small slice in front of him as he sat down. Sam tentatively took a bite. "Very good, sir, just like my Ma makes,"

"Mmmm.." said Frodo, distracted by the way Sam's lips curled around the spoon, and the way he licked a speck of cream from the side of his mouth.

Sam nodded towards Frodo. "Are you going to have some?"

"Oh! Of course," said Frodo, the plate of pie in front of him momentarily forgotten. He dug his spoon into the pie and took a small bite. The sweetness of the apples burst on his tongue. Not as sweet as-

"Nice to see you eating again, Frodo, if you don't mind me saying. A hungry hobbit is a healthy hobbit, as the Gaffer says."

"It *is* good to be eating again, Sam, food taste much more delicious now that you and I are.." Frodo trailed off abruptly.

Sam's eyes dropped in embarrassment, and he took another bite of pie. His spoon was laden with cream, and he opened his mouth wide to eat the mouthful. Frodo felt his hand shaking slightly as a spot of white cream settled on Sam's upper lip, refusing to be licked off by his tongue. Frodo choked a little, spraying some crumbs onto the table.

"Is there something wrong?" said Sam in alarm.

"No, Sam." Frodo quickly brushed the crumbs away. He was fascinated by the way the cream danced on Sam's upper lip when he spoke. "I think I've had enough for now," he said, hastily standing up and taking the plate to the sink.

Frodo heard a sound behind him, and there was Sam, taking his plate to the sink, only a few crumbs remaining. "Do you think we should do the dishes?" asked Sam, gesturing to the pots and spoons used by Frodo when making the pie. Frodo frowned. Seeing Sam like that would probably result in many precious dishes being dropped onto the floor....

"Sam," said Frodo, unable to contain himself, "you have a little cream on you upper lip."

Sam cocked his head to the side and thought for a moment. "I do, sir?" he said lightly, making no attempt to remove it.

Frodo sensed Sam's game and his stomach tightened. "Perhaps you would like *me* to remove the cream?" he said, trying to keep his voice even.

"Thank you, sir, I would appreciate that."

Frodo took a step towards Sam, and Sam shivered slightly, as he looked into Frodo's eyes. "Sam," murmured Frodo, wrapping his arms around him. Frodo ducked his head, and ran his tongue over Sam's lips. He gave a shudder, and Frodo kissed him on the mouth, the taste of Sam and fresh cream delightful on his tongue.

"Mmmm, the cream is sweet, but you, Sam, are much sweeter," murmured Frodo.

Sam pressed his head to Frodo's chest, and they stood for a moment, in an embrace, rocking gently.

"Sam I want-" started Frodo, but he was cut off when Sam's lips met his.

"Frodo, Frodo," sighed Sam as his ran his fingers though Frodo's curls. "I - I can't help it. It's so hard to stop."

"I know, I know," Frodo murmured into Sam's neck.

Sam buried his face in Frodo's locks. "Sir! You smell of lavender!" he gasped.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh, Frodo," was all Sam answer, inhaling the perfume deeply. "I can't help myself, sir, you looked so lovely, in the firelight and-"

"Shhh," whispered Frodo, tenderly planting a kiss on Sam's mouth. Sam played with a button on Frodo's weskit, turning pink when it unfastened in his fingers.

"It hurts so much," Sam said quietly, "*there*, and it scares me, but I want to so much.."

"I know, for so long - I've been thinking, wishing..hoping. All alone in the darkness."

Frodo's shoulders shook and Sam hugged him tightly, feeling Frodo's tears wet his shoulder. "Sir, I'm here now, yer Sam's here for you now..and I'll never leave!"

"Of course, Sam," said Frodo, brushing his tears away. "There's just been so much wasted time, wasted love."

"Not anymore," said Sam, kissing Frodo's soft curls.

"No, not anymore," said Frodo quietly.

They stepped away from each other shyly; each wondering what would happen next. Sam gazed down Frodo's body shyly and his eyes opened with surprise.

"Frodo! You have spilled something on you clothes!"

Frodo looked down, seeing that Sam's nimble fingers had revealed the tea stain, and chuckled. "Yes, when you came back you startled me. I was sitting at the table, wondering if you would come back, and letting my tea get cold." Frodo looked at Sam and smiled boldly. "Perhaps you would like to accompany me to the bedroom where I can change into something more comfortable?"

Sam's eyes opened wider. "Oh! If you would like."

Frodo grinned and took Sam's hand. "Oh, Samwise, my dear, I would like," he said as he led Sam to his bedroom.


They stood by Frodo's bed, gazing into each other's eyes.

"Frodo, I've - I've never done this before. I've never even lain with a lass. I don't know what to do," Sam said softly, clearly embarrassed.

"I've never been with a lass either, Sam." Frodo looked at Sam with a twinkle in his eye. "But surely you have some idea? I know what I've been thinking about, late at night in bed. What did you think about?"

"Well, I thought of lots of things..." Sam trailed off.

Frodo smiled and placed his hands on Sam's shoulders. "I've thought of a lot of things I would like to do to you, Samwise. And things I would like you to do to me. Whatever feels good, don't you think?"

"Whatever feels good," Sam echoed, turning scarlet.

"Remember, I love you, Sam. If you don't want to do something, just tell me, and we can lay, wrapped up in each others arms, if you like."

"I love you too, Frodo," said Sam, tears filling his eyes. "I trust you, but do you feel up to it? You were sick only a week ago."

"Why, dear Samwise, what do you have in store for me?" Frodo chuckled as Sam's cheeks burned. "I feel better than I have ever before."

Frodo gently kissed Sam on the lips. Sam pressed himself close to Frodo's thudding heart. Frodo kissed Sam's wet eyes, his cheeks and his hot forehead.

Frodo looked into Sam's brown eyes questionably and Sam nodded, eyes shining. He pressed his lips to Sam's and opened his mouth to poke his tongue out slightly. Sam opened his mouth and Frodo swept his tongue over this wetness inside. Frodo heard a peculiar noise, and realized it was Sam whimpering with pleasure. He drew his hand through Sam's hair, pressing Sam as close to him as possible. Frodo felt Sam gripping his arm tightly. After a while they broke apart, and stood by the bed, panting.

"I liked that," said Frodo, a little shakily.

Sam looked at Frodo with lust. Frodo looked so beautiful in the flickering candlelight. His face was a lovely pink colour and his eyes were blue pools of clear water. A fire seemed to blaze inside of Sam. He pulled Frodo towards him and kissed him hard on the lips, their tongues sliding past each other. Frodo moaned loudly into Sam's mouth and a great shudder passed through his body. Sam stumbled forward with surprise and crashed onto the bed, with Frodo under him.

Sam looked startled and quickly rolled off him, and lay beside him on the bed. They looked at each other for a moment and then collapsed into a fit of laughter. They writhed on the bed, great trembles coursing throughout their bodies.

"Sam, you should have seen you face," giggled Frodo, wiping a tear from his eye.

"I thought I might have hurt you," said Sam, smiling.

Frodo shook his head. "No, Sam. Actually, I enjoyed it very much." He laughed again and looked at Sam, crimson from embarrassment. They lay in a peaceful silence for a while, arms wrapped around each other.

Frodo realized Sam's eyes were open wide and his body shaking. Frodo took Sam's hand. "What's wrong?" he whispered.

"I'm a little scared - terrified actually," admitted Sam, laughing lightly.

"Me too," said Frodo, massaging Sam's hand. "This is more scary than dealing with the awful Sackville-Bagginses!"

Sam smiled at the thought. "But I'm not like them, am I?"

"Oh, no, Sam. But, my stomach feels like I've just seen Lobelia's sour face. I'm terribly nervous. It's hard to believe it's happening."

"I know," muttered Sam.

"But I want to so much," murmured Frodo, stroking Sam's jaw line. "It's just so hard to resist, isn't it?"

Sam managed a sigh as Frodo lent over and kissed him on the lips, and then he tenderly pulled Sam's bottom lip gently in his teeth. Frodo felt a spark run through him as Sam quivered at the touch. Frodo trailed little kisses down his neck until Sam's shirt stopped him from reaching more skin. He ran his hand over Sam's chest and played with his top button.

Sam was watching him from half closed eyes. Frodo felt Sam's heart beating fast through the thin fabric. Frodo undid the button, slowly, playfully. He kissed the small patch of bare skin and Sam sighed. He unfastened the buttons slowly, each time laying a gently kiss on the new flesh being exposed.

"Frodo!" said Sam, his voice thick with feeling.

Now that Sam's muscled chest lay uncovered, Frodo gazed hungrily and the brown flesh. "Oh, Sam, you're so beautiful," he said, his voice quivering with emotion.

Frodo brought his face to Sam's chest, and, darting his tongue out of his mouth, licked the dark brown nipples. Sam moaned incoherent noises as Frodo nibbled them teasingly. He wondered what would happen if he did that-


At last Frodo lifted his head, and ran his fingers slowly down Sam's body, stopping at the top of his breeches. Frodo looked into Sam's wide eyes.

"Sam, do you want me too?" whispered Frodo huskily.

Sam managed a throaty yes.

Frodo touched a button, and tried to unfasten it, but his hands were shaking so much he couldn't get a grip. He looked up at Sam, embarrassed.

"I love you, Frodo," whispered Sam. "Please."

Frodo nodded and, hands shaking, undid the buttons; his breathes getting heavier as each button was unfastened. His heart pounded and his head felt dizzy. Frodo's breathing quickened as his tugged on Sam's breeches.

Frodo let out a little gasp of joy as he looked upon him, and saw with delight that Sam was undeniably enjoying Frodo's touches.

"Oh, Sam," sighed Frodo, his eyes dropping. He crawled up Sam and kissed his on the cheek. "You are the most lovely creature I have looked upon."

Sam was silent for a moment, trying to control his emotions. "Frodo, if you don't mind - since you've seen me in naught but my skin - maybe I could see you too?"

Frodo laughed at Sam's shyness. "Of course, my love. But you are not fully undressed yet. Let me help you." He helped Sam wriggle out of his shirt and pulled his breeches past his furry feet.

"Now it's my turn," said Frodo. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and breeches, Sam watching with wanton eyes. Frodo tossed his clothes onto the floor and lay next to Sam, grinning. Their naked bodies pressed together closely, and Frodo felt a rush of desire.

"Lay back, Sam," gasped Frodo, tickling Sam's chest.

Sam immediately understood. "Frodo, I want - I want to do this to *you*. You deserve it."

"No, Sam." Frodo smiled wolfishly. "Tonight, I want to be your servant."

Sam sighed and laid back, closing his eyes. "Sam, Sam," Frodo mumbled, pressing his swollen lips to Sam chest.

Frodo moved lower, suckling at the warm skin.

"Frodo, just - there..oh!" Sam groaned as Frodo nipped at his sensitive nipple.

Frodo kissed Sam's chest. "Sam," kiss. "I," another kiss, "love," kiss, "you," kiss.

"Me too.. FRODO!" Sam managed to gasp as Frodo's hand tickled the inside of his thighs.

Frodo slide his tongue down Sam's belly, grazing the tender skin as Sam moved his hips impatiently.

"Lower!" Sam groaned, immediately turning red when he realized what he had said.

Frodo's eyes twinkled. "If you insist, Samwise." Sam gave a little whimper.

Then Sam felt Frodo touch, and lick him, and he thought he would burst with joy. Frodo took Sam into his mouth, as Sam's fingers clutched desperately at Frodo's hair. Sam's plaintive cries were mixed with Frodo's muffled sighs and moans. Sam felt his hips thrust as if they had a mind of their own, and he felt himself deep in Frodo's moist mouth.

"Frodo - sir - uh - I can't - I can't wait..FRODO!"

And then Sam felt himself release and he lay on the bed, gasping and clutching the sheets, stars before his eyes. When he could see clearly again, Frodo was looking at him, his eyes filled with emotion.

"Oh, Sam," Frodo sighed and kissed him tenderly. Sam realized Frodo tasted different from before, a musky flavour, but the thought slipped his mind as he felt Frodo's hardness poking him in the belly.

"You taste wonderful," Frodo murmured, nuzzling Sam's earlobe.

"Oh!" Sam realized. "But, Frodo, you're not - not done."

Frodo felt a shaking hand clasp him and he thrust hard, calling Sam's name as he dug his fingers into Sam's shoulder. The friction built up, and Frodo felt that he was on fire. Sam was mumbling something into his ear, but all he could hear was a roaring sound, like the waves of the distant sea.

"Sam, it's com - I can't hold - uh..SAM!"

Sam felt hotness flow on his hand, like a burst of sunlight, and Frodo lay beside him, panting and sighing.

Frodo and Sam held each other in trembling arms, until their hearts had stopped racing and strength returned to their limbs. They lay on their sides, looking into each other's teary eyes. Sam blushed and stroked Frodo's hand.

"Frodo, do you think - if you want me to - that I could do that to you one day?" Sam lowered his eyes.

Frodo kissed Sam on the nose. "Of course, my dear Samwise." Frodo's eyes twinkled. "But, my love, I have another surprise for you tomorrow night, I think." Frodo ran his fingers down Sam's back and lightly squeezed his backside.

"And what would that be?" said Sam, looking at Frodo wonderingly.

Frodo smiled and kissed Sam on the mouth. "You will just have to wait."

"All right," said Sam happily as he wrapped his arms around Frodo's delicate body.

"Are you going to stay here tonight?" said Frodo as he gently massaged Sam's back.

"Mmmhmmm. I guess I'll just tell the Gaffer you were sick again," murmured Sam.

Frodo pressed himself close to Sam. "I hope you will sleep in my bed from now on. I want you to move into Bag End with me."

"I will, Frodo. I will."

Frodo was silent for a moment. "Sam?" Frodo's voice was shaky.

"Yes, sir?"

"I - I have something to tell you. Something I did," Frodo stammered.

"Shhh." Sam pressed his finger to Frodo's lips. "Not now. Not tonight. I just want to lay in your arms. It ain't matter."

Frodo looked into Sam's eyes. "I love you, Sam," he said, kissing him on the shoulder.

"I love you too, Frodo. For ever and ever, till the flowers fail to bloom and the sun forgets to rise." Sam smiled and snuggled into the crook of Frodo's neck, promptly falling asleep.


Frodo gently lifted the arm of a contentedly sleeping Sam and crept out of bed. He found his weskit on the floor and reached into it. His fingers clasped the object inside. He opened his hand and studied the ring on his palm. It didn't look attractive anymore: just a plain, gold ring that glowed dully in the flickering candlelight. Frodo left the room and came to the trunk. He opened it up and grabbed the envelope he had found months before. Frodo dropped the ring into the envelope and sealed it up. Putting the envelope into the trunk, he closed it with a clunk.

Humming to himself, Frodo climbed back into bed and wrapped his arm around Sam's warm shoulders. Frodo smiled sleepily and kissed Sam on the cheek. He wouldn't be needing the ring anymore. He had Sam, and that was all he desired.

~ end ~

Author's Note: Well, that's the end, I hope you like it. Thank you for reading and reviewing. I hope I did Sam and Frodo justice: for they deserve nothing less. I'm currently working on more Sam/Frodo fics; more of which can be found on my website. And a last (but by no means least) thank you to the master himself, J.R.R. Tolkien for giving us such wonderful characters to enjoy (though I doubt he would have imagined us enjoying them in this way!)