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Sooo, here's a new little drabble/smut series I've been kind of playing with. I wanted to work on my sexy-time skills, so low and behold, this came to fruition. Basically, I would describe this as a friend with benefits series...minus the friend part. If that makes sense. It's a little bit different than my usual stuff, little more detached and very little fluff so I'm kind of nervous about it.


It was Wednesday.

Caroline loved Wednesdays.

She twirled a blonde curl around her finger and tried not to roll her eyes at the story Tyler Lockwood was telling her. He was going on about some professional football game that he went to over the weekend in Baltimore and she kept flicking her eyes over to the clock in the lunchroom. Her best friend Elena was cuddled up with her boyfriend, Stefan, across the lunch table, both of them too wrapped in each other to notice Caroline's impatience. The rest of the table was flanked with other football players and cheerleaders, all wearing their uniforms for the pep rally that would take place at the end of the day.

It was the week of the big rival game against Whitmore High School, the biggest Fall event in Mystic Falls, Virginia besides Founder's Day. It was also spirit week at Mystic Falls High School, a full five days dedicated to pumping up the football team and student body for the big game.

As head cheerleader, Caroline lived for weeks like this. She spent the majority of the fall

semester dreaming up the different ideas and routines for the game, all leading up to the cheerleaders big halftime performance. The cheerleaders were all in charge of making goody bags and signs for the football players for the week, something Caroline gladly took charge of.

However, instead of counting down the hours to the big pep rally, Caroline was currently counting down the minutes until her free period.

Biting her lip, she snuck another peek at the clock on the wall. Tyler rested a flirtatious hand on her arm and she smiled at him beguilingly. He continued to talk to her animatedly and she hummed and responded at the appropriate times. She and the football player dated sporadically in the past, and he was always someone fun to flirt with when they both needed a distraction. But, dating him again wasn't even on her radar.

There were other things to keep her occupied.

Her eyes flicked through the lunchroom and fell on a lone figure in the corner. His dirty blonde head was bowed, his nimble fingers working a pencil across a white sheet of paper. He was sitting by himself at the end of a table, his dark clothing a contrast to the white cafeteria table and walls.

Caroline found herself licking her bottom lip, the jawline on him making her mouth suddenly dry. As if he noticed her eyes on him, his gaze snapped up and met hers. She blinked at him once and then pushed her bangs behind her ear.

It was her signal.

He blinked back and looked back down at the paper he was working on, placing the top of the pencil in his mouth as he chewed on it.

That was his.

Caroline felt a rush of adrenaline go through her body and she willed herself to turn back to Tyler and pay more attention to him. A shiver of desire went down her back when she thought of what was to come, and she clenched her thighs together as she continued to impatiently wait for the bell to ring. Tyler reveled in the attention from her, and she had to keep herself from falling asleep when he pulled out pictures of the players he'd met.

But he didn't notice.

Nobody at the table did.

The only person who did was off in the corner, watching the blonde with an unreadable expression as his pencil flew over the page he drew on.

The cheerleader never noticed.

Right when Caroline was about to excuse herself from the table, the bell rang. She immediately hopped up and rattled off an excuse to Elena about buying supplies during free period for more posters during spirit week. Thankfully, her best friend bought it and waved her off with flick of the wrist. Caroline gave Tyler a winning smile and dashed off to her locker.

She passed by him, pointedly keeping her gaze trained to hall in front of her as he gathered up his backpack and supplies. Arriving at her locker, Caroline dropped off her purse and headed down the hall to a deserted corridor that she was becoming very familiar with.

At the end of the corridor, there was a brown custodial closet door. She looked around before tapping on the wood five times with her index finger. There was a pause and in a flash, the door opened and she was pulled in. Her body was pressed up against the door and her mouth was immediately covered by another pair of lips.


His lean body was hard against hers as he licked at her bottom lip and her fingers found their way to the back of his head where she tugged at his curls. His stubble brushed up against her chin, the sting sending a stab of arousal to her core. Caroline ran her fingers over the material of his dark henley, tracing the familiar planes of his chest. He trembled against her and she smirked into his mouth, groaning when he ran a hand up the inside of her thigh.

He made a noise of appreciation when he slipped a finger underneath her cheerleading briefs. She had been wet and waiting since second period this morning when she saw him bent over at his locker.

He didn't say anything, not even a smartass comment about her obvious arousal.

They never talked.


She whimpered as he broke away from her lips, licking a stripe down her neck. She gasped as his thumb found her clit and pressed down, making her hips jerk.

Her hands made their way to buckle of his belt and she immediately began to undo his pants. Klaus hissed against her skin when she brushed against his erection and bit down lightly on her shoulder. His fingers continued to touch her wet heat, stroking her lips and dipping into her entrance to tease her.

She sucked at a spot behind his ear and he panted against her, his free hand wandering up underneath her cheer top to gently squeeze her breast. The touch of his calloused skin against her soft skin sent electricity down her spine, and she threw her head back with a quiet moan. He recaptured her lips to muffle the sound, thrusting his tongue into her mouth to tangle with hers.

Caroline undid his pants, immediately pushing them and his boxers down his legs. His fingers teased her nipple, tugging and rolling it until it hardened into tight bud. He switched breasts, biting her lower lip as she explored his firm ass with her hands. Klaus tugged at her spankies, his hand leaving her breast and she pouted against his lips.

He smiled, the biggest reaction that she ever seems to get out of him.

With a flick of the hand, Caroline's skirt hit the floor and her briefs followed shortly. Caroline flicked her thumb over the tip of his cock, which was his favorite, and he grunted, burying his head into the crook of her neck as he thrust in her hand.

Klaus pressed two fingers into her entrance and she gasped into his mouth, as her head spun with desire. Every thrust made her head spin as he stroked her silky walls, scissoring inside her as his lips continued to steal her breath.

She continued to pump her hand up and down his shaft, swiping her thumb over the tip again to lubricate her movement with his pre cum. The tension in her belly continued to grow, getting tighter and tighter with every stroke of his fingers and the touch of his tongue to her skin. When she drew closer and closer to her climax, Klaus withdrew his fingers and she swore under her breath.

"Please," she whined.

He hesitated for a moment and Caroline froze at her plea.

Klaus looked up at her, his blue-green eyes watching her carefully. Other than a few moans and pleasurable noises, their encounters were dead quiet. No talking was an unspoken rule, and small talk, greetings, and pretty much anything other than sex was taboo.

It was easier for them to stay detached.

That's the arrangement.

No talking. No feelings. Just sex.

She snapped out of it but shook her head as she pulled out the condom hidden in her bra and covered him quickly. Gently, she guided his length to her entrance as he wrapped her leg around his waist. He licked his bottom lip and thrust into her, watching her as she arched into him. Caroline let out a shaky sigh, the feeling of him filling her up made the fire inside her blood burn hotter. His hands went to the soft skin of her ass, squeezing it briefly as he lifted her up and she wrapped her other leg around his waist.

Caroline sighed contentedly, closing her eyes to avert from his gaze as she leaned back against the door as he pumped into her steadily. There was an inkling in the back of her brain wondering how good sex with him would be in a bed, but she brushed that aside as he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her.

That would never happen.

Every Wednesday during free period, they met in the custodial closet. Klaus would fuck her brains out against the door, and then they would both get dressed and leave in silence. The next week would be the same routine, something they'd perfected since February of junior year.

It was no strings sex, entirely beneficial for both of them.

Two strangers, two different worlds.

No attachment. No feelings.

Just mind-blowing sex.

As the daughter of a sheriff, Caroline knew she was flirting with danger by having sex at school.

It really turned her on more than scaring her.

Klaus buried his head into her neck, pressing kisses there as his thrusts became more erratic. She sucked on his jaw, nipping at his earlobe as the tension in her belly continued to tighten. Her fingers found their way to back of his neck and she pulled his lips to hers. Whimpering into his mouth, Caroline felt the tell-tale signs of her climax beginning to build. He pressed a thumb against her clit and massaged it and she gasped, throwing her head back.

The tension snapped and she flew apart around his cock, drenching him with her release. Caroline shook against him, her walls fluttering around his length as he continued to pump into her, milking her release. Caroline shuddered, limply winding her arms around his neck and she fiddled with the necklaces he wore.

Her eyes flew to his and she was mesmerized by way his darkened lustfully as he took her in. Klaus' jaw was set in a firm line, a sign that he was trying very hard to keep it together. The moment seemed more intimate than usual, and the gaze on his face was completely unreadable. She sucked in a breath, suddenly feeling very naked in his arms even though she was still wearing the top half of her uniform.

"Come for me."

Her quiet command broke through the tension filled air and Klaus thrust once more, spilling his release inside of her. He grunted quietly and she sighed, combing the back of hair with her fingernails as he caught his breath against her chest.

Caroline snapped out of the intimacy of the moment and disengaged from him, wincing as he slipped out of her. She dressed quietly, steadily ignoring him as usual while he pulled up his pants and disposed of the condom in the small trash bag that they kept stashed. He stuffed the bag in his backpack that was discarded on the floor to throw away later and she fluffed her ponytail.

Klaus cleared his throat and nodded towards the door, making her jump in surprise. She opened the door and poked her head out, grimacing at the bright fluorescent lighting. Tapping her fingers three times against the door which signaled the all-clear, Caroline slipped out and headed down the hall to the girl's bathroom to clean up.

She didn't look back to see if he followed, but heard the door close. Letting out a deep breath of relief as they yet again got away with their arrangement, Caroline blinked as she adjusted to the light. Her hands shook slightly as she remembered the weird look on Klaus' face earlier, but brushed it aside.


Her heart jumped in her throat as she heard her name, but turned around with a smile plastered to her face.

"Hey 'Lena."

The brunette gave her a weird look. "Are you okay?"

Caroline swallowed but chuckled nervously. "Of course! Why?"

"You look a little sweaty," her friend asked, giving her a sympathetic look. "Are you sick?"

Caroline rolled her eyes, but inwardly sighed in relief. "Of course not! I was rehearsing for the pep rally."

Elena's forehead wrinkled in confusion. "I thought you were getting poster stuff."

She cursed under her breath, mentally berating herself for not keeping the lies straight. "Right, I was going to, but then decided I wanted to make sure I knew the cheer perfectly."

Elena nodded, seemingly buying her story. "Oh. Well, better be careful. Don't want to smudge all your makeup off."

Caroline giggled, biting her bottom lip and noticed how swollen it was. She quickly pulled Elena by the arm and tugged her towards the gym.

"Come on Gilbert, you could use the practice too," she teased.

Elena rolled her eyes. "Aye aye, captain."

The girls giggled down the hall, both of them stopping suddenly as a familiar figure quickly walked past them, nearly crashing into Elena.

"Watch it!" Elena yelped, jumping out of the way.

Caroline's heart rate pulsed as she noted the familiar curls and henley shirt that she had been clutching not 15 minutes ago whip past them. Klaus ignored them as usual, his eyes trained on the floor. Elena rolled her eyes, and pulled Caroline past him.

"He's so weird," she hissed.

Caroline looked over her shoulder as she spoke, noticing the way his shoulders tensed at Elena's insult. She opened her mouth to agree with her, but her brain screamed for her to shut up. Klaus looked over at her, their eyes meeting for what felt like the first time ever. Her mouth shut and she just shook her head and turned to Elena.

"Come on," she muttered, and opened the door to the gym and pushed her friend in.

She didn't bother to look behind and notice Klaus staring after her with that same indescribable expression.

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