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Chapter 24 – Full circle.

Jade's POV

Flashback – The day of the accident.

It was some 16 years ago, but I do remember it. More so now, that the final gaps in my memory have since been refilled. Knowing I would forget all about the accident I thought of a clue and had a tattoo placed on my arm. Something I knew I could not lose or misplace.

Though a combination of that me hearing the warning that the college student was trying to give Jed Thorn and the tattoo, I managed to unlock at least part of my mind. Suddenly I knew what was going to happen.

I rushed to the stage and found that some security guard was in my way. I kicked him in the nuts and rushed to warn Tori. She was the love of my life, my wife, the other half of my soul, I had to save her.

You know what happened next. I ran up, warned Tori and thankfully she didn't doubt me. I just wanted her off stage, but she wanted to make sure everyone else was safe. I'll admit that at the time, I only cared about her.

We finally got everyone off stage and were starting to move when I felt the stage starting to vibrate. It was starting to happen, so I told Tori to get moving and realizing I had less than a second, shoved her as hard as I could off the stage.

No sooner had I done that, than the floor seemed to fall out from under me and everything went black.

I remember coming too, sometime later. I was lying down and in some deal of pain. At the same time I felt a bit strange and loopy. Though I didn't know it at the time, it was pain medicine.

But my first thoughts were of Tori, I had to know if she was ok. Just the fact that I didn't know if she was ok, suddenly sent me into a near panic.

"VEGA!" I half shouted/half pleaded.

"I'm here Jade. I'm right here. I'm holding your hand." Came the quick reply. It was Tori alright but she sounded emotional. Hearing her voice, I can't tell you how wonderful it felt.

It was only then did I open my eyes. At first all I could see was bright light and a blob of brown hovering over me. My eyes adjusted to the light and slowly Tori's face came into focus. She looked worried and as if she had been crying.

"I'm right here Jade. You're in the hospital."

I could care less about that; I needed to know if she was ok. In fact that's all I could think of. My thoughts of her, my worries about my wife, even drown out the pain.

"Are you Ok, I need to know are you Ok, are you hurt. Please let me know…I need to know."

By this time, probably due to my pain med's, I was starting to freak out and had begun to cry myself. I couldn't bear to think of Tori being hurt.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Jade please relax."

Spotting what looked like some sort of cast on her right wrist, my panic level suddenly shot through the roof.

"You're hurt. I failed. You're hurt…"

"Jade. It's not bad, I have a broken wrist. But it's only a broken wrist and a bruise the size of a tennis ball. I'm fine, just calm down, your badly hurt. "

"Neck I need to see your neck." At the time I didn't know why. But I needed to make sure it was ok. I was subconsciously remembering the fact that originally her neck had gotten cut in the accident.

"I'm ok." Tori reassured me.


"Ok, Ok…Jade calm down. I'll show you."

She then leaned over and showed me her neck. It looked perfectly normal. Still I found myself studying it carefully. However I could see no cuts, not bruises, nothing of the sort. Only then did if feel satisfied.

Even still I was upset and crying.

Sensing my distress, Tori took my hand again and attempted to calm me down. "Relax baby. You're hurt. You have a broken collar bone, a broken left arm, a cracked hip and a number of cuts, including a decent gash in your right leg."

She then directed my attention to that fact that my left arm and shoulder were in a cast, along with some sort of inflatable one around my hip. I had bandages on my leg as well.

Tori smiled and squeezed my hand. "You saved me, you saved everyone else. Other than you and me no one was hurt. You're my hero. I'm so proud of you. I love you so so much."

Hearing her words of praise, sent me into an emotional tailspin as my stream of tears suddenly turned into a raging river.

"I'm sorry I was such a bitch. You're so wonderful and beautiful and you're my other half. I can't live without you. I love you with every part of my being."

I babbled on like that for at least another minute before she tried to quiet me down again. The thing was that even though I was jacked up on pain meds, I meant every single word of it.

"I know you love me. " Tori then frowned. "But apparently I have a fat ass!"

I kid her all the time, call her names and occasionally insult her, but this time due to the medicine and my emotional state, I started to sob.

"I'M SORRY, I'M SUCH A BITCH! It's a beautiful ass, I love it. It's perfect…."

Tori quickly shook her head and began to stroke my hair. "Shhhh….relax….I was kidding. It's ok. I know you love me and I know you appreciate my ass. "

"I do love you." I whimpered as I continued to ride my emotional rollercoaster.

"Yes I know. I've been so worried. Not to mention I've been on the phone with my manager, your agent, my lawyers, your parents, my parents, the press. "

Tori then lowered her head in shame. "This is my fault. You warned me about signing with Jed's record company. He's a cheap bastard and….."

"It's ok now….it's going to be ok. That's all that matters." I said, as a flash of rational thought surged through my brain.

Tori nodded and for a moment we fell silent. After a few moments Tori, began to sing in a soft voice. It was a love song. It was called, "You're my only" and it was off her latest album. When she wrote it, she told me the song was for me and expressed how much she loved me.

Never before had I felt so much love from her, not even on our wedding day. I was so overcome I found myself unable to speak, so I simply cried tears of joy and held her hand. I never wanted to let go, not now, not ever.

She sang that and a few other songs for me and by then I had sufficiently calmed down. Before the accident, I had felt this weight on my shoulders. Again my subconscious trying to warn me about the accident, but now it was gone. All I felt was peace and love. Normally things I would find repulsive, but this was from Tori and that made all the difference in the world.

After a bit of time, she finally asked.

"How did you know?"

"I saw this college kid, trying warn Jed. But the asshole kicked him out."

I then explained what happened, how my tattoo, clued me in, unlocking a memory. Tori listened intently, during my strange tale.

"So you had some sort of premonition years ago and you got a tattoo, to help you remember it?" Asked Tori.

"No, not quite. I was told it was going to happen."

"By who?" Replied Tori with a puzzled look.

"I can't remember."

Tori then paused for a moment. "People and the press, will ask how you knew. Not that I doubt you and I don't but perhaps let's say you heard the warning and then that made you suspicious enough to look. You saw something wrong with the stage rigging, realized there was danger and then ran to tell me. Is that ok. Sometimes the simpler explanation is the better one. Let's keep the rest between you and me."

I couldn't disagree with her logic, not to mention I had no desire to explain, my feeling of déjà vu to anyone else.

"Sounds good. Hey Tori, did you get the name of that college student? I wanted to thank him."

"Yes. I got his name and number, before the put me in the ambulance. I'm going to send him some front row tickets or something. Maybe help with his education a bit. His name is Jeremy Ryerson."

Hearing that name rang a bell in my mind. It was far off and indistinct, but it I heard it.

"What's wrong?" You looked funny all of a sudden.

"I don't know. It's like I've heard that name somewhere before. I just can't place it."

Tori shrugged. "Perhaps you have encountered him before. But back to you. I spoke to the doctor and he told me that you'll be out of commission for a few months, but once the casts are off, all you'll need is, a bit of exercise and some physical therapy. Then you'll be back to your ganky old self."

End flashback

No One's POV

Jade eased Tori up on the bed and kissed her. "I didn't' die, that's for sure. Granted I was pretty busted up and spent a month and a half making the hospital staff miserable. I heard they threw a, we're finally free of Jade, party after I left."

"I'm glad. I didn't know to think when I saw the scar was gone. I've been so used to seeing it. I'm never going to see it again. I can't believe it."

Jade chuckled, got up and flipped on the light. Only then could Tori see Jade clearly. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. But the most noticeable thing was the 5 inch long somewhat jagged scar on her upper right leg. "I wear the scar now. It all healed, but the gash in my leg, left this little beauty. I think it's rather impressive. I usually just tell people I got it in a knife fight. "

At first Tori was horrified to see the scar on Jade's leg. But before she could really start to feel guilty, she suddenly remembered that Jade actually took pride in it. She got it saving her wife and considered it a mark of devotion and love. In films of course she would cover it with make-up, but the rest of the time she wore it as a badge of honor. Not to mention she thought it looked cool.

Tori walked up and ran her fingers up the length of the scar. "I remember. It's funny how all this stuff is coming back to me. You consider it a testament to your devotion to me."

Jade nodded, with a smile. "Do you remember what happened next? Let the memories come to you."

Tori thought for a moment and suddenly it became clear. "You and I sued Jed Thorn and his record company for damages. We proved that the stage equipment was old, damaged and put in place by non-qualified personal. Jed Thorn was cutting corners to save money and this time his luck ran out. We settled, the case. I was released from my record contract, I was given all the ownership rights to my songs and retained custody of all recordings I made when I was under contract, plus payment of medical bills."

"We could have cleaned him out, but in the end got just what you wanted. After that, the other major record labels practically fell over each other to try and get you to sign with them. You signed with Pacific Records a few months later. Their jerks at times, but all in all, they treat you like a friggen queen. Limo's, first rate hotel suites and a lot of ass kissing. Just as long as it's not your real ass, because….." Jade smirked. "That's my territory."

For a moment Tori looked out the window at the rain, then turned to Jade with a perplexed look. "These memories are different, but they feel like…I don't know."

Taking her hand, Jade led her out in the hallway. The hallway was much like before, with one exception. Instead of some random artwork, the walls were covered gold records for Tori's albums and posters from Jade's movies.

"I've made more than a 14 movies since the day of the accident, directed 3 of them. Granted my first was a turkey, but I've learned. You've had no less than 10 hit albums, 2 concert albums and 3 compilations of your hits. You've had….."

Looking at a gold album from a few years ago, Tori finished the statement. "14 number one songs and 21 top 40 songs. I'm a huge star, I still am. You've broken out of indie films and starred in a some big ones. You're a huge star too."

Jade nodded. "Things are better, at least from what you told me originally. Your sister Trina, due to the fact that I threatened to beat her up if she was lax in her breast cancer prevention efforts, found her cancer earlier and survived it. She's married to Robbie and they have a daughter. Cat is a friend again. More importantly, we're happy. Granted life isn't perfect, we have fights, disagreements from time to time, we also still lost the baby. That didn't change, but I think the grief we both felt, brought us closer."

Jade then took her around the house showing her pictures and moments of their life together. With each one Tori discovered new memories. She remembered singing the national anthem at the super bowl 4 years previous, she remembered recording all her music, going to movie premiers with Jade, spending weekends in bed at their cabin in the mountains.

By the end of Jade's tour, Tori suddenly began to cry.

"What's wrong?" Said Jade as she sat Tori down and took her hand.

"Nothing's wrong. I'm happy, we're happy, you still love me, I can still sing, you have a wonderful career, my sister is alive. Our life is beautiful. It wasn't always like that. As I remember all these new things that old life, those arguments, my injuries, those old memories, are fading. It's like, I've suddenly woken up from some horrible nightmare."

Jade sat back and pulled Tori in close. "If it helps, think of it that way. All that other stuff, that other timeline, it was just a bad dream you had one rainy afternoon. For reasons I don't understand, I remember what you told me about that old life, but to me...it's…just a story someone told me…no different than any other story. This is our life, this is real. None of that other stuff, you not being able to sing, my career hitting a rut, the divorce; none of it ever happened. No need to apologize for something that never occurred."

"You called me fat ass." Grunted Tori after a moment.

Jade rolled her eyes. "That I was hoping you'd forget. Oh well."

Tori thought for a moment. "Isn't it odd, how it was that Ryerson Kid that was the one that helped alert you to the danger."

Jade nodded. "Yeah, we save him and years later he helps save us. I'm not sure if I would have been able to put it all together without him. Perhaps when you and I, set across that ocean of time, our course was guided by some unseen hand. Put you and then me, just in the right place. "

"But that version of you vanished."

"Not really, she loved you, even after all that happened, she wanted me to believe in you. I am her now. I love you from the top of your head, to your beautiful fat ass of yours."

With a quick frown, Tori slapped Jade's midsection. "Someone's gained a few pounds since I've last seen her. So you should talk. And your hair, it's unacceptably too short. Not even down to your shoulders and where is that streak of color you always put in your hair. Not to mention, you're wearing grey shorts and a brown t-shirt. Not one speck of black clothing. You're sorely lacking in Gothiness. I'm sorely disappointed in you."

"Vega, stop being a nitwit…. Gothiness isn't even a word. And are you implying that I am no longer sexy…." Retorted jade with a scowl.

"Sure you are….you're the 2nd sexiest woman living in this house."

Jade shot off the couch dumping Tori to the floor. "You want the gank back, well sister.,..you've got her back…..I'm the sexiest, gankiest and gothiest woman in this house and that's that…"

"Gothiest isn't even a word Jade." Spat Tori back in mock anger. "And you're full of crap! I'm the sexiest woman here."



The next thing Tori knew she was pressed up against the wall as Jade suddenly began licking and kissing a certain sensitive spot on her neck.

"Believe me, Vega. I plan to…..I'm going to drag your FAT ASS, upstairs put on my best and sexiest, piece of black lingerie and light you up like a Christmas tree."

Tori scoffed. "Light me up like a Christmas tree, talk about lame sexual euphemisms. That's the worst dirty talk, I've ever heard…..LAME..LAME…LAME!"

Jade let up from Tori's neck and hissed evilly. "I'm going to break you!"

Grinning in return, Tori said. "Come on lover….let's go!"

Several hours later.

Tori's Pov

From my memories, Jade and I have a healthy sex life. Today, only reinforced that point and it was reinforced a number of times . I'm proud to report, that today I managed to tire Jade out. I think perhaps, I still have a bit of youthful energy left over. She will of course vow revenge and probably ravish me in the shower tomorrow. I look forward to it.

It's late now, the rain has stopped and Jade is snoozing peacefully next to me. In the light of the moon streaming in through the window, I can see her chest slowly rise and fall with each breath. I do so as I slowly run my fingers up and down her leg, making a point to trace her scar each time I encounter it. She's just as beautiful to me as the day I first met her.

I have so many happy memories now, I feel so much love, so much happiness. I know Jade feels the same. I see it in her eyes. Even during our most passionate and wild bouts of sex, I see the love she has for me. I can still dimly remember some of the old days, the other timeline, what But now I have to really concentrate to bring them back. I'm not sure if I'll ever totally forget though. I was given a great gift, a chance to live life over and erase some mistakes, plus make a few new ones. If I totally forget, I'll take this life for granted. I don't want too. It's far too precious.

The only sound, besides Jade's breathing is the dull roar of the ocean outside. It reminds me of that great ocean of time. I still don't know what it all means, or the why or the how! All I know is that we crossed it and saved ourselves.

I will do my best to make the best of each day and be thankful for what I have, what I got back. I can sing, I have my wife, Jade has a wonderful movie career.

A bit tired myself I crawl up and tightly wrap myself around Jade, causing her to make a soft moaning sound in her sleep. It's one of her happy sounds. I think I'll lay here for a while listening to the ocean. It's a relaxing sound. Actually, since I still feel pretty good, I'll rest up for about half hour, then wake the poor girl up and tire her out some more. Then, she'll really want to get me back. Ha ha...

I had a second chance at life, but again thankfully, I made the right choice. In actuality, there is no other choice.

There's only Love…..

The end.

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