Author's Note: So we've gone A-Z. This is the end and thanks for reading!

Zinnia- I mourn your absence

When he thought of her everything was red. Not the gray but the red. He missed her every moment of every day. The whispers of his daughter and the physician hadn't gone unheard – just as the shortness of his breaths hadn't gone unnoticed. He could barely make it up the hill on his own anymore and even so it took ever so long.

Even though his hands shook and his arms ached he tended the planters himself. The bright petals of the zinnias greeted upon each visit and he smiled despite the tightness in his chest that was only partially due to his lungs.

His daughter – a woman now with babies of her own – once remarked on the oddity of the red blooms. There were other colors, yes, but the red were always the first to show their faces and never had to be replanted.

Jellal never wondered. She'd always been red. And they were his favorite.