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When he had spoken to Fate and Magic about accepting his role as the Master of Death, he had agreed to their condition that he be sent somewhere else now since he had already saved the wizarding world from the doom that they had brought upon themselves. They had agreed that Harry would keep all his magic and his knowledge as he moved on to another place that Fate deemed it best for him.

However, Harry had not actually thought that they would take away his age! There he was, a twenty-four year old young man, stuck in a body of an infant. And again, placed by Fate and Magic on the doorstep like how he had been left by Dumbledore and McGonagall those years ago at the Dursley's. Harry just hoped that he didn't have to be a slave like the last time.

"He's here!" he heard a female voice called out.

"Who's here, Alice?" asked a male voice.

"Our new baby brother of course!" the female said and the next thing Harry saw was a pale white female opening the glass door and picking him up from the basket.

"Awww… He's so adorable!" she cooed and brought him inside.

Harry watched in silence as the rest of the family was as pale as the female that was holding him. They had golden hue eyes and had an ethereal beauty in them.

Then it hit him: Vampires.

But to his confusion, the ones in front of him weren't red eyes like the ones he knew and fought before.

A man and a woman came closer and took him from the one who was holding him and smiled at him. Harry was still waiting for the female to explain how she knew of his arrival.

"Alice, are you sure about this?" as the woman who was now holding him.

She sounded worried and Harry knew why. They were vampires and he was a baby human. The woman had every right to be worried. To be honest, Harry was too. Why was he sent to them? But he thought about it and knew that there must be a reason.

Then, Harry snapped out of his thoughts when a familiar face came into his view. Cedric? But it was impossible. Cedric had died in front of him as Wormtail shot the Killing Curse. Harry mentally slapped himself to not cry. This was just someone who looked like Cedric.

"I am sure, Carlisle. I saw him arrive and how he grew up with us. He will be gifted even if he is still human. Edward can't read his mind even if he wanted too." The younger female said and the one who looked like Cedric frowned and sulked.

"Very well then, I shall inform Child Services about him and bring him to the hospital tomorrow for a checkup." The older man said.

The woman who was holding him cooed at Harry once more.

"Such a blessing you are, sweet one. I am Esme. You're new mother. This is Carlisle, my husband and your new father." Esme said as she tilted Harry to see Carlisle better.

".. Mey?" Harry said, trying to move his tongue and speak.

The couple gasped and smiled.

"Yes, I am Esme." Esme said and kissed his forehead.

"Let me hold him, Esme?" another blond female spoke and came to view.

"Of course, Rose." Esme said and slowly moved Harry to Rosalie's arms who then rocked him slowly with a smile.

"Hi little prince, I'm Rosalie, your new sister." Rose said.

"..Lee…" Harry said and smiled, he was beginning to like this new family.

"Awww… his so adorable, Emmett!" Rose said as she tilted Harry to look at Emmett who smirked and patted his head lightly.

"..mett… mett…" Harry repeated. He better start talking soon, being a baby sucks.

Everyone watched how adorable the baby was.

The first female came back closer.

"Let me hold him too, Rose." She said and Rosalie gently gave Harry to the other.

"So adorable… I'm Alice. And this is Jasper." Alice said and Harry looked at them before smiling.

"…is.. is.. per!" Harry turned it into a game so he could move his tongue better and practice more.

The words were on his mind but getting his tongue to cooperate was another thing.

"And lastly, that sulky one is Edward." Alice said and everyone looked at Harry.

"..ward!" Harry cried and giggled.

In his mind, it was humiliating himself as he was twenty-four and not an infant. But then again, this was how babies act. Better to play along since there wasn't much of a choice.

Cedric… or Edward, finally stood up and stopped in front of Alice.

Without even asking, Alice gave Harry to Edward.

Harry, didn't know why, but he buried himself in the guy's chest and closed his eyes. Edward was cold (since they were vampires and all) but something about him made Harry feel safe.

Unconsciously, Edward moved back to the living room and everyone was staring. Alice smirked.

"Edward's mate has finally arrived." She told them and all eyes were on here.

"That baby… is Edward's mate?" Rosalie asked and Alice nodded.

"I can't see them apart in the future. That child, he has been through so much. The feel of his skin and those ageless emerald eyes of his… he is special and Edward would destroy the world if any harm came to the little one. Harrison… that's his name. Harry for short. He will be part of our lives and every day of our future will be filled with so much wonder. He is gifted and he will be important in days to come." Alice turned serious and knew that she was warning them about the future.

A future that involved them and the baby, Harrison.

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