Disclaimer: The 100 doesn't belongs to me, if it was, well...

Hi everybody, this is me Elsaisabadass trying to process the chapter 3x07 of the 100.
Look, I know the picture is really dark for the clexa fans in the world, even myself I consider no see the 100 anymore.
However, after an hour of pure reflection and a lot of surfing in the internet, I kind of accept many truths:

- The 100 is a trilogy of books written by Kass Morgan, so if you anyone read Homecoming, you must know that the endgame is Bellarke.
- There is a possibility that Bellamy ends dead at the end of season 3 and Clarke stays forever alone (Happy thought? Maybe not).
- After all no matter what you expect or hope, this is another show with a secondary theme of lesbianism, wohoo i see a lot of them, even Xena the warrior princess. If you want real true love between women (without tragic ends) try Orange is the New Black or Lost Girl.
- You can see more of your favorite commander in Fear of the walking dead (well the actress, not the character sorry). Maybe you can see more of Lexa (now im talking about the character) in the last episode or earlier.
- Maybe I can watch Titus suffers and dies (Oh yeah)
- Ahhh, excuse me, all the clexa fanfics authors can change the story,make an alternative story, I don't know.
- "I'd just take comfort in the fact that she'd be reunited with Anya and Costia and Gustus." this sentences belongs to turtleduckie in tumbrdotcom

So the point for all this rambling is, to all the authors of clexa fanfics please consider your wonderful readers and don't abandon your stories like Jason. I see more of the magnificent "Heda Lexa" here than all the two seasons ADC participate in the show. You can elaborate better plots twits than the show, but please don't abandon this ship yet...

If you abandon, well like a good captain, I sink with my ship and I wish you the best.

May we meet again.

Author Note of the Reader Note: sorry if my english kinda socks (in case the website censor me) it's not my native language.