Karry One Shots

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Protective Older Cousin

Barry was regretting taking Kara to this party. They had been going out for some time but usually to things on campus. His roommate was the one who had heard and suggested it and Barry had figured why not. Now they were in a room with loud music and lots of booze that Kara didn't seem to be into. In fact Barry could see Kara going to cover her ears. The music was also horrible in Barry opinion.

"Want to ditch," Barry asked and Kara nodded relieved. The two pushed their ways past the crowds and out into the street. "Sorry, my roommate was going and I should have known it would be awful." Truthfully Barry wasn't that good of friends with his roommate spending most of his time not in class with Iris and Kara.

"It's fine. I don't really like loud places," Kara said. With super hearing being in loud places wasn't something she was very thrilled out.

"Noted," Barry said. He tried to remember everything about Kara. "Well you want to head back to campus or try to salvage this date."

"Let's salvage the date," Kara said pointing at a Chinese food place. "I'm hungry. Go in and got some food. Whatever you want just make sure you include dumplings as well. I'm going into the store down the block and grab some junk food.

"And what are we going to bring all this stuff back to the dorms?" Barry asked.

"Nope, I got a place," Kara said with a smirk which made Barry smile.

Barry went in bought the food and met Kara outside the shop. Kara had her arms full of chips and cookies. "Follow me," Kara said leading him to a bus, which they took two stops before getting off. Kara led him to an apartment building, opened the door, and took the elevator up.

Once on the top floor Kara led Barry to an apartment and she took a key out of her bag and opened the door. "Whose apartment is this?" Barry asked as they walked in and put the bags on the table.

"My cousins, but he's at his girlfriends tonight," Kara said taking out plates and putting some of the Chinese food Barry had gotten out on it.

"And he won't mind?" Barry asked.

"He said I was welcome anytime. He never said I couldn't bring someone with me," Kara said. "Come on eat." Barry shrugged and started in on the Chinese food. "I got to say for a random Chinese place not half bad."

"I agree," Barry said not having realized how hungry he actually was until he ate. Him and Kara were going to go out to dinner with people after the party, so he hadn't eaten in a while. "So what's with the pile of junk food?"

"You can't have a movie marathon without junk food and I didn't know what you like," Kara said. "So I think I got basically everything."

Barry laughed. "Popcorn?" Barry asked and Kara gave him a look before taking out two different types of popcorn.

"Of course," Kara said. "Now let's look through Clark's movie collection and see what we want to watch." Kara went to the TV and opened a draw underneath it to show a lot of DVDs. "You choose."

Barry looked through the movies. "Your cousin is a nerd," Barry said after look through half the movies and Kara had to laugh at that. "Nothing wrong with it. I got my nerdy moments at times. Oh Star Wars. You like?"

"Never watched," Kara said and saw the look on Barry's face. "I guess I know what we're watching now." Kara knew from the title the movie must have something to do with space and aliens. Those weren't her favorite human type of movies and she was surprised Clark watched them.

"If you don't want to we can find something else," Barry said but Kara shook her head.

"If you like it I want to see it," Kara said being honest. She was really starting to like Barry so she would watch things he liked.

"You sure," Barry said and Kara nodded and Barry took out the fourth movie.

"Why four?" Kara asked confused thinking they should start with one.

'It's actually the first movie," Barry said confusing Kara even more. "They filmed it in a weird order." Kara shrugged and shut off the lights as Barry got the movie running.

They sat on the couch and Kara leaned into Barry as they watched. Barry couldn't help himself from looking at her though. He couldn't pay attention to the movie instead he wanted to watch her facial expressions as she watched. About half way through the movie Kara looked up at him and their eyes met. Barry couldn't help himself from leaning down and kissing her. He was very happy when she kissed back

As they were kissing the two fell back so that Kara was lying down on the couch and Barry was on top of her. Not long after that is when they lights got turned on starling the two and making Barry fall off the couch and Kara jump up.

"Clark," Kara said seeing her cousin and Lois Lane at the front door. "I…I thought you were going to be at Lois's tonight."

"Her building lost electricity," Clark said eyes on Barry and Kara noticed his voice wasn't as cheerful as it usually was when he saw her. "And who's this?"

"This is my um… boyfriend Barry," Kara said not sure how Barry would react to being called her boyfriend. They hadn't really discussed if they were officially boyfriend/girlfriend yet. Barry just smiled as he picked himself off the floor. "Barry this is my cousin Clark Kent and his girlfriend Lois Lane."

"Wow, you didn't say your cousin Clark was the Clark Kent. The writer at the daily planet," Barry said. "And Lois Lane. My friend Iris never shuts up about you. She loves your work, especially all your articles about Superman"

Barry held out his hand and Lois shook it smiling. "That's sweet," Lois said and then Barry held out his hand to Clark.

Clark took it and shook but then didn't let go. "You have a strong grip there," Barry said trying to take his hand away but finding himself unable to. Looking into Clark's eye scared Barry a bit. It was a dead angry looked.

"So you're dating my baby cousin," Clark said making Kara roll her eyes since she was technically born before Clark.

"Yeah she's an um… great girl," Barry said having been this nerves since he met Kara. "I really like her."

"That's good," Clark said pulling Barry in closer to him. "Because she's the only family I have so if she's upset with someone I'm upset with them. You wouldn't want me upset with you, would you?"

"N-no sir," Barry said shaking his head.

"Good, so you better be good to her or you have me to deal with. Got it?" Clark asked.

"Y-yes sir," Barry said nodding.

Both Kara and Lois had been stunned at Clark's reaction but finally snapped back to reality and yelled "Clark," at him.

Clark let go of Barry's hand and walked pass him fully into the apartment. Barry turned around to face Kara. "Well your cousin is…." Barry stopped when Clark looked at him. "A great guy. Wonderful."

Kara went up to Barry and kissed him. "Run Barry run," Kara said.

"You sure?" Barry asked not wanting to seem like a coward.

'Get out of here. I have a cousin to deal with," Kara said.

"Thank you," Barry said and leaned in to whisper "don't tell him about the nerd comment." Kara held back a laugh as Barry ran out the door and she closed the door behind him.

Kara turned around to look at Clark. "Seriously? I like him. I really like him and you have to scare him half to death," Kara said.

"Someone needs to put the boys into their place," Clark said. "And since you don't have a father the job falls to me."

"It was really uncalled for," Lois decided to add and slap Clark on the head but Clark of course it didn't hurt Clark.

'Let me," Kara said and slapped Clark on the cheek making him put his hand to it

"Kara, that hurt," Clark said never having actually been hurt by a slap before and a little shocked.

"I forget. You can actually slap him hard enough it hurts," Lois said with a smile and put an arm around Kara. "This is the start of a beautiful friendship."


Barry knocked on the door to Iris and Kara's room and Iris answered. 'Is Kara here?" Barry asked.

"I was about to call you and ask you if you've seen her. She didn't return here last night," Iris said.

"She must still be at her cousins," Barry said walking into the dorm. "Which by the way did you know her cousin was Clark Kent?"

"Seriously?" Iris asked. "No, she never said his last name. You met him?"

"Yeah and Lois Lane. Last night at his apartment. The thing is he wasn't supposed to be there and he kind of walked in on us... kissing. Nothing else and well… Clark Kent is as scary as hell."

"Your kind of lucky he didn't walk me to the dorm," Barry heard Kara voice and fell of the bed he was siting on making Kara laugh. She went to help him to his feet. "You keep falling off things and your going to land yourself in a coma and don't worry about Clark. Lois and I told him off last night."

"So he won't be that scary again?" Barry asked.

"Can't promise that," Kara said. "He should calm down. I hope you don't mind I introduced you as my boyfriend."

"No, I loved that,' Barry said. "I want you to introduce me to everyone as your boyfriend. I want to introduce you as my girlfriend. If that's fine with you."

'Yeah, that's fine. That's great,' Kara said smiling and Barry smiled as well. "By the way we're going out to dinner with Clark and Lois tonight." The smile disappeared from Barry face as he fell back onto the bed.

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