Red Roses, White Scales

"She died-this was the way she died;

And when her breath was done,

Took up her simple wardrobe

And started for the sun.

Her little figure at the gate

The angels must have spied,

Since I could never find her

Upon the mortal side."

Emily Dickinson

Chapter 1: Ruby and Mikhail Rose

The Land of Light

January 21 — Fire

"My body is very broken now. I can feel the holes in my memory increasing in number. But I don't need to fight anymore either... so it's okay."

Mikhail lied there on the ground...fading away into nothingness...his time was over...the earth was dying...

Why, again? Because he fought for humanity, again.

Dozens of millenia passed since the destruction of the Black Flower and he was still fighting like his past life, Michael.

He fought countless battles, wars and lost so much. His old friends, his new friends and comrades. The once strongest dragon, Mikhail, who even surpassed his previous life, is on the verge of dying.

"Hah…." Mikhail tried to raise his head but he was too tired. Memories of his past slowly faded...with him...

As the darkness slowly engulfed him, he started his death wish…."I wish to be….together…with….."


"Huh!?" Mikhail opened his eye "It can't be…."


"No…..Zero?" Mikhail raised his head and looked around. The dark clouds disappeared from the sky.


As the sky cleared up, the radiant beams of the sun shined down to a single spot of earth.

"A rose-colored flower…" Mikhail looked to the flower that had the same color like Zero's eyes.

"Zero….is that you?" Tears began to form in the corner his eye. Mikhail tried to stand up "Ugh!" But he failed again…

"Mikhail…come here…."

"I, I can't!"

"Come here…."

"Ugh!" Mikhail didn't even try to stand up. Even though he hated it, he still did it. He used his wings to move towards the flower. He shook his head while moving "Now in my last moments, I, Mikhail the strongest dragon crawl like a wyvern with my wings and follow the voice of a dead Intoner, ridiculous….." He smiled and slowly moved to the plant.


"Zero…." After he used his last bit of energy, Mikhail finally arrived at the flower. "Zero….." He touched the flower with his nose and then, it began to glow.

"Mikhail….finally…." The flower spoke.


"Yeah, you dumbass, who did you expect, One?"

Mikhail….cried…."Zero, I, I missed you so much!"

"I know…"

"After you were gone, I, I was so lonely!"

"I know…"

"I saw so many things, so many bad and good things…"


"I even became stronger, stronger than anyone!"


"And I protected humanity and even became smarter, look I don't even repeat myself anymore… and I am….. what am I now?..."

"Yes, I noticed that, you…

Mikhail snorted….but right now…."But, but now I am dying, but I am not afraid…."

"…." Zero didn't say anything.

"And now I wish to be with you again, wait for me…."

"No, Mikhail, stop…." Zero's voice was hoarse.

"Ah, what!?"

"I, I, *sob*…"

"Zero, are you okay?"

"No, Mikhail, because you are dying…"

"But I will be with you again, are you not happy?"

"No, because of me, you are dying…"


"Mikhail, I am so sorry, so sorry….." Then Zero began to cry.

"Zero, don't cry, please, I am okay!"

"No, no. Mikhail I never wanted this for you!"


"I wanted a happy future for you, no wars, no fights, no dreams filled with carnage, because of me, you ended up like Michael."

"I, I want to be with you, Zero, nothing more, nothing less! Stop being so ridiculous!"

Zero laughed "Look, who extended his vocabulary."

"Yeah…but still let me wish….."

"Mikhail, we cannot be together….."

"What, why!?"

"Because I want a new life for you…."

"Why!? Why can I not be with you!?"

"Mikhail, I love you…"


"I know I should have said that a long time ago, but now I will say it before I will fade away…."

"You are what…?"

"Mikhail, this is my last wish for you, live."

Then the flower dissolved into glowing glitter and engulfed Mikhail.

"No, Zero, please don't do it!"

"Mikhail, I love you, so please, live on for me….."

"Zero!" Mikhail cried out "Don't let me alone, again, please!"

"I love you Mikhail, I love you so much. I am sorry that you hadn't a life well lived, but now wish to live on, please…"

Mikhail was speechless. But then he spoke "Okay…..Zero." He sniffed.



"My real name is Rose."

Mikhail closed his eyes a last time; with his remaining energy he roared his last words "I LOVE YOU ROSE, I LOVE YOU REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOU!"

Rose snorted "Stop repeating things, you idiot…"

Then Mikhail offered his wish "I wish… be a rose, a rose that bring others happiness."

And with this, Mikhail, the strongest dragon, the last Holy Dragon, hero who saved humanity, a second time, died…..

It was the day, were Midgard would worship him as the savior and as a god….

Accord's Report:

Name: Mikhail

Age: N/A

Race: Holy Dragon.

Gender: Male

Titles: Destroyer of the Black Flower, Savior of Mankind, Bane of the Gods

Powers: Like every dragon, Mikhail had high physical power and vitality,. Reports stated, that Mikhail learned from his fellow dragon, true dragon magic...

Psychological issues: Like Michael, his former life, Mikhail was afflicted with thantophobia, the fear to lose someone you love and autophobia the fear of being alone. He also suffered extreme hostility from many races, even his own, because of his power and growth; he was seemed as a beast and daemon. He found compassion with Brother One, the clone of the Intoner One, which was in the same state. Both of them became friends, none of them held grudges against each other. But after they found out that the Red Eye-disease was his fault and that he is the carrier, Brother One fled his friend to kill him, what Mikhail did.

Length: probably 15 m/49 feet, because of the repeated consummation of Intoners and Black Flower pieces, his power became enhanced through them.

Notes: There is a possibility that the Intoner Zero could have…no…..please cancel this notion. For the protection of his beloved ones, Mikhail's action are recorded and be used for...research

Secret Note: Because of Mikhail's…..sacrifice and success, we are…we will not seal this branch even though this world was destroyed... and he simply faded away

End of this Report; please seal this under the authority, Codename



I, who has fought countless battles, losing many things while gain nothing.

Wishing for hope, for peace for salvation, yet seeking the thrill of a fight.

My dreams are filled with war, my mind filled with conflicts.

No enemy is safe from me; no evildoer will escape from me.

For I am the Dragon of Roses.

My name is…

"Mikhail, Mikhail Rose, what do you think, Summer?" Taiyang Xiao Long asked his wife, while he laid his son, beside his twin sister Ruby, in their cradle.

Taiyang was a man with blond hair and lilac eyes He wore brown cargo shorts with a dark brown belt, black shoes, a bandana on his left arm, and a brown leather vest over a tan dress shirt for armor, he wore a metal spaulder, leather vambrace, and a brown fingerless glove. All on his right arm.

"Why that name?" Summer rested her head on the shoulder of her husband while looking happy at her children.

Summer Rose was a young woman with silver eyes, pale complexion, and black and red hair as well. She wore a white blouse and a red and black skirt.

"I don't know…." Taiyang shrugged "The moment I saw him the first time, that name just popped up in my head and bit on, like a Beowolf.

Summer raised an eyebrow to her spouse.

The blonde man smiled at her and looked again at his children "Besides, doesn't he look like an angel?"

She smiled when she saw how Mikhail took the hand of his sister which still slept "Yes, indeed."

Name: Mikhail Rose

Race: Human

Age: 15

Semblance: Dragon's Soul

Titles and Nicknames: Reaper of Patch, Four-colored Warrior, Angelic Dragon, Little Angel, Dragon Rose

Father: Taiyang Xiao Long

Mother: Summer Rose (deceased)

Siblings: Yang Xiao Long (17) (Half-sister), Ruby Rose (15) (Older twin)

Weapon: Zero Rose, a Sniper-Rifle-Scythe

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Theme Song: Black Song, White Scales, Time To Say Goodbye

15 years later

"Oh come on Mike!" Ruby Rose cried in frustration, as her younger twin brother denied her request.

Ruby was a young, silver-eyed girl; her shoulder-length hair was black with a red tint to it. She had cross-shaped pins holding her cloak to her shirt. Around her waist was a belt which holds large cartridges (possibly .50 caliber or comparable) in individual loops, as well as a magazine pouch. On her back her beloved weapon Crescent Rose. Crescent Rose's frame is colored rose red with black trims, with its large scythe blade forged into a crescent shape. Ruby's crest is engraved onto the circular swivel frame of the weapon. The weapon was currently in its storage mode and on the back of its wielder/ creator.

"Ruby," Mikhail, her younger twin brother sighed, while sitting on the couch of their shared room. He was currently reading the newest book named Black Song, White Scales by Michael Peyt. He was a famous author who was also known for his, controversial yet popular books like Ninjas of Love and A Dragon and His Songstress "I said, no."

Mikhai was reborn as a human in the World of Remnant. He had blonde hair, like his father, with a red tint to it, which he inherited from his mother, too like his sister. He had the same hairstyle like Ruby, but his hair was longer similar to his mother's.

Like his twin sister, he was the splitting image of his mother, but the male version. Like them, he had also pale snow-like skin. He had heterochromic eyes, with a silver left eye and a red right eye. His outfit consisted of black button-down shirt, black jeans and black belt boots. Over his shirt he wore a white leather jacket with a white hood, on his back was his and Zero's mark in black. (Look at drakengard wiki, Zero's mark). His outfit gave his androgynous appearance more impact. Even his sisters admitted, that he looks handsome. He wore a white scarf that was given to him by his mother while his sister received a red hood from her. But there was also something significant, something that even his family always questioned. Mikhail besides, being beautiful for a boy, had longer canines than a normal human. Because of this, he was sometimes mistaken for a Faunus. (Look at the Link to Zerochan on my profile, because of this picture; I had the idea for this fanfic)

Even though, blessed with a new life and body he swore to fight and protect, again. Over the years he slowly regained all of his memories of his previous life. He also had some of his powers, which influenced his Semblance. Well he was also irked, that he wasn't nearly as strong as in his previous life, but hey better some of his powers than nothing…..beggars can't be choosers. His goal was to beat his uncle.

Now stuck in a world with an almost shattered moon, monsters called Grimm, which smelled similar to the Watchers, an overprotective big half-sister and an older quirky twin sister.

'I didn't expect this, when I wished to be a rose….' Because he didn't want to lose his new family, he promised himself to learn everything from this new world, using his slowly regained memories and experience. The older he became, the more he learned and remembered. He red many books, learned to control his new and old powers and made his own weapon, but he wasn't satisfied. He trained and learned so much he could. His family, friends and teachers called him a genius, a prodigy. He wanted to be the best of best, even though he needed time to adept in his new body.

But this world was really something. There was no magic; instead the people in this world had something called Aura and Semblance, which gave them strange abilities. There lived also another kind of humanoid here, called Faunus. They resembled the beast and demi-humans from Midgard.

Not that he didn't hate this life, hell no. He loved it. He loved his father, his 24/7 drunk uncle, his over protective sister Yang, and his twin sister, which he was always together. They shared a cradle together, food, a room and a bed, which was really strange for others outside their family.

In the end, he scored the jackpot.


Still he was happy.

"Please, Mikhail!"

"No…." Ruby's twin brother answered dryly, while still reading his book. He didn't even look at this older twin.

"Please! Pwetty pwease with sugar on top~?" Ruby asked her fraternal twin, with big puppy eyes and a cute voice. No matter what, he always gave in when she asked him in that way.

"Guh!" Mikhail twitched, no matter how hard he tried, when he saw his sister doing this, he couldn't deny her, until now.

"No…." He just did the impossible.

"Wha….What!?" Ruby was perplexed. Mikhail who could never deny any wish from her, said no!

"Ruby," Mikhail sighed while closing the book softly and smiled at her "Know that I love you scratch that, adore you, but you need to grow up. You already spent your money for this week, before it even began. What would Father say if he hears that you are already broke?

"But, Mike, I needed some parts for Crescent Rose!" The girl took her weapon from her back and unfolded it. A big scythe was now in her hands. The weapon was over 2 meter long. It can be used as a mid-to-close-range bladed melee weapon. This form also doubles as a long-barrel sniper rifle for long-range shots without giving up the melee capabilities of the scythe. If needed, the bottom of the shaft could unfold to add more cutting power in a close-range fight. The scythe also had a small, hook-like, double-pronged, jagged blade at the bottom of the shaft. Ruby could manually unfold the scythe by hooking the end of the blade on something, allowing for both the normal blade and the two prongs to slice enemies at the same time for more power. In this form the muzzle is also rotated 90 degrees which enables the recoil to rotate Ruby instead of launching her forward increasing the slicing power drastically.

Also like his sister, Mikhail was also a scythe-sniper rifle-wielder. His scythe shared almost the same design of his sister's. While the some parts of Crescent Rose were red, those parts of his scythe were white, only the gun-grip was gold and the scope had the color red. The sharp sides of the blades were yellow-gold as well and instead of having hook-like blades, the blades of his scythe were dragon wing-like blades. The weapon was more bulky than Crescent Rose, because Mikhail had more physical strength and he wanted to use it in combat. The caliber of his rifle was also higher than Ruby's. The weapon of him unified all colors of his dragon form. White and black like his scales, yellow like his horns and claws and red like his eyes. He named it after his beloved Intoner, Zero Rose. In its sword form, that resembled Zero's Sword, his scythe was technological masterpiece, impossible to be wielded by no one but Mikhail.

"Oh!" Unfortunately he shared the same fondness like his twin, weapons. "Is that the new X-32-GZR Sniper scope!?"

"Yup, the moment it was for sale, I bought it!" Immediately she started to cuddle with her weapon.

Before he could utter his dissatisfaction, because his sister didn't mention anything, Mikhail noticed something on the scythe "Sis?"

"Mmh, yes~?" Said Ruby amused, still flaunting over Crescent Rose.

"Is that the also the new Anti-Grimm-Barrel from the ZZI Series?"

"Yeah!" Chirped Ruby, but then noticed that she made mistake "I mean, no!"

"SIS, you know that this barrel is not yet allowed in Patch!" Mikhail stood up and threw his book on the couch. He walked to Ruby who hid Crescent Rose behind her back. Which was really funny, the scythe was larger than her.

"I know, but with this, my baby is more badass than before, please don't tell Dad about it!"

Her brother narrowed his eyes "That's it;" and stood up "I will not give you money anymore, or take you to Vale!"

"What!? No!?" She threw herself on Mikhail, with her speed while rose petals were scattering. Wouldn't he have his high physical power; she would have sent him flying. "Please!" She pleaded to him with her most powerful puppy eyes.

But Mikhail looked away and drew his scroll out of his pocket "Sorry, I will tell Father."

"No, please!"

"Sorry, sis…." Before he could dial the number, Ruby spoke up in a fiendish tone.

"Good, then…..then I will tell Yang about the two Championship Tournaments you participated in Mistral."

The boy froze and threw a dirty glare at his twin, which twitched and took a step back. It seems, she wasn't even sure, if that was good idea, no shit, she felt terrible….

"You wouldn't dare, Ruby…."

She tried to smile with so much confidence she could bring out "I am sure that our dear sister would be exhilarated that our cute little baby brother defeated Pyrrha Nikos last, even though he is two years younger than her." She tapped her chin, and smiled mischievously at him.

"Is that so….mmmh, my own twin is blackmailing me, mmh what should I do~?" Mikhail tapped his chin as well and rolled his eyes to the side.

"Uh oh…." Everytime Mikhail did this; it didn't end well, especially for her.

"Good, then I will not make any cookies for you!"


"Yup, you heard me, my dear sister, no cookies for you anymore~."

But Ruby knew her everything about her brother "Hah I know that this just an empty threat!"


"Didn't you always said, "Cookies are always tasty when I am eating them with you Ruby!""

"…Well, shit….."

"Yes!" Ruby threw her fist victorious to the air; she knew that she won, until Mikhail said one thing, which even he never wanted to use.

"Is that so," He tried to be calm "Good, then I will ask Father that I want a room for myself." That was of course, also an empty threat. He would never part from her anyways.

But unfortunately Ruby, who had never expected that her beloved brother would said something like that, was petrified. She looked at him shocked and her eyes became watery.

"Oh, crap…."

"How….why would you do that…." Her lips were trembling "I thought, you would love me!?" Then Ruby sank on that ground and began to cry.

"No, I am sorry!" From one second to another, Mikhail vanished in high speed with white petals on his back and came back with Zwei the pet dog of the family. Zwei was a black-headed, tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi with gray eyes. "Look, I brought Zwei!"

"Wufff, Wuff!" Zwei barked happily at the sight of his mistress.

"Come one Ruby, cheer up." But then Ruby snatch Zwei from his hands and began to pout and cry, even more.

"Zwei! *Sob*"

The dog tilted his head; it seems he knew that something was wrong.

"Zwei, hear this," She sniffed "Mikhail wants his own room, and leaves me, his poor older sister alone, *Sob*"

The dog turned his head to his master and glared at him while growling.

"Et tu brute!?" Mikhail sighed and gave up "Sis, look I am sorry, it was just an empty threat. I would never leave or part from you and have my own room."



"Really, really?"

"Really, really."

"Really, really, really?"

"Really, really, really."

"Good!" Ruby stood up smiled while threwing Zwei on their couch. The dog happily bounced around and landed on the ground, like nothing happened.

While Mikhail had a face, which looked like somebody just slapped him on the face with a fish. "That little…."

"Now, for your punishment…"

"Wait, what!?"

"Yes!" Ruby beamed "Because you made your cute big sister cry…" She


"You must do three things." She rose three fingers up.

"Let me guess, I should bring you to Vale and buy you something." He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Yup, you understand me, little bro!"

"And the third thing?"

Ruby smiled, sat on the couch and opened her arms "I want a hug!"

Mikhail looked dumbfounded, but only for one second. Then he smiled "You don't need to ask, jeez."

Then the reincarnated dragon walked to his sister hugged her. Their face pressed together and both enjoyed their moment.

Many people were surprised how close those siblings were.


"Mikhail, are you ready?" Ruby, who was waiting outside the house, called out.

He stuck his head out the window "Almost!" Before he walked down the stairs he went to his drawer. In it, laid a golden medallion, with gems engraved in the form of a flower. He opened it up and smiled, in the right side was a picture of his mother Summer, and in the left side was a drawn one from…..Rose/Zero. He made sure that no one, not even his family would see it.

"Protect me…" He closed and kissed it, before he put it around his neck.

"Wuff!" Zwei walked towards him and barked happily.

Mikhail looked at the dog and crouched down to him. He petted the dog on his head "Guard the house boy, you understood?"

"Woof!" The dog walked in a circle and barked while wagging his tail.

"Good boy!" Mikhail stood up and reached to his back "Good, Zero Rose is also ready."



"You ready Ruby?"

"Of course, here is your helmet!" Ruby chirped. She stood beside his motorcycle. Like their older sister he had the same passion for them, much to the worries of their father.

"Thanks!" He put the helmet on his head and sat on his bike, Scaled Thunder. It was the same model like his sisters bike. But instead having the yellow and red parts of Bumblebee, Mikhail's motorcycle was white and black.

"Sis?" He turned around.

"Ready!" She already had her red helmet on and sat behind him, while she entangled her arms around him.

Her brother nodded and smiled.


"Oh yeah, I love that sound!" And with full speed both siblings vanished in a tail of smoke and dust.



Vale, From Dust Till Dawn

The sound of Scaled Thunder echoed through the streets of Vale. Mikhail slowly stopped before their favorite Dust Shop.

"Hopp!" Ruby took the helmet off and jumped from the machine; she turned around and looked at her brother, who just stared at her. "Why are you not getting off?" She tilted her head in confusion.

"Sorry, I just remembered that I have to do something; I am back as quick as possible." Mikhail smiled at his sister and apologized.

"But….I thought…"

"Sorry, love ya!" He kissed her on the cheek and drove away with full speed.

"Mikh…." Before she could end her yelling he was already gone "Jerk…." Ruby turned around, pouting and kicked the air on the ground.


Junior's Club

Mikhail arrived before the doors of Junior Yiong's Night Club. But something was off. The windows were broken, the curb was full of cracks and the doors were dented

"What in the…" When he got off his bike, he felt a something funny.


"Hgnh…!" Mikhail almost stumbled and put his hand on his chest "Again this feeling…."

Everytime when Mikhail went to the City of Vale, he felt something strange. His chest felt tight, his body heat rose and he was slightly irked by it. This reaction was stronger when he looked at the Academy of Beacon. There was something, under this Academy…

"Whatever….now, I hope Junior can give me some information…" The reincarnated dragon walked towards the door, when he arrived he knocked at them.

The door opened after some seconds, and one of Junior's henchmen stuck his head out. When he saw Mikhail, he blinked "Sorry kid, we are closed, get your milk somewhere else."

"Curious." A new face, normally all of Junior's men knew him. The boy sighed "I think you are new," Mikhail gripped the head of the man, who winced in pain "The name is Mikhail, Junior knows….." Before Mikhail could end his demand, another henchman appeared and it seems he knew the boy.

"Pierce, what the hell…..oh shit Mikhail!?"

Mikhail smiled and let the head of Pierce go, by pushing him back. He fell from the stairs and crushed into a group of his colleagues. "Danny, my friend! Sorry to barge in but I need to see Junior, asap. So if you could…."

"O-of course, sir! One moment, please!"

"Sure." Mikhail shrugged.

When the doors closed he could hear Danny yelling "What the fuck are you doing!? Get up you idiots. And you tell Miltia and Melanie that their man is here. And you tell Junior that his favorite customer is coming. What are you looking, MOVE!"

After some minutes passed, the door finally opened again with a smiling Danny "Sorry sir, Pierce is new….and…"

Mikhail raised his hand "You are forgiven, now would you be so kindly and let me in?"

"Of course sir, here." The man stepped on the side and bowed slightly.

"Thanks." Mikhail walked in only to be greeted by two girls, or rather twins.

The girl on the left was Miltia. She was a teenage girl with short black hair and pale green eyes, highlighted by heavy red makeup. She wore a red strapless dress with black lining. Her accessories included large red and white feathers above her left ear, black fur that was hanging off her shoulders and held at the front by a dark gray chain, red gloves, a black bow tied around her waist, and long red boots with very high stiletto heels.

The right girl was Melanie. Like her sister she was a teenage girl with long black hair and pale green eyes, highlighted by heavy cyan makeup. She wore a white, strapless dress with cyan lining. Her accessories included a large white flower hairpin above her left ear, a white feather scarf, a silver pad with cyan and red feathers on her left shoulder, white gloves, a small silver bracer over the glove on her left arm, a bow in the center of the top-most part of her bodice, a silver chained belt, cyan wings on the lower back, and long white boots with blades at the heels.

Mikhail smiled "Miltia." He gave a courteous nod.

"Mikhail." The girl responded back, in the same manner.

Then he faced her sister "Melanie."

"Mikhail." She winked at him.

The boy cleared his throat "Sorry to suddenly barge in, but I need to talk with Junior. Would you be so kindly and escort me to him."

The girls looked at each other and a pleasant smile appeared on their faces, then they faced the blonde.

"Of course." Answered the girl in white.

"It would be a pleasure." Said the girl in red.

Both girls walked towards him. Milita to the left, Melanie to the right.

Mikhail already knew what to do. He raised both his arms and the girls linked theirs in. The three began to walk towards the bar.

While walking down the stairs, Mikhail looked around. The inside of the club was in really shitty state as outside.

"Ahem, girls?"


"What is it?"

"Mind to tell me what happened here?" Mikhail asked with curiosity, while glancing around the entire club.


"How could we explain it….?"


"A blonde bimbo wrecked everything."

"And when she was done kicking our ass, the bitch destroyed the entire club. Junior was outraged.


"But whatever." Said Melanie, then she looked at the boy she linked her arm. "You didn't come for a while."

"Yeah," continued Miltia "You didn't call us, you didn't mail us, and everytime you are here, you leave after a short time.

The former dragon couldn't react fast enough, when he noticed that both girls tightened their grip. He was now trapped. 'And now you are booby-trapped!' Would Yang say to this situation …. Then she would start to beat him up.

"Well…you see…" He tried to reason with the girls but…..



"Oh crap…."

But luckily they arrived at the bar, while Junior was waiting.


Junior Xiong had a shitty week. First the arrogant jackass Roman Torchwick came to took some of his henchmen, for a small price and shortly a blonde girl beat him up, destroyed his weapon and trashed his entire club.

But when he saw Mikhail, he could at least say he had some luck. The boy was sight for his sore eyes. Unlike some of his clients, Mikhail had manners, was polite and respectful. He paid the price for information and was generous with tips. And even though, he was only fifteen, he behaved like an adult.

"Mikhail, buddy, how are you doing!?"

The boy smiled wryly "In the moment really good." He looked at the girls gave them the sign to leave him. When the girls parted, Mikhail mouthed the word "Thanks."

"Sit, here like ever, a Tin Roof Sundae and a Black Russian."

Mikhail sat on one of the bar chairs and nodded gratefully, while starting to eat.

Junior crossed his arms "How do I own this pleasure?"

"I was just dropping in Vale, when I arrived I said myself, why should I not visit my favorite information broker?"

The man chuckled "And here I thought that you would take my invention, to work for me." He shook his head in amusement. "You know that Miltia and Melanie would appreciate it, when you have more time for them. Both males bend their head at the same time to the girls. The twins gave him air-kisses and winks. Then both, Junior and Mikhail looked at each other again "See…"

"Hah, hah, seriously though, I fear the day, when they finally find a new drug to make me pass out, again.

"Ah, don't worry, it won't happen again."

The boy couldn't even ignore, how he last words was spoken, Junior wants to hook him up with one or both girls, so that he would work for him, sometime that man can be really a prick "Can you promise?"

"…." Junior couldn't give an answer; he just stared at the former dragon.

"See!?" Mikhail rolled his "So can we come to the point, where you tell me what the hell happened to your club?" He finished his drink in one row and looked to the older man.

Junior sighed "Well, how do I say it…..A blonde girl with violet eyes and hot body came to the girl and asked me for information.

'Blonde girl, violet eyes, hot body…..oh god please not her….' Mikhail nodded "Go on…"

"Well….She had me on my balls…"

"Wait, she blackmailed you?"

"No…she literally had me on my balls…" Junior looked downwards and Mikhail raised an eyebrow after eye contact.


"Yeah, damn girl almost crushed them."


"She showed me picture of a black haired woman, and asked if I knew something about her.

When Mikhail heard this, some of the sundae stuck on his throat. He knocked on his chest and took his scroll out. "This woman?"



"And what?"

"Do you have information about her?"

"No, are you also after her?"

"Kind of….but not in a good way…" Mikhail's eye darkened as he crushed the empty glass.

Junior flinched; he could feel that the boy was, right now, not amused. Mikhail looked to the older man, the dark in his eyes vanished "So what happened then?"

"You can see it, she destroyed my club!"

"Yeah, so can I ask you something about her?"


"Had that girl shotgun-gauntlet?


"Was she angry, when you touched her hair?"


"Did her eyes become red, when she was angry?"

"You know her?"

"Yeah…." Mikhail hammered his head on the counter "Yep, it's her….."

"Is she your girl or something?"

Both girls twitched and tensed up.

"No…." Mikhail raised his head and then palmed his face "She is my older sister….."

"I beg your pardon?"

"She is my sister….."

"Your sister!?"

Miltia and Melanie were shocked, they looked at each other and whispered "Melanie, did he ever told you that he has a sister?"

"Forget that, you called his sister a bimbo!"


Then "Are you telling me that that bitch….." Before Junior could end his sentence, he noticed what he had just said.


And know he had the barrel of a large black and white colored sniper rifle with a golden grip and a red scope, pointed on his face, in the hand of a pissed Mikhail.

No one moved, not the twins or the henchmen. Some of the new guys tried to draw their weapons, but the older ones stopped them.

"Mind your manners, Junior, I will pay for the damages," He could see that Mikhail's red eye began to glow, and when that happens, there will be hell to pay. "But if you say one more ill word about my sister….. your brain will decorate the bar. Are we clear?"

Junior gulped "Crystal…."

"Good~! It would be a shame to kill a friend~!" Like nothing happened Mikhail smiled put his weapon away and continued to eat his sundae.

The owner of the club sighed, the twins as well. Sometimes that boy could be a real psychopath.

"So, do you have some info for me?"

"Yeah, s-sure…..ehm!"

"Don't be so tense, buddy, we are cool."

"Of course, of course." He nodded "Well there is something going to be happening tonight." He cleared his throat and adjusted his tie "Okay, but first…you know."

"Oh, where are my manners!" Mikhail took something from his pocket out. It was a black Lien card. "This should also be enough to cover the damages from my sister."


"No biggie, here," He faced the girls "Buy also something nice for yourselves girls."

Immediately both twins appeared sides and took the card.

"Thanks, Mike~."

"Yeah, thank you~"

Both gave him a kiss on his cheeks.

"Ladykiller…" Muttered Junior.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing, Mikhail!"

"So tell me, is something happening in Vale, something I should know?"

"Well, Roman Torchwick appeared and he wanted to have some of my men for a job."

"Roman Torchwick, is here in Vale?"

"Yeah, I also heard that he works together with the White Fang…"


Junior nodded "But these are only whisper and talks. In the last time, he raids shops and robs the Dust while leaving the money."

"Mmh, this would strengthen the theory that he works with the White Fang."

"Yeah, but he only targets open Dust Shops."

"Okay, he wants to make a sign…."

"I think it, too. Right now he starts another raid on an open dust shop."

Mikhail furrowed his brows 'Wait; there is only one dust shop, which is still open'…."Oh god Ruby!" Immediately Mikhail vanished with a trail of white flower petals behind him.


Ruby expected many things from this day. That she would drive with her brother in the City of Vale, that he would buy her some things for her scythe and after they were finished, he would cook her something delicious and then they would watch the newest episode of Huntress in Love.

She really loved her brother from the bottom of her heart, but sometimes he could be …..strange, okay many called her strange, too. Mostly, he behaved like a normal boy in his age, but sometimes he spoke and act rather weird. Like an adult or a man in his golden years, to make it clear, he was really mature for his age. Yes he was also what people consider a genius, a prodigy. Not that she feels inferior towards him, but she couldn't get the feeling off, that her brother has somehow more experience in life. But no matter what, he was her beloved baby brother, even though he was 1 hour younger…..and he was more reliable…what could be kind of annoying, when people asked her if she is really the older of the two.

But he also some bad habits, like before. Vanishing without reason was one of Mikhail Rose's irks. She could really need him because right a bad guy who tried to rob her and the nice old shop owner, who gave her and her brother always something sweet, because they were his favorite customer, was threating her. But she knew how to defend herself, even though having him besides her, would give her more relief.


If there is one word to describe Roman Torchwick, it would be 'arrogance'.

Roman had slanted, dark-green eyes and bright, long, orange hair, with long bangs covering his right eye. He wore a black bowler hat with a red band and a small feather, and wears black eyeliner. His outfit consisted of a red-lined white suit and a small gray scarf. He has black gloves with rounded sleeves, as well as long black pants and black shoes. His personality was a mixture between that of a formal gentleman and a ruthless criminal, who calls himself the greatest crook in the Kingdom of Vale. But right now, he didn't expect that a little girl and a boy would become the bane of his life.



Before he could even understand what happened, Roman saw that one of Junior's guys was send flying, through the window of the dust shop.


Roman turned around and saw a girl in black and red standing outside the shop. Said girl knocked the henchman out, while unfolding a scythe from her back.

So what did he do? He took a cigar out of his pocket and lightened it. He looked at the others "What are you waiting for, Christmas!? Get her!"

Two of the four remaining men stormed towards Ruby with their weapons drawn.

The first attacker swung his sword horizontal at Ruby, who jumped and used Crescent Rose as support. She spun around and hit him with her heel. The man was sent flying. Ruby landed save on her feet and noticed that the other attacker was behind her. She reacted in second, by shooting a bullet out from her weapon and used the recoil to literally fly to her enemy. She twirled the scythe around and smashed the blunt side of Crescent Rose into the man's head. He was immediately knocked out.

Roman, unimpressed looked at the other henchmen and shook his chin towards Ruby, as a signal that they should move and attack, too.

Before they could start to charge, a young man with blonde and red hair appeared. In his hand a black and white colored scythe, with a golden blade.

It was Mikhail.


The left henchman raised his sword, but the boy, before him, vanished appeared behind him, while white petals scattered around. The held the scythe horizontal in both hands and

"Shit!" His colleague pointed the gun at Mikhail, but he turned around and used the gripped man as a shield. The gun wielder lowered his weapon, but *Bam* he didn't expect, that Mikhail and Ruby trained for such situations. One sibling uses a shield and one used the hesitation and shot the weapon from the hands.

The gun wielder glared at Ruby and drew his sword but he was interrupted when his colleague crushed into him. Mikhail threw the hostage and knocked both out. Shortly he vanished, leaving nothing but white petals and appeared before his sister.

Roman who watched the spectacle walked forward and looked down at the unconscious men "You were worth every cent. Truly, you were." Then he faced both siblings "So…." But he was interrupted, by an angry Ruby.

"Mikhail! Where were you!?" She huffed while stomping a foot on the ground.

Mikhail turned around "I am sorry, I had…eh everything alright?" The moment, the boy turned around he saw his sister gasping and then glaring at him "What?"

"Is that…oh my god is that a lipstick mark on your cheek, MIKHAIL!"

Ruby's twin put his left hand on his cheek to hide the mark, but "Oh crap, if Miltia kissed me that means…." He could hear another gasp from his sister, who looked terrified and walk towards him, or rather stomped.

"Is that another one!? Oh my GOD, you really ditched me to hang out with girls!" Ruby's glare became more intensive.

"Wait! I can explain!"

"Do I smell alcohol on you?"



"Ouch!" Before the explanation came, he was instantly hit on his head back.

"Young man," Ruby put her forefinger on his nose "When we are home, we will talk! No I, Yang and DAD!"


Both siblings yelled at each other, when a loud hissing could be heard.

The Rose Twins jumped away from the flare and pointed their scythes at the one responsible.

"Sorry to interrupt your lover's quarrel, kids….," Roman said unimpressed and annoyed "But…"

Mikhail raised his hand "Eh, sorry, we are twins…." Ruby nodded after her brother's explanation.

Torchwick tilted his head and looked between the boy and girl. Both had pale skin, silver eyes, the boy had one, and both of their hairs had red streaks. They also looked similar….

"Well," He threw his cigar away "Excuse me, for this….rather raffish assumption…."

"Ah, no biggies." Said Ruby "We are used to it, you see…."

"SIS!" Mikhail growled out and glared to her.

"Ups! Sorry, so…..where were we?"

The former dragon sighed "That guy is Roman Torchwick."

"What!? You mean that evil man who steals dust in the entire kingdom!?"

Roman called out "That's me! You will not find a better crook, Red."

Ruby glare hardened, when she heard the new mockingly nickname.

The crook raised his cane and with a *Floop* a reticle uncovered the muzzle." Well it was entertaining, but every good night ends so, ta-ta~!" Roman shoot another flare at the twins, which reacted by shooting simultaneously.


The explosion caused the street to rip off and debris was flying in every direction.

"Sis, are you okay?" Mikhail who held his arms around Ruby, to protect her, asked her if she is alright.

"*Cough*, I'm fine, you?"

"No, problem."

Her brother released her and she dusted her clothes "Where is that Roman guy?"

"He is gone, but he shouldn't have gone far."

"Can you find him?"

"Of course!" Mikhail began to sniff in the air "He is still close," The former dragon still had his enhanced senses. The nose, ears and eyes of a dragon are unrivaled. They are the perfect predators. "There he is!" He pointed at one of the near higher buildings with a flat roof.

Roman was currently using the fire escape of the building reach its top.

"You're ready, Mike?" Ruby asked her brother with a cheeky grin.

"Sure!" He did it, too.

Only red and white flower petals, remained were the twins stood.


On the roof of the building

Roman could finally get away from those weird twins and their weirder scythes.

He asked himself "God gracious, what is wrong with the kids these days?" He stopped when he saw four other henchmen waiting for him, to be picked up.

"HALT!" 2x Ruby and Mikhail arrived in the nick of time and pointed their scythes at him.

The crook stomped while clenching his fist "Persistent!" He grimaced, before turning around "Sorry Red, sorry White, but I still have an appointment tonight," His gaze wandered to Mikhail "A gentleman can't let a lady wait, huh buddy?"

Mikhail rolled his eyes "Sorry, but as human being, I can't let scum like you leave…." The sarcasm in the voice caused Ruby to giggle.

"Oh, the rose has thorns!"

"Suck it Torchwick, you are going to jail, Ruby!"

"Ready!" Chirped the girl.

Now Roman rolled his eyes, he took a puff from his cigar "Get them!"

All four drew their guns.

Mikhail reacted "Sis, get behind me!"

Ruby nodded and immediately went behind her brother, who flicked his scythe.

"Huh?" The orange haired man tilted his head in curiosity.

After a click sound, Zero Rose began to morph, in its sword form.

All henchmen began to shoot.


The bullets blazed their way towards the twins, and what did they do? Mikhail smiled raised his sword, while it was pointed at his enemies.



100 years after the destruction of the Black Flower

"Say Mikhail, what do you do, if you face more than one enemy at the same time, but they have cannons?

"Huh? I evade them and slowly close the gap between me and them! Why do you ask Aunt Angelus?"

"Simply, if you are in such a situation what would you do if someone is behind you, someone you need to protect?"

"Eh, I, I, I don't know!?"

"Ah, don't cry hatchling!"


"Excuse me?"

"Ah, I mean I am sorry, that I can't answer you Aunt Angelus!"

"Better, but it is simple, now listen!"


"Now, you need to focus, and try not to panic, or you and your partner are good as death."

"Mmh, good!"

"Try to destroy the guns and don't hesitate to go for the kill!"

"I understand, but what if they shot?"

"Hone your skills, don't forget what we are! The strongest race in this world! Our senses are better than everything else. If you train enough and become strong, even a bullet or arrow can then be easily evaded or even deflected.

"Can I really do it, Aunt Angelus?"

"Of course, hatchling! You are a proud dragon, and a Holy dragon to boot! Your potential is even greater than Michael, and even though he talked or boasted too much, he was really the strongest dragon!"


"Yes, even our elders feared him."

"Awesome thank you Aunt Angelus."

"Of course, now focus!""


Present, World of Remnant, City of Vale.

'Focus!' Mikhail told this himself in his thoughts as he opened his eyes, his pupils turned to slits.

The bullet became slower, and slower.

'Yes, that is good and now!' Mikhail twirled the blade of his sword in incredible speed.

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

'What the!?' Thought Roman in shock.

Seeing the reactions of his enemies caused Mikhail to smile. He cut some of the bullets, but caught five. He took a step forwards and flicked his sword on the ground. Before him, the bullets were put in a line, on the ground. Then he reached his sword back and hit each of them with the tip of his weapon.

The shock of the men grew more, when each bullet hit their guns out of their hand. The fifth bullet cut the cigar of the crook in half.

Roman looked, with wide eyes at it and glared at the boy. He smiled while his sister blew a raspberry at the crook.

"Now it seems, you are more than I expected White, but now it has to end, get them!"

The henchmen didn't hesitate for second, before they drew their swords and axes. But instead getting ready for them, the giggling of Ruby became louder and her brother began to laugh.

The men stopped and looked at each other.


Mikhail held his weapon in a iado stance, a feral smile forming on his face "Are you ready~?"

Zero Rose began to glow golden and pulsated.

"What in the name!?" Was the only thing Torchwick could utter...

"Eat this; Combination Flattering Petals!" Yelled the twins in unison.

Mikhail tightened the grip on his sword and swung his sword horizontal up, a large and powerful arc of golden energy flew through the henchmen and sent them upwards, while Roman was thrown backwards and crashed on the small edges of the roof.



In a split second Mikhail jumped backwards, over his sister, which was already targeting the men in the air, they knew what will happen.


Each of them was hit by a dust bullet and crashed on the ground.

"Yes!" Chirped Ruby and she turned around to high-five with her brother "We did it little bro~!"

"Sure we did!"

"OW, ow," The joy over the successful defeat of the henchmen was broken, when Roman slowly get on his feet, while holding his back "My back, my back, my back."

"What's the matter Roman, getting old~?" Mikhail tried his best not to laugh, well it was ironic. Ruby held her side while laughing.

Roman glared with full wrath at Mikhail, while he snorted "Even if you glare at me, old man, I will not disappear."

"Yeah, you old crook!" Ruby stepped from behind and mocked the thief, too.

"You little," He shook his head "Well I have enough, of you, both of you."

"Oh, and I thought we could became friends!" Mikhail answered sarcastically.

In answer, Roman growled and almost broke his weapon "Enough, I am sick of you."

The twins, as well, readied their scythes, but then, the sound of an engine echoed through the air. A bullhead appeared behind Torchwick, who winked at the twins and jumped in the aircraft "See ya, kids!"

"Shit!" cursed Mikhail.


"Sorry, sustained fire!"

Both twins morphed their weapons in the sniper form and shoot at the Bullhead.

Unfortunately Ruby's gun didn't do anything "Mikhail that thing is….."

*Bang* *Crack*

"Nevermind, sheesh." The older Rose could only look with puzzled eyes, when the bullets of her younger brother pierced that thing like nothing 'How can he shoot without not breaking his arm?'

Another shoot followed and another hole appeared.

"Shoot the turbines!"

"I can't, Sis, I smell dust in that bullhead."

"Oh, that would be not good….."

While the younger Rose tried to avoid the turbines, he merely want to damage that the aircraft so much that flying would be dangerous, Mikhail didn't want to risk casualties. They should land and just give up.

While Roman *Baam* who sitting inside, tried avoiding to become cheese. "Seriously what is with kids these, *Baam*, for the love of *Baam* I need help!" He ran into the cockpit and informed the pilot "That kid, I think he is a hunter!"

The female nodded and stood up; Roman took over the aircraft, while the pilot opened the cabin doors of and faced the twins.

Ruby and Mikhail took aim, when the clothes and eyes of the woman began to glow. And fire was forming on her palms


"Hngh!" The body of the former dragon cramped, his chest became tight, too tight, it hurt, it really hurt. Mikhail collapsed on his knees, while gasping after air.

"Mikhail!" Ruby, who noticed that, immediately caught her brother "Are you alright! Mikhail.

"Shit, it hurts, it freaking hurts!"

Something was wrong, why, why had he this feeling again. It was the same, when he fought the Intoners, it was the same feeling he had everytime, when fought gods and angels,daemon, the almost same when he was… Vale.

"Mikhail," Ruby put her hand on his forehead "Oh my gosh, you are burning!"

"G…et a…wa…y!"


"I said, GET AWAY!" Mikhail shoved his sister several meters away.

"Uf!" Ruby landed on her butt and opened her eyes, only to see that a large fire ball hit him, and then exploded. Terror and fear overflowed her mind "NO, MIKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!" Not again, not again, first her mother, now her baby brother. Why, why did he do this again, why couldn't he stop, he died almost two-times and now it finally happened. Ruby collapsed on the ground, tears flowed from her eyes.



Ruby raised her head; her eyes wide open "Mikhail! You live!" She couldn't believe it. Her brother stood there, exact the same point where the explosion was, and he hadn't even one burn or scratch, and even his clothes were unharmed.

"Mikhail, are you alright!?"

"Yes I am, stay there!"

Ruby nodded.

The flame throwing person quirked an eyebrow and threw three fireballs at him.

"As if!" Mikhail raised his arms; he reflected the first fire with his right, than with his left arm. The third fire ball was caught by him. He used the momentum, of the caught fire, spun around and threw it back towards the female, which looked shocked when her own attack was thrown back at her. She raised her palms and parried the fire.

Mikhail raised his scythe and pointed it backwards, ready to attack with the recoil, but the woman took a glowing vial out of her cleavage and threw it at Mikhail.

"Shit, Flash Dust!"

In the middle of the fly, she threw a smaller fire at the vial and a bright light blended Mikhail and Ruby

"Oh, son of a…..," the boy held his eyes "My eyes!" After some seconds, his healing abilities helped him to see again. He opened his eyes and saw nothing "Oh great, they are gone….."

He morphed his weapon and put it back on his waist, shortly he was tackled and hugged by Ruby.

"Mikhail! You aren't hurt, oh my god!"

The younger one smiled "I am alright; you can let me go…." But she didn't react; Her face was buried in his chest "Sis?" He raised a brow.

"*Sniff*, you dummy," She hit him on his chest "You big dummy, I was worried!" She hit him again and again on his chest."

"Sis," Mikhail blinked "I am sorry." He hugged her.

She parted from him, her eyes were slightly red and she looked angry "You should, I thought I lost you again!" She yelled at him and then *Smack*.

"Ouch!" He rubbed his head and sighed "Sorry, I promise, when we are home I make a big cookie for you, what do you say?" He wiped the tears from her eyes with his thump and rubbed her head.

She sniffed again "Two cookies…"

He smiled softly at her demand "Okay, let's go home, before…."

A loud cracking sound made the twins clairaudient. All the rubble and stones, suddenly moved, as if they were alive, and placed back were they belonged and a woman stood before the siblings.

The woman that had very light-blonde hair tied back in a bun with a curl hanging down the right side of her face. Her eyes were bright green and she wore thin ovular glasses. She had teal hanging earrings with a small bead identical to her earrings on her collar.

She also wore a white long-sleeved suit that exposed part of her chest, and puffy sleeves that tighten near the wrist before spreading back out near her hands. Her lower body had a black business skirt with buttons running in a vertical line up the front of it and lighter black-brown stockings.

She had black boots with brown heels, and wore a tattered cape that is purple inside and black on the outside, decorated by a row of diamond-shaped brown beads that went horizontally across her cape. Above this line of beads appeared an emblem.

"Halt!" Her voice was full of authority and pungency "In the name of the Hunter Association of the Kingdom of Vale, you are now under custody for questioning!" In her hand was a riding crop.

'Great,' Thought Mikhail 'A Four in the body of a Five, yippee…..'

I changed this chapter a little bit. I decided to that the Dust Infusion system was not an good idea...and took it out.