Heloo fanfic readers and thanks for giving my story a try. It's basically about how
this young girl's parents died and she's forced to share her room with a Ghost?! He angers her
like no man ever did, yet she also desires him like no other. Read on if your interested and
remember this is an au fic. ENJOY!



BY: Silent Wanderer


"Sakura? I think we should take a break."

"What are you talking about Simon? You don't want us to be together anymore? That's
it isn't it?" she spat the words harshly at Simon. "Fine! I don't need you, you meant nothing
to me, NOTHING YOU HERE ME!" she grasped the locket hung around her neck and threw it at him
with all her strength. "I never want to see you again!" she ran past him, wishing he would
stop her. It didn't happen. hurt, she pushed aside everyone that got in her way out in the
hallway and charged into the nearest bathroom stall.

Flashback ends

"We're almost there Miss Kinomoto."

Sakura pushed down the side button along the passenger's door and allowed the windoe to
open. She heaved out a sigh as a warm, seasalt breeze blew playfully along her scintillating,
auburn hair. She closed her eyes waiting for another memory.


"Dad? can you come and pick me up?"

Fujitaka heard quiet sobs coming from the other end of the line.

"What's wrong Sakura? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine dad but could you come pick me up anyways?"

"Yes okay hold on my little cherry blossom I'll be right there."

Sakura made a face as her father called he by the translation of her name. "Okay bye."
she hung up and stuffed her cell back into her back pocket.

She remembered thinking how it couldn't get any worse.


But it can she thoght bitterly, tapping her indax finger on her lap.

"Here it is Miss Kinomoto, this is the famous li mansion." he glanced around before
leaning in closer to Sakura. "Some say its haunted with a ghost." he waited until he was
signaled to continue. "Thay say a young man was to have his wedding right up on that hill." he
pointed to a beautiful, vast field, right across from the mansion with a small, old dirt patch
Sakura assumed was the hill.

"If you ask me it looks as if that ugly hill is blocking the scenery behind it."

The limo driver agreed. "It was once a beautiful hill."

"How beautiful can a hill get?" Sakura rudely interrupted.

Undettered he finished what he was saying. "Well this young man had fallen in love with
this beautiful, kind, graceful young girl. But when time came she cancelled the wedding for no
apparent reason. The next day she was gone. Vanished without a trace." the man smiled
michieviously. "They say she only agreed to marry him for his money and truly she was a conceited
young woman and also she had found someone even wealthier than the li clan and mind you that was
nearly imppossible at that time."

Sakura shook her head in disbelief, feeling sorry for the young man. "So what happened to

"Thay say over the years his heart hardened and he never loved again. He died at a young
age and they also say his ghost haunts this mansion, trying to figure out why his fiancee had
really left."

Sakura shivered as she got ouy of the car. "And I thought boys were bad, girls suck too."
She studied the mansion. The shingles on the roof were starting to peel off and the mansion
definetly needed a new shade of paint. The walls appeared as if thay wouls crumble if they ever
made physical contact with anything.

Sakura caught a figure at the higher windows and she slipped off her sunglasses to get a
better view but oddly he was gone as if he was never really there in the first place. Weird she

"Sakura! It's so good to see you! It's been what? five? seven years?"

"Eight years." she grumbled. Eight too short years.

"Wow really? Well grandmother is waiting for you in the library and I'm sorry for your
loss, Fujitaka was a great brother."

Sakura's aunt Chigusa yanked on her arm and pulled he towards the entrance. "Don't worry
dear, your luggage will be brought in by our servents."

Chigusa opened the door that led into the main corridor, following it into the backwing
of the mansion where the library was found. There an old lady sat in a large velvet armchair
twice her size reading a hard covered book, petting a small, tiny fluffball curled up on her lap.

"This is your grandmother, Trinity Kinomoto."

Sakura strode nervously to her grandmother. She's so old. She couldn't help but notice.
I wonder how old she really is?

"And what are we staring at?"

"Sakura was surprised at the woman's hostile voice. Weren't grandmothers supposed to be
kind, gentle and caring?

"Nothing grandmother." she replied bluntly.

She played with her hair as she was being studied.

"You are Sakura Kinomoto?, daughter of Fujitaka?"

Sakura nodded.

She scoffed quietly. "Your not shy are you?"

The mocking infuriated Sakura. "Only to strangers." she shot directly back.

Her grandmother ignored her, instead she asked "Your not wearing contacts are you?"

"No I see perfectly well without them." Sakura beamed.

Trinity smacked her lips and began waving Sakura away. "You're dismissed. Chigusa will
show you to your room."

Sakura growled at her manners. Well isn't she just rude! Fumed, she followed her aunt.
Anywhere other than here was good. She stared at the rooms she passed, they seemed perfectly
fine. She gestured to one of them. "Whay can't I just take one of those?"

"Mother wanted you to have one specific room. She said it was special." Chigusa pushed
open a large wooden door and flicked on the lights."All your luggage was brought in. Take your
time to unpack."

Sakura immediately felt at home. "There is something special about this room." she said
happily yet she felt a lurid sensation about it. Slowly she began hanging her clothes in her
wooden closet.

"Ugh I'm all sweaty. I better take a quick shower."


"Okay mother I did what you asked but of all rooms why that one?"

"Because she will be the one."

"The one? what one?" Chigusa was frightened by her mother's morbid look.

"Past those beautiful features and that cocky attitude she is pure." Trinity blinked out
of her trance and stared at Chigusa. "You may go and prepare dinner daughter."

Chigusa obeyed, ever since Sakura had arrived, mother has been acting up even more than


(now the part you've all been waiting for. ^.^)

Sakura wrapped her towel around her body firmly. She trembled as she entered her bedroom
quite taken back at what she saw.

"Hey buddy? what are you doing in my room?" she blushed and scolded herself for not using
a longer towel. Too much leg was showing, way TOO much. She tried pulling the towel down a bit
and soon it was a little more balenced except for the excess cleavage showing around her chest.

The young man gaped at the girl infront of him. He had seen her outside though he knew
nothing about her, he suddenly had the urge to run his hand down her milky complexion. He glanced
around wondering who she was yelling at.

"Hello? didn't you you hear me? This room is taken." Sakura swiped the closest outfit
out of the closet and ran into the bathroom to change.

The man frowned, he was actually beginning to enjoy the view thought her voice was
getting irritating.

Sakura couldn't believe her eyes when she came back out. "OUT!" she screamed.

The man's eyebrows rose. "You see me." he whispered silently.

"Of course I see you, I'm not blind you know." Sakura grabbed him by the arm. "If you
won't leave then I'll make you!"

The young man pulled angrily away from her grip. "Don't touch me girl!" he pushed her
roughly on the shoulder.

Sakura stumbled onto her bed and was pushed back into another memory.


"Awww little Sakura running to her daddy when she gets dumped." Simon's friend, Tyler
flashed Sakura an evil look. "Wanna know why he broke up with you?" he hopped out of the way to
reveal Simon and a youg girl holding hands lovingly.

"Whore." she whipered.

Don't call her that Sakura, she'd everything you can never be."

Sakura was shocked at Simon's words. "I hate you." she told him.

"What are you going to do about it?" Simon's girlfriend cackled. she strode over to
Sakura and pushed her.

"Don't touch me." she mumbled. Indignantly she pushed her back.

Out of nowhere Simon stood infront of his girlfriend protectively. Skaura tried to pass
him but he wouldn't allow it. He pushed her roughly on her shoulder causing her to fall down to
the ground. Sobbing she closed her eyes not wanting to have anything else to do with him.

Flashback ends

Sakura felt her eyea start to heat up. "Men are all the same." she said placidly. Wearily
she rose from her bed and repositioned her blue t-shirt. "Fine stay here just leave me alone."
She unzipped the rest of her bags and slowly took out her photos.

The man observed her go through picture by picture, stopping every now and then to wipe
away her tears. How he wanted to be the one to dry those tears. Guilt was going through him from
his earlier act.

Sakura brushed past him making no eye contact whatsover. He growled slightly, not
liking the way he was being ignored. After all she was the only one whose been able to see him
for as long as he could remember.

She set her pictures on her dresser and smiled sincerely.
"I'm sorry dad and I know you won't forgive me though I'm asking you to. I love you."
she turned to face the young man who now seemed to be studying her.

His handsome, amber eyes were beginning to make her all squishy inside and that wild,
messy hair brought out the child in him. By his soft features Sakura figured he was mybe
nineteen,twenty? making him a good four years older than her.

"Can you tell me why your here?"

The man got a funny look on his face. "I'm not really here not unless I let you."

Sakura cocked her head, confuded to what this young man was saying. "Then why can I see
you?" usually she would've explored him physically but he seemed like a person who would get
easily angered.

"I don't know."

Sakura took a step away from the young man infront of her. "So you're telling me your
a g..ghost?" she took another step away now heading towards the door.

"Scared?" he asked, obviously amused.

Sakura stood her ground. "No." she declared. "But hey you heurt me once what's stopping
you for another go at it?"

The man cringed after hearing this. "I didn't mean to." he mumbled, unfortunately Sakura
hadn't heard or if she did she hid it well.

"Are you haunting this room?"

He leaned against her bed post not liking the term "haunt"

"I'm not leaving if that's what you mean."

"Well I'm not either so you're just going to havr to live with it." she declared

He wasn't quite sure how she was doing it, but everytime he glanced back at her she
was even prettier than the last he saw her. He snuffed out his thoughts. Love is a weakness he
mentally reminded himself.

"It doesn't matter to me as long as you don't bring in any of your boyfriends. I don't
want to see that."

Sakura smirked. "Okay FIRST of all I wouldn't want you to see either, SECOND I don't
think any guy will ever go out with me at the moment let alone come into my room, THIRD I don't
want a boyfriend and LASTLY men are scum." she took in a deep breath. "No offense."

He shrugged as if it didn't matter but inside he was burning with excitement now knowing
he has a chance with her.

Sakura peered into the young man's eyes. "So can I atleat get a name?"

"Li, Li Syaoran."

"You're part of the Li clan!" Sakura jumped around gaily, hoping she could force some
more information about the mansion from her new so called friend.

Li couldn't help but smile. She was really adorable when she was happy.


She poked her head out the door "Okay I'm coming!" she turned to face Li. "So I guess you
don't eat?"

He shook his head.

"Oh then just one more question. Why are you here? I mean don't ghosts haunt a plce for a
reason?" she waited for an answer.

"Don't you have a table to set?"

Sakura nodded and left. "I can't believe how well I'm taking this. He's a ghost for
god's sake. A GHOST!"

Suddenly everything darkened, Sakura felt dizzy she felt like fainting. She collapsed.


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