The Big Move

Part 8

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, everything with this idea moving forward will be continuing after the alternate take on part 7. This features another crossover, this time with the Ninja Turtles films from the 90's.

Summary: Melissa has an interesting encounter after a shift at the hospital.

"God, I'm glad to be going home finally." Muttered Melissa McCall tiredly after a long day at the hospital and then having to do some shopping at the store.

Having to park in a poorly lit part of the store parking lot hadn't settled too well with Melissa but given how packed the place was, there hadn't been much choice. That, and she really wasn't wanting to go elsewhere due to how tired she felt. Now, the sight of several individuals near her car was starting to make the nurse and mother regret her decisions for the night. Should've just gone home.

"Alright, boys, I've had a long day at work and I'm not really in the mood for whatever crap you're up too." She declared in a firm 'mom' voice.

Knowing this was more than likely a bad idea and that Scott would NOT be happy if he found out about the whole thing. "Aww, come on, we're just lookin' for a ride home." Declared one of the figures.

But Melissa strongly doubted that was the case and said as much and blamed her foolishness on how tired she was. Her response wasn't one the four figures liked much of and she sighed heavily and began to worry some as they began to advance on her. I know better than this, damnit.

Tired she may be, that didn't mean she was about to give up as she would deal with them to the best of her ability. "Man, I must not have taught you guys as well as I thought I did after the last time." Came a voice that caused the four to freeze up.

"Aww Hell no." Groaned one of the figures.

"Screw you, freak! No amount of ass kicking is gonna make us stop doin' our thing!"

Okay, sounds like these guys learn things the hard way…

A sigh came from the new mystery figure and Melissa's eyes widened as she watched as the mystery figure appear from the shadows of the poorly lit area and began to lay out the four figures. "And I hope you all will have finally learned the lesson from all this!" Declared the figure as he brushed off his hands and then took notice of Melissa.

"Oh boy." He muttered and the nurse and mother could hear the nervousness and fear in those words.

Which surprised her given what he had just done but considering he's walking, talking Turtle wearing an orange bandanna she supposed he had reason to feel the way he did! "Umm… I take it that's not some costume?" She asked of him as she continued to process what she was seeing.

"Uhh… No. How come you're not more freaked out about this, lady?"

"Oh trust me, I'm a little freaked out but I'm sure I'll have a stronger reaction later once I've had time to process. I've also seen crazier than you."

Barely repressing the shudder that swept through her at the thought of Gerard Argent and Jackson Whittemore's Kanima self. Though more so with Gerard considering what an evil and manipulative bastard he is. "Oh, well… I'm Michelangelo but I like to go by Mikey most of the time." Informed the Turtle.

Who was feeling slightly out of his depth at the moment considering how she was reacting and all! "Right, well, I'm Melissa. And umm, thanks, for taking care of them."

"Hey, its no sweat! I'll get 'em tied up and make an anonymous call to the Police so they can deal with 'em." Mikey told her with a smile.

Smiling tentatively back at him with a small nod, Melissa quickly got her bags into her car and drove away for home. Idly wondering if she should say something to Scott about the whole affair and trying not to look in the rearview mirror.

Author's Notes: I could have done this with Scott or one of the others in New York but I thought it'd be more interesting to go with Melissa instead.