Troublesome Concern

Part 3

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Summary: While bailing out one of his own from the Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department, Cromus has a startling revelation there.

"What the Hell!?" Got out Cromus as he stared at the Missing Persons board at the Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department.

Aranck, the Club's Enforcer, the very same Enforcer he'd just bailed out of jail as well for that matter, was off to the side and looking on in confusion where Cromus was concerned. "Something the matter?" Asked Sheriff Stilinski as he came up to the Alpha/President of 'Los Lobo Locos' with some wariness considering past associations the man had with Deucalion.

The very same man who made Cromus come to town due to some kidnapping on the Blind Man's part as a means to put things in favor of Deucalion. Which didn't work out in the long run for the supposed Demon Wolf for one reason or another. Cromus looked at the Sheriff and pointed at the Missing Persons board, specifically at an old photo of a baby by the name of Scott McCall. "Yeah! I, I know this baby, man!"

Stilinski looked at him and at the baby picture of Scott McCall on the board with pure skepticism on his part. Not to mention a small rising of anger as he thought the man was pulling something shady. "Sir, I'm afraid that's just not possible. As the baby in that picture would be an adult by this point in time. That is… If he's even still alive."

Cromus just stared at the Sheriff before speaking. "But that's the thing, Sheriff! I am the baby! That baby is me! We are one, damnit!" Declared the Biker Wolf as he flailed his arms about somewhat and making Aranck with him start to feel disgusted as a scenario started to form in his head as various folks in the building looked their way.

And for Cromus' part, he was starting to feel pissed off all over again where a not so lamented Deucalion was concerned! "I think you need to put me in a cell before I do something stupid, Sheriff." Growled Cromus before the Sheriff could respond to the other man's words.

"And if there's some way to prove I'm that baby, I'll do it."

"You'll excuse me if I display some doubts about your claim? Especially given how long its been since Scott was kidnapped?" Asked the Sheriff in the end as he escorted the highly agitated Alpha to a cell with Aranck looking on in worry and confusion.

Sighing in an agitated manner, Cromus just nodded. "Aranck, call 'Cost and tell him what's up. F**kin' Deucalion!"

I hope this isn't some sick joke of his. Melissa wouldn't be able to handle it…

Author's Notes: Glad I finally got this out of my system!