Deucalion The Kind

Disclaimer: I'm surprised I haven't thought of this long before now.

Summary: What if, instead of going down a dark path following his becoming blind, Deucalion actually was horrified with himself for rage killing one of his own? And stayed a good man?

For Deucalion, having given into his rage and brutally killed one of his own, had certainly horrified him over what he'd just done. And sure, he felt a surge of power go through him after killing Marco but the horror he felt was more stronger than it. Leading to him feeling a great deal of disgust with himself and even crying and throwing up over what he'd done. Talia and Alan were understandably shocked by what he'd done but thankfully stood by him in his time of need. Some in his Pack would end up leaving over what he'd done as well as he dealt with being blind and having a death on his conscience. The whole experience steadily making him be resolved to be a better man than Gerard Argent and even filing a lawsuit against the man for what he'd done to his eyes. Unfortunately, the old man would find a way to avoid any problems where that was concerned thanks to status and family money. Something that would bother Deucalion a great deal but wouldn't let it truly affect him in a horrible way thanks to that new found resolve of his.

He and others would be stunned and horrified when a majority of the Hale family was burned alive in their home sometime later on. Giving those like Ennis more of a reason to want to wage all out war against Hunting families like the Argents but luckily cooler heads were able to prevail in the end. And out of respect for Talia, her family, the Ito and Primal Packs, Deucalion wouldn't move to the area to fill the void that was so keenly felt with the loss of Talia. This was also done out of respect for Laura Hale as it was a certainty that when the time came, she, Derek, and young Cora would return to Beacon Hills to preside over the territory as was meant to be where the Hales were concerned. But when the news began to head his way that Laura was later murdered and by her own damned Uncle at that, leading to Derek becoming the new Alpha, Deucalion knew it was time to return to Beacon Hills. Especially after he got word that Gerard himself was coming to the area following Kate Argent's death. Plus rumors that he was about to instigate all out war himself against Werewolves.

Interestingly enough however, things would end up quieting down just as he and several other Alphas had reached Beacon Hills. And all because of a young man by the name of Scott McCall thanks to what Alan had told him once arriving at the Vet Clinic. "H-Whoa, I'll come back later." Declared Scott once he saw his boss with some company after initially having come to the Clinic to ask a question.

"No, its fine, you don't have to leave, Scott. I was actually just finishing up telling everyone here about you and what you've done since you were Bitten by Peter." Deaton told him, making Scott a bit alarmed over all that!

"At ease, my young friend, we're all Werewolves here. Well, mostly." Declared the man with sunglasses as the others in the room nodded in agreement.

"You're… You're Werewolves too?" Scott asked in shock and his eyes would widen in quite a few would reveal their Alpha status' to him!

Unfortunately, given his past experiences since getting Bitten, his shock would turn into annoyance and anger. But before he could give voice to it, the man with the shades spoke up. "And I'd like to thank you for being the one to finally take down Gerard Argent from the high pedestal he had himself upon."

"Th-Thank me!?"

Well, Scott wasn't expecting that! The shades wearing man nodded as the others looked on in silence. "Oh yes, that is correct, young man. For you see, Gerard blinded me some years ago and despite certain attempts of mine to deal with him with the use of the Law, he's proven to be more difficult than one would like. So one would say its Karma that a young Beta such as yourself would manage to do what others were not able to do. And so I, no, WE, thank you, Scott."

No response was heard from Scott as he stood where he was in stunned silence as the others also thanked him as well!

Author's Notes: Well, that was fun to do!