The Relapse

Disclaimer: So I was reading through some of my older fics and got to thinking about ideas related to the stuff I did where Scott became a little obsessed over Allison and an intervention had to be done with him. And well, this ended up being a thing. Heh.

Summary: Its the worst thing to happen in their lives and its all thanks to some special dust.

"Oh, Allison…" Crooned a soft voice.

None of them had been expecting it and so when it happened, none of them had been prepared when it happened. Namely, Scott having a horrifying relapse where Allison was concerned about two months after Kira had been admitted into a special facility in Japan for Kitsunes after destroying three blocks of the town thanks to a trio of meddling Doctors. And it was all thanks to some sort of special dust that had hit Scott and the first thing he saw after that was Allison. Whom, despite the amount of time that had occurred since returning to Beacon Hills, had been all too willing to go along with the whole horrible thing since she still greatly wanted her Scott. It had forced the Pack to keep Tracy on sedatives due to how apoleptic the entire thing had made her and everyone else was desperately trying to figure out how to reverse the dust's effects before Chris ended up going completely bald. "Oh, Scott!" Let out Allison happily as she and her Scott gazed deeply into the other's eyes in between kisses.

His hands caressing her hair as she held on to his hands, loving the feel and just not giving a darn whatsoever about the origins of this happening. HE'S MINE! HE'S FINALLY MINE AGAIN! GOD LOVES ME! SUCK IT, KIRA!

"Oh, Allison, your dark hair, its magical." Crooned the boy as he sang to her.

Something she was utterly in love with for that matter. "I love your singing, baby!"

She was never ever letting him be away from her again! The sound of a head hitting something hard was heard but ignored by the two besotted teenagers. "This is Hell, I know it!" Growled out Derek as Boyd and Aiden both tried to keep him from hitting his head again on the wall.

Meanwhile, Liam and Hayden were looking on with perplexed looks on their faces. "And you guys say we're bad? What the Hell do you call that!?" Asked Liam to the group as Hayden nodded in agreement.

"Liam…" Sighed Stiles heavily.

"We will never complain again." He promised.

For this… This was so much worse! I might want to look into that stock job again if this can't be figured out

"Let's go run in the woods!"

"Oh, Scott! How romantic!"

"I love you, Allison!"

"Love you more!"

Author's Notes: Well, that was fun! Bah ha ha ha haaa!