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All Asuma wanted was to get a few extra hours of sleep.

He had been on a mission in Moon Country playing bodyguard for the Fire Daimyo's favorite nephew. He was celebrating his 25th birthday and boy was he doing it in style. His travelling entourage was literally some 30 or so male friends, clusters of scantily clad women, some butlers and a lot of samurai. He was merely there to be the leader of the security detail.

It had been four long weeks of protecting the alcohol-fueled group from all forms of danger as they partied their way around the tourist-friendly island. And as beautiful as the place was he didn't get a chance to enjoy it or get a gift for his girlfriend.

Those kids had partied everywhere…everywhere.

Making matters even worse, Moon Country didn't import his preferred brand of cigarettes, which meant he had to settle for some weak flavored bullshit made for lightweight tourists.

He would have chosen border patrol duty over this crap any day.

Asuma would however have no complaints when the Hokage gave him some well-deserved vacation time along with his pay stub. His father had more than likely done his fair share of these special escort missions in his own time and was just being an understanding Hokage and father.

He was even so tired that he had decided against making a pit stop by his girl's place, she would understand of course. She was a Jonin herself and she knew how annoying and tiresome, rich, famous politically affiliated clients could be.

They would probably meet up for lunch and spend some time together before doing some light sparring and maybe if he was lucky, they would end up doing a different type of sparring.

But even those plans would be interrupted by the unexpected.

Asuma found his post-mission sleep cycle being disturbed by two of his father's most loyal Anbu; Rat and Parrot.

Asuma frowned as he turned his head away from them, maybe they would go away if he ignored them?

Those sneaky little buggers must have disarmed the traps behind his door. Didn't that count as breaking and entering? Couldn't he have them arrested? Well since they probably came in the name of the Hokage, he heavily doubted it.

They were still standing there…he turned to look at them and gave them the nastiest scowl he could muster on an empty stomach.

The Anbu that wore the Rat mask spoke up.

"Apologies for the disturbance Asuma-san but the Hokage would like to speak with you."

Asuma groaned.

"Tell him that I'll be there in an hour-"

Parrot cut in.

"Hokage-sama believes that this is an urgent matter and suggests that you should treat it the same way."

That had gotten Asuma's attention.

An urgent matter?

A sigh escaped his lips as he threw off his warm covers.

"I'll be ready in 3 minutes."

Asuma took another bite of his ration bar as he walked up the staircase to the Hokage's office, several of his questions remaining unanswered.

The Anbu who had so politely escorted him here had remained silent as they made their trek to the tower. There didn't seem to be any sense of panic or urgency among any of the office workers or Anbu stationed within and around the office perimeters. He didn't even see any council members preparing for any emergency meeting…

What kind of urgent matter was this?

He nodded to the secretary as he and entered his father's office and closed the large wooden door behind him.

"Ok old man, what was so important that you had to-"

To Asuma's surprise, the Hokage was not alone, seated in one of the chairs normally reserved for clients or important officials was his girlfriend, Kurenai Yuuhi, Konoha's resident Genjutsu master.

An awkward silence filled the room for a few seconds before the Hokage cleared his throat and spoke.

"You may have a seat, Asuma."

Asuma nodded dumbly as he took the seat adjacent to Kurenai's, both Jonin took the opportunity to spare a glance at each other. He noticed the pink hue that favored Kurenai's cheeks as she her eyes met his.

"Is there any special reason you've been interrogating my girlfriend, old man?"

The Hokage gave Asuma a fatherly smile as Kurenai glared at Asuma still having rosy cheeks.

"Me? Interrogate? I was merely catching up with Kurenai-chan while you were on your way here."

Asuma narrowed his eyes. By ''catching up'' he meant he was probably grilling her for information concerning their relationship like any annoying parent would do.

Asuma reached into his top pocket for a cigarette, he had feeling this was going to be a long day and nothing would help him through it better like a good smoke…that was until he felt the gaze of a certain brunette locked on to him.

Kurenai hated the smell of cigarette smoke; it was the main reason he had invested into those special chewing gums that that removed the scent.

He sighed as he dropped the nicotine stick back into his pocket.

The Hokage seemed to find the sight quite amusing.

"Now that the both of you are here we can discuss the matter at hand."

Both Jonin gave attention to their leader.

"As you both know, in the next three weeks the Academy will be having its annual graduation and a new batch of potential Genin will be tested. The both of you were chosen to be prospective teachers for the squads 8 and 10, given that they can pass the final test."

Asuma didn't have to look at Kurenai to know she was smiling; it was one of her dreams to be a Jonin sensei that would foster the growth of the next generation of great shinobi. He wasn't as fond of the idea of working with snot nosed brats as she was, but he still understood the importance of this task and would serve without question.

The Hokage continued.

"And even though I know you are both looking forward to taking up this task… However due to circumstances beyond my control I will have to ask Yuuhi-san to vacate the position of Team Eight's Jonin sensei."

Kurenai's eyes widened in shock, but before she could object Asuma was already talking.

"You can't be serious! She's one of the few persons that have ever shown interest in teaching a Genin team, you normally have to persuade or force the rest of us and you're asking her to step down? Why?!"

Despite the evident anger in his son's voice, the Hokage remained calm and even seemed relaxed. He had faced some of the most notorious persons to ever come upon the earth in both battle and debate. He could handle his own son.

"Please calm yourself Jonin, I wouldn't advise you to raise your voice at your Hokage again. My Anbu tend to have itchy fingers."

The fact that his father had kept his warm fatherly smile while threatening his own son was enough to calm Asuma down immediately.

"As I was saying before Yuuhi san will be replaced by someone of my choosing. The reason being that the results of her medical exam suggest that she would be unfit to serve as Team Eight's Jonin sensei for the long term."

Asuma frowned. All prospective sensei were expected to do a thorough medical checkup before they would be given the approval to lead Genin teams, he would be doing his exam this week after he had gotten enough rest.

But if Kurenai failed her medical…did she have some kind of serious illness?

As Asuma's face became rigid in thought it was Kurenai's turn to protest.

"I assure you Hokage-sama, this is certainly a mistake. I am in perfect health. I sincerely believe I should be examined again. "

The Hokage solemnly nodded as he took up a folder and casually threw it into Kurenai's hands.

"See for yourself, I've had them check the results thrice. There is barely any doubt. "

Asuma left his seat and stood behind Kurenai placing his hands on her shoulders. He didn't know what that report would say, but whatever it was he wanted stand by her just as he was doing now.

Kurenai gave him a small smile before slowly opening the manila folder.

Both Jonin read each section of the report with great scrutiny, every noun, verb, adjective, nothing escaped their attention.

Asuma's eyes soon narrowed, everything seemed alright to him…what exactly was he missing?

"Oh Kami…"

Asuma looked down at Kurenai.


Kurenai responded to her nickname by pointing at a small box in the corner of the report. Asuma had to lean in closer to make out the small scribbles made by the physician on duty.

"Patient #KY78 has tested positive for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)"

Asuma blinked.

"What the hell is human chorionic gonadotropin?"

Kurenai laced her fingers with Asuma's.

"It means that I'm…I'm…pregnant."

Asuma's jaw fell to the floor.

"Y-y-y-you're what?"

The Hokage smiled.

"Congratulations to the both of you! I will have the pleasure of seeing another grandchild and my son will experience the beauty of being a father. You two have made this old man's day much brighter. Konohamaru will be very happy to hear as well. "

Asuma looked up at his father.

He…he was going to be a father?

He looked back at Kurenai.

Then back at his father.

Then at the medical report.

Then at Kurenai.

Then at his father.

Then at Kurenai's midsection.

Then…he fainted.

A few hours later

Hiruzen Sarutobi stood silently on the highest balcony of the Hokage tower. He was always amazed at how beautiful the village looked when it was cloaked in the orange hue of the sunset.

But the true beauty of the village would be found in its citizens. The civilian populace was filled with hard workers, always seeking new innovative ways to conduct their business as they played their part in keeping Konoha on top.

He watched with pride as his loyal shinobi skipped from rooftop to rooftop, doing all in their power to serve, support and protect their village.

His village.

He smiled as he watched several children playing a game of Ninja tag in their backyard. The future seemed bright; he hoped he would do all in his power to ensure it.

He cleared his throat as he pulled his pipe out of his Hokage robes; he would be smoking much less considering that Kurenai hated cigarettes and was also with child. He'd have to buy new air fresheners for the office…

All of those plans would have to wait he had more important issues to resolve.

"You took your own sweet time getting here."

An individual wearing a bright red hoodie landed silently in a kneeling position before the Hokage.

"There was a ramen festival being kept in the Capital, I really couldn't leave without sampling Suna's newest line of extra spicy ramen. I hope you understand."

Hiruzen shook his head, what kind of shinobi picked ramen over a direct order from his Hokage….


"Didn't I send Jiraiya to find you?"

The still kneeling individual nodded.

"There's supposed to be some kind of 25 woman wet t-shirt contest later in the night to celebrate the end of the royal nephew's birthday celebrations…Jiraiya hopes you will understand. He promises to be here tomorrow."

Hiruzen face-palmed before speaking.

"You may rise. I swear you idiots are going to be the end of me."

The hooded individual stood to his feet brushing the dirt off his brown Jonin style pants.

"How can I be of assistance Hokage-sama?"

Hiruzen exhaled a long stream of smoke before speaking.

"Kurenai Yuuhi, a freshly promoted Jonin is 6 weeks pregnant."

"So you want me to kill her?"

Hiruzen whipped around to stare at the hooded individual, his heated glare burning holes into the blank porcelain mask that hid the individual's facial features from any prying eyes.

"Asuma is the father."

"So….you want me to kill him?"

Hiruzen's gaze grew even darker.

"She was supposed to be the prospective Jonin for this year's 'Team Eight' from the Academy."

"So….you want me to kill her team? Three fresh out of the academy targets? That's the type of thing I would expect from that bastard Danzo."

Hiruzen merely rolled his eyes.

"I don't want you to kill anybody."

The masked shinobi shrugged.

"Well I am an assassin. It's what I do. Well I'm also a pretty good dancer but I don't think that's what you pay me for-"

Hiruzen interrupted his guest's train of thought.

"I want you to take Kurenai's place as Team Eight's leader."

A very thick silence followed the Hokage's sentence; it ended when the hooded individual allowed a few dark chuckles to escape his lips.

"Me? Leading a team of 13 year olds that have no idea how harsh the shinobi world really is? Not a chance. I will respectfully refuse your offer Hokage-sama."

"It took me months to convince the Aburame and Inuzuka clans to trust a freshly promoted Jonin to guide their children and prospective clan heirs. If it is not a shinobi of your caliber they won't accept anyone else. Kakashi, Gai and Asuma already have teams."

"I could check through the Jonin registry to help you find a more suitable replacement."

Hiruzen sighed as he took another puff from his pipe.

"Hinata Hyuuga was almost this year's dead last. Kurenai had requested that she be placed on Team Eight, she had hoped to spark a difference in the girl's life. More importantly the Hyuuga Clan elders have decided that if she were to fail as a Genin they would brand her with the Caged Bird seal and choose her younger sister as her successor. She bears a very heavy burden…Kurenai will be there to help …but she also needs a sensei who understands how strong she will need to be…"

Another moment of silence followed.

"That kid never gets a lucky break, does she?"

Hiruzen frowned as he considered all that Hinata had already gone through.

"It would seem as if her life is a continuous uphill battle."

"I have some business to wrap up in Iwa…I'll be back in time to accept my new mission."

Hiruzen smiled.

"Very well…will you be keeping your alias?"

The mysterious individual bowed in respect as he prepared to leave.

"Of course. I think it would look more impressive on her record if it says she was personally taught by the Bloody Shadow don't you think?"

Hiruzen nodded, knowing that the mysterious figure in red was already gone.

Team Eight and more precisely Hyuuga Hinata would be getting another lifeline.

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