The Rose Order of Knights cut their way through the defenders when the gate fell to the battering ram. Pina's herself was incredibly ecstatic by the defenders amateurism, as they were incapable of bringing their spears up in order to dissuade a charge. So rather than have the route that she had anticipated, her Knights instead trampled the defenders beneath a sea of hooves and steel.

Pina held her hands high as her Knights fanned out by her sides, and the Italicans quickly routed from their position and began setting up at a second barricade located further inside the city limits. Despite the stakes put into the ground, they had been maneuvered just low enough that a properly trained warhorse could have no trouble jumping over. Unluckily for them, all of her Knights had properly trained warhorses under them.

"Cavalry!" Pina called, projecting her voice in the way that she was trained to command respect and authority. "Forward!" She would have yelled, yet, despite her order, her Knights failed to execute it fluidly as she had imagined. Instead, they began dropping like flies behind her. Surprised her horse reared up and panicked. "W-what?"

"There's someone cutting down our horses!" Norma yelled as he pulled his horse to the side, but this had placed him right beside the barricade, and an Italican Spearman jabbed his spear into Norma's chest plate, pushing him off the saddle of his horse and causing him to crash onto the ground. His horse reared up and jumped over the barricade in fright, and at the very least, as an animal, rather than a warhorse, it managed to break the left formation of defenders.

More and more of her Knights were being thrown off their horses as the bred and trained animals began dropping to the ground. Pina couldn't help but panic in this situation. Her Knight's greatest advantage was the elevation and dexterity provided to them while being horseback. On foot and surrounded by Italican archers, as well as encumbered by heavy armor, they'd be sitting ducks for the defenders. To that end, her Knights were also untested, and it'd be silly to put them up against an entrenched and prepared enemy threat.

However - It would be cowardly for her to order her Knights to retreat while in the face of the enemy. In her mind, a Knight would never be so disgraceful as to show their backs to the enemy. Despite the Legion behind them still trickling into formation, the Legate entrusted her the duty of at least weakening the gate defences. The barricade would count under the category of the gate defense, and wasting Legion manpower on them when the cavalry was supposed to have cleared it would be a waste.

Yet she also did not know why their horses were falling so randomly and without reason. Even if she were to order the remaining Knights on horseback to charge, how many of their horses would fall before they reached the barricade? How many of her Knights would be able to jump across and then get swarmed on the other side? "It's a woman killing our horses!" Someone yelled.

Pina's eyes widened. Then if that were the case. "All horses charge, all Knights support the cavalry!" Pina jumped off her horse, and slapped the butt of her warhorse with her scabbard. The animal neighed and fortunately for Pina, it ran towards the barricade, jumped across the stakes, and disrupted the Italican lines just enough for her charging Knights to slam into their lines with minimal losses.

When her feet touched the ground, she was also relieved to see the older veteran members of the Order charge forward to the barricade without pause. However, the Noble Women that the Rose Order of Knights were known for had stopped themselves beside Pina. "Princess!" Bozes said. "There is the woman that's been killing our horses!" She pointed a slender figure at strangely armored woman who was retreating to the left barricade wing. Her forces had charge down the center, which was the right choice now that Pina was able to see the current situation. Because of the defenders inexperience, the men on the side had moved to support the center formation, leaving the sides open for the Legion to flank them.

Because of this, the woman was caught out in the open, with only the space between her and the Knights keeping her safe from them. Pina couldn't allow someone who defaced her Knight Order so thoroughly to get away without reprimand. If she were to do that then her Knights would only lose face to the Nobles of the Empire, and their future as ceremonial guards would become cemented. "Do not let her escape!" She ordered.

Her Knights answered with a resounding cry and charge forward with their swords. The woman turned and twisted around to meet them. Her hands reached down to her waist and pulled out a crossbow type object from a holster. Pina felt the color drain from her face. "Cheater!" She cursed. How unfair, to pull out a crossbow in the middle of the battlefield! Even though they were Knights, it didn't change the fact that they were Noble daughters, and while Pina was a Princess, it was only natural for her to prioritize the safety of the Nobles bloodlines rather than place them in unnecessary danger. Still, the nerve of this shameless woman.

Even though Pina thought this, she knew that on the battlefield any measure was preferable to death, and at the end of the day, if you remove the evidence, who was to say you did anything dishonorable at all?

Just as she was to order them to drop to the ground, the woman was caught off balance from a spear thrown by a Legionnaire that marched through the gate. Her off balance led her to miss her shot, and the next thing Pina heard was a horrible wrenching of metal and guts as the Knight beside her was thrown backwards. "G-GYaaAAaAaAh!" She cried out as she pressed her arm around her stomach, were a hole the size of a fist was currently located and where blood was leaking out and drenching the ground beneath her wet with red.

"Tania!" Someone yelled and another Knights dropped to her knees to help her fallen comrade.

"Tch! Protect the Princess!" Bozes commanded and Pina was forcefully pulled back into a circle of her Knights protecting her with their bodies. She bit her lip, completely appalled by the idea of used her Knights as meat shields, but knowing that it was the acceptable course of action. The Knights lined up ahead of Pina and the Legionnaires, now fully formed on the other side of the gate, began to advance towards the barricade.

The woman who had killed their horses, and had effectively taken her cavalry off the field of battle, quickly turned and fled the area. Pina watched her go for a moment, before turning to look up at a Centurion who stopped beside them. "Princess, your assistance in the breach is much appreciated, however, the Legate has ordered for you to recall your forces while the Legion marches through."

Pina sighed and turned around to see that her Knights were now completely without their horses, For the amateur Italicans, rather than aiming for the Knights atop their steeds, they instead chose to mercilessly attack the unprotected horse. If this continued her Knights would have to fight a foot battle, and that would be far too dangerous.

"Legion form up!" The Centurion commanded and they formed up into a shield wall. Pina noticed it and yelled at the top of her lungs for her Knights to retreat once the Legion reaches them. Her Knights roared their agreement, and hearing that, the morale of the Italican defenders began to break as they started retreating for the Citadel. Pina was left to watch as her Knights cheered in victory, and frown in utter dismay at the sight of several dead Knights on the ground, bleeding from stab wounds. She turned around and saw one of the Noble girls standing silently over the cooling corpse of Tania as the Legionnaires began their march for the Citadel.

Pina felt her face go rigid seeing the casualties of her Knights as they fled to the safety of the shield wall. She looked at Norma, who had joined the Order simply to be a Knight-aide and hadn't been a member of her eight year long Knight School. He was covered in sweat and blood, and his arm was hanging limp by his side. It showed that he had been fighting with the frontline throughout the battle, but in his eyes there was a deep weariness and a will to return home.

Pina wasn't so detached from reality that she thoughts her Knights would be able to win the fight without casualties. In contrast, she had expected to take casualties, expected some complication that might lead to her Knight Order being turned into nothing more than a remnant of what it once was. Seeing her Knights standing over the body of Tania, silent and respectful as befitting a Knight, a heavy weight rested on Pina's shoulders. But that weight was light, because there was a fire in her heart. Despite their losses, despite the death, this was Pina's first time in the cold harsh reality of war. It was an exhilarating experience. Her sword crossed with three others in battle, and though short, it was everything she expected it to be. Even the unknown magics applied by that armored mage girl added to that experience.

Despite the losses, she gained something that day. Even if war was cruel and cold, even if there was a chance that one day Pina would be captured and turned into toy, or that she would suffer having boiling water thrown on her, she would have it done on her own terms. As a Knight. This was a truth she was looking for all along. From the very first time the seed had been planted in her head. She could no longer be just Princess Pina. She was also now Commander Pina Co Lada of the Rose Order of Knights, tested and true in their very first battle.

But staying here would not be the best for them. Her Knights were tired and battle-weary, and so she called them back and they moved away from Italica, their place in the battle now then. Knights like them whose only advantage was the horse did not belong in urban quarters and as such they were to return to Legate Verminus. Perhaps if she had brought along her infantry, where all of them were trained and experienced professionals, and thus the core of the Rose Order of the Knight's military potential, they'd have been able to push along with the Legion but with the Knights on their own, it would be too optimistic.

"We are falling back!" She ordered. Immediately, the NCO and veteran soldiers that were among the cavalry unit immediately began calling the men back, and it was a point of pride for her to see her Knights quietly and efficiently gather Tania's corpse and line up in perfect military cohesion. Despite what the nobles would warrant to think of her unit, they weren't just a bunch of girls playing dress up. For eight years they trained, since they were kids, and for eight years they sharpened themselves with their drills. If they lacked in skill and experience, they made up for it in their education and steadfast dedication to their training. "Centurion I relinquish command to you."

"I accept your command," the Centurion replied and he looked at Pina for a moment. In that moment she saw a soldier who was looking in quiet respect and sympathy to a fellow commander on the battlefield. "Alright! Rotate the troops every hundred counts! The freshest troops take the front!" Pina felt joy when she heard that, and see the Legionnaires masterfully execution of the attack.

Unlike the barbarian tribes, the Imperial Army should their discipline by not letting a single soldier fight on their own. They fight as a unit, and the Centurions and field officers would maintain the flow of combat, rotating the freshest troops from the front and move them to the back. This was how soldiers were supposed to behave. This was how the Empire was able to nearly own the entirety of the world.

Pina gathered her Knights and left Italica's walls, and she heard the resounding cry of the Centurions on the walls shouting about how the Legionnaires were already drawing near to the citadel as the Italican defenders retreated. She felt pride well up in her as she accepted the horse Verminus' Tribune offered her and took her place on it skillfully. Bozes and Panache did the same with other Imperial officers giving up their horses to the noblewomen. Just as the sun was reaching midway in the sky, and she felt that Italica was soon to belong to the Empire, she heard two things.

One was the sound of the air being displaced by large sharp blades in the air, and the second was loud explosions within Italica proper itself, followed closeby the screams from the Imperial Lines. Then she looked to the sky and realised a concept that would have once been completely unknown to her.

Aerial superiority.

0o0o A Tomorrow For Us o0o0

"What do you mean we're peeling off half the attack force?" Jace asked as he gripped tightly on the pilot's chair. The Raven was soon to be reaching the city of Italica and Yash was already gearing the men to rappel down to the battlezone.

"I don't know! All I know is that half the force is getting peeling off to Elbe for whatever reason," the pilot replied as he glanced back at Jace. "Doesn't matter! You got your own worries to think about! I can't use any missiles to prepare a landing zone for you boys, we don't have the clearance for small scale engagements like this! So clear out a path on your own with the turret."

Jace frowned, he already knew that but now that the pilot brought up he knew that their conversation was practically over. "Yash!" Jace yelled.

"Got it!" He said and took up the turret. Jace brought himself around and grabbed the other turret left remaining. He could see a large concentration of Imperial Army soldiers inside Italica proper, and since landing outside Italica would only aggravate them into moving deeper into the city and thus harming their allies, Jace gave the order to fire into the streets. "Do not fire on the buildings!" Jace ordered.

"I'll try!" Yash replied. Then a steady thrum of noise was heard as 8.87mm rounds were fired into the mass throng of soldiers concentrated on the streets. Since they were so densely packed with each other, and that they were on wide open streets, it was like shooting at practically nothing. They barely had to aim as their bullets created a literal sea of blood in the streets. Even Jace was disturbed at how the army of men wearing bronze armor suddenly turned crimson.

The Imperials started to route in fear, but Jace could see Centurions moving to gather the army back again. The two other King Ravens with them began circling around the main army and dropping squads of soldiers onto the rooftops. Seeing this Jace gave the order Recon-Two to rappel onto the streets. They whole point of the attack was to drive the enemy out, but because of the hurried actions that took place, only the Recon teams were deployed. The Gears Rapid Response teams were still dealing with stragglers from the Allied Armies marching around Alnus Hill preying on Alnus Hill merchants.

But another part of Jace wondered how such a large army of Imperials were able to move without gaining the attention of the native people or Italicans. Even aerial surveillance from New Anvil Gate would have seen them. Most of the reason stemmed from the Imperials scorched earth plan that was enacted when the Gears reached the other side of the gate. Because of this, the villages and towns that stood in the way of the Imperial Capital and Alnus Hill were gone, and the people had long since vacated. Because of this, the army was able to move without anyone noticing them in their own territory, as even their own people have no fled out of their way.

"Down! Down! Down!" Jace ordered and Recon-Two rappelled down with military proficiency. Going down must have took close to thirty seconds, because when Jace's boots finally hit the ground, the Imperials Army had managed to reform with the lack of fire and place their shields up to meet him. Since now they could clearly see the enemy and knew what their objective was, despite their enemy carrying overwhelming firepower, the men were now able to strive for a goal. It went without saying, but when a human being who was backed into a corner was attacked by a vulture, he would naturally try to find a way to escape even though he was backed into a corner, but if a human being was being attacked by a lion, then because they were backed to a corner, they would fight with all they had.

"Open fire!" Leana yelled as an arrow flew past her ear. Despite the fact that Jace hadn't given the order, he and the rest of the team pointed their weapons forward and let loose a volley of bullets in the mess of tangled limbs and flesh.

0o0o A Tomorrow For Us o0o0

Centurion Brentus felt his palms get sweaty as he saw the first line of men fall to the enemies magic. But despite this he gritted his teeth and called for his men to adapt. "Charge forward!" Due to the experience he had fighting these very same magic abilities on the walls, Brentus knew the only way for his men to be able to survive this encounter is if they dropped their formation and simply charged their enemy with everything they had. The densely packed area didn't allow them to use the dodging techniques the soldiers on the walls had used and, thus, this was the only answer.

The Legionnaires did as ordered and began bounding forward, unforgivingly crushing the wounded soldiers beneath their feet to attack the enemy. Usually their slow advance would be handled systematically, as fresh troops rotated to the front, tired soldiers would retreat, dragging injured and wounded with them. But because everyone was charging at once, there could be no helping these wounded soldiers. The crux of their plan was being able to negate the enemy's magic capability with the sheer meat wall heading towards them. This was only natural. This was the only method for the Empire to fight against this enemy.

Then fire began dropping on them from the sky. "They're on the roofs!" Someone yelled. "They're on the roofs!" Brentus stopped and glared up at the buildings to see several of the large golem people point their weapons down and fire on them from the rooftops. Knowing that his men would break under such pressure, he rescinded his previous order and made a new one. "Take cover in the buildings!" Because their enemies could break through their shields without problem, the best thing that they could do was run in the buildings and hope the enemy gave choice and used the extreme close quarters to their advantage.

Brentus shoulder tackled a door to his side and he was opened up to what appeared to be a tavern's main dining room. A wide open space perfect for him and his men. He jumped in and ten other soldiers moved in with him. Brentus could hear other soldiers breaking down doors and running to the safety of Italica's interior but the sound of the enemy magics was still rattling down street. The screams of death and destruction was like a foreboding call of the reaper.

"Get into cover!" He ordered and hopped over a cocobolo desk that separated the dining room with the kitchen. He landed and eased himself beneath it, waiting for when the enemy would push their way in. One of the men was hiding next to the door and the others had overturned the tables and took cover behind them.

Brentus readjusted his grip on his sword but regretted the action as now his grip felt awkward and wrong. It was just his nerves and fear, but suddenly everything started feeling wrong. The feeling of his armor against his skin felt like they had been knotted up and twisted, while the soles of his boots suddenly felt hard and sandy. Brentus hands was shaking and he gripped his wrist tight.

"Ah," he muttered. "I want to see my wife." Suddenly he remembered. The floor of his wife was very scratchy and hard because the wood wasn't that great in quality. His homespun clothes were always bunching up his sides and his wife would always hold his hand when they sat together for dinner.

The relationship Brentus had with his wife was strange. When he decided to marry his wife she had told him, 'I don't love you, I'm only doing this to secure my future,' and Brentus didn't mind. There were a lot of virtues that came with marriage so he accepted it just fine, but at the time he was deluding himself. Then after a year he and his wife started getting used to their roles and then they had became friends. It was only two years after their marriage did they consummate their relationship and it was a half year later that they came to love each other.

Brentus had once said to her, "What an extraordinary love story we have," and she told him that he was only kidding himself. But he believed it wholeheartedly and he really had come to love her dearly. That was why his vision became blurred with tears. Was this how his story supposed to end? Was this how that one extraordinary moment in his life supposed to conclude? Despite all the feelings inside of him Brentus only wanted to come back home, meet his wife, and tell her very truthfully that he hadn't accepted the marriage because he wanted the money or the security of her family, or did he want her father's retirement in the army to help boost his chances if he enlisted. He accepted the marriage because he truthfully thought her beautiful and the reason why he hadn't touched her for a year was because he didn't want her to see him as a means to an end. He wanted her to love him back as well. He wanted to ask for forgiveness. There were so many things he wanted to do when he got back to her.

I won't die here," he muttered. Then he heard metal boots hit the wooden floor and one of his soldiers scream out. There was a loud clang of metal against metal and the whole tavern dining hall suddenly exploded into noise. Brentus gritted his teeth and pulled himself to his feet, hopping over the desk and rushing towards the first enemy he saw. It was a woman, she didn't seem that different from his wife, except for her tanned skin and short hair, but Brentus didn't care about that. She was busy fending off an attack with her stave so her back was wide open for Brentus.

He knew that his weapon would not pierce her armored chest so he swung low for her waist. It striked perfectly but the black suit beneath it managed to cut the momentum in his swing and his blade only managed to go in as far as his fingers width went. The girl scream out and Brentus swung his free hands fist into the back of her head. She fell unconscious from the attack. His man tried to stab her but Brentus grabbed him around the neck and pushed him to floor as another enemy came around and was about to slice his man up using the blade attack to his gun.

Brentus brought his sword up to block to strike but a loud whirring sound was heard and sensing danger, Brentus immediately let go of his sword just as his blade snapped to two. He unconsciously gulped at the sight of blade snapping into two then lunged forward and gripped the stave by its top. There was a strange cross in a circle atop it and Brentus grabbed it for leverage and tugged in. The stave fell out of the man's hands and Brentus punched him square in the face. Despite how he knew it was cowardly he also punched the man's throat, where his adam's apple should be. The man stumbled backwards, grabbing his neck as he choked.

Brentus turned around and realised four his men were dead or dying already and that another enemy was racing to meet him, this one carrying a short sword. The man swung the blade but it couldn't break his armor. In reaction Brentus wrapped his arms around the enemies outstretched hand and dropped to the ground, dragging the enemy with him. As the enemy stumbled Brentus rolled away and took off to the second level, dragging one of the few surviving soldiers under his command with him.

The raced up the stairs and Brentus stopped just in front of a grand oak dresser with a mirror above it and a potted plant resting on the table, showing off the wealth and security of the person who owned the tavern, and pushed it down the stairs. It tumbled down and managed to slow down the enemy.

Then Brentus turned to the last surviving members of his unit, a young man named Firentis, and glanced down the end of the corridor. There was a window there, it was just a simple window that provided a simple view of the market street below. But to Brentus, it showed salvation. "Jump!" He ordered.

The man nodded tersely and took off running down the corridor towards the window and so did Brentus right behind him. It must have been a short distance, about ten strides and they would have reached it, but to the two of them it felt the longest run they've ever had in their life. It felt the weight of the whole world was pushing down on them trying to stop them in their tracks.

Brentus ran, the light from the outside burning so bright in his vision they caused spots to appear in his eyes. Firentis his it first, his legs lifting him off the ground and allowing him jump straight through the window and Brentus was right behind him, but just before he fully cleared the wall a loud bang was heard and a sharp, almost unbearable, sting pierced his side. He was suddenly spun in place and his eyes were suddenly focusing on the sky. It was a majestically blue sky, with hues of white licking around the area, as though a sort of cream topping on some nobleman's dish. Brentus looked at it and thought, 'My wife is just as beautiful as this,' and in his mind he knew that this was just the last selfish thought of a faithful man. To condemn whatever powers that be and to show them just how cruel they were. Then he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head as he crashed against the hard Italica soil. He coughed out blood, and he worried if he might have a concussion.

Firentis came around and look down at Brentus. "Leave me," he ordered. "Save yourself and leave me." This was the least he could do the young man who deserved to live more than Brentus.

"I'm not living you here, sir," Firentis said as his eyes spoke of a boy who suddenly lost everything, meaning, purpose, and friends, and was trying to keep one last flame alive. "I'm getting you out of here." He reached down and grabbed Brentus around the collar, dragging him with him towards the alleyway that was just in his sight. Brentus felt pain flare up from back but didn't dare stop the boys wholehearted attempt.

He looked up at the window and saw a black tribal man, wearing the armor of the enemy look down on him. Brentus feared that they would be killed. That they were going to be mercilessly ripped to shreds by the enemies weapons which turned their devotion, their honor into something so cheap. 'Please,' he thought pitifully, 'let me go, run and tell my wife the things I wanted to tell her!; But as he thought these things the man in the window disappeared and Brentus was left to stare numbly in fear at where the man was standing.

"Sir, we'll get out of this, I promise," Firentis said and Brentus believed him. With the direction they were going Firentis and him would be exiting from the South gate which would lead them towards the Coan Forest.

Brentus frowned and immediately swallowed to will his resolve. "Pull me up my feet," he said, "I'm not planning on getting dragged around by you." Firentis paused and reached down to drape Brentus' hand over his shoulder then started moving towards the exit again, this time side by side as soldiers who narrowly avoided an enemy larger than them.

o0o0 A Tomorrow For Us o0o0

"We've got fierce fighting on the streets but for the most part the enemy is in full retreat," Yash said as his Gears mopped up the last of the enemy. Sergeant Blaine, who had rode down in his armadillo when the reinforcements arrived was standing next to Yash coordinating his Gears with the reinforcements.

"Lucky you guys came down," Blaine said, "I thought about making a suicide charge down the street with the armadillo, clog up the streets and run over a few Imperials, but it would have stalled and we would have been setting ducks."

Jace nodded his head and turned to look at the Gears on the walls. "If the enemy is retreating let them be. Our mission was the defend Italica from invasion, our orders didn't go any further than that, so don't chase after retreating infantrymen." Since all of them were Sergeants on their squads, Jace was ranking officer over all of them, as he was the most senior.

"Tell that to the priestess chick," someone said and Jace looked up to see Rory slaughtering her way through dozens of Imperials soldiers at a time. Her kill count was already close to seventy by Jace's estimates. "Holy shit dude, she is one scary ass bitch. If she looked ten years older, I'd so try my hand with her!"

"Don't stick your dick in crazy dude," somebody else said.

"Knock it off. She's not officially a member of the Gears so it doesn't matter what she does. Regardless, I don't think she'll start chasing after anyone if they leave Italica's walls," Jace said, or at least he hoped that was the case. "Everybody, we're mopping up toward the Citadel."

"I've got a girl out on the streets dealing with the stragglers, she's been cutting off Imperials moving in the alleyways since they entered. She's told me that most of the enemy had been moving to encircle the citadel before you arrived so they're probably spread out around Italica," Blaine told him.

"Somebody get a call out on those choppers and tell them to circle around and suppress any enemies they find. Everyone on the roofs rappel down. We are on the move people!" Jace ordered.

0o0o A Tomorrow For Us o0o0

The retaking of Italica was quick and bloody. Pina, who had not witnessed what the Imperials soldiers had, was shocked to see the Imperials run away from the Italican gates as though they were being chased by death itself. Then she saw it, she saw it as Rory the Reaper herself killed a dozen men with a single swing of her Halberd. She felt herself become faint, she felt herself become incapable of comprehending what was going on.

But because she already knew existences like Rory lived in this world, she understood it very quickly. Rory had allied herself with the foreign invaders, perhaps this had been ever since they passed through the Gate. Creatures like the apostles and their gods were existences that nobody in Falmart could understand. Who could understand the machinations of them and their apostles. So in sight of this Pina gained many revelations that her mind, as smart and intelligent as it was, was able to deduce. Rory had allied with the foreigners and fought with them against the Allied Army, and while the enemy still had their strange magic and were seemingly capable of standing off against a Flame Dragon, no doubt Rory did most of the work and Rory was the one that demoralised the Allied Army and allowed the foreign army to slaughter the enemy.

Of course this was the mindset of someone who was misinformed, or lacking crucial data. If she was dealing with a country who had came from a foreign continent, then her assumptions would mostly be correct, and she was right not to completely disregard the enemies battle potential. But she was sorely mistaken if she believed that the Gears were benefitting militarily from Rory. If anything Rory was benefitting being with them. Thus that was simply a misjudgement on her part.

Now that she was locked into this frame of mind, her biggest fear was now not the Gears, but Rory herself. She must now ascertain why Rory had allied herself with them, but she knew that that was a useless endeavor and disregarded it. Now she must think about how their enemies were to deal with this strange new enemy. Most of the Noble of the Empire paid tribute to the god Costra, as evident by Pina's middle name being Co. Despite this, most soldiers worshipped Emroy, and this may clashed and directly demoralise the Imperial Army if they were to fight against Rory. Countermeasures had to be put in place against the enemies magic too, just as she had witnessed, that had led to the death of a noble woman.

Pina believed that the Empire would be fighting one of the hardest fights it would have yet, but it was vast, thus, she believed it would persevere. If she had seen the destruction that they wrought in the streets of Italica perhaps she would realise better, if Rory had not slaughtered most of the witnesses of the attack, maybe she would have been notified, but she was not, and that made the world of difference.

New map information has been updated on the wiki and a whole world map was revealed, which is kinda shitty because now my Dwarven Kingdom and other countries I planed to create with another continent is at risk. But since this is fanfic, I can retcon it. People have told me that Jacinto would probably not be a place to rebuild, and that is my fault from lack of gathering information, but since its already set in stone, just imagine jacinto still standing. Also from the map details apparently the Empire really is huge, like massively huge. Not even the roman empire was that huge. i'm glad I didn't touch on how big the Empire was in the fic proper, if not that would be a bitch to deal with. Anyways, if you've guys seen the full map, I'm basically retconning everything that isn't the main continent and will be adding my own additions on extra continents and empires. All this information wasn't on the wiki last I check when I started writing this, and honestly the Gate wiki is barebones that it isn't worth it, so it can't be helped.

I've began reading the LN for Gate and I firmly believe that the manga and anime have generalized and exaggerated the story greatly. I mean the story still isn't groundbreaking and amazingly well written, but there were things in the LN that looked to be purposefully cut off in the manga and the anime, and there were things that seemed to be greatly exaggerated. Granted I only reached to the point of the shootout at the inn, but so far I think the LN was a lot more agreeable to me.

Honestly, Lelei and Rory are a lot more mature and developed in the LN, granted its still not by much, but at least from the start I know what her character was and there wasn't any discrepancy in that where I could steer her wrong in the fic. In this fic I had been writing Lelei as an afterthought as I was still dealing with her character and where she was going, but from the LN a lot of things have been made easier for me. A lot of fics had portrayed Lelei as this silent little girl who is overtly curious but still cute, who would accept a guy rubbing her head with close eyes and a content expression. In the LN Lelei from the first line was revealed to be very cold and logical. She didn't understand why humans were so contradictory in their actions in wanting to run away from the Flame Dragon so frantically but weighing themselves down by luggage. While that undergoes some discrepancy in the later chapters, as to facilitate the creation of the harem, she is still the same cold person, albeit, with a more sociable side as to be expected from someone who is an apprentice to a famous sorcerer.

Rory is more like the Rory in my fic, in fact she made a speech during the National Diet that honestly fits in with one of the speeches I made her say in the fic and which she never made in the anime and manga. Albeit she does say things expected of someone who's lived 900 years in the manga, she never made speeches like that.

Honestly even Itami isn't that bad of a character in the LN. His otakuness in the LN isn't driven to the ground and over the top like the anime, or dealt with in a way that makes it in your face and very dishonest. While he is still an otaku, and he is expressed in a lazy and care-free attitude, it's not so blatant in the LN and he doesn't have as many cheezy or greasy dialogue. Honestly he's more of a generic go with the flow MC so common in harem action animes, except he has the extra cruz of being lazy and not caring about anything beyond resting and enjoying himself.

Even the nationalism is downplayed in the LN. When Kuribayashi was exaggerating the Rangers abilities, unlike the manga and anime, the LN made sure to announce that she was greatly exaggerating. In the LN, they really do mention how the JSDF is mostly outclassed by other armies, and their only advantage is their technology. The LN also feels like it has a disdain to Japanese people in general and their behaviours. It's really hard on their government, and though yes there is that inkling of overplaying the JSDF it isn't so overthetop. Of course this all before the arc where they go kill the Flame Dragon so I could be vastly wrong. But from these first few chapters alone I can't help but the feel the manga and anime generalized things a little too much and stereotyped them too much. While yes the characters are stereotypes, the original introduction at least gives off the impression that there is something more to them. Instead Itami gets turned into a crude representation of an Otaku and the harem girls get nice quiet personalities just distinct enough to keep people from merging all three of them together.