A.N.~ This little idea just sort of popped into my head after seeing a commercial for a totally unrelated movie. O.o I know it sounds strange. Anyway this is my first attempt at a sort of Agnst. and drama sort of story. And did I forget to mention it's rated PG-13!?!? Wow! I think I might need to raise the rating later but for now it's fine. Now enjoy! (This story is based in ancient Egypt when Yami is pharaoh.)

WARNING: This story contains violence and torture!! If you don't like stuff like that don't read it!!!

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The shadow of a human ran down the alley. It was breathing hard and running really fast. He must not be caught. It was all that ran through his head besides . . Grandpa. The guards were coming and his Grandpa was in the middle of it all. His Grandpa had told him to run for it. Why? Why would he tell him to run? Something was going on . . something bad.

The boy stopped halfway down the alley and peered in a window. Inside was his grandpa with spiky gray hair, purple eyes and wearing a blue robe that was ripped in a few places. The boy blinked. The guards were there! He could barely make out what they were saying.

"Where's the boy Sugoroku?" one guard asked obviously the captain. "He went to the store. I don't know where he is! He should be back by now." Sugoroku lied hoping Yugi wouldn't rush in. "You'll have to look elsewhere."

"We know you're lying, now hand him over." The captain said reaching his hand out towards the old man. "Before we do something out of our control."

"I-I don't know what you're doing here! I told you he's not here!!" Sugoroku yelled. He knew this was getting nowhere and he was going to die. He just hoped his grandson wouldn't be sent there. No one deserved that place.

"Old man I have little patience for you commoners. Bring the boy to us! Now!" he yelled getting frustrated.

"NO!" Sugoroku yelled knowing this was the end.

"He killed someone you fool!" No reply. "Fine have it your way." The captain said nodding to a guard beside him. "Kill the fool."

Yugi froze in horror. "Jii-chan." He whispered. He looked up through the window again and gasped. The guard was advancing on his grandpa with his sword posed and ready. Yugi ran back down the alley towards the front door. He had to save his grandpa. 'Yugi don't! You'll be caught!!' a voice screamed in his head but he didn't care.

Yugi grabbed the doorknob and flung the door open. He was too late. Yugi squeezed his eyes shut trying to block out the picture of his grandpa. But it seemed that his eyes, even though they were closed, wanted him to see. The picture swam before his closed eyes and he whimpered. A guard laughed.

"I knew he'd come if we killed his grandpa." He said smirking.

Yugi sank to his knees beside his grandpa. Blood was already spreading making a pool of crimson liquid staining his tattered robes.

He barely had time to mourn before two guards grabbed his arms and lifted him up. Tying his hands behind his back they shoved him outside.


"Your majesty." The high priest knelt in front of the throne his ice blue eyes locked on the pharaoh.

"Seto how many times do I have to tell you!? You're my friend now, you don't have to call me your majesty. It's embarrassing." Yami said blushing slightly. He didn't have too many friends, being pharaoh and all. But he treasured the few he had. One by telling them they didn't need to be so formal. "What's the problem?"

"Well it seems that there is a prison where they send people from the town. Except all the people who go there are accused wrongly. They are innocent. Yet they torture and question them as if they weren't. Honda and Anzu think that they're following someone's orders." Seto replied standing up. He was really used to being the pharaoh's friend seeing as the young pharaoh just picked him as the high priest. He had been 12 then.

"Well we'll leave it for now. It doesn't sound too important." Yami said standing up. "Let's go find Anzu and Honda. I want to go to the city."


One year. One year since Yugi was brought to this hell hole. They accused and hurt him, telling him he was a murderer. But he was innocent. Not guilty. One year. At least now he had a friend. Jounochi had come just yesterday. Accused of murdering a young child. He seemed too silly to do anything of that sort. Jounochi is 11.

Yugi was now 9. He didn't have many friends in this prison because of it. He was the youngest. They were surprised when an 8 year old was brought here accused of murder. How could an 8 year old be smart enough to do something like that? Well little did they expect, Yugi was more than capable of murder. But he was pure. He was light. He wouldn't do such a thing. It was at this point a bell rang, signaling lunch.

A long line of people in dirty brown robes and sandals, some with no sandals at all, were carrying trays of food trying to find a spot before they all were taken. No one smiled. Not much anyway. If you smiled, then the guards thought you were happy and they didn't want that. Yugi quickly got his food and joined Jounochi at a small table in the corner.

"Hey Yug'! So tell me more! What did some of the other people around here do? I mean it musta been bad if dey are here. I don' like it here." He said smiling at Yugi.

Yugi sighed. "Don't you get it Jou? Nobody here has done anything. We're all innocent."

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