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Yugi stretched and yawned, though no sound was heard. Rubbing his eyes, he rolled out of bed (literally), and fell onto the floor. 'Itai(ouch)...' He thought, rubbing his head. He had been up late in the night trying to finish the golden puzzle.

"Mornin' Yug'!" Jonouchi said striding into his bedroom.

Yugi's eyes widened at what Jonouchi was wearing. He was wearing the full guard apparel! His newly acquired sword strapped to his side. Yugi smiled and clapped his hands, the only way he could think of to congratulate his friend on his achievement.

Jonouchi smiled at Yugi's small sign of praise. "Thanks Yug'." He said. "Anyway, it's time for lunch, buddy! You slept all morning!" He laughed and handed Yugi a pair of clothes.

Yugi blinked then took the clothes and smiled. Jonouchi nodded and left the room so Yugi could get dressed in private.


"Should we tell him?" Yami asked Kaiba, his face was set in a worried look.

"I really don't care if we tell him or not." Kaiba answered. Him and the Pharaoh were in Yami's private chambers. Yami was sitting on his huge four poster bed which was covered in gold and red silk. Kaiba was sitting in a chair next to the bed.

"If we tell him we might be able to teach him some magic." Yami said.

"He could be very useful in the fight against other countries. They want our powerful monsters. Yugi should be able to summon monsters with the kind of power he has." Kaiba muttered staring outside at the blue sky. A bird soared past the window, a mouse in it's beak.

"I suppose. But will he be able to summon if he can't speak?" Yami asked, more to himself then the tall brunette beside him.

"One of our best healers is coming today. He can look at the boy and maybe he will be able to help." Kaiba said, glancing at Yami. Yami smiled.

"Okay we'll see what happens later then. We'll keep it to ourselves until we can see if the healer can fix Yugi." He said, standing up. "Now let's go get some lunch."

"As you wish."


"There's a healer coming today? So he might be able to help Yugi! That's great!" Honda smiled, looking at Yugi. The boy seemed happy with the idea, though he did seem a bit nervous about someone he didn't know giving him a check-up.

"So he might make Yugi able to talk again? Dat's good news eh, Yug'?" Jonouchi smiled, plopping himself next to Yugi on the floor. They had just finished lunch when Yami broke the news to the group. Everyone was exited.

Well almost everyone, Anzu Mazaki glared and hid a scowl. These people were making it so much harder! Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, she said, "I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Why not?" Honda asked, frowning slightly. Anzu was always such a drag!

"Because what if the healer hurts him? Or makes a mistake?" Anzu insisted, staring unblinkingly at poor Yugi.

Yugi shifted uncomfortably. He was a bit afraid. He'd never been to see a healer and he wasn't sure what it would be like. He was scared it would hurt.

"Of course the healer isn't going to make a mistake!" Yami yelled, standing up. "What's been going on with you lately, Anzu?" he asked.

"Nothing's wrong with me! Why do you keep asking me that!?" Anzu screamed, also standing up.

"Because you're being such a bi-"

"Your Majesty?" A servant stood quietly at the doorway, his head bowed.

"What!?" Yami snapped, his temper getting the better of him.

"T-the healer is h-here, Your Majesty." The servant stuttered he was visibly shaking.

"Oh." Yami blushed in embarrassment. "Let him in."

The servant bowed and made a hasty retreat.


Ryou Bakura walked up the steps of the marble palace of the Pharaoh. He was a world famous healer. But he'd never worked for the Pharaoh before. He was being paid good money for it if he could do whatever it was the Pharaoh wanted. He hoped he could. He was fairly confident in his abilities and he was sure he'd be able to help the Pharaoh. He liked to help people, it was one of the reasons he became a healer in the first place. One of the servants came and got him, leading him to the Pharaoh's throne room. He was slightly surprised to find a lot of people in the room. There were what seemed to be three bodyguards. A small boy was sitting in the corner who might be a servant but he was too nicely dressed for that. A tall brunette was standing next to who Ryou assumed was the Pharaoh. "Ummm..." he bowed awkwardly to Yami and then said "Hi."

"Hello!" Yami said striding over to Ryou. "You're the healer right?" he asked.

"H-hai(yes)." Ryou said quietly.

"Well I called you here because my ... ... ... friend?" Yami asked, pausing slightly on what to call Yugi.

Yugi stiffened at being called the Pharaoh's friend. He'd only ever had one real friend and that was Jonouchi.

"I'll do my best" Ryou answered truthfully. "Who is it you want me to heal?" he asked looking around at all the people. His eyes stayed slightly on Anzu. He didn't know why, but for some reason he didn't like this girl. There was something about her... ... ...

"Little Yugi over here." Honda answered for Yami. He lead Ryou over to Yugi who stood up shaking slightly.

"Don't worry." Ryou smiled cheering Yugi up slightly. "Could you tell me what's wrong with you?"

Yugi stared at Ryou.

"Uhhh...he can't talk." Yami said apologetically. "That's the problem. These.... ... ... people injected some fluid into him and he can't talk."

"Oh I see. This should be easy." Ryou bent down so he was the same height as Yugi. He smiled encouragingly. "Don't worry. This won't hurt too much."

Yugi looked at Yami worriedly and Yami moved over and grabbed Yugi's hand. "Don't worry I'll be right here." He said, smiling at Yugi. Yugi smiled happily and waited for the healing to begin.


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