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Authors Note #1: This is my first work in this fandom, so I am really just testing the waters. – This is the sequel to: "Ineffable," (Part two of my Kabby: Alpha/Omega series) basically telling the story of what happened next and this time told in Abby's point of view. Set in the realm of 1x11 when the camera pans out after Kane found Abby after going through the shaft to see if there was anyone left in the Service Bay after the Exodus ripped away from the Ark. – This part of the series goes off into AU territory where there was more time between the end of 1x11 and the start of 1x12 and the events of this fic take place between the race to save Abby's young patient and the re-running simulations to save the Ark and get to Earth.

Warnings: Please keep in mind this story deals with the alpha/beta/omega universe, featuring alpha!Marcus and omega!abby. Expect extreme sexual content, heat/rut sex, contraceptives, adult language, dub-con to be safe due to freaky biology and the consent issues that come part and parcel with this trope.


Chapter One

It was the low hum of building background noise that finally woke her. Snapping awake so suddenly that Jackson nearly toppled off the pile of medical crates he was sitting on while taking her vitals.

"Abby! Jesus! You scared me!"

She blinked, looking around as much as the man would allow as he slowly eased her up. Shoving a packet of water into her hands as he took her blood-pressure. Bullying her through every sip until her head cleared and the dizzying spin was replaced by something she could recognize.

The mess hall.

She was in the mess hall.

"You've been out for almost ten hours," Jackson admitted, heading her off before she could ask. "We've been treating you for mild Hypoxia and exhaustion, like the others. You were lucky, Abby. Another few minutes and you would have slipped into coma. If Kane hadn't gotten through the maintenance hatch when he did-"


Oh god.

The details came back to her in a rush.

His scent was all over her.

Saturated. Alluring. Familiar.

She inhaled the rich tones of his rut without even thinking about it.

Wanting more.

He'd saved her.

Chosen her.

And now he needed her.

"Marcus, is he-" she started, pulling in a heavy breath. Still feeling like her lungs hadn't quite caught up. Struggling a bit through the already thin oxygen as Jackson offered her a mask and told her to breathe deeply.

But Jackson just shook his head in response.

"Medical was almost destroyed, we salvaged most of the supplies but-"

"Not the rut suppressants?" she finished flatly. Having a feeling where this was going from the start considering how jumpy and guilty he looked. It took more out of her than it should have to keep her expression blank.

Diana Sydney had a lot to answer for.

If their drop ship even made it to the ground, that is.

She closed her eyes, concentrating on her breathing before she opened them again.

Anger wasn't going to help them now.

And it certainly wasn't going to help Marcus.

It hadn't escaped her notice that perhaps only a few weeks ago, her feelings might have been different. Something had translated – transmuted – changed when it came to him. Them. It wasn't his rut. It wasn't biology. It was something that had been evolving slowly - recently. It was something that needed more time, only they didn't have it.

This was destined to be a slow burn, she could see that now.

Hindsight and stubbornness aside.

But he needed her now.

And despite it all, she wanted to go to him.

"Where is he?" she asked, looking around until she was satisfied they had things more or less under control. Rumpled uniforms wading through a milling sea of patients as the rest of the crowd ebbed and flowed like an unsteady tide around the edges of the room.

"Confined to quarters," Jaha remarked, making a sudden appearance over Jackson's right shoulder. Nodding the man off as he crouched down beside her, expression stressed and kind.

"By the time we were able to get the main doors open you were unconscious and he was- well. He attacked the guards who tried to move you. Someone was eventually able to calm him down enough for one for one of the nurses to knock him out. They had to use a pretty hefty dose to put him out so we could move him safely. His burns were treated but by that point there was a string of Omegas starting to respond to his rut and- if he woke up we didn't want him out in the open, feeling vulnerable, so we left him in his quarters with an open com. We are monitoring his vitals – I'm not going to lie, they're unstable. He is past the point where even if we found a case of suppressants tucked away somewhere, they wouldn't be any help."

Her eyes flickered up to the fresh bruise highlighting the curve of the man's cheekbone.

"How did you get that?" she questioned, frowning. Suppressing the impulse to tip the man's chin so she could see it better. It almost looked like someone had hauled back and punched him in the-

"Who do you think was able to distract him long enough to get a stranger with a needle that close?" Jaha returned, smiling wryly as he gestured towards it unconcernedly. "When it became clear we were trying to sedate him, he took it as an attempt to separate the two of you and-"

"I get the idea," she replied without asking any further. Knowing that when Marcus returned to normal he'd beat himself up enough for the both of them. "What's been done so far?"

"So far?" Jaha echoed, head cocked like he hadn't quite heard her before looking off to the side. Avoiding her gaze. "Abby…this isn't-"

"There has to be something we can do, Thelonious," she insisted, mustering the will to continue from the well of strength she kept centered in her chest. Forcing the words even though every single one made her want to grit her teeth and look for challengers. "We can't just let him die. Screw the protocols! There has to be something!"

Marcus wasn't hers.

He wasn't.


"With the oxygen recyclers out everyone has to know there's an Alpha in rut by now. That means we have volunteers. Options. You can't tell me there isn't a line out the door?" she insisted, hating herself for sounding so rational when the Omega in her snarled a vicious negative.

She wasn't sure why they were just sitting here. They were on borrowed time already. Regardless of what happened, the next few steps had to happen fast. Alpha biology was uncompromising. Normally rut occurred once a year in the spring to coincide with the Omegas most fertile heat cycle. Once started, there was no going back. And medically, it seemed like they were out of options. Which meant-

"When he presented there wasn't an Omega in all twelve stations that didn't want him," she pointed out. Winded by the beginning flare of irritation when Jaha stared back at her with a strange look on his face.

Or at least the Alpha side of him, she amended silently.

Feeling a whole lot like she was chewing through glass as she remembered how the gossip had grown salacious and admiring once word spread that the son of Vera Kane had presented as an Alpha. The first in over twelve years, after Diana Sydney. But the gossip had turned cut-throat soon enough, however. Especially after Marcus sent more than a few of them packing over the years with clear distain. Leaving them sulking with bruised egos until some not completely undeserved observations on his character were shared and eventually the rumor mill moved on to fresher fare.

But Jaha just sighed, wiping a band of sweat from his temples as the hive of activity carried on around them. Insulating them in a bubble that seemed to defy time and space as the Ark struggled to keep essential systems running.

"All that might be true, but the fact is, Kane doesn't want any of them," he cut in, bomb-shelling her into a sudden silence as he leaned forward. Resting his hand on the jut of her shoulder – softly cautious. It would have sounded gentle, soothing even if she didn't know him better. But of course, she did. And she knew like the back of her hand this was the tone he used before-

"Except for you, Abby. Turns out, out of everyone on the Ark, you're the only one he wants."

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- The title, "aquiver" means: "trembling, shaking."