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Authors Note #1: This is my first work in this fandom, so I am really just testing the waters. – This is the sequel to: "Ineffable," basically telling the story of what happened next and this time told in Abby's point of view. Set in the realm of 1x11 when the camera pans out after Kane found Abby after going through the shaft to see if there was anyone left in the Service Bay after the Exodus ripped away from the Ark. – This part goes off into AU territory where there was more time between the end of 1x11 and the start of 1x12 and the events of this fic take place between the race to save Abby's young patient and the re-running simulations to save the Ark and get to Earth.

Warnings: Please keep in mind this story deals with the alpha/beta/omega universe, featuring alpha!Marcus and omega!abby. Expect extreme sexual content, heat/rut sex, contraceptives, adult language, dub-con to be safe due to freaky biology and the consent issues that come part and parcel with this trope.


Chapter Four

"I'm right here," she murmured, regaining that stubborn little part of her rather suddenly as she watched his fingers twitch like he wanted to reach out and make that last bit of space between them disappear. "But you'll have to earn it."

The growl she got in response made her stomach flip, smearing slick down her thighs as she quivered with arousal. Feeling the strange, instinctual need to run as he loomed over her, eyes glinting – fever-hot and intensely aware. Not to get away, no, never that, but merely for the chase. To make her Alpha hunt her down and prove his worth. Just like the old ways. Mimicking ancient history where receptive Omegas followed up an Alpha's claim by putting them to the test in the most basic way possible.

All it took was for him to take another half-step forward for her to cave to it.

She felt half her age when she bared her teeth and darted back down the hall. Feeling the adrenaline lace out to tart the air behind her as the sound of something falling – maybe his shaving kit – echoed after her. All of it secondary to the violent, predatory snarl he gave out in response as he lunged after her. Thudding heavily across the corner-clip of the wall as she felt the breeze when he reached for her. Missing her by a millimeter, maybe less, before pounding after her.

It only made her run faster.

She made it as far as the main compartment before he barreled into her, slamming her up against the cool metal bulkhead and holding her there. Letting her feel him as his skin – still nude and dripping – expelled heat like a furnace. Growling loudly into her hair as he ground his hardness into the crux of her thighs.





She tried to wriggle free, soul laughing, before he caught her by the back of her neck and dragged his tongue from neck to collarbone. Owning the moment so completely that she let go of an assenting little whine and went completely lax. Letting him take the majority of her weight as he scooped her up and nuzzled her close. Cock so hard she could feel it throbbing against the small of her back as he bore her back into the bedroom. A dissonant symphony of want and aggression as he tossed her across the mattress and loomed above her. Fully lost to his rut after the chase. Overwhelmed by the need to slake and claim as his teeth flashed blunt in the low light.

He tore at her clothes, making her writhe through the sheets that smelled like him as her shirt and sweater hissed through a rip. Barely having enough time to kick off her slacks before the elastic on her underwear was stretched beyond its limits, fisted tight in his hand before snapping completely.

For a long moment he just stared at her. Throat hitching through a series of heave-dry swallows. Both the man and the Alpha heartbreakingly present as they struggled to find a balance and keep it.

"Abby…" he started, breathing harsh into the sensitive inner of her thigh. The porcelain-pale now dotted red with exertion and half-moon grazes as he pulled his eyes away from her center – neatly trimmed and sheened with arousal – in favor of finding her again.

Impossible as it seemed, she could still see a question there. It was a testament to who he was at the core that they were having this moment at all. This deep in rut this type of coherency was almost unheard of. But it only cemented the warm, sparking place in the center of her chest she had a feeling would be solely his someday. And to think she'd almost missed it. To think that she'd never bothered to look closer, harder, beyond the layers of pride and space-born hardness that stood between them.

It highlighted an evolution that stretched back.

All the way back to when Jaha had been found bleeding out in the hall just after swing shift.

Maybe even before that.

Maybe it had always been there.


"Come here," she said firmly, knowing how much the pause was costing him – how much holding back was killing him. Ironic as it was considering nature and nurture, she knew without having to ask that the first move would always be hers. As far as he was concerned, it had to be.

She pulled him down. Hips arching as she met him for a lingering kiss. Smiling into it as he turned it aggressive and over-eager almost immediately. Cupping at her chin as he tried to keep her where he wanted. She nipped him lightly on the bottom lip in reply as she encouraged him to tip to his side and settle beside her on the mattress. Letting him get used to the new orientation before rolling smartly astride him.

She ignored his warning growl – a classic Alpha response to what most would consider a challenge - and smacked his thigh gently like a reminder. Hushing him through it as she settled on top of him. Keeping him occupied with the intimate press as she figured out exactly where she wanted to be.

He looked up at her – shell-shocked and desperate - exploring her with his hands as he smoothed wide palms down her sides. Treating her to a grimace of bared teeth when his cock smacked gently against the flat of her belly. But instead of acknowledging it she pushed up against him snugly. Letting him feel how wet she was. Smirking through the loose curtain of her hair when he bit off a curse. Cock blurting a fresh trickle of pre-cum as the purpling head shined prettily in the low light.

Begging attention.

The tip of her tongue made tracks across her lower lip as she considered it.

What he would taste like.

How he'd react.

What sounds she could drag out of him by the teeth.

How long she could keep him there, poised and shuddering on the very edge.

But ultimately, she let it go.

There would be time later to draw it out.

To learn each other from the bottom up.

Right now he needed.

He'd waited long enough.

The landscape of his entire body changed when she finally turned her attention to it. Murmuring praise as she petted down the straining sides. The silky skin turned wet and almost tacky with the pre-cum that sheened it. She watched his face transform, from visibly holding back into a pleasure-pain rictus, gripping her hips as she ran the curl of her thumb down the bulge of his knot. Curious. She did it again and again, all maddening feather-light touches as a permanent rumble revved low in his chest. Hands tightening around her hips like they were the only thing holding him back from-

She squeezed her hand around him experimentally, simulating the tightening of her inner walls as he seized in place. Trying to kick-back. Growling low in his throat as dark eyes slitted themselves with anxious pleasure. Chest prominent, giving in to the Alpha urge to present and preen as the tendons in his neck strained all the way through. Hips thrusting up into the press of her hand again and again, desperate, until her fingers fell away and he let go of a muted whimper.

She was still flying on that heady sound when one of his hands suddenly travelled south. Smoothing down the soft inner of her left thigh before dragging the blunt of his nail down the part of her lower lips.

She inhaled throatily, unable to stop herself from leaning in a fraction. Wanting that same pressure she'd teased him with only seconds before as he traced the seam of her with a satisfied, baser sound.


Her lower lip was caught between her teeth when she let go of his name. Throat almost painfully dry as he dragged the digit through a smear of her slick. Feeling so wet against him that she knew she was staining the sheets. Wetting his thighs and groin as he took a deep, wuff of a breath. Scenting her as he brought his finger up to his mouth, capturing her gaze from start to finish as the room spun small, close, and possible between them.

There was a flame scorching her from the inside. A thousand fractured explosions of sensation and desire as he licked his finger clean. Feeling destroyed and torn open in the best and worst of ways as the moment dragged, then snapped and suddenly they were scrambling.

There was an awkward half-second where she defied gravity and hovered on top him. Trying to find him through the frantic tangle of their hands. Turning the moment wholesomely familiar to first time's everywhere as they navigated the position and the angle before-

"Jesus," he muttered, wrecked, mouthing the word into her skin as she sank down to meet him. Helping sheath himself deeply inside her as his hips arched up, biting his lip until she could smell leaking copper. Letting go of a needy sound when the swollen flare of his glands massaged her inner walls. Adding to the rightness of the moment as she clenched instinctively around the beginning bulge of his knot and watched him almost writhe in place. Head slamming back against the pillows, nails digging in. "Abby."

God, he was perfect.

He fit perfectly.

She watched lust cloud his expression in real-time, growling into her hair as he flipped her smartly, sending her sprawling across the sheets, ass up and vulnerable. She only had time to let go of a dissenting little sound before he draped himself over her. Covering her down and keeping her in that way the biology textbooks always talked about. A classic pose for-

He sunk back home with a wordless tangle of noise.

Punching the air from her lungs as he gripped her hips almost harshly.

"Mine," he snarled as he thrust forward, delighting her with the roughness as every snap of his hips highlighted the knot growing at the base of his cock as she scrabbled at the sheets. Feeling him deep. Heart pounding high and heavy in her chest as every part of her screamed pleasurecontentmentalphayesmore all at once.

It was an animal thing, she realized. Caught up as she was in the sweet song of it. Something born less out of finesse and awareness than it was desperation and instinct. Something that put power behind every thrust as he caged her in. Sinking her deep into the mattress so that every time his knot caught, it never had very far to go before it was sliding right back in.

"Mine," he repeated, more forcefully now – insistent like she'd made him think it was a question and not a full out reality at this point. "Mine."

"Yes," she choked, muffled into the starch of the sheets as her back curved and he hit a depth that made her hiss and clench around him. Hiccupping through a fractured sound when the blunt of his thumb circled her clit. Finding her without breaking the rhythm as he huffed into the curl of her back. Vocalizing his pleasure without words or filter. "Yours. Always yours."

The air around them was a living, breathing humid mess. So different from the stark-cool of space that she could almost imagine they were on the ground. That everything was rich and green and Marcus had her crushed into the crumbling dirt of a fallow field. The stalks of the long grass tickling her sides as they brought life back to a barren landscape.

Every part of her felt alive – remade – as the room echoed their pants and murmurs and the slick sound that issued every time he drove himself home. It was too much. Too good. And she didn't know if she could-

His hips jerked. Hijacked by the sudden surge of pleasure as the rest happened quickly. Natural like breathing as she threw back her head and keened. Able to feel the exact moment his knot became too big to pull out, inflating rapidly inside her as every muscle in his body coiled with sudden tension. The precursor to the fall as the pleasure centers inside her lit up frenetically. Feeling more than hearing his brutalized groan half a moment before he started to cum. Filling her full as she took everything he had to give and then milked him for more, suddenly desperate to feel the stretch of it in her womb as her Alpha hissed out her name and yanked her in. Sinking his teeth into the pale of her neck as she followed him over the edge and screamed out her pleasure.


Her orgasm was blinding.

She woke slowly. Unable to shake the feeling that everything had come satisfyingly full circle as she stretched out – cautious. Not bothering to hide the small smile when she realized he was still tied inside her. He had her firmly caught, body curled protectively around hers as he breathed deeply into pale of her sore neck.

The physician in her ran through a quick mental checklist. Marcus was down for the count, pulse steady – normal. Deeply asleep as his body took stock, slowly equalizing after the rigors of rut. She tangled her fingers together and stretched them up above her head as she considered it, stuttering a bit when her subconscious purred out a reminder that this had been his first true rut since he'd presented – making this essentially his first time.

He was hers.

It was an interesting thought.

Alluring in a way she wasn't quite used to.

She knew there would be more to deal with later, the loss of the medical bay and the lack of Alpha suppressants were going to cause problems as they moved forward. The handful of Alphas on the Ark would eventually come off the drugs and roll right into their own ruts. Which meant complications and consequences for everyone. In a way it was simple, there were more Omegas than Alphas on the Ark – enough to fill the need and probably gladly. There might even be enough birth control pills for the first round of ruts, but after that? They were going to have to find another way.

If the Ark survived that long, that is.

However, the Omega in her – teased out and flush with her Alpha's rut - was lingering on a whole host of other very intriguing details. Things like the claiming bite throbbing hotly in the cradle of her shoulder. The warmth of him curled strong around her. The calming thrall of his scent filtering thickly through the air as she breathed it in openly. Wanton. Basking in the emersion of their scents as she purred without sound. Pleased that her Alpha smelled so settled with her in his arms. Pleased that even as his knot deflated inside her, he only held her all the tighter. Keeping her pinned and safe in a way she didn't know could be so appealing. Memorizing the grate of his stubble as it scored gently across the raised skin of the bite. Feeling truly relaxed for the first time in a long time. Maybe ever.

The lights flickered above them.

Struggling and choppy as the heartbeat of the Ark churned on.

Noisy and slowly failing.

She thought about what Jaha had told her and about the little white pill sweating in the pocket of her jeans on the floor below. But for some reason she didn't reach for it. Instead, she thought about what Marcus had said in the throes of rut. Nuzzling close like he never wanted to leave. Like he couldn't. How he'd run a reverent hand down the smooth plane of her belly. Gentle, reverent and yearning. She thought about all the times he'd extricated himself from one relationship after another. Staying aloof and alone despite the aching loneliness that spiraled from his eyes like the harsh black of open space. She thought about how he'd always been there – underfoot, hovering - always just around the next corner. She thought about their disagreements, their arguments and how things might have started to evolve without either of them noticing.

She thought about Jake, Clarke, Earth and the possibility of a fresh start together on the ground as she listened to her Alpha's steady inhale and exhale behind her. Lacing her fingers with his as the arm draped over her hip migrated upwards. Coming to rest just below her ribcage as awareness warmed her from the inside out. Smiling small as she looked out the window and let herself wonder. Watching the blue-tinted curve as the highest point of the planet remained visible from the very corner. Unable to help but think it all seemed very fitting.

Maybe it was time to make room for all those impossible, fragile things.

Things with lead hearts and bones thickly calcified with old breaks.

Things that their ancestors might have called hope.

Maybe it was long past time.

She let him pull her back down. Enjoying the contented thrum that left his lips in a throaty purr as he encouraged her to coil closer without waking. Chuffing into the tangle of her hair in a way that was deliciously baser. Something that spoke of a couple million years of evolution where the approval of one's mate made the other want to preen and return the same. Stretching out – pleased – as the heartbeat of her Alpha slowly lulled her back sleep.

They needed to be well rested, after all.

There was an entire world down there just waiting for them.

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