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Chapter 1: Girls are…programmable?


I wiped the burning sweat from my eyes. I hated the medication I used for my bad complexion. It always irritated my eyes so badly when I would sweat, but it had cleared up my acne nicely. I shifted the desk fan, so it would blow over to my worktable, hoping to curb some of the sweating. I was too close to finishing my project to stop and wipe my eyes every few minutes.

I had been sneaking pieces from the lab I worked at for years. No one thought anything of it. I had just finished my second robot. Yes, second, the first had been modeled after a supermodel, Ms. Rosalie Hale. The night before I could get to it, my stupid brother had. I had made the on and off switch on this one much harder to find and added some defensive code. The stupid jerk had defiled Rosalie before I'd had a chance to do it. In the end, it was for the best. No one would've believed she would want to be with me. I doubted I could've even convinced myself of the lie.

I decided to make my more realistic fantasy come true instead. I had modeled this one after Bella Swan. She and I had gone to high school together. She had never noticed me, but I would bet if she had, she would've been nice to me. She had asked me once if she could borrow a number two pencil. When I'd handed her my mechanical pencil from my pocket protector, she had smiled at me and said thank you, like she really meant it.

I touched the pencil. It was nearly ten years old, but I had kept it. It stayed safe in my pocket protector, right by my heart.

Bella Swan, my first crush, my first love, would be my first. I brushed her hair back and smiled at her stiff form on the table. I knew once I turned her on, her program would make her love me instantly. She'd act just like real-life Bella, except for one thing. She'd notice me.

I reached down and turned her on. Her eyes opened, and she looked right at me and smiled. "Edward," she said, knowing me immediately.

"Hello, Bella." I helped her to sit up on the table. "Do you mind if I run a few tests on you? I want to make sure you're functioning properly."

"Of course you can," she answered, smiling that perfect smile.

If it had been the real Bella Swan smiling at me like that, I would've run from the room hyperventilating, but with Bella bot, I was smooth. I squeezed her knee. I had put sensors in all the erogenous zones to make the experience more lifelike. I'd have to actually participate in foreplay and get her ready, before I could lose my virginity to her. Emmett said banging a bot didn't count, but Bella bot was much more than a bot. I thought it might count. Besides, he was one to talk. He had taken my Rosalie bot up to his room. He kept her in his closet…and he thought I was the freak!

I tried out all of her reflexes and functions. She seemed to be running properly. I checked a couple of her erogenous zones to see if they worked properly. Her eyes dilated, and the flesh sensors pinked, like a blush, letting me know I was achieving my goal. I had the foreplay planned out in my head. I'd done extensive research to make sure I could maximize my experience by setting off her orgasm program. Like men with real women, that was my ultimate goal.

Emmett insisted it would feel more realistic and satisfying if I played the part and picked her up at a bar. After some convincing, I had agreed to it. I knew it was safe, because she was programmed to only love me. Emmett knew that and didn't even try to engage her at the lab. He was content with his Rosalie bot, anyways. I knew my Bella bot was safe.

I arrived at the agreed upon bar before Emmett, so my Bella could seek me out when he released her. She would make the first move in public. The anticipation of a beautiful woman choosing to be in my presence in public was exciting.

I was a little surprised, when my Bella entered with another man. He was big and handsome. I would've been worried, if I hadn't pre-programmed her. She outright slapped him, and I smiled. I had originally put that code in to keep Emmett away from her.

The behemoth called her a few choice names, and she stormed over to the counter and took the stool next to mine. I had programmed her to be passionate, but I hadn't expected it to transfer over to her defense system. I noticed she was wearing a different outfit than what I had put on her earlier, something much sexier, and she looked hot. All the men in the bar were looking at her, making me look even luckier that she had chosen to sit next to me. I would have to thank Emmett for thinking of that.

I had a few trigger lines that would make it look like I was actually engaging her in polite conversation, before we left together. It was all just for show, but exciting nonetheless.

"Hello, Bella. I'm Edward Cullen. We had a couple of classes in high school together. You borrowed my pencil in biology." I touched the pencil in my pocket protector. It was a subtle move that was meant to engage physical contact.

She tipped her head to the side, and I wondered if she was malfunctioning. "You do look familiar. Were you in my French class as well?"

"Yes, yes I was." I was a little excited that she was able to pull the history up on her own at random. I touched her shoulder lightly. "I can't help but notice you had an altercation. Are you alright?"

She looked for the ape, but when she didn't see him, she took a less defensive pose. I dropped my hand to her knee, but I didn't move it up at all. I didn't want to start anything in the bar. "I think he left," she said.

"That's good. I don't want to see you in distress." I squeezed her knee, and she surprised me by patting my hand and taking it in hers.

"I'll be okay. So, what have you been up to, Edward Cullen?"

"I work at a robotics actuation laboratory as a Bio-engineer."

"That sounds really...well, I'm not sure what you said, but it sounded like you build robots."

I took her hand in both of mine, thrilled that she was using her pedestal setting, making me sound interesting to those who might overhear our conversation. "Yes, that's exactly what I do. It's very exciting. What do you do?"

I had considered giving her a sexy job, like a stripper, but I'd decided something subtler would be more believable. I ended up confused by her answer, though. "I'm actually between jobs."

When she spoke, she looked sad, and I rubbed her arm to play supportive. "I'm sorry, is there some way I can help?"

"I could use a place to crash tonight. My friend I've been staying with forgot to leave me a key, but she'll be back in town tomorrow. That jerk blew me off, because I wouldn't sleep with him and his buddy in a threesome."

My eyes widened, and I planned my revenge on Emmett. He had obviously messed with her program again, and it pissed me off. "I'm so sorry. I promise that'll never be an issue with me. You're welcome to stay at my place this evening, if that's what you need." She must have been altering her damsel in distress program to come up with that story. I had added it for fun, just in case I ever wanted to role play with her. Of course, it had translated in an odd way this evening. I'd be saving her from the behemoth, but I didn't have to actually face him. For that, I was grateful.

"I usually wouldn't take a virtual stranger up on such an offer, but I feel like I kind of know you, since we went to school together."

My smile widened, and I patted the top of her leg gingerly. "That's wonderful. I'll call us a cab."

She grabbed a handbag, which I didn't recognize. I worried that she had picked it up from somewhere, but I didn't want to make a scene of it. I decided I would look through it later and return it to its owner, after I had achieved coitus.

I had planned the event to take place while my mother was out of town, and I was relieved to find Emmett was also M.I.A. I led her up to my bedroom. I didn't stay in it often, since there was a futon in my lab, so my room and bed sheets were clean. "This is my room. You can stay in here this evening. I hope it's satisfactory."

She looked around and touched a few of my books. Then, she checked out some of the earlier prototypes I had made when I was a kid. "Have you always been this smart?"

"Smart is a relative term, but I believe the answer is yes, in the context you're implying it."

She turned around, giving me a huge smile. "You're a very sweet gentleman. You're such a breath of fresh air compared to what I've been dealing with over the past few years. Tell me, Edward, do you have a girlfriend?"

I shook my head no, unsure of how her programming had translated into this conversation. She flopped down on my bed. "Have you ever had a girl in your bed?"

I shook my head no.

"How about in your room?"

I shook my head no again.

Her eyes raked over my body in a somewhat unsettling way. I was supposed to be the one who initiated the intimate interactions, and she was taking it over.

"Bella, if you wish to engage in coitus, I'd like to take charge of it myself. I think it'll be easier for me to give you an orgasm that way." My face was flaming red by the end of the sentence, and my eyes were focused firmly on the floor. I didn't know why I was freaking out so much about talking to my robot. I just had to keep reminding myself that she wasn't a real girl.

I heard her giggle and wondered what the hell was going on with her. I was worried she was malfunctioning, but she crossed the room and caused me to forget it all with one touch. "You're a take charge kind of guy, huh?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, if we're to engage in a sexual act, I'd like to be in charge of your pleasure…I need to be in charge of your pleasure…it's only appropriate, as foreplay is key to preparation of a woman's body for penetration," I gulped hard, still baffled that I felt so nervous.

"That sounds so hot in some sick, twisted geeky way. I'm very tempted to try out your foreplay skills."

"I'm very well equipped with the knowledge of your erogenous zones, so if you'd like to begin..." I waved my hand toward the bed, inviting her to lie down, doing my best not to shake like leaf.

"Why not," she let out another giggle, as she bounced onto my bed. I cleared my throat and fought the bundle of nerves twisting in my gut.

It was time to begin. I had programmed her to respond more vividly when I triggered more points, and I decided it would be best for my ego to get her to scream my name. Doing such would hopefully give me more self-confidence in my skills with live women. I removed my shoes and socks in preparation to avoid any awkward delays.

I started at her feet, carefully taking off her shoes and massaging each foot thoroughly. I had her moaning my name already. "Edward, you're already showing a lot of promise."

I worked my way up her legs, massaging as I went. I popped the button of her jeans, but I didn't try to remove them. I gently rolled her over and rubbed her back and buttocks.

"God, you're so freaking good," she mumbled into the pillow. I inched her shirt up and off her body, gently caressing her arms as I went. I kneaded her neck and back, as I kissed down her spine, only pausing to unhook her bra.

I started to gently shift her jeans and panties off her hips, massaging and kissing as I went. I took my time on her round, plump butt, because I'd been fantasizing about that for years. Once it was sufficiently kissed, nuzzled and nipped, I worked her jeans down her legs, rubbing and kissing as I went. I was impressed with how her flesh had turned out. It was so realistic and had an odd human flavor that was very arousing. I had filled her with a compound to simulate vaginal fluids, and it seemed like it had permeated her faux flesh. She tasted like a real human, and I was thrilled with the experience.

I rolled her onto her back again, and after another short foot rub, I kissed, nipped and licked my way to her inner thigh. She was panting hard, and her flesh was bright with her pink hue, like I had planned. It was proof that I was hitting the programmed marks.

I engaged in oral sex and tested her with my fingers. She tasted like a tart strawberry, which was just what I was aiming for. She dug her fingers into my hair, undulating her hips and orgasmed rather quickly. I was definitely surprised at how the fluid had transformed the interior cavity.

I took off my shirt and went back to nibbling her hips and belly, as I removed my bottom clothing. Once I was fully naked, I continued my path up her body to the final piece of clothing. Her bra had been unhooked, but not removed. Studies showed it was a very tender zone, as well as being directly connected to the clitoris. I kissed up her body, under her breasts and finally nudged the material out of the way with my nose, before I took her breast into my mouth.

Her fingers dug into my hair and shoulder, as she cried out my name. I was almost certain I'd be able to give her an internal orgasm during penetration like I had hoped.

After both breasts had ample attention, I moved up to her neck and ear. The shift in my body's position provided the opportunity for penetration. I took advantage of our position and pressed into her, as I kissed her lips for the first time, fulfilling two dreams at once. I stilled my body and tried to refrain from ejaculating too quickly. I had prepared before our bar excursion, in hopes of staying off the execution.

I enjoyed the way she held me against her. Her hands moved freely, as she squirmed beneath me. My lips worked their way back to her neck, and I began to move inside her. I propped myself up with one arm and used the other to continue stimulation of her erogenous zones. I loved the way she was reacting to my touch. It truly added to my experience. I was determined to get that orgasm out of her, to maximize my experience. I knew I was doing well, because she was getting louder and gripping me harder with each pump of my hips.

Her legs shifted, wrapping around my waist, affecting my position. To my great pleasure, I achieved my goal. She reached climax, and the "milking" of my penis was extremely pleasant and set me off. I looked forward to doing that again.

We were both panting hard, as I collapsed on the bed next to her. It almost seemed like she needed actual air to breathe.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you knew what you were doing."

"Yes, well, I studied up on it. Your pleasure further enhances my experience as well."

She rolled onto her side, so she could look down at me. "You got that right."

She startled me, when she leaned down and nipped at my nipple. The sensation was oddly arousing, and I didn't know whether to kill Emmett or thank him for messing with her programming.

She nudged me over and rested her head on me. I had heard of snuggling after sex, but I hadn't programmed it in. I had been worried she'd need to recharge after excessive exertion. I realized it must have been another thing Emmett had added to the experience for me. I knew he had completely reprogrammed and enhanced his Rosalie. For him to take the time to pop in a few extra lines of code for me was nice. He could be a real jerk sometimes, but at other times, he could be a really great brother, and I owed him one this time.