Hello my loyal little hyena it is I,Lucy your queen and matriarch here with the fourth chapter of Ten Tailed Hyena. This chapter explains everything to Anko and gives Kami a name,plus the former nine tails is reintroduced and we realize just how much Akane can eat.

TTJOD "We also see just how close Naruko and Anko are and we witness Naruko sing a little bit of Fly by Sleeping With Sirens. The Naruko's room being 22 degrees is to help you all understand that the cold doesn't affect her and is being used as a foreshadowing tool! Cough Haku cough!"

"Your slow shaking fingertips show that you're scared like me, so let's pretend we're alone. Yeah I know you maybe scared and I know we're unprepared but I don't care!" Secondhand Serenade Vulnerable

Chapter 4; New home, new bed, old ways!

A few hours later and Naruko was sitting in the apartment she and Anko were sharing. She sighing looked down at Akane who felt cramped and said "This place is too small for two people and a hyena to live in."

Akane barked agreeing with her. Naruko reaching into her pocket pulled out her phone and pressed the phone button. She pressed the only number she had. Kami in heaven hearing the ring tone she had set up for Naruko picked her phone up and said "Hey Naruko-chan."

Naruko smiling said "Hey mom."

Kami smiling asked "What can I do for you?"

Naruko laying back said "I was wondering if you could I don't know acquire a new larger living space for myself, Nee-chan and Akane."

Kami giggling said "Of course baby. I already told you that nothing is out of reach for you baby girl."

Naruko hearing this asked "Then can I not have teal hair?"

Kami laughing said "Sorry baby that is the only thing out of your reach. It's hereditary after all."

Naruko sighing asked "What about the hole in my chest?"

Kami said "You can heal it, but every time you transform it'll just come back."

Naruko hearing this sighed and said "That's helpful to know."

Kami giggling asked "How big of a house do you want, and do you want lots of land for Akane to run around and play in?"

Naruko laying back said "Really big, like a mansion. Yes I want Akane to be able to start her own family and live on the compound along with any children I might have someday in the distant future."

Kami giggling asked "How many rooms in this mansion, how many possible training grounds and do you want a hot spring?"

Naruko closing her eyes said "10, no 15 including an indoor hot spring, an armory and a forgery. 6 possible training grounds and yes a hot spring would be nice."

Kami creating the place asked "Do you want separate rooms for yourself, Anko and Akane?"

Naruko nodding said "Yes each of needs a separate room, with dog doors for Akane to walk through. I would like my room to have a huge comfy bed, like the one I have up there in heaven, and maybe someone way to keep it cold."

Kami adjusting this asked "Would you like a huge kitchen, how many refrigerators would you like, would you like an always fully stocked fridge, and how cold would you like your room?"

Naruko feeling sleepy said "Yes, 3, yes and 22 degrees."

Kami hearing this made it so and asked "Last question. Do you want Anko to have a phone also?"

Naruko nodding said "Yes Nee-chan should always have a way to contact me or track me. Plus if she has any questions she could just call and ask you."

Kami giggling created the phone and said "Don't go to sleep baby. Grab all of yours and Anko's stuff and leave that crappy apartment. Go wait in the Hokage's office or the ramen stand you love so much."

Naruko opening her eyes and stifling a yawn, got up and collected all of their stuff. She walking out of the apartment with Akane, decided to go to the ramen stand and take a nap in a booth. She putting her phone to her ear said "Thanks Mom. Talk to you later."

Kami giggling said "Have a good nap Naruko-chan."

They both then hung up. Naruko walking into the Ichiraku ramen stand waived at Ayame who smiled at her. She climbing into the booth that had been marked as hers. She laying her head down on the comfy seat said "I'm just going to take a little nap Ayame-chan. Akane if she's not taking a nap with me will take an order of your finest meat. and some milk if you have any."

Akane barked hearing this and hopped into the booth with her. Ayame giggling asked "Who will be paying for this food?"

Naruko knowing that her mom had given her unlimited funds reached into her pocket and grabbed her phone. She pressing bank blinked spotting what she knew was the symbol for infinity for the balance. Pressing it she smiled when a huge pile of cash suddenly appeared in the other side of the booth. She ignoring Ayame's wide eyes said "I will."

Teuchi behind the counter almost had an heart attack spotting the huge pile of money. He gaining dollar bills for eyes said "Anything for my two best customers."

Naruko giggling sleepily laid her head down as was soon sleep.

She would be woken up two hours later by Anko who looked devastated. She sitting up but somehow managing to keep Akane in her lap asked "Why such the long face Nee-chan?"

Anko said "Our apartment burned to the ground."

Naruko hearing this blinked and said "That doesn't explain the long face."

Anko said "We're homeless Naruko."

Naruko shaking her head said "No we're not."

Anko blinking asked "What are you talking about?"

Naruko smiling brightly said "I pulled some strings and got us a new and much better home."

Anko hearing this blinked and asked "What strings beside the old man do you have to pull?"

Naruko getting out of the booth and slipping Akane in her jacket said "I'll explain once we are inside of our new home."

She then turning gained wide eyes spotting the many empty bowls of milk and meat. She looking down at the sleeping Akane asked "How in the hell did she eat and drink so much in two hours?"

Shaking her head she grabbed the scroll containing their stuff and following the directions from her phone found their new home. She whistling said "She really didn't hold back."

Anko looking at the huge iron gates to some compound wondered why they were here. Naruko pushing open the gates giggled as something tickled her hand. Walking inside with Anko following behind her she walked right up to the front door of the place. Turning the door she opened it and smiled. She once Anko was inside said "Welcome to our new home Nee-chan."

Anko hearing this gained wide eyes. She turning to Naruko with a fierce look in her eyes said "Explain right now."

Naruko resisting the urge to whimper spotting the look in Anko's eyes nodded and walked into the huge kitchen and took a seat at the table. Anko sitting in front of her asked "Well?"

Naruko gulping quickly told Anko how she got the house and even what had happened during the five days she was supposedly healing in wave. Anko giving her a deadpan look asked "You really expect me to believe that you met Kami and were going to stay dead so that I could have a better place, and came back to keep a future where Gato and his army killed off the others on the mission and raped Kurenai to death?"

Naruko nodding blinked when Anko said "I thought you trusted me Naruko-chan. We're sisters and you can tell me the truth."

Naruko hearing this quickly started thinking of a way to prove what she had just said, when she suddenly remembered that her phone had a video chat app. She quickly pulling out her phone opened the app and pressed her mom's name. She smiled when Kami appeared on the screen and asked "Hey baby girl. How are you liking the mansion momma create for you?"

Naruko said "It's amazing so far mom, but can you please explain to Nee-chan everything."

Kami nodding said "I'll be right there to do so."

Naruko hearing this gained wide eyes. In a flash of light Kami appeared holding her own phone with a smile on her face. Anko with wide eyes summoned two snakes and asked "Who are you?"

Kami giggling said "Still as paranoid as ever Anko. No wonder Naruko-chan developed such a keen sixth sense."

Anko asked "Who are you?"

Kami sighing said "I am Kami, but my name is Kelly Kurosaki. Of course Naruko calls me mom, and since you're her Nee-chan you may also call me mom."

Anko turning to Naruko asked "Who is this person Naruko?"

Naruto groaning said "Nee-chan in the name of ramen she is Kami, the goddess of life, ruler of the heavens, and queen of creation."

Akane waking up barked agreeing with Naruko's statement. Anko hearing this and knowing how serious Naruko took ramen gained wide eyes and asked "So you really did die?"

Naruko nodding blinked when she was grabbed in a tight hug by Anko who started to cry at her death. Naruko wrapping her arms around Anko said "It's okay Nee-chan I'm right here."

She was then bopped on the head by Anko who said "You little baka. You were going to leave me alone in this world."

Naruko nursing the new lump on her head said "I wasn't leaving you alone. You have Hana and your friends."

Anko with tears in her eyes said "Hana has her clan to take care of and we're trying to keep our relationship secret."

Naruko hearing this bit her retort back and said "I'm sorry Nee-chan I didn't know."

Anko picking her up and hugging her again said "It's okay you came back to me that's all that matters."

Kami holding Akane smiled and said "How adorable to see my two girls getting along."

Anko suddenly remembering Kami gained wide eyes and asked "You got Kami-sama to create this house for us?"

Naruko nodding said "Yeah I just called her on my phone and asked for it. She didn't mind and said that she was happy to do so."

Kami giggling said "I also said that nothing was out of your reach Naruko-chan. The same goes for you Anko."

Anko hearing this asked "Does this mean I get a phone like you two?"

Naruko nodding said "It's waiting for you in your room most likely Nee-chan."

Anko hearing this asked "I get my own room?"

Naruko nodded and blinked when Anko vanished to find her room. Giggling she gently took Akane back and asked "How about we go find you room?"

Akane barking hopped down and raced towards her room. Naruko smiled spotting Akane's room. It was very big and looked like a cave. Akane running inside rubbed herself against the walls. Naruko giggling walked to her room which wasn't that far from Akane's room. Entering it she sighed peacefully as her room was just as cold as she wanted it. She walking over to her bed blinked spotting a fox the size of Akane curled up sleeping on the bed. She turning to Kami asked "What's up with the adorable fox?"

Kami smiling said "That is what remains of the Kyuubi. She's yours."

Naruko hearing this gently picked up the fox and blinked when it woke up. She looking up at her with big innocent red eyes asked "Are you going to hurt me?"

Naruko cooing said "I would never hurt you sweetie."

The fox hearing this started to wag it's tail. Naruko spotting this started to scratch the fox behind it's ears. She smiling at the purring of the fox said "You will be Akira and are the sister or mate if you two feel that way about each other of Akane."

Akira hearing this licked Naruko's face and said "You're mommy."

Naruko and Kami both giggled hearing this, but Naruko said "Yes I am your mommy along with Akane's mommy."

Naruko then setting Akira down watched as Akira ran out of the room towards the only other animal in the house. Naruko plopping down in her bed closed her eyes and said "This bed is just as perfect as the one in heaven."

Kami giggling said "I know I designed it."

Naruko closing her eyes asked "Why wasn't Akira all snarling and hate filled?"

Kami sitting down on the bed beside Naruko said "You have all of it's power baby. The darkness and hatred it had is now a significant part of your energy."

Naruko hearing this asked "Is that why my eyes are slitted?"

Kami giggling said "That's part of it. The reason why your eyes are slitted is because your eyes have been enhanced to a degree that you can spot the tiniest detail even in the darkest of nights."

Naruko hearing this asked "Do I have any bloodlines?"

Kami laughing asked "What part of nothing being out of you reach don't you understand."

Naruko hearing this asked "Does that mean I could possibly use all bloodlines?"

Kami nodding said "Now you're getting it."

Naruko getting up from her bed asked "Is that closet full of clothes?"

Kami nodding said "Yes and if you wish to change to color of pattern just by touching the outfit while thinking about the pattern or color."

Naruko smiling at this said "Good as all of this white is killing me."

She then walking out of her room asked "Are you staying for dinner?"

Kami shaking her head said "No I have to get back to heaven."

She then vanished in a flash of bright light. Naruko shaking her head walked into the kitchen to cook dinner.

Later that night, Naruko was almost asleep in her bed, when she heard a knock on her door. She grumbling slightly said "It's open."

Her door then opened to reveal Anko wearing a large white t-shirt and her black panties. Anko with her hair down from the usual ponytail asked "Is it okay if I sleep with you tonight?"

Naruko hearing this and knowing that her room was too cold for Anko climbed out of her bed and said "Yes but we have to sleep in your room because mine is too cold for you."

Anko nodding walked back into her room and climbed into the covers of her large bed. Naruko yawning climbing in the covers herself, felt Anko pull her body close to hers. Naruko knowing this was how Anko liked to sleep, rolled over so she was facing Anko. Anko resting her chin in Naruko's hair said "Promise me that you'll never leave me again."

Naruko feeling sleepy said "I promise that we'll always be together Nee-chan and anyone who tries to separate us will be sent on a first class trip to hell."

Anko smiling said "I promise to always love you and to place you above everything. I also promise to help around the new house, and learn how to use my new phone."

Naruko yawning said "I promise to do all within my power to keep you happy and safe. I promise to someday get rid of your curse mark. I promise to share everything I have with you and to love you unconditionally."

Anko feeling her eyes closing whispered "I promise to keep you happy and give you everything you ever want in life. I promise to one day express my true feelings to you and ask you to be mine. I promise to someday have your baby, no matter what."

Naruko asleep hadn't heard the last part, but snuggled into Anko, who was also asleep now. Akane and Akira walking into the room hopped onto the bed and curled up next to each other. Akane was on the side of Naruko and Akira on Anko's side.

The next morning Naruko was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She was in her panties and shirt. She holding a spatula like it was a microphone said "It's the way it goes, you fall so short, sometimes you feel so close. When you find the thing that matters most, no you never let it go. It's the way it goes. It's the way it goes."

She flipping a egg said "I wanna Fly. I'm ready to burn down all of the walls that I've been building up inside. Woah. I wanna Fly and put back all of the pieces of this broken heart tonight. Woah. Woah! Can we fly, can we fly away? Can we fly, can we fly? Can we fly, can we fly away?"

Akira and Akane were sitting on the table moving their bodies to her singing. Anko who was woken up by what she thought was an angel singing, crawled out of her bed and walked into the kitchen. She gained wide eyes and a heavy blush finding Naruko in the kitchen singing and moving her body to the song she was singing. She had no idea that Naruko could sing so lovely, or that Naruko knew how to move her body like that. Naruko grabbing the pepper, mouthed the second verse of Fly by Sleeping With Sirens and put a dash of pepper in the eggs. She knew that Anko liked her food spicy, while she liked her food not so. She was also making Akane and Akira a meal in her other frying pan. She had looked up the theory behind how the Inuzuka hounds got to so big. It was a special diet that was combined with their chakra. She finishing the food turned around and gained wide eyes spotting Anko standing there. A heavy blush then appeared on her face as she asked "How long have you been standing there?"

Anko smiling said "Long enough to know that you have a lovely singing voice."

Naruko feeling her face get darker, set the plates down and said "Breakfast is ready Nee-chan."

Anko sitting down and smelling the food smiled loving that Naruko knew what she ate. Naruko turning to Akane and Akira smiled and said "Eat up girls."

Akane and Akira barking dug into their food with vigor. Naruko sitting down started to eat her own food, planning on starting the work to craft herself a gunblade like she had read about yesterday. It looked really interesting and the video she found of some woman named Lightning kicking ass with one was amazing. She planned on forging one just like that but maybe without the hole crazy engraving part. She knew that it might take her several tries to make the weapon, but she was ready for the challenge. She snapped out of her thoughts when Anko asked "What are you going to do today?"

She smiling said "I'm gonna hang around the house, work on some things, and listen to some music."

Anko nodding said "Well I have to work in T&I today. I'll be taking my phone with me so if you need me text me or something."

Naruko giggling said "You just got the thing yesterday yet you already know what a text is."

Anko laughing said "Yeah well I felt like I was behind so I kinda dove headfirst into the phone. By the way I know we both have the same library app, so don't be learning powerful jutsu without my say so."

Naruko chuckling said "No worries Nee-chan I hadn't planned on learning any new jutsu today, and reading too much kinda hurts my head."

Akane barked hearing this. Naruko giggling said "Plus Akane-chan hates when I read because I try my best to get comfortable disrupting her."

Akira tilting her head asked "Why don't you lay on your stomach and read mommy?"

Naruko noticing that Anko didn't react to this said "I tried that baby, after a while my stomach stars to hurt and I have to move."

Akira nodding went back to eating. Anko said "Well whatever it is that you're going to do today, don't over do it."

Naruko giggling said "No promises Nee-chan."

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