Bella Pov

Bella walked into her house with her friend Phoebe laughing at the silly joke she just made and walked in the living room to see her brother Bray sitting on the sofa kissing some random girl.

Phoebe ran out of the house quickly "Phoe wait" Bella called out to her but she was already gone.

Bella stormed in the living room "oh bitch get out" Bella said to the random girl in an angry "what" she said to her as she pulled away from her brother "I said GET OUT" Bella shouted at the girl "Bray" she said to him "maybe you should go" Bray told her so she left the house in a hurry.

Bella and her brother stood there "what was that about Bella" Bray asked his sister in a annoyed voice that she scared of the girl "well how about that Phoebe was here and saw you kissing someone else" Bella told her brother still angry at him for the fact that he hurt her closes friend "it's not like we going out" he told her "WHAT DO YOU SEE THAT SHE LIKES YOU" Bella shouted at her brother "DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT BUT I DONT LIKE HER IN THAT WAY" he shouted back at her "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL HER" she shouted in an angry voice as she started to shake "because I didn't want to hurt her" Bray informed her as he calmed down "but you did hurt her by letting her see you kissing someone" Bella said to him as her shaking got faster... she screamed and fell on her knees "it hurts" Bella whispered in a scared voice.

Bray went to help his sister till he heard banging on the front door so he went and opened it to reveal Thorn standing there "where is she" Thorn asked Bray "in the living room" he informed Thorn so he walked past Bray and went into the living room to see Bella on the floor in agony "Bella you have to come with me" Thorn ordered her but Bella had no choose to follow the order. They walked past Bray "Bella where are you going" he asked his sister "out" Bella told him in an angry voice and walked out with Thorn.

They walked into the forest "Bella your brother is a dick your you friend like that" he said to him "you don't know anything" she growled out as her shaking gotten more "he know what he was doing using your friend like that.. like she meant nothing" he said with a grin on his face.

That did it because Bella phased into a white wolf and quickly Thorn phased into a brown wolf 'welcome to the pack sister' Thorn thought to her 'what's going' she asked in a scared voice 'we phase into wolfs to protect our tribe' he explained it to her.

Bella phase back into her human form "Bella you have to stay out my house till you get your angry in control" he told her "ok" she whispered to him in a sad voice.

She walked in her house to see her brother sitting in the living room but she ignored him and packed her stuff. Bella went downstairs to see her brother standing on the bottom of the stairs "what's going on" he asked her "I'm staying with Thorn" she told her brother "but why" he said in a sad voice "because I don't want to be with you when you tried to hurt my friends like dust.. I am out of here" Bella said in angrier voice and left the house leaving Bray standing there as tears were rolling down his cheeks as he watched his sister leaving him.