Here it is folks, the beginning of the end for this rollercoaster ride of a story. I could estimate that there is at least two more chapters to this story (This one included).

So without further adieu, let's get this thing going.

Five Months later...

"Welp, there you go Mrs. Evans."

Nick emereged from a bathroom, donning a white T-shirt and a pair of work jeans, a tool belt with various plumbing tools hanging tightly across his waist.

"That leaking pipe won't cause you any more trouble." he declared as he holstered a wrench on his tool belt.

"Oh how wonderful," said Mrs. Evans, a badger, whom had been one of Nick's tenants for five years now.

"Thank you so much for doing this for us Mr. Wilde, is there anything we could do to pay you back."

He waved a paw at the elderly badger and sent her a smile, "Oh don't you mention it Mrs. Evans, you don't have to worry about paying anything back, I was glad to help."

She smiled at her landlord, "Oh bless you Mr. Wilde. Would you like anything to drink?"

"Oh no thank you, I better be heading out." he declined, "I have something very important to do in a few hours and I need to get ready. Speaking of which, what time is it?"

"Oh it's a quarter to four," Answered Mrs. Evans.

"That means I've got an hour and a half to get ready." Nick said as he walked towards the door.

"What's the occasion?" Mrs. Evans asked.

"A very important date with a very important person."

"A sweetheart?"

Nick chuckled, "You could say that."

The elderly badger sighed wistfully, "Ah to be young and in love, I remember a time when my Charlie and I were at your age," she then frowned, "I just wish he could still be with me."

"Margaret would you please stop telling mammals that I'm dead." came a gravelly voice from the living room.

She ignored him, "Some times I could still hear his voice."

"For the love of- I just slipped in the bathroom and broke my ankle!" Charlie exclaimed, "I'm not dead."

"Well you might as well be with the way you've been treating me," she snapped, "It wouldn't kill you to at least cook a romantic dinner at least once."

"Hey I did that for you three days ago."

"Giving me half a bite off a Snickers bar is not cooking."

All Nick could to at that moment was laugh, right before he left the elderly couple to their banter.

Married for 40 years and yet their love is still as strong as it was when the elderly couple first got married.

Someday, that would be him. Someday he would be married for 40 years and he'd have a wife that he'd love for the rest of his life.

All of that could happen. Nick already had a girl in mind, all she had to do was say yes.

Okay, yeah five months of dating isn't enough to warrant a marriage proposal, and even Nick had to admit that it would be too early for anything that serious.


A lot has happened in those five months. One in particular, the very first time Nick had taken Judy out for their first Official date.

And it had been a rather memorable night. Nick pulled out all the stops for that evening; Wine, classy food, music, a table for two at one of the most beautiful restaurants in Zootopia. You know, the works?

Nick had made sure that everything went smoothly that evening, and Judy, being the emotional bunny that she was (At most times she tries to hide that side of her),was flattered by all of it.

After their meals, they took to the floor and they danced.

"You look absolutely stunning tonight." he had said their bodies swayed to the slow romantic music.

She raised an eyebrow at him, "Just tonight?"

She tried to look critical, but the red shade within her ears gave her away.

But Nick still obliged her.

"You've always looked stunning, sweetheart." he corrected himself, "You'd look stunning if you were wearing nothing more than a burlap sack."

She laughed, rolling her eyes heavenwards, "Such a charmer."

The gray bunny sighed, before resting her head on his chest.

"You know as far as first dates go, this evening was just amazing." she said.

He kissed the top of her head affectionately, "I knew you would like it."

"I loved it." she corrected, before she looked up at him, "Thank you, Nick."

"Don't mention it," he smiled, "You know I'd do anything for you."

She returned his smile and reached up to his face and kissed him, to which he readily returned. He even went the extra mile and dipped her, resulting in a closer and more passionate kiss.

Nick sighed.

Yes, that first date sparked a new fire within him. And it burned hotter than all those times when he was still with Claudette.

The red foxed chuckled.

All those horrid memories of his heart break were no more. Just brief glimpses of bad memories that he was more than happy to get rid of.

Wherever that vixen is now... Well, Nick couldn't care less about her whereabouts.

He has a girl to propose to.


I just can't believe this.

"Officer Hopps to dispatch."

'Read ya loud and clear Hopps,' came Clawhauser's voice from Judy's radio, 'What's the sitch?'

"I got a blue corvette that just passed a red light," she declared, eyes trained on the vehicle as she followed suit in her cruiser, "It nearly hit a cab and they didn't even stop."

'Copy that. Approach with caution.'

With a buzz of static Clawhauser's voice disappeared. Holstering her radio Judy was left to turn on her police siren.

The wailing sound seem to register to whoever was driving the corvette, the blue vehicle slowed down, eventually coming to stop and pulling over.

Judy turned off the police siren and got out of her cruiser. Taking a quick glance at the vehicle's back licence plate.

'C5A19DX' it read.

She then eventually got to the driver's window, to which the glass had already been rolled down by the driver.

What greeted her was a haggard looking red vixen; fur disheveled and messy, clothes wrinkled and unkept, and for some reason, she was wearing a pair of sunglasses.

The vulpine reaked slightly of alcohol and cigarettes. An immediate red flag if Judy ever saw one.

"What er... What seems to be the problem, Officer?" the vixen asked.

As per her police training, Judy remained calm and collected, yet made sure that she sounded firm and authoritative.

"Did you notice that you had just missed a red a light back there?" Judy flatly inquired.

"Oh," the vixen chuckled, much to Judy's ire, "My bad, I was in such a hurry I didn't even notice."

"Yeah, but didn't you also notice the cab that you nearly hit?"

The vixen's ears flattened against her skull, "No Officer, I didn't. I'm sorry."

The grey bunny shooked her head, "I'm afraid 'Sorry' won't be enough, why were you in such a hurry?"

"I am a very busy fox, Officer." she answered, "I have places to be so if you could just give me a ticket and and happily pay for the the charges."

Judy noticed the sudden spike in the vixen's voice, though for now she chose to ignore it.

"How much have you had to drink this afternoon?" Judy asked suddenly.

"I'm sorry?"

"How much have you had to drink this afternoon?" she repeated, patience beginning to wear thin.

The vixen feigned a shrug, "Just the right amount."

"You wanna take off those sunglasses and look me in the eye?" Judy said.

The vixen's eye brows furrowed in annoyance, but still followed the grey bunnies command.

Red, tired eyes greeted Judy upon meeting the vixen eye to eye. Another red flag came up.

"Lincence and registration, please?" Judy asked.

"I er... I don't have my driver's licence right now Officer."

To that, Judy sent her a glare, "And you had the guts to drive so carelessly?"

"But I-"

Judy cut her off, "Can I see some ID please?"

"Um... Yeah sure." the vixen answered nervously.

The vulpine took out a wallet and brought out a credit card. With a shaky paw she handed it over.

Judy took the card into her paw and examined it.

She then felt her paw started to go numb upon seeing the vixen's name.

Claudette Antoine Devereaux

December 5th 1989.

No... It couldn't be, right? This has got to be a different Claudette. What are the odds that she would actually bump into the very woman that broke Nick's heart?

No, she has to stay professional. And as much as Judy wanted to drag this vixen out of the corvette and beat her senseless, that would just be counter productive at best and grounds for termination at worst.

The grey bunny took a minute to breath before addressing the vixen once more.

"So Ms. Devereaux," she began as she gave back the credit card, "Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"Do I have to answer that?" Claudette asked in annoyance.

"Well you were confident enough to drive without a license, while being somewhat under the influence of alcohol and almost hitting a taxi in your haste, so yeah. You're gonna have to tell me where you were going in such a hurry."

"Ugh, fine," groaned the vixen, "I was on the way over to an Ex-boyfriend."

'Oh you have got to be kidding me.'

Judy mentally groaned.

Barely containing her anger, Judy tried to press on, "And why were you in such a hurry?"

"Oh well, I just needed a place to stay," Claudette plainly answered, "See, my house is well over the other side of town and I wouldn't be able to make the trip before dark so I'm gonna stay at his place and spend the night."

"Oh yeah, now I get it." Judy smiled, there was no once ounce of amusement behind it, "So you're just gonna treat your ex like a goddamned hotel."

Apparently Claudette seemed to have no idea of what Judy had just said, "Well if he'd have me, which wouldn't be much trouble, he's a complete sucker anyway."

'Ooooh no... Oh hell no!'

Right underneath Judy's skin her blood was boiling with rage. How dare she talk about Nick that way? Her Nick!

No, this bitch isn't going anywhere!

"I'm sorry but I can't let you that."

Claudette narrowed her eyes at the rabbit Officer, "And why the hell not?"

"You blew off a red light and you narrowly missed a taxi, not to mention you were driving without a license, that's reckless driving and a misdemeanor charge in one afternoon."

Much to Judy's annoyance, those facts didn't seem to faze the vixen one bit, "And I told you I'll be more than happy to pay for the charges just give a me ticket so I can be on my way."

Judy has never wanted to thrash someone more than this conniving vixen in front of her. The anger she felt when she met Robby at her family reunion pales in comparison.

She needed to think fast, there was no way she was letting her get to Nick.

Just then, her radio buzzed on her holster. Clawhauser's voice blasting through the speaker.

'All Units Please be on the look out for a stolen vehicle, license plate number 'C5A19DX', Blue Corvette, if spotted pursue immediately.'

There was a 'Bzt!' from Judy's radio, afterwards the screech of wheels grinding against the asphalt.

A cloud of dust and smoke enveloped Judy as the corvette sped off into the road, the smell of burnt rubber assaulted the rabbit's nose right before she sprung into action.

She grabbed her radio from her holster as she ran to her cruiser, "Officer Hopps to Dispatch, I got the stolen corvette in my sights. The thief just bolted."

'10-4 Officer Hopps, what's your twenty?'

"Elmore Boulevard," she answered, quickly buckling down down her seat.

The engine roared to life, and off the cruiser went.

'Got ya, sending help right now.'

"That's great Clawhauser," she sped up the police cruiser, siren wailing through the street.

"But I got dibs."

With a determined look on her face, she zeroed in on the blue corvette.

She smirked,"Make my day."



Claudette's face was pushed up against the hood of Judy's cruiser.

"You have the right to remain silent," The grey bunny clasped the paw cuffs onto the vixen, "Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law."

"You filthy little pig! You'll pay for this!" exclaimed the vixen.

"Yeah things like that," Judy chuckled, "And I'm a bunny FYI."

It wasn't much of a car chase as Judy would have hoped, though she could appreciate the easy catch.

Claudette made the valiant (Read: Futile) effort of evading Judy's cruiser and even going to great lengths by making sudden turns on multiple intersections, though a professional stunt driver she was not.

She did not anticipate a loaded cement truck coming straight towards her, to which caused her to swerve out of its way and she found herself crashing right into a street lamp in a matter of seconds.

The cement truck and it's driver were okay and was able to hit the breaks in time. Claudette was fine too thanks to her seatbelt, but the corvette has definitely seen better days.

Judy had just caught up with the wreckage and in the same time had also caught up with Claudette crawling out of the driver's window and making an attempt to flee the scene.

She didn't get far.

A particularly vicious bunny tackle made sure of it.

Soon other police cruisers entered the scene, just as Judy had finished reading Claudette her Miranda rights.

One of the first ones to arrive on the scene was Officer Wolford, who only had one word to describe it.


The wolf Officer approached the the destroyed corvette and marveled at the wreckage.

He then turned to Officer Hopps, "Who the hell did this?"

As an answer, Judy yanked the paw-cuffed vixen off the hood, "She's the hell who did this."

"Poor thing." sighed Wolford.

"Don't worry Officer," Claudette said out of the blue, "I'll be alright."

The wolf made a displeased face, "I meant the car. You," he pointed at her, "Are going away for Grand Theft Auto and evading police."

"Plus reckless driving and a misdemeanor charge for driving without a license." Judy added.

The grey bunny hadded the bounded fox towards her Co-worker, "I've looked her over and she doesn't have any injuries she's safe for processing."

"You are sooo gonna pay for this, rabbit." Claudette threatened, "You hear me?!"

"Oh God," Wolford groaned, as he loaded the vixen into his cruiser, "Would you shut up already!"

As the wolf's police car drove off, an unknown vehicle stopped by the scene. Judy could only look curiously as a sharply dressed jackal got out of the passenger's seat. The driver (A ram) yelled after him for not paying for the fare.

The jackal ignored him though as he laid eyes on the wrecked corvette. And like a mammal who's had his dreams crushed into a million pieces, he could only look in sorrow as a tow truck towed away the ruined car.

"Sir?" Just called out, making him turn and face her, "Was that your car?"

His look of defeat nearly made Judy pity him, almost.

He nodded, "Yeah, it is. Did you catch the mammal who's responsible for this?"

"I believe you're looking for Ms. Devereaux," She said to him, "She was just taken away for processing, she has multiple charges over her head. Do you know her?"

"She's my girlfriend," he stopped to reconsider his answer, "Well, Ex-girlfriend."

To that, Judy visibly winced.

"Ah, okay." she said, "Might wanna tell me what happened? We could use a statement from you."

"Well," he began, sighing as he gathered his words to speak.

"I honestly don't know how it came to this, it was all going so well."

"And this all happened at what time?" asked Judy.

"Like I don't know, an hour ago I think," he shrugged, "Today was supposed to be special, I proposed to her just this afternoon."

"And I'm guessing she said no."

"Oh she said yes. She even wore the ring."

That surprised Judy more than anything.

"But then I turned around for just a minute and she stole my car and drove off."

Judy then realized something, "I didn't see a ring on her finger."

"That's because threw the ring on the ground before speeding off."

He reached into his breast pocket and took out a canid sized engagement ring.

He sighed, "Spent four thousand dollars on this."

Okay, now Judy really started pity him.

"That's rough, buddy." was all she could say.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Thomas Cain Nivorus." he answered sadly.

"Well Mr. Nivorus, you wouldn't mind coming back to Precint One with us? We'd like to know more about this particular incident."

"No I wouldn't mind." he answered back.

"Wonderful," she turned around, "Gilda!"

A female polar bear went over a moment later; Officer Gilda Ursa, one of the responders.

"Gilda, I'd like you to meet Mr. Nivorus, he's the one that had his vehicle stolen. You wouldn't mind giving him a ride to Precinct One so we could take his statement?"

The huge bear shooked her head, "No, not at all."

"That's great," Judy smiled, "Appreciate it Gilda," she then turned to Thomas, "Mr. Nirvorus, if you would follow Officer Ursa to her car."

The ursine beckoned the jackal to follow her, to which he wordlessly did so. The ring still clutched in his paw.


It was right near the end of the work day when Judy had finished up with Mr. Nivorus' statement. Though his words were detailed and all the while helpful, Judy couldn't help but notice the sadness in his voice.

All the while that he was talking, a thought came to Judy's mind. Something that made her sympathy for the heartbroken Canid grow.

Upon Thomas's face was a look of heartache and betrayal. Something that Nick had previously worn once upon a time.

As much as she wanted to help the poor jackal, she couldn't do much for him anyway.

"Hey," she had said, making him look her in the eye, "You'll get through this. I know you will."

She then offered her a smile.

He return it, "Doubt it."

He got off his seat and went off to the door.

"You will." Judy repeated, sounding quite sure of it, "I know someone who had been in your shoes."

He stopped, "Yeah? What happened to him?"

"He moved on," she answered, "then three years later he met me. He was still hurting though, just a little bit, but then It just went away when we started going out."

"What are you really trying to say here?" he asked, "What, just find someone else who I can be with?"

"That," she nodded, "and someone who can fix you. You and your broken heart," chuckling, added: "Preferably no longer than three years."

He merely sighed.

"Have a nice day, Officer Hopps." he said before leaving through the door.

The grey bunny let a soft huff and proceeded to gather her notes. If she hurried, she could finish her report and hand it over to Clawhauser before quitting time. After that, she can go home.


Exhausted and a little bit hungry, Judy walked into the apartment building expecting Nick to greet her in the lobby, like he usually did for the last five months. He'd greet her with a smile and open arms, draping them upon her shoulders and embracing her, topping it with a sweet kiss on the top of her head. And she, affectionately giving back with a nuzzle to his neck, and they'd share dinner and talk about their day.

Only... Nick wasn't there to greet her. What did greet her was an empty lobby and a note attached to Nick's apartment door. The wooden barrier itself was slightly ajar, so she instinctively went inside. Grabbing the note as she went through.

"Nick?" she called, though the place was obviously empty.

She scanned the apartment; nothing out of the ordinary, nothing was missing and everything was where it should be.

Save for the rabbit sized dinner dress that laid unfolded across the sofa?

What was going on here?

Judy then raised the folded note and examined it. She then proceeded to unfold the paper and read the written message.

'Dear Judy,

There's a surprise waiting for you up at the rooftop ;).



Wear something nice. And take all the time you need.'

Highly amused by the note, she proceeded to examine the dinner dress.

It was red, slim yet the fabric felt comfortable. It had a slit on the side splitting clean up almost to the hip.

She didn't know what brought this on, but knowing Nick, the romantic that he was, she was more than happy to oblige him.

She lifted the dress off of the couch and went straight for the bathroom.


It was a quarter to six, and Nick's heart couldn't be any more erratic. Like a telegraph going haywire.

Dressed in his best dining clothes he waited by the stairwell of the rooftop for Judy; Breathing steady but tense, paws shaking but thankfully not sweating. And in his mind he wondered, was he doing this right? Is it too soon for him to ask for Judy's hand?

Was he about to make another mistake?

He heard the footsteps too late, and the door to the rooftop swung open.

All those questions died by the sight of her.

She looked better than he had expected; The slim dress fitted her perfectly and the red shade of the fabric compliments her grey fur.

Hips sashayed to side, eyes focused upon him and him alone, and a smile that made him hot under his collar. And in her paw, a blue rectangular purse, the one she always carries when they go out.

All of that made for one stunningly gorgeous rabbit.

Stupidly he mumbled, "It's you."

She couldn't help but chuckle at his poor greeting.

She cocked an eyebrow, "Of course its me. Why? Were you expecting someone else?"

Blood rushed to ears as he gathered himself. Faking a cough, he sent her a smile.

"What I mean is, you look lovely." he corrected.

She giggled, "Thank you."

Judy then took a moment to observe her surroundings, and was ultimately impressed by what she saw.

What was once a normal looking rooftop, now looked somewhat enchanting and romantic; Garlands of lights strung up from above them, bathing the entire area in a warm cozy glow, some shrubs and bushes were arranged to make the place look more inviting. And right in the middle of it all was a table for two, white cloth covering it for decoration and a vase with a rose inside placed between two covered plates. Beside it, a bottle of red wine left to chill inside a bucket of ice.

And by god was it a beautiful sight.

Judy turned to Nick, whom only had a warm a smile to offer her.

"Nick... What-?"

He held up a paw, effectively cutting her off. The bunny was left to watch curiously as the fox pulled out a remote from his pocket and promptly pressed a button on it.

Instantly the sound of a soft romantic tune of a violin could be heard. Judy couldn't exactly pinpoit where it was coming from, she could only guess somewhere near the shrubs was a speaker of sorts. But then again, where the music was coming from wasn't her main focus right now.

"Ms. Hopps," Nick began, his tone husky and low, "Your table awaits."

He offered his paw, to which she readily took, and he lead her to her seat.

Confusion and amusement rattled Judy as the fox uncovered the plates, revealing two stacks of circular cut vegetables bathed in a red sauce, still fresh and steaming.

"Ratatouille?" Judy wondered aloud, obviously impressed.

The fox smirked, "Found a recipe online, You'll love it."

He then sat himself down, smiling at his girlfriend's bewildered look.

Judy then scoffed, "I'll be the judge of that."

As they ate their meals, Judy had set aside her curiosity in favor of of enjoying the food, and of course the company that came with. They talked, ate and made a few jokes here and there.

Soon their food was completely gone and their wine was starting give both of them a pleasant buzz.

Nick offered his hand to her, inviting her to a dance, to which she readily took.

And that's where they stayed, locked in each others arms and their gazes glued to each others eyes.

After a moment passes, Judy scoffed, "Okay, I give. What is going on right now? I mean not that I appreciate-" she gestured to everything, "All this, but the lights? The wine? The classy music? What brought this on?"

At that, Nick's smile faltered slightly. Judy noticed it no doubt yet decided to say nothing, allowing him to speak.

"You remember the time we first met?" Nick suddenly asked.

"Yes," she readily answered, laughing quietly at the memory, "I remember like it was yesterday."

He laughed back, "Yeah, the first time I ever laid eyes on you I thought, My God, she's the most beautiful mammal I've ever seen."

"Nick," she cooed, putting a paw over her chest.

"I remember how strong willed you are, and still are. You're an amazing mammal, Judy."

"Thank you, Nick."

"Now," Nick gave her paw a soft squeeze, "When Claudette left me, I was at a very messed up state. I couldn't take care of myself, I was too broken."

At the mention of the vixen's name, Judy gulped. She has yet to tell him of what happened this afternoon.

"Three years later, I moved on... Or I felt like I moved on. I wasn't thinking about her constantly as much, but I also felt kind of dead inside. Everyday I lived through the motions and I never really felt whole."

The grey rabbit's grip on the fox's paws tightend, hoping to comfort him.

"But then," he paused, smiling as he looked her right in her eyes, "I met you; this feisty, beautiful, amazingly talented bunny that came into my life and made everything better."

"Oh Nick," she sighed, tears beginning to brim her violet eyes.

He then lifted both of her paws and lightly kissed them, "You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me, Judith."

"Nick I-" she trailed off, what was she supposed to say? What is even happening? Why was he acting like this?

Realization began to dawn on her.

Could this...? Could he be...?

"And now," He let her paws go, stepping back as he did so, "I've gotten to know you, I've had the privilege of having you in my life, and have had the happiest days being a part of yours..."

'Oh god,' Judy thought, her heart pounding against her chest, 'This is happening, this is actually happening!'

"Judith Hopps..."

'Oh crackers, here it comes!'

The fox pulled out a small red box from his pocket.

Judy felt like she could die right there.

Nick knelt down on one knee and opened up the box, revealing a stunningly gorgeous engagement ring, its diamond reflecting the lights above them.

"Will you-"


The sudden sound cut Nick off.


Within her purse, Judy's phone rang.

Both fox and rabbit were frozen in place, an awkward air slowly building up between them.

"I er..." she glanced at her phone with unease, then back at Nick, who was still kneeling on the floor.

"I got to uh... Just one sec!" she zipped towards the table and grabbed her purse, fishing out her phone with haste.

And still, Nick remained where he was, in complete disbelief of what was happening.

Judy brought the phone to her ear, "Hello?"


"Lauren?" she glanced back to Nick, who was staring back at her, completely confused.

"What is it?" Judy asked.

'He proposed! He proposed!' She heard Lauren happily declare.

"W-wait... Who proposed?" Judy stammered.

There was a pause.

'One of Gazelle's back up dancers,' Responded Lauren sarcastically, 'It's Gideon! Who else?!'

"Wait, Gideon proposed to you?" Judy wondered aloud, "When did this happen?"

'Oh you have got to be kidding me.' Nick mentally groaned upon hearing the news. He had the sense to get himself back to his feet, the sudden news (And how unwelcomed it was) making him wonder if there was some sick god up above playing a trick on him.

'It happened just now!' Lauren happily exclaimed, loud enough that it even reached Nick's earshot, 'Gideon's still here, say 'Hi' future hubby!'

There was a bit of shuffling, before a timid 'Hey Judy' could be heard.

"Hey Gideon," Judy greeted back, managing to make it sound cheerful enough.

'Oooh! We have to celebrate!' Came Lauren's voice once more, 'Do you have time to come down here at the burrows? You could even bring Nick along with you.'

At the mention of his name, Judy hazard a glance at Nick, who was clearly waiting for her to finish the call. He merely stood there, the engagement ring still at paw.

"Er... I don't know Lauren," she answered back, "I still gotta check with my superiors if I have some vacation days left."

'Oh,' Lauren said, 'Well, that's better than a no I suppose. But anyways, call me as soon as you can, preferably near the coming weekends once you're free, take care!'

Lauren hung up first, leaving Judy to face the enormous elephant in the room.

She placed her phone back into her purse before making eye contact with Nick.

The fox, with ring still in his paw, waited with bated breath, heart pounding for a response. Any response.

The grey rabbit's eyes darted down to look at the engagement ring.

It looks so beautiful...

It taunted her, scared her... So much so that she felt like she was having a heart attack.

The longer Judy stared, the more paranoid Nick got. Thousand of thoughts and scenarios popping in and out of his mind, slowly killing him with anxiety.

And Judy merely continued to stand there, barely moving and not saying anything.

The look on her face gave it all away; Confused, Scared, Disbelief and Clear dread. And no sign of any of it turning into a happy smile.

The silence from her was enough.

He closed the box and walked off.

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